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A 20 per cent Increase the First Month with

Bangs Fixtures.

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C. H. Bangs Drugs18 ts' Fixture co. .

Boston, Ma BB
Dear Sirs:

We are writing to express our appreciation
for the splendid set of fixtures you recently installed
for us.

They are admired and complimented by al-
most overy person entering our store, and traveling men
tell us it is not only the most beautiful, but the most
practical, best-arranged store in this country.

of particular interest to you, is the fact
that our business Increased 20% the first month, and vo
are glad to give Bangs Fixturos credit for this additional
bus ino88.

You have been most liberal and fair in
dealing with us, and we have been unable to find anything
lacking or faulty in construction, or material, and our
satisfaction 18 100%

Sincerely yours,


For thirty-four years Bangs Fixtures have been bringing increased income to druggists. Bangs Fixtures simply mean good advertising. Good advertising is the sure road to

prosperity. What Bangs Fixtures have done for so many other druggists they can do for you. Why not get all the facts at the cost of a letter?



When writing to advertisers please mention BULLETIN OF PHARMACY.

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Plan now to make your business

more profitable in 1917 With a complete National Cash Register to stop the leaks and losses that hold you back, your business will pay you a greater profit in 1917 and the years to come It is getting late to help your 1916 business, for the year is almost gone. The future lies before - you, and you can make it what you choose. Will you put in new methods to help you to make more money in 1917, or will you stand by the old methods that hold you back?

National Cash Registers have helped more than a million merchants to become more prosperous. Users everywhere tell us so. What they endorse it will pay you to investigate.'

Think, plan, and decide. Our factory is full of orders and registers cannot be shipped on short notice. Give us time to build, ship, and install your register before the new year starts by placing your order now.

For further information write our nearest agency, or direct to

The National Cash Register Company

Dayton, Ohio

When writing to advertisers please mention BULLETIN OF PHARMACY.

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The typist who has a variety of work needs every possible convenience.

She may have to write letters, telegrams, checks, labels, cut stencils, address envelopes, fill out index cards, make out invoices—all in the same day, on the same machine.

The typewriter that enables her to do this in the shortest time must have certain mechanical conveniences for quickly changing from one class of work to another.

The L. C. Smith & Bros. typewriter is constructed to give results. It enables the operator to do more work and a greater variety of work.

Send for catalog of the “Silent Smith,” describing our Model 8, in which 50 to 75 per cent of the ordinary typewriter noise is eliminated.


Factory and Home Office, SYRACUSE, N. Y.

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When writing to advertisers please mention BULLETIN OF PHARMACY.

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MARK AND MAIL. Please send me;-(1) Plates and proofs of three NUJOL newspaper ads sizes: 47 x 3.
(2) NUJOL window and counter display material. (3) NUJOL folder for counter (Check
distribution. Dept.

size wanted) 44 x 6.



------------------City ------------------------- State -------------

When writing to advertisers please mention BULLETIN OF PHARMACY.

Hypodermatic Tablets
That Bring Business.

W/HEN he administers a hypodermatic-tablet

solution the physician wants prompt action —and he wants to be certain that he is going oto get it. To have that assurance he must use a tablet that is active, that has definite strength, that dissolves promptly and wholly. And this is the only kind of a hypodermatic tablet that the druggist should be satisfied to dispense.

Parke, Davis & Co.'s Hypodermatic Tablets meet every requirement. They are of guaranteed potency. They are of uniform strength. They are freely soluble. They are stable.

Parke, Davis & Co.'s Hypodermatic Tablets are pre-eminently the line to carry. Their efficiency is beyond question. They are more extensively advertised than any other similar line. They have the confidence of the medical profession. A good assortment of these tablets is a valuable asset in any pharmacy. It brings business to the store.

Home Offices and Laboratories,

Detroit, Michigan.

Parke, Davis & Co.

When writing to advertisers please mention BULLETIN OF PHARMACY.

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