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Indiana Forestry Legislation. | by this act, and that he will maintain the same

according to the intent of this enactment. THE following is a copy of an Act of Assem 1 Sec. 10. It shall be the duty of the assessor to

bly passed by the Legislature of the State personally examine the various forest reservations of Indiana at its late session :

when the real estate is appraised, and to note upon SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the General As his return the condition of the trees. And if the sembly of the State of Indiana, That upon any reservation is properly planted and continuously tract of land in the State of Indiana there may cared for, he shall appraise the same at one dollar be selected by the owner, or owners, as a perma- ! per acre.

servation, a portion not to exceed one- i The Governor also signed the forestry reservaeighth of the total area of said tract, which shall tion bill, which authorizes the State Board of be appraised for taxation at one dollar per acre. i Forestry to purchase 2000 acres of land for a State

Sec. 2. If such selection is an original forest, | forest reservation and laboratory of forest demoncontaining not less than 170 trees on each acre, it stration and State nurseries. The land may be shall become subject to this act, upon filing with located in any county or counties, shall not exceed the auditor of the county in which it is situated, a in cost $8 an acre, and shall be taken in title in description of such selection as is hereinafter pro- the name of the State. Money derived from the vided.

sale of timber, mining or in any other way is to Sec. 3. If any land owner shall plant not less be paid into the State treasury through the secrethan 170 trees on each acre of selected forest tary of the board. The sum of $1.50 an acre reservation, and shall cultivate and maintain the annually is appropriated for maintenance. same for three years, then it shall become subject 1 An amendment was also made in old bill to this act, as herein provided.

changing the personnel of the members of the Sec. 4. Upon any tract selected as a forest State Board of Forestry. reservation, which contains 100 or more original forest trees on each acre, the owner may plant a sufficient number of forest trees which shall make Government Forest Reserves. up the required 170 trees per acre, when the same shall become subject to this act, as in section 3

In the past year a number of changes have Sec. 5. No land-owner shall receive the benefit ! been made in the United States forest reof this act who shall permit cattle, horses, sheep, serves, together with many important addihogs or goats to pasture upon such reservation

tions. All of the 52 government reserves, which until said trees are four inches in diameter.

now reach an aggregate of 61,218,525 acres, are Sec. 6. Whenever any tree or trees shall be re situated in the Western States and Territories, and, moved or die, the owner, in order to avail himself through the courtesy of the Bureau of Forestry, of this act, shall plant other trees in place of such we are able to present the following table, giving trees as may be removed, or die, and protect said the name of each reserve, its number (representtrees until they are four inches in diameter, which ing the order in which they were reserved), the shall at all times maintain the full number required total area, together with the State in which it is by this act.

located, as well as the total areas of forest reserves Sec. 7. Not more than one-fifth of the full in each State. Our island possessions are not number of trees in any forest reservation shall be included. removed in any one year, excepting that such ! trees as may die naturally may be removed, when! other trees shall be planted.

of Reserves Sec. 8. Ash, maple, pine, oak, hickory, bass

Names of Reserves.

in Each State. wood, elm, black locust, honey locust, Kentucky

Acres. coffee-tree, chestnut, walnut, butternut, larch, tulip-tree, mulberry, osage orange, sassafras and Alaska :

Afognak Forest and Fish Culture Reserve.

403,640 catalpa shall be considered forest trees within the The Alexander Archipelago Forest “ 52 4,500,240 meaning of this act. Sec. 9. It shall be the duty of the auditor in


4,909,880 every county to keep a record of all forest reservations as the same shall be filed with him, and Arizona : he shall require the owner or agent to subscribe

The Black Mesa Forest Reserve.

1,658.880 The Prescott

423,680 under oath the extent and description of the land Grand Canon


The San Francisco Mountains Forest Reserve.. 31 1,975,310 reserved, and that the number of trees is as required






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