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Freeport, Illinois

It is a fact that Christmas windows, if they and these, too, bore their burdens of snow. are to be effective, require a lot of work. Every The fence was easily arranged: small posts line of trade “springs itself” to make a good and Dennison's silver wire. showing for the holidays, and a display, in In the yard I arranged a little sign, which I order to hold its own, must be unusually at- changed twice a week. tractive.

To get a night effect, when the electrics were In the window shown in the illustration, the turned on, I covered the incandescents with background was composed of navy-blue cloth. blue tissue-paper, thereby getting a softened


The stars were Dennison's, all sizes being used. They were, of course, attached to the background. The moon was home-made.

The house needs no description; it was made of cardboard and painted. The roof was covered with cotton to represent snow; and the floor of the window was treated likewise. Artificial “glisten” was sprinkled about.

The trees were small branches of evergreen,

glow. Inside the house a small light burned, this being uncovered, thus, during the evening, casting its yellow rays through the windows.

We liked the window very much. Its appeal was delicate, rather than outspoken. There was no red-faced Santa Claus in evidence—an idea that is excruciatingly overdone, it strikes Tinctures are solutions of non-volatile or BOARD QUESTIONS ANSWERED


only partially volatile substances, in liquids other than simple water or glycerin, and which

invariably contain alcohol. While tinctures are A MINNESOTA EXAMINATION.

usually assumed to be solutions of vegetable

principles, this is not the case in all the official (Continued from the November BULLETIN.)

tinctures; two of these, the tinctures of iodine

and ferric chloride, are solutions of inorganic 13. What is the official Latin name for lime

substances, and must also be classed as excepwater?

tions to the rule that tinctures are solutions of Liquor Calcis.

non-volatile substances. 14. How is lime water prepared ? The official directions are as follows:

20. State by what different methods tincSlake 12 grammes of lime by the very grad

tures are made and give an example of one

made by each process. ual addition of 400 Cc. of distilled water, and agitate occasionally during half an hour.

Tincture of capsicum is made by percolation.

Tincture of ferric chloride is made by soluAllow the suspended particles to subside, de

tion. cant the supernatant liquid and reject it. Then add to the residue 3600 Cc. of distilled water,

Tincture of aloes is made by maceration. agitate thoroughly, let the mixture stand for 2+

Tincture of quillaja is made by decoction. hours, agitate again, then let the coarser par

Tincture of poppy is made by digestion. ticles of solid matter subside, and pour the

CHEMISTRY. liquid, holding the undissolved calcium hydroxide in suspension, into a glass-stoppered

1. Define the science of chemistry and bottle. From time to time shake the bottle, so

chemical change. as to keep the solution saturated. Pour off

Chemistry is the science that investigates the the clear liquid when required for use.

composition and structure of matter. It is that 15. What is the object of keeping undis

branch of physical science which treats of matsolved lime in a lime-water stock bottle?

ter considered as composed of atoms and of To insure a completely saturated solution at

the relations of one kind of matter to another. all times. This is assured if the bottle is

A chemical change is a change of chemical shaken from time to time.

composition and structure—a change of atomic 16. (a) What liniment contains lime water?

linking Whenever any substance undergoes (b) How is it made?

a chemical change its very identity is lost, and (a) Lime liniment.

it becomes another kind, or two or more other (b) By mixing by agitation equal parts by

kinds of matter. Its own distinctive molecules volume of lime water and linseed oil.

disappear and new and different molecules take 17. (a) What is the official Latin name of their places. Thus when water is decomposed mercurial ointment? (b) How does it differ

into its elements, hydrogen and oxygen, this from blue ointment.

change is a chemical change because the mole(a) Unguentum Hydrargyri.

cules of hydrogen hydroxide cease to exist and (b) Mercurial ointment has a higher mer- molecules of hydrogen and oxygen take their cury content than does blue ointment. The places. latter is made by diluting 670 parts by weight

2. Explain what is meant by the terms of mercurial ointment with 330 parts by weight

"atom" and "molecule.' of petrolatum.

All matter consists of indivisible and, there18. Why is benzoinated lard used in making fore, undecomposable particles called atoms. ointments ?

An atom is consequently the smallest particle Benzoinated lard is less liable to rancidity


element that can enter into the formathan ordinary lard. It is superior to many

tion of any kind of compound matter. other ointment bases when a readily absorbable Molecules are the smallest particles of matbase is required. It is also cheaper and better ter which are capable of separate or independsuited to mix with many medicinal agents than ent continued existence, or subsistence. They are certain other bases.

may consist of one or more atoms; but mole19. What are tinctures?

cules consisting of single atoms (monatomic

molecules) are extremely rare. Elemental and non-metallic elements and their commolecules are molecules consisting of but one pounds, distinguished from organic chenistry, kind of atoms. The chemical elements, or the which is devoted to the investigation of carbon several kinds of elemental matter, consist of and its compounds. elemental molecules. Compound molecules, or 11. Name five of the principal solvents. chemical compounds, are molecules composed Water, alcohol, glycerin, ether, and chloroof more than one kind of atoms, or of two or form. more elements.

12. What is “Lugol's solution” and how is 3. (a) How many atoms in a molecule of it prepared ? NH? (b) Give molecular weight and state Lugol's solution is the U.S.P. compound what elements unite to form the molecule. solution of iodine. It is prepared by dissolving (a) Four.

5 parts by weight of iodine and 10 parts by (b) The molecular weight of the molecule weight of potassium iodide in a sufficient of NH, is 16.93. One atom of nitrogen and quantity of distilled water to make one hunthree atoms of hydrogen unite to form the dred parts by weight of finished product. molecule.

13. What is (a) a normal solution, (b) a 4. Why is potassium iodide added in the decinormal solution, (c) a centinormal solupreparation of tincture of iodine?

tion? Mainly for the purpose of retarding the for- (a) Normal volumetric test-solutions are so mation of hydriodic acid; it also prevents pre- made that the number of grammes of the recipitation when the tincture is mixed with agent contained in one liter of the solution water.

expresses the molecular weight of that reagent 5. What is the chemical name and formula divided by the number of valence units prefor (a) Epsom salt, (b) heavy calcined mag- sented by each of the two radicals or ions of nesia?

the molecule, except in cases where the test (a) Magnesium sulphate, MgSO4+7H,0. solution is used as an oxidizing or reducing (b) Heavy magnesium oxide, MgO. agent, in which case the molecular weight (or

6. What is the chemical reaction in the prep- the atomic weight if the reagent be an element) aration of solution of citrate of magnesia ? is divided by the number of units of polarity

Acid magnesium citrate, carbon dioxide and value lost or gained by the whole number of water are formed when magnesium carbonate, atoms of the oxidizing or reducing elements citric acid and water are brought together in contained in one molecule of the reagent. proper proportion. The equation is as fol- (b) A decinormal volumetric solution is lows: (4 MgCO3 + Mg (OH)2+5 H,O)+ one which contains in 1000 Cc. one-tenth of 5 (H.C.H;0, + H,O) = 5 MgHC,H,O, + the quantity of the active reagent in the nor4 CO2 + 16 H,O.

mal solution. -7. Give a chemical test for the identification (c) A centinormal volumetric solution is of a "carbonate."

one which contains one-hundredth of the The addition of an acid to an aqueous quantity of the active reagent in the normal solution of a carbonate will cause a strong

solution. effervescence due to the liberation of carbon 14. For what, in chemistry, are normal, dioxide.

decinormal and centinormal volumetric solu8. Give a chemical test for a "chloride." tions employed ?

When a test solution of silver nitrate is For the purpose of accurately determining added to an aqueous solution of a chloride the quantity of a given constituent contained there is formed a curdy precipitate which is in another solution. soluble in ammonia water.

15. What is the percentage strength of (a) 9. Give a chemical test for a “sulphate.” diluted acetic acid, (b) hydrocyanic acid, (c)

An aqueous solution of a sulphate yields, hydrochloric acid, (d) phosphoric acid? with barium chloride (test solution), a white (a) Not less than 6 per cent, by weight, of precipitate insoluble in hydrochloric acid. absolute acetic acid.

10. What does inorganic chemistry treat of? (b) Hydrocyanic acid is not official in the What does organic chemistry treat of? U. S. P. VIII. Diluted hydrocyanic acid is

Inorganic chemistry treats of the metallic official, however; it should contain not less


kept up.

than 2 per cent, by weight, of absolute hydro- (a) Vomiting would be induced. cyanic acid.

(b) Unless the person taking it was an (c) 31.9 per cent, by weight, of absolute habitual user (such persons can sometimes hydrochloric acid.

take as high as 8 or 10 grains without alarm(d) 85 per cent, by weight, of absolute ing consequences) death would probably reorthophosphoric acid.

sult. Even when 2 grains are taken, however, 16. How is diluted nitrohydrochloric acid it is possible to save the patient if the poison prepared and what precautions are necessary is speedily removed, respiration maintained to obtain a perfect product?

(artificially if necessary), and the circulation By mixing 40 Cc. of nitric acid with 182 Cc. of hydrochloric acid in a capacious glass ves- (c) In large doses, from 5 to 15 grains, sel, and, when effervescence has ceased, add

calomel possesses purgative properties. The ing 778 Cc. of distilled water.

cathartic action is not increased in proportion Diluted nitrohydrochloric acid should be to the dose, and enormous quantities have been kept in dark amber-colored, glass-stoppered given with impunity. bottles, in a cool place. It should not be dis- (d) Tannic acid (tannin) may be given in pensed unless recently prepared.

doses of ten grains or greater amounts with17. What would occur if you mixed lime out producing more than a mild gastrointeswater and calomel and what is the mixture tinal irritation. Tannic acid is astringent in known as ?

action. When lime water and mild mercurous chlor

(e) Unless taken greatly diluted and folide are mixed a precipitate of black mercurous lowed by the prompt administration of an oxide results. This preparation is sometimes alkali, a one fluidrachm dose of aqua regia prescribed as aqua phagedanica nigra, and is (nitrohydrochloric acid) would probably popularly known as “black wash.'

cause death.

4. For what poison may each of the folTOXICOLOGY AND POSOLOGY.

lowing be used to advantage: (a) Epsom salt, 1. What is the objection to using an emetic (b) coffee, (c) vinegar, (d) plaster from the in first treatment of phenol poisoning ? walls, (e) old oil of turpentine?

Owing to its corrosive action, which softens (a) Phenol. and weakens the membranes of the alimentary (b) Opium. tract, any attempt to remove phenol by admin- (c) Alkalies. istering an emetic is likely to cause further (d) Oxalic acid. injury to the already corroded tissues.

(e) Phosphorus. 2. What would you do in a case of phenol 5. Name a good antidote for each of the poisoning?

following and state whether the antidote is The administration of a soluble sulphate has chemical or physiological: (a) Solution of proved efficient in numerous cases and such a potassium hydroxide, (b) iodine, (c) strychmethod of treatment is probably the best one nine, (d) aqua fortis, (e) headache powders. to follow. Administering 1 ounce of mag- (a) Diluted acid (vinegar or lemon juice), nesium sulphate, or 1/2 ounce of sodium sul- a chemical antidote. phate, dissolved in half a pint of water results (b) Starch is a chemical antidote for in the formation of harmless phenolsulphates. iodine, but the stomach should be evacuated Even if several hours have elapsed since the as soon as possible, as the iodide of starch ingestion of the poison this treatment should formed is not inactive. be employed, as the antidotal action of the sul- (c) Tannic acid is a chemical antidote; phates proceeds in the blood.

chloral is a physiological antagonist. Alcohol, in any form, should never be used. (d) Alkalies, as sodium bicarbonate or

3. What would be the result if a person magnesia, are chemical antidotes. took (a) 20 grains of zinc sulphate, (b) 2 (e) For acetanilide headache powders belgrains of morphine sulphate, (c) 10 grains of ladonna or atropine to maintain the bloodcalomel, (d) 10 grains of tannin, (e) 1 pressure, and strychnine for the respiration, drachm of aqua regia?

are physiological antagonists. (To be continued.)




There is to be a new chain of drug stores along the Pacific Coast, it is stated. J. G. Vance, president of the Vance Drug Company, Los Angeles, is the moving spirit and is to head the big corporation.

Mr. Vance, a strong and vigorous business man, is well known in the West, where he has been identified with retail drug interests for more than twenty years.

He had owned, at different times, three of the best stores in Los Angeles; in fact, still owns one of them. This store is to be made the nucleus of the coming group, it is understood.

According to press reports San Francisco and Fresno are to be invaded, and in all probability links will be forged farther north. Dispatches state that Mr. Vance and his associates have been successful in negotiating a number of very desirable leases.

Mr. Vance recently completed an extended trip through the East, where he made a special study of chain methods and possibilities. He returned fully convinced that the chain idea is

J. G. Vance. in direct line of business evolution and that the western field offers sufficient inducement to warrant the undertaking.

Sufficient capital has been subscribed, it is stated, and a beginning will be made within a few weeks.

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