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Vol. XXX.


No. 3.


from which these sentences are extracted conBULLETIN OF PHARMACY

cludes with the statement that in order to get

at the evils in the patent medicine business, as Issued on the first of every month by

well as a number of others, it will be necessary E. G. SWIFT, PUBLISHER, to inaugurate "a campaign by which a medical

a Corner Joseph Campau Ave. and Atwater St., DETROIT, Mich.

man can be landed in the President's cabinet at MANAGING EDITOR: HARRY B. MASON.

Washington under the title of the Secretary of ASSISTANT EDITOR: ARTHUR L. BUZZELL.


The fact of the matter is that the bill which

would create the office of "Secretary of Public SUBSCRIPTION RATES:

Health” was introduced by Senator Owen of United States and Mexico,

$1.00 per year

Oklahoma eight years ago and has come up at Foreign countries,

1.50 per year

every session of Congress since. Senator Owen FOREIGN OFFICES:

reintroduced the bill in the present session of WALKERVILLE, ONT., Can. 378 ST. PAUL STREET,


our national lawmaking body in January. 19 AND 20 GREAT PULTENEY STREET, W., LONDON, ENG,

There is a great deal of steady work being 125 YORK STREET, SYDNEY, N. S. W., AUSTRALIA.

put back of the proposed measure, and it would All articles for publication and all communications bearing on not be at all surprising if at some future time . the text should be addressed:

such an office were created.

All business letters should be addressed:


A great many druggists have Box 484, DETROIT, MICH.

ORDINANCE felt that there was a connecAN OUTCOME.

tion between the propaganda

of the medical association and the Goldwater THE MONTH'S HISTORY ordinance in New York City, it having been

pointed out from time to time that Dr. Gold

water is a member of the A. M. A. There are During the last few years those, too, who have claimed to be able to trace • PATENT"

there has been a pronounced MEDICINES.

a similar connection down in Louisiana, where disposition on the part of the the Goldwater ordinance was made to embrace American Medical Association to wage war on the entire State-a measure which was never the patent-medicine industry. One of its pre- enforced, however, and which has been recently liminary moves has been to ascertain the mag- rescinded. nitude of the business. A certain medical jour

The chances are that neither Dr. Goldwater nal is authority for the statement that in 1906

nor Dr. Haven S. Emerson, who succeeded $165,000,000 represented the amount spent in him as Health Commissioner of Greater New the United States for this class of preparations, York, would deny the charge, in so far as the and that in 1914 this stupendous figure had local ordinance is concerned. In fact, accordbeen increased to $181,000,000.

ing to the Pharmaceutical Era, material sup“It has been estimated by good authority,” plied by the A. M. A. has been extensively used the journal above mentioned continues, "that in the Health Department's crusade, the statethere are to-day on the market and being sold ment being made pointblank that the Departover the counter 27,000 different proprietary ment “is coöperating with the American Medinostrums, and 3684 criminal prosecutions have cal Association in a campaign to educate the been reported. Out of these prosecutions 2038 public away from patent medicines.” frauds have been exposed, their secrecy torn Thus we have the issue squarely joined. On away and their deviltry shown up." The article the one hand we have the manufacturers of




patent medicines represented in an organization tity of narcotic drug to the ounce, or, if the known as the Proprietary Association of narcotic was contained in a tablet or pill, it America, and on the other hand we have the was necessary to state the total number of tabAmerican Medical Association.

lets or pills, and the amount of the narcotic in Both stand out pretty well in the open now each tablet or pill was to be made known in and a determined fight is on. The Proprietary terms of grains. In deference to protests, Association is itself drawing the lines pretty however, this ruling was held in abeyance; was closely, and has established a set of require- never made effective; and it was for the purments to which patent medicines should be pose of obtaining a modification of its promade to conform, but it is not willing to go so visions that Secretary Woodruff appeared befar as the A. M. A. would like.

fore the commissioner at Washington.

The authorities have made known their final When the National Drug

decision in the matter of T. D. No. 2244; the Trade Conference met in

issues raised in connection with T. D. No. 2213

are still under consideration. January it was decided to send a strong committee before the Commis

Beginning May 1, 1916, in ordering goods sioner of Internal Revenue to protest against it will be necessary to observe the rules outTreasury Decision No. 2213 and the first para

lined above with this slight modification: if the

narcotic involved is contained in a liquid or graph of Treasury Decision No. 2244, and a committee composed of Charles M. Woodruff,

solid preparation which is an N. F. or U. S. P. Dr. J. H. Beal and Samuel C. Henry was

preparation, then all that is necessary to do is named. These arguments were duly made,

to designate its official character by affixing the

letters "N. F." or "U. S. P.," as the case may Charles M. Woodruff, secretary of the Con

be. The narcotic content need not be stated. ference, appearing in behalf of the drug trade in remonstrance to the onerous provisions of

But in case the preparation is not an N. F. or T. D. 2244, and Dr. Beal championing the

a U. S. P. preparation, then the full provisions cause of the druggist in an attempt to bring

of the ruling must be complied with. Here is about a modification of the ruling giving pro

an example of what must be done if the prepprietary remedies and prescriptions a dispro

aration is a liquid or solid: “Fluidextract of

White Pine Compound for Syrup, morphine portionate standing. Very able briefs were filed in each instance. Treasury Decision No. sulphate 1 grain per fluidounce, 5 pints.” 2213 relates to the classing of prescriptions containing any of the proscribed narcotics in

When pills or tablets are orany amount as Harrison law prescriptions, pro


dered it will be necessary vided the physical action of compounding is

after May 1 to state the total involved. Such prescriptions, it will be recalled, number ordered, and the quantity of narcotic cannot be filled without complying with all the

contained in each pill or tablet must be stated restrictions imposed by the law and, conse- in terms of grains or fractions of grains—like quently, cannot be refilled. Preparations this, for example: "Pill Anodyne (morphine already compounded are exempt from such

acetate, 1/20 grain).” classification; that is, prescriptions calling for

Moreover, the official order form should be U. S. P., N. F., private formula or proprietary used only for narcotic drugs or preparations. preparations may be filled without regard to

It is not lawful to order physician's buggy cases the Harrison law, provided they do not contain

or hypodermic cases, even though the cases are more than 2 grains of opium, 74 grain of mor

filled, on them. Separate sheets should be phine, 18 grain of heroin, or 1 grain of codeine

used; the narcotics on a government form, the to the ounce. The physical act of compounding

case itself on an ordinary order blank. Official makes the entire difference.

narcotic blanks are for narcotics alone, and * * *

should be used for no other purpose. Treasury Decision No. 2244 It is further stated in the ruling that even

before May 1–beginning at once, in factgoods. This ruling was is- manufacturers and dealers, after they have sued in October, 1915, and imposed the neces- received an order calling for a “complex” sity of indicating on the order form the quan- remedy or preparation from a druggist,

relates to the ordering of MAY 1, 1916.






* *




should write in red ink on the order the brought about for the purpose of putting to an quantity of the narcotic to the ounce, or in an end the ruinous competition which existed beounce of tablets or pills. The manufacturer tween the Riker-Hegeman Company and the or dealer is then to notify the purchaser so United Drug Company. that the latter may make a corresponding notation on the duplicate order retained by him.

The fifth annual meeting of This is somewhat "complex" in itself and

OF the National Association of will need further elucidation. It will be no

Manufacturers of Medicinal ticed that the word should is used in the ruling,

Products was held February 3 and 4 at the not the word must. At any rate, it is a mat

Waldorf-Astoria, New York. In a series of ter which must be taken up by the jobber or

resolutions the association went on record as the manufacturer; but in the meantime, however, should a manufacturer or jobber supply and to the Food and Drugs act at the present

opposed to amendments to the Harrison law a druggist with the data indicated the latter should, of course, enter it on the duplicate he compel manufacturers to reveal trade secrets.

time, and opposed to legislation which seeks to has on file.

Congress is asked to pass a suitable law admitThe last obstacle that stood ting preparations containing poisons in therain the way of the consolida- peutic doses to the mails, and is also asked to tion of the Riker & Hege

enact proper legislation which will prevent forman interests with those of the United Drug eign manufacturers from “dumping” merchanCompany is said to have been removed when

dise in this country, the Canadian or Australian on February 4 the majority of the stockholders plan being suggested. The association pledges in both companies formally gave their consent

itself to exert every possible effort to secure

the elimination of "Schedule B” from the perto the merger. Ratification meetings were held in the home offices of the companies, one in

manent revenue act now being considered by New York, the other in Boston.

Congress, and commits itself, further, to a A new company has been formed, which has

belief in the principles of price-maintenance been given the name of one of the old corpor

“legislation that will secure to any one having ations—the United Drug Company.


the exclusive right to manufacture or market company, organized under the laws of New any article the right to fix the resale price of York, is capitalized at $20,000,000, and its

such article."

" charter enables it to conduct a business in

Among the delegates from other organiza

tions who addressed the convention were M. A. drugs, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, confectionery, stationery, tobacco, animal products—in Stout, president of the N. A. R. D.; Carl J. short, in almost every field of merchandising Balliet, Rochester, N. Y., representing the Proendeavor. The future of the corporation is prietary Association of America; Professor well provided for in this respect; no coming James H. Beal, representing the American trend of the drug business is likely to catch it

Pharmaceutical Association; and F. L. Nason, unprepared.

representing the American Association of

Pharmaceutical Chemists. A great deal of speculation is being indulged in as to what will happen when the new com

Charles L. Lynn, of Eli Lilly & Co., was

elected president. pany gets thoroughly organized with all its forces in hand. In some quarters it is hinted that even now negotiations are under way hav

As an aftermath of all the ing for their object the absorption of the Dow

trouble which grew out of group of stores in Cincinnati and the Owl

the price maintenance case group on the Pacific Coast; but this, while not between the Miles Medical Company and the beyond the scope of future possibility, seems John D. Park & Sons Company, Cincinnati, hardly reasonable just now. The merging more than ten years ago, and which went to interests have been altogether too busy remov- the Supreme Court, the Park Company has ing obstacles which stood in the way of con- now instigated a damage suit. Certain memsolidation to have devoted much time to other bers of the National Wholesale Druggists' considerations. Indeed, officers in both the old Association, the Charles N. Crittenton Comcompanies contend that the merger has been pany, Schieffelin & Company, the Polk &





A. D. S.


Calder Drug Company, and the individual been granted—and which now has been granted members of the Buren, Rickey & Company, to military pharmacists in Canada, largely as and of the firm R. W. Robinson & Co.-all a result of the efforts of the Canadian Pharmathese, as well as a number of others, are named ceutical Association. “In connection with the as defendants.

hospital units at the front, dispensers of mediThe complaint asserts that the defendants cines are given the rank of lieutenant in the combined, 'way back in May, 1904, to destroy Canadian militia," is the way the Canadian the business of the Park Company, and to pre- Pharmaceutical Journal phrases the situation; vent competition in a general way, and that the and the editor goes on to express profound conspiracy had been in existence ever since. It gratification that "the first results in the uplift is alleged, furthermore, that the defendants, of pharmacy in the British army have been assisted by a number of national organizations achieved in Canada.”

a , the N. A. R. D. and the associations of manufacturers and wholesale dealers in proprietary

At the annual meeting of the articles being specifically named, adopted vari

American Druggists' Syndious plans to make effective a boycott against

cate, held in New York, the complaining company and other companies,

Charles H. Goddard was elected permanent resulting in a restraint of trade and the obtain

president, with full executive authority. Exing of higher prices.

ecutive authority has heretofore been vested in The complaining company asserts that dam

the secretary, Mr. Goddard having been secreages to the extent of $500,000 have been sus

tary of the company since he organized it about taineď. · Action is brought under the Sherman

ten years ago. The other officers elected were: law, according to the terms of which triple vice-presidents, Wm. C. Anderson, H. W.

, indemnity may be demanded—threefold dam

Merritt, E. W. Stucky, and G. H. Cherrington; ages, amounting to $1,500,000!

secretary, A. L. Bailey; treasurer, G. W. Luft;

directors, E. L. Weston, G. H. Cherrington, The revision committee of G. W. Hackenberger, W. G. Frailey, and A. L. the U. S. P. has voted not Bailey. Resolutions were passed indorsing the

to reopen the Brandy and Stevens bill and urging its passage. The syndiWhisky question, and it can now be definitely cate now claims a membership of 24,500, and stated that neither of these products will appear assets aggregating $3,850,000. in the new book. It is understood, also, that the committee in charge of the revision of the

The Stevens bill, which was National Formulary has declined to go out of

pending in the last Congress its way to mix in the mêlée, and those in favor

and on which so much work of the recognition of brandy and whisky in the

has been done by a number of national organN. F. may expect no relief from that quarter.

izations, was reintroduced in the present ConThe matter may be regarded as settled. Statements from both committees make it

gress by Representative Ayres of Kansas. This

bill is now before the Committee on Interstate clear that the temperance issue was in no sense taken into consideration.

Failure to agree

and Foreign Commerce, and so far no arrange

ments have been made to get hearings on it. on standards resulted in deletion from the U. S. P., and the N. F. committee, having

There is, of course, strong opposition to this troubles enough of its own, could see no reason

measure, and it may be possible that a little

later in the session compromises will have to why it should take on an added and altogether

be made. Objection to the Stevens bill has been foreign responsibility.

raised lately, it is said, by a number of public

libraries. It is feared that should the bill pass In the French, German, AusCOMMISSIONS

the practice of purchasing books, or of dispostrian, Russian, Italian, and ing of them, at reduced prices might be inter

, Japanese armies the pharma- fered with cist has the rank of a commissioned officer. Very recently a new price maintenance Among the larger powers England and the bill has been introduced by Representative United States alone have withheld that just Stephens of Nebraska, and this proposed measrecognition which in all fairness should have ure is intended to be more liberal than the



* *







Stevens-Ayres bill in that it takes into consid- law may not be retained in forthcoming legiseration varying conditions under which prices lation. Indeed, it is predicted that perfumery, may be reduced. It seems to be the impression cosmetics, and other toilet preparations will at Washington that the bill introduced by the escape direct taxation entirely. gentleman from Nebraska stands much the better chance of being advanced to the calendar.

C. E. Bedwell, formerly of Omaha, Ne* *

braska, has been chosen vice-president and Here, at last, we have one standard estab- general manager of Meyer Brothers Drug lished: "Scotch whisky, in the opinion of the Company, and William Biebinger, St. Louis, Bureau of Chemistry, is applicable only to has been made treasurer. For many years Mr. whisky manufactured in Scotland. Substances Bedwell had been an active member of the firm labeled or sold as Scotch whisky which are not E. E. Bruce & Co., of Omaha, and he is a manufactured in Scotland are deemed to be member of the board of control of the National misbranded within the meaning of the Food Wholesale Druggists' Association. and Drugs act."





This interesting statement is contained in the George M. Beringer is a member of a nonfifty-fifth annual report of the Philadelphia partisan committee in his home town, Camden, Drug Exchange: “It has been estimated that

New Jersey, having in charge plans for the the sale of narcotics in the ordinary channels future development of the city. This body is of trade has been reduced about 80 per cent." authorized by State law, and is known as the The statement is made in a brief review of con- City Planning Commission. ditions under the Harrison law since its passage, nearly a year ago.

The Jacobs Pharmacy Company, operating

11 stores in Atlanta, Ga., has issued formal The National Trade Association, with offices notice that hereafter prescriptions calling for at 18 East Forty-first Street, New York, has narcotics will not be filled unless the involved been organized for the purpose of opposing narcotic is incorporated with other ingredients. the Stevens Bill. Geo. B. Caldwell is president; Percy S. Straus, vice-president; Harry B. Haines, treasurer; and Louis Barnet, acting

The Supreme Court, in handing down a desecretary.

cision in a case brought by the Eckman Manu

facturing Co., has upheld the constitutionality Advices from Washington seem to indicate of the Sherley Amendment to the Food and that schedule “B” of the emergency revenue Drugs act. The decision was unanimous.





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How several prominent pharmacists looked when they came up out of a coal mine—very

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The second paper by Mr. Standish showing the floor plans and indicating an ideal arrangement for a drug store.

A paper from a successful druggist in which he describes how he has made a brilliant success of bulk candy as a side-line.

A paper growing out of practical experience and narrating the best means of increasing sales in a country store.

"Taking a Gun on a Questionable Account”-very interesting and amusing.

Four or five short papers on the general subject of "How to Compete with Five- and Tencent Stores."

Three prize papers on “Luck as a Factor in My Business Career”-full of human interest and intensely readable,

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