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An absent-minded salesman in a London sportinggoods house recently lost the firm a good customer. The buyer asked to see some dog-collars, selected one and paid for it. Just then the absent-minded one spoiled it all by asking: "Shall I wrap it up and send it, or will you wear it?”Tit-Bits.

A week later the rancher reappeared in the city, but his wife did not accompany him. His face wore a weary, haggard expression as of sorrow, and he hung his head as he walked.

To the natural and immediate inquiries that were made as to the whereabouts of his bride, he replied, with tears starting to his eyes and running down his lean, bronzed cheeks: "She broke her leg two days out, and I had to shoot her. And I tell you, boys," he added, “I hated to do it—she was such a good woman!" -Commerce and Finance.

Two life-like mice-stuffed with the catnip that every cat needs occasionally-constitute a fast-selling novelty that is bringing liberal returns wherever displayed.

The price?

Ask the Pohlsom Galleries, 307 Bank Bldg., Pawtucket, R. I.

A KIND HEARTED MAN is the hero of a yarn which appeared recently in the Abilene, Kans, Reflector. The story we must believe is untrue. It is too good to be true. A rough cattle herder, having spent all his life on the vastness of a prairie, never had experienced any of the tenderer emotions man is heir to, and was totally ignorant of any other rules of conduct than prevailed between his fellow herdsmen and their charges.

When finally the well-intentioned but untaught person went to a town he promptly fell in love with the first woman who spoke to him. She was the buxom waitress of the town boarding house. He wooed and won her, and in a few days they were married and started together for the ranch on horseback.

DRUG CLERKS who want to increase their knowledge of pharmacy and thus qualify for better paying positions, but who cannot afford to give up their positions while learning, will be interested in the course offered by the Practical Druggist Institute.

Work on the course may be done at home during spare time, and when this course is completed the student is in a position to go before the State board examiners.

Particulars, sample lessons, terms, etc., may be had upon application to the Practical Druggist Institute, 53 Gold Street, New York City.

"I saw your wife and daughter the other day, but they didn't see me."

'So they said.”Boston Transcript.

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Big Christmas sellers. A wonderful convenience around the store where other lights fail at times, or where you want an extra strong light for some special counter. Just show them—they will sell themselves.

Write, wire or telephone our nearest house at our expense for one or more sample lamps. We will send everything you need to start. THE COLEMAN LAMP CO. 1543 St. Francis Ave, Symmit & 43rd Sts. Wichita, Kansas.

Toledo, Ohio. 43 E. 6th Street,

Suite 43 Akard Bldg. St. Paul, Minn.

Dallas, Texas. 43 South Clinton St.

Chicago, III.

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No. A 307 AIR-O-LITE

“A WORD carelessly spoken may do great harm.”

"That's right. You ought to see what one careless word from the umpire did to our ball team this afternoon."Washington Star.

Is YOUR BUSINESS YIELDING A PROPER PROFIT ?Probably eight druggists out of ten fail to make their business yield what it should. Very often they have no idea at all what they are actually making, and they would be astonished beyond measure if they could get at the real facts.

To enable the druggist to find out for himself these facts is the object of "The Druggist and His Profits," written by the editor of the BULLETIN OF PHARMACY. The book gets right down to fundamentals and discusses the subject in the most practical manner.

This volume is worth several hundred dollars a year to every live druggist. It will give him a thousand tips about the conduct of his business, and will help him to make better profits all along the line.

Send for a copy to-day-$1.00 post-paid. Order of E. G. Swift, P. O. Box 484, Detroit, Mich.

THE “Big Bass” BULLETIN.—Sportsmen will find it hard to resist the lure of the “Big Bass" bulletin pointing the way to the haunts of gamy fish in streams and lakes.

The bulletin is a handsome metal sign designed to stimulate interest in fishing and to indicate to sportsmen where “Plueger" Bull Dog brand fishing tackle may be obtained. It measures 20 by 28 inches and is made upon cold-rolled steel in four colors-orange, blue, green, and white. A startlingly realistic reproduction of a big bass, hooked and fighting, adorns each sign.

The bulletins are intended to be placed in conspicuous positions along the highways and streams in fishing regions. Each sign bears, in addition to the “Big Bass,” an advertisement of sporting goods and fishing tackle, together with the name and address of the druggist-dealer lithographed in black under a waterproof coating

Druggists who handle "Pflueger" fishing tackle will be supplied with any desired number of the signs, each covering four feet of surface, at the actual cost of production. To find out about this special proposition that is designed to bring sportsmen to your fishing tackle department, address the Enterprise Mfg. Co., Akron, Ohio. You will have to act quickly, though, for all orders must be ready to ship out by February 15, 1917, and it takes several months to have the signs

"Was your Christmas present in the nature of a surprise?" "I should say so.

It was just what I wanted.”— Judge.

made up.

When writing to advertisers please mention BULLETIN OF PHARMACY.

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They were speaking about looking on the practical side of things, and this incident was recalled :

One afternoon late in the fall Uncle Josh was driving slowly toward the town, when an acquaintance excitedly dashed out to the road and hailed him.

“Say, Josh,” he exclaimed in a palpitating voice, "have ye heard the news?"

"No, don't kalkerate I have," responded Uncle Josh, sociably stopping his team. "What kind o' news is it?"

"Jim Smith committed suicide," answered the other. "Hung himself from a beam in the barn."

“Is that so?” thoughtfully rejoined Uncle Josh. "Wonder if he got all of his corn husked ?"Philadelphia Telegraph.

It's the little "nicety," many times, that makes the sale of an article easier.

Take hydrogen peroxide, for instance. Given the choice of two similar products, one stoppered by an ordinary cork and the other closed by means of a Kork-N-Seal cap, the customer will invariably choose the latter.

This preference for easy-to-open and easy-to-close packages is demonstrated by the increasing sale of preparations which carry the Kork-N-Seal. Customers are beginning to ask for bottles so sealed, and many druggists are further stimulating the demand by according prominent display to the numerous products in their stocks which have this convenient seal.

If you are overlooking this effective method of inducing sales, why not go over your stock and bring to the front some of the preparations having the KorkN-Seal cap? You'll be surprised at the number of items that you will find so fitted.

Kork-N-Seal caps are manufactured by the Williams Sealing Corporation, Waterbury, Conn.

INSOLES and slumber socks that mean quickened sales and added profits?

The Wiley, Bickford, Sweet Company, Hartford, Conn., will submit samples and quote prices. This fastmoving line includes hair insoles, cork insoles, and sanitary slumber socks.

CHANGED STATUS OF THE WRIST WATCH.—Much has been printed in European papers on the subject of strap watches as a part of military equipment. This has attracted a good deal of attention, since modern warfare has demonstrated the necessity for officers and soldiers to know the time. The telephone and signal service, which play important parts in modern warfare, have

When writing to advertisers please mention BULLETIN OF PHARMACY.


First Semi-
Indirect Fixtures
To Use Gasoline!

How About Those Aisle Tables

You Needed Last Winter ? URING the Holiday season, and for two or

need extra display space. Couldn't you use a few aisle tables to advantage? The price is small, and they will be ready to use for years to



(Styles for Gas and Electricity Also.)

You can now use the convenient “SUN” Hollow Wire System with the new and beautiful “SUN” Semi-Indirect Fixtures! Result: a wonderfully artistic, decorative, efficient and economical lighting system, cheaper and .better than gas, electricity, acetylene or kerosene.

Ideal for Store Lighting! Think how important good light is to every business, and especially to drug stores, where everything

should be bright, clean, at-
tractive. cheerful and up-
to-date. Get interested
to-dav.write for the
Free "Sun" Light
Book, terms to
agents, special
premium list,


1611 Market St.

ESBERA Aisle Tables are made in a large


of finding what you need in our aisle table catalogue. Send for it to-day.

Several Special Catalogues. We issue several booklets and catalogues. If you are interested in show cases, wall cases, aisle tables, stools, or other fixtures, write us and we will send the right catalogues. THE YESBERA MFG. CO., 2278 Albion St., Toledo, O.

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wrist watches equipped with unbreakable glass that European manufacturers are working overtime and being compelled to convert ladies' watches into military timepieces to supply the military needs.

Since preparedness has become the watchword and timepieces have become a necessary part of the equipment of soldiers, the status of the wrist watch is changing. The objectors are now willing to concede the value of a bracelet watch for general outdoor life, but have not quite reached the point where, after poking fun at it, they can consistently adopt it for all occasions.-New York Times.


made the wearing of watches by soldiers obligatory. The only practical way in which they can wear them is on the wrist, where the time can be ascertained readily, an impossibility with the old-style pocket watch.

There have been instances during the progress of the present war where bad effects have resulted from the wearing of watches. The chief danger has been from the breaking of the crystal, and, when the watch

worn on the wrist, the consequences have been serious, owing to parts of the shattered crystal flying into the eyes, and for a time there was talk of discontinuing the use of wrist watches.

Realizing the seriousness of the defects in the oldfashioned strap watches, European watchmakers set about remedying them. Many devices were introduced, such as grill, or filigree work, placed over the dial, leaving only the figures exposed. This, however, made it very difficult to ascertain the time readily and consequently had to be abandoned. Then the hunting case was resorted to, but as its usefulness necessitated the pushing of a spring to open the case, it also was found to be impracticable. Not only this, but the damp condition of the trenches soon rusted the springs and the difficulty, if not impossibility, of having them repaired confronted the wearer.

The fertile brain of the inventor finally hit upon unbreakable glass, clear in color and non-inflammable. Being of an unshrinkable nature, unbreakable glass is likewise dustproof, which is not the case with the ordinary crystal. So great has become the demand for

An important field that is not yet overcrowded is that devoted to the fitting of eye-glasses. Trained opticians are needed in many communities and the opportunities to obtain good-pay positions are numerous.

Before being permitted to actually fit glasses, however, the various States require the practitioner to have taken a course in a recognized school. The Northern Illinois College, 159 N. State Street, Chicago, is such a school, and by writing President G. W. McFatrich, M.D., full information concerning the attendnace and correspondence courses offered may be obtained free of charge.

BLACK: “I want to put my money into something safe!"

White: "Try a fire-proof vault."--Lamb,

When writing to advertisers please mention BULLETIN OF PHARMACY.

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tured by the concern.

No "Maid-of-Honor" product is marketed until the Richardson Corporation proves it to be right by carefully-conducted tests made at this fountain.

A VISITOR to a Sunday-school was asked to address a few remarks to the children. He took the familiar theme of the children who mocked Elisha on his journey to Bethel-how the younger ones taunted the prophet, and how they were punished when two she bears came out of the wood and ate forty-and-two of them.

“And now, children," said he, “what does this story show?"

“Please, sir,” came from a little girl in the front row, "it shows how many children two she bears can hold !"Tit-Bits.

"Your husband is of fine old stock, isn't he, Mrs. Tinkle?"

“Yes—but he never pays any dividends !"-Life.

RICHARDSON CORPORATION SERVICES. For the purpose of helping druggists maintain their soda fountains at the highest point of efficiency, the Richardson Corporation, of Rochester, N. Y., conducts what it calls a "Retail Service Department."

The object of this department is to work with dealers and dispensers in the operation of their fountains and to give them the benefit of the company's experience in the handling of bothersome fountain problems.

The department is in charge of a thoroughly competent soda-water man. There is no charge for this service, and any one interested in the soda-water business is free to avail himself of the opportunities held out.

The Richardson Corporation has an up-to-date soda fountain in operation in the retail service department, where practical tests are made of every item manufac

CARD WRITERS who desire to do clean-cut lettering in the most expeditious manner will be interested in the proposition of the Newton Automatic Lettering Pen Company, Dept. R, Pontiac, Mich.

Upon receipt of one dollar the company will send its "Practical Lettering Outfit,” consisting of three marking and three shading pens, together with two shades of lettering ink, sample show-card in colors, complete instructions, figures and alphabets.

A complete catalogue of lettering supplies may be obtained free of charge by any druggist who writes to' the Newton Company and mentions the BULLETIN OF PHARMACY.

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When writing to advertisers please mention BULLETIN OF PHARMACY.

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