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C. O. Ballon, of the Ballou-Latimer Drug Co., Boise, Idaho, put Basil B. Bruno, Long Branch, New Jersey, enjoying his vacain his vacation officiating as first mate of a ferry-boat. Mr. tion. Mr. Bruno is president of the local Young Men's Italian Ballou is president of the State Board of Pharmacy.

Association, organized for the purpose of social betterment. A Page of Pictures.

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Displaying Own-make Preparations.


So strong is popular prejudice against the just-as-goodargument that it is no longer wise to use it in persuading customers to buy preparations bearing the druggist's own label. These goods should be sold on their own merits. They should be brought to the attention of probable purchasers in such a way that a desire to buy is created without any apparent suggestion coming from the clerk. Five druggists tell this month how they have developed sales for their products by displaying them conspicuously, and a perusal of their articles will make clear the various methods used to insure frequent turnovers of long-profit merchandise.


PRIZE PAPER: NEAT DISPLAYS IN EVERY empty we place in them small, shallow baskets AVAILABLE SPACE.

containing headache tablets, hat bleach, liver By Louis J. STREHL.

pills, and other small items. A price card is at Own-make goods occupy every bit of avail

the back of each basket. These goods cannot able space in our store. They are to be found

be arranged in similar manner to the large on tops of show-cases, at the wrapping counter,

packages, so that the baskets come in very on tables through the center of the store, and handily for display purposes. The baskets can on ledges and pillars wherever opportunity also be used for "specials” of soap, face pow

” offers.

der, or other small articles. We endeavor to make neat displays, showing

The tables through the center of the store we

consider to be our best means for attracting as many kinds of goods as possible without producing a jumbled-together effect. Plainly- attention. Seasonable goods are always shown lettered cards tell, in a few words, the merits of

on them and they seldom fail to bring home the

bacon. The tables stand about 272 feet high each preparation. A quite rigid system is adhered to in arranging these inside displays, a

and displays are limited to three feet. If made regular time being set for changing the goods

any higher, the appearance of the rear of the and an endeavor made to have the settings a

store is hurt. Whenever possible we use signs little different each time.

on both the front and back of these displays in The tops of three show-cases are used almost

order that they may be seen from either end of

the store. exclusively for displaying our own-make and special-agency goods. One of these exhibits,

SHOWING BREAKABLE GOODS. located at the store entrance, generally takes the form of a miniature window display. The One must be careful, however, in making “story” is told by several cards just as it would displays of breakable goods on these tables, be if the goods were in the window. Wherever because hurrying customers are likely to bump possible dummy packages are used, for with the into them and cause a smash-up if the goods display so near the door, a light-fingered shop- are not safely arranged. Care must also be per might be able to get away unnoticed with taken to see that no nails are protruding from several filled packages.

the sides of the tables, as the druggist is liable The two other cases, located near the middle for any damage done to customers' clothing. of the store, are used for smaller displays. On Blank spaces on pillars and walls we cover one occasion a display may consist of six or neatly and in a way that makes them work for seven small piles; on another it may be one Boards of suitable size are covered with large and five small piles; on still another, two plush or other material and to them fastened, large and three small piles. The height limit of by means of pins, glue or tacks, full or dummy the displays on the two cases is 212 feet. cartons of tooth paste and other small packages.

A price card is placed in the center of each BASKETS FOR SMALL ARTICLES.

outfit. The finished boards are hung, picture

. Of necessity, there are spaces left between like, over the blank spaces. Once every two these piles, both for the purpose of making the

months is often enough to change the boards. individual shows stand out and for providing When we buy goods bearing our imprint we spaces through which goods may be sold. have the manufacturer strike off an extra hunInstead of allowing these spaces to remain dred cartons. This is a good investment, for it


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