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A line of color paint boxes for amateurs and professionals. A11
grades—all prices drawing instruments. Boards, “T” Squares.
Sets for Mechanical Drawing. Waterproof Drawing Ink.
F. WEBER & CO., Main Office and Factory, PHILADELPHIA, PA.

Manufacturers-Importers, Artists' Materials, Drawing and School Supplies.
BRANCHES: St. Louis, Mo., Baltimore, Md.

Catalogue on Request.




“Merck's for prescriptions” MERCK


"Why is that pig always trying to get into my room?" inquired the summer boarder. "Do you think he has taken a fancy to me?"

"It's his room during the winter," whispered the hired man cautiously.Kansas City Journal.

Why, there's not a piece of chicken in it, and there never was.”

“Dat's right, boss—dey ain't no chicken in it."

"Then why do you call it chicken pie? I never heard of such a thing !"

"Dat's right, boss. Dey don't have to be no chicken in a chicken pie. Dey ain't no dog in a dog biscuit, is dey?"-Bagology.

DRUG BOXES of the kind that indicate to the customer the excellence of the merchandise contained in them—"quality" boxes, in short-constitute the line manufactured by the F. N. Burt Company, Ltd., Buffalo, N. Y.

Burt boxes are not sold direct, but may be obtained from almost any wholesaler or jobbing house in the country. To obtain them it is necessary simply to specify “Burt boxes” when placing an order.

Any druggist who is not familiar with the line may secure samples or a catalogue by writing direct to the company.

"Spurs”—members of the Society for the Prevention of Useless Giving—will appreciate having their attention called to the Whitall Tatum "Special” waterbottle as a useful article for Christmas giving.

As a sensible gift the “Special” is eminently satisfactory. It is practical, and is guaranteed to give service for a period of not less than two years.

Why not bring Whital Tatum "Special” bottles to the front during the holiday season? If your stock is low, the Whitall Tatum Company, 410-416 Race Street, Philadelphia, will fill a rush order.

A HUNGRY customer seated himself at a table in a quick-lunch restaurant and ordered a chicken pie. When it was served, he raised the cover and sat staring at the contents. Finally, he called the waiter.

“Look here, Sam,” he said, "what did I order?" “Chicken pie, sah.” "And what have you brought me?" "Chicken pie, sah.” "Chicken pie? You black rascal! Chicken pie?

“ARE ye sure ye love me?" sighed the buxom widow, as she paused in her wringing.

The man vowed he did.

For a few minutes there was silence as the widow continued her labor. Then suddenly she raised her head, and asked:

"You ain't lost yer job, ’ave yer?”Tit-Bits.

When writing to advertisers please mention BULLETIN OF PHARMACY.

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Use Mead Mills for crude drug grinding. Grinding done by impact; no friction

surfaces. Simple in construction, large capacity, very durable, and requires less power than any other min of same capacity. Used extensively by manufacturing chemists, drug and pharmaceutical houses, man.

ufacturers of proprietary medicines, sugar, glue, and gelatine manufacturers.


Retailers, wholesalers and chemical laboratories are constantly looking for bright men to add to their pay roll. These positions are open from the Atlantic to the Pacific. If you would secure one of them in the pharmaceutical line, it is necessary for you to have a pharmaceutical education.

The course offered by THE PRACTICAL DRUGGIST INSTITUTE is one you take at your home. You do not give up work, as the entire time on the course can be done at night.

This Institute has been established for more than eighteen years, and bas graduated students in every state in the Union and a number of foreign countries. If you intend taking the State Board examinations, our course is the best quis offered.

A sample lesson and fall particulars sent on request at no expense to you. Address THE PRACTICAL DRUGGIST INSTITUTE,

53 Gold Street, New York.

Samples ground free of charge.

Illustrated catalog upon request.

20th St. and M. C. R. R.


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For Indigestion, Constipation and to regulate the Stomach

and Bowels. Ten millions of Ripans Tabules have been sold in a single month.


Drawing Inks
Eternal Writing Ink
Engrossing Ink
Taurine Mucilage
Photo Mounter Paste
Drawing Board Paste
Liquid Paste
Office Paste

Vegetable Glue, etc.
Are the Finest and Best Inks and Adhesives
Emancipato yourself from corrosive and
smelling inks and adhesives and adopt the
Higgins' Inks and Adhesives. They will be a
revelation to you, they are so sweet, clean, well
put up, and withal so efficient. They form an
attractive and profitable line for Drug Stores.
Price, discounts and printed matter furnished.

Branches: Chicago, London.
271 Ninth Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.

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No. 10 Spruce St., New York.



LOCK-STUB CHECK SYSTEM of Controlling Soda Fountain Receipts. Used only

where a cashier is employed.
It quickly and permanently stops “leaks" wbether from dishonesty or carelessess.
It provides a clean check for the customerno more sticky and slimy cbecks.

Throw out your celluloid checks and other antiquated ebecking systems and put your checking system on a modern basis.

Our booklet describes the complete system. It will "put you wise" to some expensive trregularities udder old systems add bow to correct tber, Write for !t Bush Terminal, Brooklyn, N. Y. THE LOCK-STUB CHECK COMPANY, 22 Quincy St., Chicago.




THE BEST toilet cream on the market POND'S EXTRACT COMPANY'S and the best one for the dealer to handle

Write for particulars of our $4.00 Special


Dept. S. 131 Hudson Street, New York City.



"OLD BRASSEY keeps up his golf talk all the year round.”

"Why, he plays only from April to November."

"I know; but he runs a balky furnace from November to April.”Judge.

The kindergarten had been studying the wind all week—its power, effects, etc.—until the subject had been pretty well exhausted. To stimulate interest, the kindergartner said, in her most enthusiastic manner: "Children, as I came to school to-day in the trolleycar, the door opened and something came softly in and kissed me on the cheek. What do you think it was?"

And the children joyfully answered, “The conductor!"Harper's Magazine.

"WINDOW DISPLAYS FOR DRUGgists" is now in the third edition—a convincing proof of its practicability and usefulness for retail druggists.

The book contains clear-cut photographic reproductions and painstaking descriptions of 115 easy-toduplicate window displays. The displays are all practical ones, the trade-pulling powers of which have been proved by trial.

Calendars suggesting articles for display every week of the year, a collection of money-getting slogans for show-card use, and many other helps to enable you to get the best returns from your window space are also included in the book.

E. G. Swift, P. O. Box 484, Detroit, Mich., will send you the volume, post-paid, for $1.00.

“ROBERTSON Fruit Tablets keep indefinitely, but sell so readily after once tried that their keeping properties are rarely tested,” say the manufacturers.

If you want to learn of the possibilities that the selling of fruit tablets holds out to you, write to the Robertson Candy Company, New York City, for information and prices.

DINGLEBATZ: "A scientist has invented what he calls a ‘muck-ray' machine that seems destined to fill a long-felt want.”

Snicklefritz: "What is its object?"

Dinglebatz: "It will enable the people to see how a candidate can spend $10,000 in getting himself elected to a $1,500 office, and yet grow rich on the deal.”Indianapolis Star.

"You keep a joint bank account with your wife, do you not?"

"Yes; I deposit the money and she draws it out.”— Cleveland Dealer.

When writing to advertisers please mention BULLETIN OF PHARMACY.

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Will you give one family



“My face is my fortune," said the girl with the dazzling complexion.

"Permit me," replied Mr. Dustin Stax, "to extend the compliments of a self-made man to a self-made woman."—Washington Star.


We are but your agents-you are the host. 300.000 poor people cheered last Xmas in the U. S. by The Salvation Army. Help us in this way to get close to these people. Give them at least one happy day in the year.

$2.00 Feeds a Family of Five Send Donations to Commander Miss Booth 118 West Fourteenth Street, New York City Western Dept., Comm. Estill, 108 N. Dearborn St., Chicago

INTERESTING CUSTOMERS IN SANITARY SERVICE.—TO acquaint customers with the merits of Vortex sanitary paper cups and dishes, the Owl Drug Store, of Nogales, Arizona, recently conducted a poem-writing contest. Prizes of $2.50 each were offered for the two best rhymes dealing with the advantages of Vortex service

The winning entry, submitted by a woman, was as follows:

Are you strong for sanitation ?
When you drink your mild libation,

You will relish it much more,
If it's served in “Vortex" glasses,
Made expressly for the masses.
Ice cream, too, in “Vortex" dishes,
Will come up to all your wishes,

At the famous Ow! Drug Store. The $2.50 prize for men contestants went to the author of the following:

Vere with my saritary dish I sit,
While silver "Vortex” glasses click.
What harm in sodas can there be,

Since health and service so well agree? According to the proprietors of the Owl Drug Store, the contest did much to stimulate an interest in sanitary service and to press home the fact that at the Owl fountain "every glass is a clean glass."

Vortex cups and dishes are manufactured by the Vortex Manufacturing Company, Chicago, Ill.

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MRS. GREEN: “They seem to think the war will be over very soon now, Mrs. 'Arris."

Mrs. Harris: “I shouldn't be surprised, Mrs. Green; twenty-five shillings a week and me 'usband away-I always said it was too good to last.The Sketch.

Catnip Ball, For Sale


"E PLURIBUS UNUM !" cheered Ed. Hicks as his favo orite pony crossed the line.

“I don't get you," said a disgruntled person.

"Such ignorance! He won out of many, didn't he?" explained the cultured one.-Puck.



and an Exerciser.
A Toy for Cats, in a box of
Catnip, beneficial to the health
of any cat or kitten. Cats can't

let it alone. Will last for
Trade Mark

years. On sale at most Drug, Pat. Reg. U.S. Pat, Off, Bird or Toy Counters. DR. A. C. DANIELS, Inc., Boston, Mass.

Manufacturers of Horse, Dog and Cat Remedies.

When writing to advertisers please mention BULLETIN OF PHARMACY.

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We have several attractive proposltions under "Specialty" names. Write us for particulars







THE AMERICAN DRUGGIST.-With the possible exception of the grocer and the meat dealer, there is none who occupies a more prominent and important position in our community and business activity than does the American druggist. Many towns are so stunted that they have to get along without an editor and some other agencies of progress and uplift, but it is indeed a small place that does not have a druggist.

The American retail druggist is sui generis. Travel the world over and you will encounter his like nowhere. Europe and other civilized places have their chemist and apothecary shops, which are dreary places compared with the corner drug store that is an attractive center of business and social intercourse in every populous American neighborhood. The druggist in most foreign lands is looked upon as necesary but to be patronized only in an emergency. He has no soda fountain, no free telephone, none of the other allurements that draw the healthy along with the ill to his place of business.

The retail druggist in this country has made himself indispensable by his enterprise and foresight in ministering to the requirements of those in his vicinity. He has been progressive and aggressive. He has sugarcoated the pill, has put our castor oil in capsules, given us plasters that will come off-maybe—and done a thousand and one other little services for ailing humanity. He has earned the prosperity and approval that are his. Indianapolis is pleased to be his host and voices the sentiment of appreciative patrons in all parts of the country when it wishes him continued and increased success.- Indianapolis Star.

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HUBBY: "Hubbs is no kind of an umpire. He's no judge of fouls."

Wifie: "Why hubby, I'm surprised to hear you say so, when he raises the best fancy chickens in the neighborhood.”—Baltimore American.

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When writing to advertisers please mention BULLETIN OF PHARMACY.

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