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CONTRIBUTED ARTICLES. A Plea for Pharmaceutical Research. By Wilbur L. Scoville.....

415 A Hallowe'en Window Display (Illus

trated). By John B. Bader........ 418 Prescription Pricing in a Bad Way. 419

PRACTICAL PHARMACY. An Improved Formula for Cholera Mix. ture.....

432 Darkening of Resorcin Ointment.. 432 Prescription Pricing Comments..

432 Narcotic-free Diarrhea Mixtures......... 432

A Sensational Meeting in Atlantic City.
By Harry B. Mason.
A Submarine Torpedo........

40 What Dr. Alpers Recommended.. 401 The “System" Attacked.

401 Dr. Beal's Reply....

401 Dr. Alpers in Defense.

402 For or Against Suffrage?.

402 Where Shall We Go?..

403 A Delightful Week..

403 An Appeal for Research Work... 404 A Debate on Prescription Pricing.... 405 Professor Lloyd the Central Figure... 405 Other Papers.

406 New Officers.. As to Commercial Training..

406 The Boards and the Colleges... 407


How We Meet Competition from the Large
Mail-order Houses:
Prize Article: By Giving More
and Better Service. By Asher M.

423 By Demonstrating the Advantages of

Home Buying. By William

424 By Getting in Intimate Touch with

Customers. By Harry E. (assady., 425 By Fighting Fire with Fire. By John McComas..


QUERIES. Anti-freeze Mixture for Automobiles...... 433 Bay Leaves in Bay Rum......

433 A Mineral Oil (old Cream..

433 Depilatory Powder..

433 Destroying Trees.......

434 A Potassium Chlorate Tooth Paste.. 434 Board of Pharmacy Secretaries in the United States...

434 A Chill and Malaria Preparation.

434 Household Ammonia...



THE SCRAP BOOK.............. 25-57






Entered at the post-office at Detroit as second-class mail matter.

Copyright, 1916, by E. G. Swift.

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Why Your Customers Want

“VIKO Aluminum Hot Water Bottles THES

EY cannot afford to purchase hot water bottles that can and will

burst or leak in time—they cannot afford to run the risk of painful burns or serious scaldings at a time when they are absolutely helpless, when asleep. They take the CHANCE out of accidents and the Made of 99 per cent pure aluminum which cannot UNCERTAINTY out of hot water bottle usage by tarnish or rust. No plating to flake or wear off. demanding and insisting on "Viko'' Aluminum Hot

They know it is the most convenient hot water Water Bottles. They know that no accidents can

bottle-can be filled without touching-easy to handle occur to their “Viko," as there are no seams, cracks,

when in a reclining position. folds, etc., to burst or leak.

"Viko" retains heat 10 to 15 hours-no refilling in They know that "Viko" is sanitary. No crevices middle of night. Correct in shape and when covered in which dirt can gather. Quickest to sterilize— with the heavy outing-flannel coat, free with every easiest to keep clean.

bottle, it is most delightful to the touch.
The hot water bottle season is about to begin-get the “VIKO” profits in
your neighborhood by cutting out, filling in the coupon below and mailing
it to your jobber to-day. If he cannot supply you immediately, communicate
with us and you will receive instant attention,




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Conway Building
Washington and Clark Sts.

[blocks in formation]


Address.. Jobber's Name..

and would like further particulars. We are interested in your "VIKO” Aluminum Hot Water Bottle


Vol. XXX.


No. 10.

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Then, too, our two standards the N. F. and
BULLETIN OF PHARMACY the U. S. P.—have been invested with author-

ity of law, and the making of these books rests
Issued on the first of every month by

primarily with the drug profession. This is a

signal honor, and a recognition wider in lati743 Atwater St., East, DETROIT, Mich.

tude than that enjoyed by any other calling.

Again, druggists are better business men
ASSISTANT EDITOR: ARTHUR L. BUZZELL. than they used to be. They make more money.

live better-and occupy a higher place in the

community's esteem because these things are SUBSCRIPTION RATES:

SO. United States and Mexico,

$1.00 per year Foreign countries,

1.50 per year

Much of what has been accomplished has been brought about by our associations; and

no man can keep even loosely in touch with WALKERVILLE, ONT., Can. 378 ST. PAUL STREET,


matters pharmaceutical without giving full 19 AND 20 GREAT PULTENEY STREET, W., LONDON, ENG.

heed to what takes place each year at the an125 YORK STREET, SYDNEY, N, S. W., AUSTRALIA.

nual meetings of our two national organizaAll articles for publication and all communications bearing on tions. Read the reports contained in this issue the text should be addressed:


All business letters should be addressed:

There are documents more


pulse-disturbing than Census INTERESTING.

Bureau reports; nevertheless

there are a number of interesting, perhaps THE MONTH'S HISTORY startling, facts contained in a statement issued

recently by that particular branch of Uncle

Samuel's welfare league. The figures given
Interest during the month cover the year 1914 and pertain to the manu-
just past has centered in

facture of “druggists' preparations, patent and
the two national conven- proprietary medicines and compounds and per
tions—that of the A. Ph. A. at Atlantic City, fumery and cosmetics."
and of the N. A. R. D. at Indianapolis. Both “Druggists' preparations” are defined as
of these annual gatherings exert a vital influ- materials for use by druggists in compounding
ence on the progress of pharmacy, and the medicines to be dispensed on physicians' pre-
trend of a year's advancement is pretty well scriptions or orders, and embrace tinctures,
inirrored by their activities.

fluidextracts, syrups, pills, tablets, alkaloids. For pharmacy is advancing all the time, in salts, biological products, etc. The total spite of a wail of pessimism that occasionally amount manufactured is stated to be valued at disturbs the equilibrium of the atmosphere. $18,624,966, divided as

$ 18,62 4,966, divided as follows: tinctures. Lying directly at the root of the situation is fluidextracts, etc., $13,900,402; pills, tablets, the fact that educational requirements are be- powders, etc., $10,903,056; alkaloids and their ing made stiffer from year to year; through- derivatives, $11,493,168; synthetic preparaout the Union, States are swinging into line tions, $1,384,996; medicinal metals and their in this respect.

Viewed as

a whole the salts, $732,307; and serums, vaccines, and younger element is better equipped to carry on other biological products, $6,223,475. the work than its predecessors have been.

The total, bear in mind, is $48,624,966.


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"Patent and proprietary of Detroit, who has had in charge considerable

medicines” are defined as of the work of revision. ONLY A THIRD.

those sold under the protec- Get-together meetings are annual occurrences tion of a patent, copyright, or trade-mark, or with the Detroit doctors and druggists, and prepared according to a secret formula—and this year's gathering promises to be one of the the amount manufactured in 1914 is stated to most beneficial in effect that has been held for be $83,771,154.

some time. The meeting will take place on the Contrast this with the other total, twice evening of Monday, October 23, in the audimentioned above. Patents and proprietaries torium of the Wayne County Medical Society win, nearly two to one! In other words, doc- on High Street. tors are concerned with the placing of only about one-third of the medicine consumed in

The obnoxious Schedule B the United States; two-thirds of it go to the

is a thing of the past. As consumer without the intervention of paid medical advice.

the sun came up on Septem

ber 9—if he did–he witnessed the going into Without question such a condition is not the

effect of the administration's revenue bill best one that can exist for the retail druggist; surely it is neither profitable nor complimentary affix a diminutive shin-plaster on toilet goods

which repealed the act making it necessary to when viewed from the standpoint of the phy- and cosmetics. The new bill also repealed the sician. There should be more prescriptions, which means, among other things, that there

documentary stamp taxes included in Schedule should be closer coöperation between the phy

A of the emergency revenue act, including all sician and the druggist.

bills of lading, express receipts, telephone and Of course all the figures quoted are for the

telegraph messages. Unused stamps and can

celed stamps which have not been attached to year 1914; but it is quite probable that the relative proportions would not be materially

the goods may be redeemed; collectors of inaltered were a 1915-1916 tabulation available

ternal revenue have been instructed to assist

manufacturers in the preparation of their —although there is one incidental fact that doubtless would be brought out by an up-to

claims in this respect. date compilation. It would be found that

The new law imposes a special tax on tinctures and fluidextracts are waning some

sparkling wines, liqueurs, cordials, and “simiwhat and that biological products are con

lar compounds." stantly gaining—a transition, however, which does not change the status of the physician

Congress adjourned without in so far as patent medicines are concerned.

acting on the Kern-Doremus DEFERRED. poison-mailing bill.

bill. The measure was introduced a little too late in the For the purpose of better session, other matters claiming the attention DOCTORS TO GET acquainting Detroit phy- of our lawmakers right up to the time set for

sicians and druggists with adjournment. This proposed act, as exthe important provisions of the new editions of plained in the Bulletin last month, is inthe United States Pharmacopæia and the Na- tended to make it lawful to mail articles and tional Formulary it is planned to hold a big compounds which, while poisonous, are not joint meeting this month. The organizations dangerous to the mails or to those engaged in coöperating are the Detroit Retail Druggists' the postal service. The bill contains just three Association, the Wayne County Medical So- sentences and is a very clever piece of wordciety, and the Detroit branch of the American carpentry. One of the sentences covers more Pharmaceutical Association.

than a page; nice, light summer reading! Professor A. B. Stevens, of the University But the measure is a thoroughly meritorious of Michigan, and a member of the Pharma- one. Druggists need the use of the mails in copæial Revision Committee, will discuss the this respect; and why should it be denied chief points of interest in the U. S. P. IX. them? Why should a hundred strychnine pills, Changes of importance in the National Formu- for instance, be denied the privileges freely lary IV will be taken up by Wilbur L. Scoville, granted to a case of boarding-house eggs?






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The United Drug Co. sent a and a half million people when they see a foot THE UNITED DRUG CO. AND SOUTH drug expert to South Ainer- soap, a foot powder, or a corn remedy simul

ica and kept him there a year taneously displayed in every drug-store winat a cost of $12,000 to study drug conditions, dow in this city—the pulling power cannot be President Liggett told stockholders at the an- estimated,” enthusiastically pronounces A. C. nual Rexall convention, held at Boston. Mr. Caldwell, chairman of the committee having Liggett says there is a great opportunity down the matter in charge. there in the drug trade, but that business must A cardinal principle of the campaign is that be conducted on entirely different lines. For only goods upon which the retailer makes a the United Drug Co. to enter the lists would decent profit will be displayed. No proprierequire an investment of $2,000,000, it was taries sold to the druggist above the 2, 4, and 8 stated; and it was also stated that the company schedule will be given the advantage of this expects to make just that move at some later splendid publicity. time.

In his address to stockholders President Liggett pointed out that Sears, Roebuck & Co.

Two announcements of un

A CONSOLIDATION is the only firm in the world that has had a

usual importance have been

PHILADELPHIA. growth during the last 12 years equal to that of

made at Philadelphia. One the United Company. “In the past year," he

is that the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy said, "we have done almost $36,000,000 in

and the Medico-Chirurgical College of Pharbusiness. In two years the volume of business

macy have been combined. The two schools will reach $50,000.000."

are now working in "active coöperation and It is stated that over 3000 delegates with

entire harmony, with the object of promoting their wives were in attendance at the conven

higher pharmaceutical education and advanction.

ing Philadelphia's prestige as a pharmaceutical center." Professor J. W. Sturner, former

dean of the Department of Pharmacy at the Manufacturing explosives is

"Medico-Chi,” is now associate dean of the INDUSTRIAL POISONING. a hazardous occupation, of

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy—the Medcourse; but the danger does

ico-Chirurgical College of Pharmacy losing its not all lie in the fact that a batch in the process identity in the older and larger institution. of construction has a careless way of occa

The other announcement pertains to resionally letting go. It has been found that

quirements. Beginning with the session of gases very poisonous in character are evolved

1917-1918, the Philadelphia College of Pharin large quantities, and that these gases cause

macy will not admit students to the course skin affections, abnormal blood conditions, and

leading to the degree of Graduate in Pharmacy degeneration of the liver. A great many cases

who have not had two years' high-school work of industrial poisoning have developed in our

or its equivalent. hastily-constructed plants, it is said; and enough importance is attached to the matter to warrant the Federal Department of Labor in

Harry B. Haines, editor of a New Jersey undertaking a study of the situation.

newspaper and said to be secretary of the National Premium Advertising Association, has

brought suit against Edmond A. Whittier, The Chicago Retail Drug

secretary of the Fair Trade League. Criminal WIDE-AWAKE AT gists' Association has in

libel is alleged and $50,000 set forth as a conaugurated what has been

servative estimate of the damage done. Mr. termed a “simultaneous, coöperative window Haines objects to a number of sentences condisplay campaign.” The idea is to work in

tained in one of Mr. Whitter's circular letters. unison in the matter of window display. Concerted plans for window-dressing are to be evolved from time to time and an effort made Great Britain now has a narcotic law. The to get all the druggists in the city to display new measure is not so stringent as Canadian the same goods at the same time. “Think of enactments and not nearly so comprehensive the psychological effect upon Chicago's two as our own Harrison law.






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