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Owing to the many requests for a smaller package, we are now prepared to supply the trade with a new size to retail at

ONE DOLLAR. We will continue to manufacture our regular $2.00 package, as before. Mention of both sizes will be made in the extensive advertising campaign which we are now conducting.

ALWAYS FRESH OCTORS recommend Pompeianits merit has won the endorsement

of hospitals all over the countryfor Pompeian-finest quality olive oilis always fresh. g The enlightened purchasing public is now, at last, face to face with the fact that olive oil cannot remain sweet and pure indefinitely-as tinned vegetables. They realize that olive oil is a commodity that should be handled with the same care as dairy products g Fresh eggs, fresh butter, sweet milk - and Pompeian Olive Oil- the up-todate housewife places them in the same category. For the Pompeian Company -proud of its product and solicitous for the welfare of its consumers-jealously protects the sweetness of Pompeian Olive Oil. Write for our book of selected salad recipes

mailed free to any address FULL MEASURE TINS


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Wule Jane, the new maid, was taking her first lesson on arranging the dining table, some one in the basement kitchen put something upon the dumb waiter below.

"What's that noise ?” asked Jane quickly.

"Why, that's the dumb waiter," responded the mistress.

"Well,” said Jane, “he's a-scratchin' to git out!"Erie Gazette.

The typewriter that is found in the average drug store serves a multitude of purposes. In a single day it may have to be used for writing letters, telegrams, checks and labels; for cutting stencils; for addressing envelopes; for filling out index cards; and for making out invoices.

To do these many things in the shortest possible time the machine must have certain mechanical conveniences for quickly changing from one class of work to another.

The L. C. Smith & Bros. typewriter possesses these necessary devices. It is so constructed that it enables the operator to do more work and a greater variety of work.

To familiarize druggists with the advantages claimed for the machine, the L. C. Smith & Bros. Typewriter Co.. Syracuse. N. Y.. offers to send free of charge a catalogue describing its "Silent Smith” Model 8, in

ilent Smith” Model 8. in which 50 to 75 per cent of the ordinary typewriter noise is eliminated.

Two cents a gallon is all that it costs to produce chemically pure distilled water by means of the Stokes automatic water still.

If you are paying more, why not write to the F. J. Stokes Machine Company, Philadelphia, Pa., and ask for detailed information concerning the practicability of water stills for drug-store use? The price of the Stokes still, ready for use, is only $18.

EMERSON Hough was condemning a pessimistic novelist noted in Europe.

“This dub," he said, "gives a cynical, black meaning to the most innocent and harmless things.

"I met him once at a dinner in Paris.

“'Faint heart,' I happened to say, 'never won fair lady.'

“Oh, I don't know, Mr. Hough,' he sneered. 'Don't most men get married because they haven't got the courage to back out?”Ida Tribune.

"Poe left only one or two unpublished poems.”

"I excel there anyhow," said Rhymster. "What a bunch I'll leave.”Louisville Courier-Journal.

When writing to advertisers please mention Bulletin OF PHARMACY.


Juincy Show CaseWorks i Quincy, III.

"HERE's something for Burbank to try his hand on," said Smith, hopefully.

“What's that?" asked a neighbor.

"Training a Christmas tree to sprout its own presents."—OMER ILIFF, in the Woman's Home Companion.

CORPORAL: "Now, you've got to patrol these lines, see that the horses don't get loose, and look after them generally."

Rookie (whose knowledge of horses is limited): "And what time am I to wake the horses in the morning?”Boston Transcript.

"They say that divorces are multiplying."

"That's odd. I thought their function was to divide.”Boston Transcript.

As a means of cashing in on the big newspaper campaign now being conducted in behalf of Nujol, many dealers are running Nujol ads. of their own right beside the big illustrated displays which will appear until next March in the newspapers of the larger cities.

Plates and copy to be run over the druggist's own signature may be obtained free of charge.

To secure them all that is necessary to do is to mail the coupon appearing in the advertisement, elsewhere in this issue, of the Standard Oil Company, Bayonne, N. J.

In addition, mailers of the coupon will receive a Nujol window display and a supply of Nujol folders for counter distribution. Using the material will help materially in cashing in on the national publicity.

UNLIKE German silver, in which the silver is conspicuous by its absence, peroxide soaps, creams and dentifrices can be made which really contain available oxygen. That is, they can be made if the proper persalts are incorporated.

What these per-salts should be, as well as information concerning their incorporation and price, may be obtained from the R. & H. Chemical Co., 100 William Street, New York City.

Better write to the company to-day if you are experiencing difficulty in producing peroxide preparations true to label.

“The fashions for women are getting more youthful every year," commented one man.

“Does that meet with your disapproval ?"

"Not a bit. If it goes on this way a few seasons more, my wife will be willing to give up her automobile and ride in a baby carriage."-Washington Star.

"Is your husband fond of his work?"

“Very. Especially on the nights any members of my family are coming to spend the evening."-Detroit Free Press.

When writing to advertisers please mention BULLETIN OF PHARMACY.

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FRIEND: "Will your salary be paid just the same, Mrs. WILLIS: “Wake up, John! Wake up!" Rastus, now that you are going to war?”

Mr. Willis : "What's the matter?" Rastus: "Well, my wife'll keep right on workin,' if Mrs. Willis: “I hear a harsh, grating noise. I think dat's what yo' mean.”Judge.

some one is trying the door."

Mr. Willis : “Nonsense. It's some rat trying that

cake you made to-day.”Life. DISPLAY SPACE will be at a premium for the next few weeks and also during the period following the holidays when special sales are in order.

OVER ten million Ripans Tabules have been sold in Have you the facilities for showing your merchan- a single month one of the reasons why the manufacdise to the best advantage?

turers say that druggists should buy Ripans in quantity Yesbera aisle tables, a few of them properly placed, lots and secure the discount. will go a long way toward affording the extra space A discount of 5 per cent is allowed on all orders needed in which to exhibit seasonable goods in the for gross lots of the 5-cent size and on $6 lots assorted. best possible manner. The tables are inexpensive; they Prices to the trade are: 40 cents a dozen for the 5-cent come in a large variety of styles and sizes; and they packages; $2.00 a dozen for the 25-cent packages; and may be used for years to come.

$4.80 a dozen for the 60-cent family boxes. Yesbera aisle tables are products of the Yesbera Ripans Tabules are manufactured by the Ripans Mfg. Co., 2278 Albion Street, Toledo, O., which con- Chemical Company, 10 Spruce Street, New York City, cern will send an illustrated and descriptive catalogue and are sold by jobbers everywhere. upon application. The company also manufactures · show-cases, wall-cases, stools and other fixtures, and will be pleased to send on request catalogues describing any of its products.

He gazed into her eyes. "Edna,” he said softly, “I should have some one to look after my shirts; to sew

the buttons on”— Caller: "That new girl of yours seems nice and Edna, eagerly: "Yes, yes; go on." quiet."

—“And to mend my socks, and-and—”. Hostess : "Oh, very quiet. She doesn't even disturb Edna: “Say it, Richard." the dust when she's cleaning the room.”Boston Tran Richard, swallowing hard: "Ca-can you recomscript.

mend a good laundry?"-Bunte Booster.

When writing to advertisers please mention BULLETIN OF PHARMACY.

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BUFFALO COLLEGE OF PHARMACY News.—The thirtyfirst annual course of instruction was opened by this college in October with a record attendance of one hundred and eighty-four students. Of this number 119 are taking the two-year pharmacy course and 65 are studying in the three-year analytical chemistry course.

On October 25 the annual "Get Acquainted” freshman excursion was given to Niagara Falls, where some of the industrial plants were inspected. Many times on the street, but especially in the hotel dining room, after dinner, the “Buffalo” yell was heard frequently and emphatically.

Two new teachers have been added to the staff this fall. Willis G. Hickman, LL.B., will give the instruction in pharmaceutical jurisprudence, and Professor D. B. Lockner will initiate the freshmen in the mysteries of pharmaceutical Latin.

“As a Saturday 'Candy Special I find a windowful of Love's Fruit Tablet jars with their vari-colored contents is sure to attract attention that results in many sales," says the manager of a large Detroit drug sore.

Isn't there a suggestion in this for you?

Love's Fruit Tablets are packed five pounds to the bottle in the following flavors: lime, wild cherry, lemon, hoarhound, orange, raspberry, chocolate and assorted. They may be obtained through jobbers in convenient quantities.

Prices to the trade will be quoted upon application to the F. S. Love Manufacturing Co., Johnstown, Pa.

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“Maria, you'll never be able to drive that nail with a flat-iron. For heaven's sakes use your head," admonished Mr. Stubkins. And then he wondered why she would not speak to him the rest of the day.-Puck.

At a military church-service during the South-African war some recruits were listening to the chaplain in church saying: “Let them slay the Boers as Joshua smote the Egyptians," when a recruit whispered to a companion:

“Say, Bill, the old bloke is a bit off ; doesn't he know it was Kitchener who swiped the Egyptians?"Tit-Bits.

When writing to advertisers please mention BULLETIN OF PHARMACY.


Are You Saving Your Waste Paper?

The U. S. Department of Commerce urges everybody to save
every pound of waste paper.
Never in the history of this country has there been such a
shortage of waste paper as at the present time.
Never before have the paper mills paid such enormous prices as now.

With prices ranging from $13.50 to $90.00 per ton, a paper baler becomes a neces-
sity in every place of business.
Let us tell you all about our Domestic baler at $10.50 and our Gem baler at $13.50
by sending for catalogue No. 42.
Over 50,000 in daily use in the U. S. and Foreign countries.

Bascom, Ohio.

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"Has your son selected any special calling?"

"Sure he has. He's got a good job at a theatre as a megaphone automobile announcer."Baltimore American.

"He has a very rare disease.”
"That so? What is it?"
Something brought on by overwork.”Dallas News.

"IT SAYS here that a Russian count has a deer park that covers 25,000 acres,” remarked the Old Fogy, as he glanced up from his newspaper.

"Gee,” exclaimed the Grouch, "he must have a lot of doe."-Wiarton Review.

OF particular interest to physicians is the fact that Liquid Petrolatum, Squibb, is possessed of an exceptionally high natural viscosity. High viscosity in a mineral oil for internal administration is of paramount importance, because true viscosity is the chief index of lubricating power.

Liquid Petrolatum, Squibb, is a pure, colorless, odorless and tasteless mineral oil, consisting of hydrocarbons of the naphthene series and exceeding the requirements of the U. S. P. It has the high specific gravity of 0.886 to 0.892 at 15° C., and 0.881 to 0.887 at 25° C.

Liquid Petrolatum. Squibb, is sold only in pint bottles under the Squibb label and guaranty. Trade prices and complete particulars will be furnished by E. R. Squibb & Sons, New York City.

Your women customers are constantly having their attention called to Tetlow's Pussywillow Face Powder. Large-space advertising, some of it in colors, in the six leading magazines for women, is doing it.

Pussywillow Face Powder sells at the popular price of 50 cents a box and it is packed in an exceedingly attractive package that is a big factor in inducing sales.

ucing sales On initial orders there is a special offer and sampling plan, particulars of which may be obtained from your jobber or from the Henry Tetlow Company, Philadelphia, Pa.

is doing it

"Do you believe in preparedness?" we asked.

"Yes, indeed,” replied the sweet young thing. “Every Wednesday I send my little brother to the movies.”— Weekly Film News.

TEDDY (after the missionary sermon): "Mother, did the minister really mean that those black people don't wear clothes?”

Mother: "Yes, it's quite true.”

Teddy: "Then why did dad put a button in the collection plate?”The Tatler.

When writing to advertisers please mention BULLETIN OF PHARMACY.

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