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the genuine, and it was cleared up by a microscopical examination of the ruled lines upon which the figures were written in red ink. The magnifying glass showed the tracings of the old figures underneath the new, the red ink of the former having been previously removed by a chemical process.

Dr. R. H. Ward, of Troy, next read a very lengthy paper with the following title: "Allopathy; an Inquiry into the Relation of Sects in Medicine.”

Dr. Corliss related a case of ovarian dropsy which he had tapped through the vagina.

Dr. Squibb, in behalf of the Business Committee, stated that information had been received from Dr. Ives, of New Haven, that Elial T. Foote, a permanent menber of the Society, had been a declared charlatan for many years. The said party was a resident of New Haven, and had done much, with such influence as he possessed, to damage the interests of the profession at that place.

A motion was accordingly made to drop the said name from the roll, which, after much discussion, was carried.

The Society then adjourned until 3} P. M.


The Society met at 3} P. M., agreeably to adjournment. The meeting was called to order by the President.

Dr. Cobb moved that the Society request the Nominating Committee to present the name of Dr. Corliss for our next President. This was lost.

Dr. W. White made his report as delegate to the Maine Medical Society, which was referred.

Dr. Squibb presented the report of Dr. A. N. Bell, from Committee on Hygiene. Referred.

A Worm in the Aorta. (?)—Dr. Coates, of Batavia, presented a portion of the arch of the aorta containing a lumbricoid which was discovered in that artery during a post-mortem examination of a soldier in the Ladies' Home Hospital, of New York city. The patient had died in 1864 of pneumonia, following an attack of measles. On attempting to remove the lungs by severing the vessels at their roots, the worm referred to was found alive in the cavity of the aorta. It was preserved in situ.

The gentleman Dr. Tozier, who forwarded the specimen, not having sent a complete history of the case, Dr. C. was unable to give any further particulars.

Dr. Squibb pertinently remarked at this juncture, that in all probability the worm had accidentally found its way into the interior of the vessel after the death of the patient.

The Business Committee read by title a paper entitled, “Removal of Encephaloid Testicle," by Dr. Ferris Jacobs, and one on Cæcal Inflammation and Ulceration complicated with Diseased Appendix,” which were referred.

Case of Inverted Action of Uterus. -Dr. P. P. Staats, of Albany, reported a case of foot presentation, which was accompanied with repeated and forcible recession of the parts. The feet were finally delivered, when a large retained placenta was found at the fundus.

Dr. Squibb suggested that the placenta in that situation, acting as a splint, so to speak, interfered with the action of the uterine fibres, and gave a chance for those below to press the lower parts of the child upward.

Dr. Wm. B. Bibbins offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That a physician of this State will not be received by this Society as an invited guest, unless he is either a member of a county medical society, or a member of the New York Academy of Medicine, or a member of the faculty of a medical college, or a member of the legislature.

Dr. White, of Buffalo, offered the following, which was adopted:

Whereas, Observations have been made, during an informal discussion yesterday in this Society, questioning the propriety of continuing the publication of the essay of Dr. G. J. Fisher on “Compound Monsters;" and whereas, Dr. Fisher in his remarks intimated that he should “feel delicate about offering to the Society anything further on the subject."

Therefore Resolved, That this Society recognizes the scientific value of this essay, and earnestly requests Dr. Fisher to continue his monograph, and furnish it to the Committee of Publication.

Dr. Beadle moved the following: That the Committee on Pharmacology be directed to report to this Society the name of a member to supply the place in that Committee of Dr. Townsend, deceased. Adopted.

Dr. Squibb moved that the Society meet Thursday morning, at

9} A. M.

On motion, the Society adjourned, to meet in the Assembly Chamber at 8 o'clock, to hear the President's Address.

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The Society convened in the Assembly Chamber at 8. They were called to order by Dr. Tefft, Vice President; after wbich the President, Dr. Gray, delivered his annual address.

The Annual Address. —The subject which had been chosen was the relation of the study of insanity to general medicine. After showing that insanity was properly a branch of general medical science, he gave in historical review of the progress which had been made in this study; and proved that it had been in proportion to its study as a branch of medicine rather than of mental philosophy. He stated that the ancients regarded it as a bodily disease, hence they were tolerably correct in their treatment; but during the middle ages it fell within the domain of philosophy, and was consequently misunderstood. In modern times its progress in Europe and this country had been due to the investigations of medical men taking it from the control of metaphysical speculators. He remarked that the history of the subject showed that, freed from the above-noted retarding influences, its progress had kept pace with that of general medicine, of which it was legitimately a part. Insanity was now recognized as a physical disease, and it should be taught as such in medical schools. The advantages of such teaching were then dwelt upon, after which some practical hints were offered as to how such a plan might be carried out.

It was moved by Dr. Van Dyke that the thanks of this Society be tendered to Dr. Gray for his very able and interesting address. Adopted.

The Society adjourned, to meet at 9.30 A. M, Thursday.

After the adjournment, the members assembled at the City Hospital, to respond to the invitation to an entertainment by Drs. March and Armsby. Telling addresses were made by Mr. Bogart, the Hon. Mr. Brooks, and others, after which all present partook of a bounteous and elegant supper.

(To be continued.)

Toothache Drops. -An admirable mixture is made by combining in equal parts, creasote, laudanum, chloroform, tinct. aconite, tinct. of iodine, and lead water. To be applied on a pellet of cotton.

Editorial Department.

Annual Commencement Exercises in the Buffalo Medical College.

List of Graduates.

The annual commencement exercises of the Buffalo Medical College, took place February 25th, at the Opera House, in the presence of a large audience. Prof. J. P. White presiding.

The following Curators were present:-Drs. Hovey and Montgomery of Rochester, Lauderdale of Geneseo, Strong of Westfield, Baker of Warsaw, Flood of Elmira, Townsend of Bergen, Craig of Churchville, Menzie of Caledonia, Bennett of Erie, Pa., Eddy and Samo of Buffalo, and Lapham of Aurora.

At the meeting of the Council of the University, Dr. Geo. E. Hayes, of Buffalo, was elected Member to fill vacancy caused by death of the late Jesse Ketchum, Esq.

Curators.-At the same meeting the following gentlemen were elected Curators: Dr. C. C. Wyckoff, of Buffalo; Dr. Harvey Montgomery, of Rochester; Dr. Francis Burdick, of Johnstown, Fulton county; Dr Robert Menzie, of Caledonia; Dr. A. W. Fuller, of Le Roy.

Hon. Millard Fillmore, Chancellor of the University, conferred the degree of Doctor of Medicine upon the following gentlemen:

John Morton McWharf, Java Village, Wyoming county, N. Y.
Miles Gaylord Myers, Breesport, Chemung county, N. Y.
Frederick W. Hogarth, Smithport, McKean county, Pa.
Hiram Parker Trull, Varysburg, Wyoming county, N. Y.
John Krebiel, New Haven, Huron county. Ohio.
William James Barry, St. Catherines. Ontario.
Frank E. Bliss, Eagle, Wyoming county, N. Y.
Malcom Ney McNaughton, Galesburg, Kalamazoo county, Mich.
John Mulvany, Dunnville, Ontario.
George Barry Jones, Corfu, Genesee county, N. Y.
Dwight C. Chase, Lima, Livingston county, N. Y.
Eber Smith Carlisle, jr., Johnson, Jones county, Iowa.
Arthur Martin Gerow, Sterling, Hastings county, Ontario.
Luke Arthur Harcourt, Arthur, Wellington county, Ontario.
Henry Lane McCoy, Smithport, McKean county, Pa.
Emmet Fleming Pyle, Pekin, Niagara county, N, Y.
Albert Harlow Flood, Elmira, Chemung county, N. Y.
Wm. Urias Truckenmiller, McEwensville, Northumberland county, Pa.
John Fletcher Falling, Lyous, Wayne county, N. Y.
Oscar H. Hall, Marilla, Erie county, N. Y.
Loran Fernando Boies, Aurora, Erie county, N. Y.
Luke Chandler Higgins, Corfu, Genesee connty, N. Y.
Cassius Marcellus Ackley, South Dansville, Steuben county, N. Y.
Frank Granger Osborn, Holland, Erie county, N. Y.
David Estep Chace, A. B., Buffalo, Erie county, N. Y.

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Oran Amasa Dean, Rochester, Monroe county, N. Y.
Joseph Quinlan, Buffalo, Erie county, N. Y.
Proteus Posket Bielby, Little Falls, Herkimer county, N. Y
Matthew Willoughby, Buffalo, Erie county, N. Y.
Frank W. Crane, Corfu, Genesee county, N. Y.
Henry S. Ellwood, Buffalo, Erie county, N. Y.
Galette B. Gilbert, Alexander, Genesee county, N. Y.
Henry Platner Hall, Sinclairville, Chautauqua coiinty, N. Y.
George Washington Allen, Urbana, Champaign county, Ill.
Claude Wheeler, Farmer Village, Seneca county, N. Y.
Elliott H. Woolsey, Perrington, Monroe county, N. Y.
Francis Martin, Mount Read, Monroe county, N. Y,
Robert Fowler Dunlap, Darlington, Beaver county, Pa.
Patrick Francis Madden, Buffalo, Erie county, N. Y.

John Dumbach, Louisiana. The honorary degree of Doctor of Medicine was conferred upon Theodore Evans, of Paris France.

The charge to the graduating class was delivered by Dr. J. F. Miner. Dr. Matthew Willoughby, member of the graduating class, gave the Valedictory Address, which was well written and very appropriate for the occasion.

The graduates, in the general examination, acquitted thomselves with high bonors, and as a general rule, gave promise of future honor and usefulness. The rigid and careful sifting of merit by both the Faculty and Curators proved them ever faithful janitors, gnarding with jealous care the entrance to the medical profession. To Prof. J. F. Miner :

At a meeting of the members of the graduating class, held immedialely after the close of the commencement exescises, upon motion, a resolution was adopted, that Prof. Julius F. Miner be requested to allow the publication of his "Address to the Members of the Graduating Class” in the Buffalo Medical and Surgical Journal.


David E. CHACE,
BUFFALO, February 25, 1868.


To Drs. Bielby, Willoughby and Chace :

GENTLEMEN: I have to thank you and those you represent, for your very polite invitation to allow the publication of my address before the graduating class. I had proposed to withhold it from publication, but a strong desire to gratify the wishes of yourselves and associates, and also for the purpose of correcting the fearful errors of “short-hand reporters," who have represented me as saying precisely the reverse of what I did say, or would be willing to say, may so far change my purposes in this respect as to allow its publication, according to the request of the class. With much regard for yourselves and associates,

I am ever, yours truly,


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