Switchmen's Journal, Volume 7

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Page 427 - You, who were deputed here by the people to get their grievances redressed, are yourselves become the greatest grievance. Your country, therefore, calls upon me to cleanse this Augean stable, by putting a final period to your iniquitous proceedings in this House, and which, by God's help and the strength He has given me, I am now come to do.
Page 207 - ... to run any train in such traffic after said date that has not a sufficient number of cars in it so equipped with power or train brakes that the engineer on the locomotive drawing such train can control its speed without requiring brakemen to use the common hand brake for that purpose.
Page 560 - PRETTY boxes and odors are used to sell such soaps as no one would touch if he saw them undisguised. Beware of a soap that depends on something out^side of it. Pears', the finest soap in the world, is scented or not, as you wish, and the money is in the merchandise, not in the box.
Page 638 - Improved Rubber Hands and Feet are Natural in Action, Noiseless in Motion and the Most Durable in Construction.
Page 266 - Tis hard to break the tender cord, When love has bound the heart, Tis hard, so hard to speak the words Must we forever part? Dearest loved one we have laid thee, In the peaceful grave's embrace. But thy memory will be cherished Till we see thy Heavenly face.
Page 97 - It is but just that a fitting recognition of his many virtues should be had ; therefore be it Resolved, That while we bow in humble submission to the will of the Most High we do not the less mourn for our late brother who has been taken from us.
Page 242 - Beware of a soap that depends on something outside of it. Pears', the finest soap in the world, is scented or not, as you wish ; and the money is in the merchandise, not in the box. All sorts of stores sell it, especially druggists; all sorts of people use it Laces, Embroideries.
Page 438 - I contend that from 1563 to 1824 a conspiracy , concocted by the law and carried out by parties interested in its success, was entered into, to cheat the English workman of his wages, to tie him to the soil, to deprive him of hope, and to degrade him into irremediable poverty.
Page 513 - ... still! For it floats for broadest learning; for the soul's supreme release; For law disdaining license; for righteousness and peace; For valor born of justice; and its amplest scope and plan Makes a queen of every woman, a king of every man! While forever, like Columbus, o'er Truth's unfathomed main It pilots to the hidden isles, a grander realm to gain. Ah! what a mighty trust is ours, the noblest ever sung, To keep this Banner spotless its kindred stars among! Our fleets may throng the oceans...
Page 98 - That it is but a just tribute to the memory of the departed to say that in regretting his removal from our midst we mourn for one who was, in every way, worthy of our respect and regard.

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