Columbus Medical Journal: A Magazine of Medicine and Surgery, Volume 5

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Columbus Medical Publishing Company, 1887

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Page 425 - DISEASES OF THE LUNGS AND PLEURAE, INCLUDING CONSUMPTION. By R. DOUGLAS POWELL, MD, London, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians; Physician to the Middlesex Hospital and to the Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest, at Brompton; late Assistant Physician and Lecturer on Materia Medica at the Charing Cross Hospital.
Page 94 - SURGERY (THE INTERNATIONAL ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF). A Systematic Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Surgery by Authors of various Nations.
Page 278 - It contains 48 pages of text, including calendar for two years; obstetric diagrams; scheme of dentition; tables of weights and measures and comparative scales; instructions for examining the urine...
Page 71 - I obtained some, and have ordered it regularly for over a year; and have found it excellent in the pain of rheumatism, pneumonia, and cancer; also in the sleeplessness of scarlatina and alcoholism. It has never failed me in procuring sleep, without the disagreeable dreams and after effects of opium.
Page 406 - Of three specimens from an inch and a quarter to an inch and a half in length...
Page 345 - ... may be added to each pill. Should the action of the pill be preceded by griping and the character of the action be unequal, half a grain of fresh extract of belladonna will probably remove these disadvantages. If the aloin pill gripes, provokes the discharge of much mucus, or otherwise disagrees, substitute the fluid extract of cascara sagrada, and take from five to twenty drops in an ounce of water either on retiring to bed or before dinner.
Page 256 - Go's) in the form of minute pills, containing minimum doses for frequent repetition in cases of children and adults. It is claimed by some practitioners that small doses, given at short intervals, exert a more salutary effect. Sydney Ringer, MD, in his recent works on Therapeutics, sustains this theory in great variety of cases.
Page 250 - Probably this form of diarrhoea differs from the diarrhoea of younger infants, in being caused by the growth of the ordinary bacteria of putrefaction. It is not amenable to treatment by any astringent, nor has any alteration of diet much effect upon it. It may, however, be successfully treated by disinfecting the bowel contents by means of salicylate of iron, as in the following prescription, which is suitable for a child two years of age : Sulphate of iron, 3j : salicylate of soda, 3j ; glycerine,...
Page 449 - To these must be added obedience to properly adjusted rules of health, which, however, need not interfere with the performance of the usual duties of life. The author sums up as follows . 1.

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