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State Reservations.

tecting the healthy ones. Impure air is the cause

of not a little of the trouble. There is nothing D RIMARILY, forestry is a business proposi- better for the production of pure air, or the puriI tion, whether considered from the stand- fication of vitiated air, than a tree, and a forest

point of a private individual or from that | increases the product many-fold. of the State. If a lumberman cannot obtain his In this age of hurry and bustle, it is becoming profit by putting into operation the methods of cut- | more and more necessary that those placed under ting, logging, etc., which are demanded in forestry the strain of office- and shop-work must take rest management, no one blames him for not carrying and recuperate. There is no better place for this out those demands. If he did business at a loss, than within a forest. Pure air and pure water are he would be known as an impractical business plentiful ; the mind is entirely free from the rules man, and our lumbermen are anything else than and restraints of community life, and after a few impractical. If the smaller wood-lot owner does days' touch with nature one can be himself again. not get more service and value from his wood-lot, All of these objects the State reservations must by regarding certain common-sense principles for fulfill. To-day, it is impossible to find within our the improvement and conservation of his woods, State a tract large enough, or having timber large then it is foolish for him to consider them. It enough, to keep a medium-sized sawmill in stock has been demonstrated, however, that under pro- | for more than a few years. The lumber industry per systems of forestry, conservative lumbering is declining, which means a lack of support to can be made more profitable than the old reck- many families in the wooded districts, decrease in less and wasteful methods; also, that with a little the value of property, and, perhaps, emigration care a wood-lot can be made to double or treble to other States. Even mine-props are now being its former value.

brought in large quantities from West Virginia, When a State finds it necessary to practice for instead of being obtained in the neighborhood of estry, it is usually for other purposes than a direct our mines. In this way, money and labor are return in money from the forest, although this going away from our State. When the State owns should never be lost sight of. In fact, even State and regulates two million acres of land, it will be forests should be managed from a business basis, able to counteract this condition to a very great and the other purposes must necessarily be accom- extent. This land will give regular employment plished. Only in rare cases would it be other for thousands of men, who will be needed for the wise.

labor required in improving and harvesting the The State must look after the prosperity and con- forest crop, making roads, etc. At least, an aptinuance of its industries, and there are many de proximated amount of timber, pulp-wood, acidpending upon the forest for their raw material. The wood, ties, poles, etc., can be depended upon wealth of the State must be considered, in so far each year, and all this means an ultimate revenue as it is possible, to have each acre of land yield its to State and county. largest and most valuable crop, and in our State It is still not sufficiently understood that the thousands of acres will become of value only after money spent for the purchase and improvement of a crop of trees is started or maintained upon them. State reservations is an investment and not an ex

The question of water-supply, too, must be pense. Inside of twenty-five years, the State Treasgravely looked into. Drought and freshets are ury should receive an equivalent of 272 per cent. becoming more frequent and severe. The utiliza- annual interest, to be derived from the sale of wood tion of streams as a source of power and for nav- and other forest products, or from any proper utiligation is becoming more expensive and uncertain. ization of the reserves. It is true that this income The supply of pure water for our cities and towns cannot be expected at present, for in many inis imperative. The remedy is the proper protec- stances the reserves are in such a shape that nothtion of the forest. cover and forest floor on the ing can be obtained from them. It will be neceswater-sheds and at the head-waters of our streams. sary to increase the amount of the investment by

The health of the citizens of the State is now making permanent improvements in the way of considered a subject for legislation. Long since, planting, thinning, building of roads, etc., as our civilization has abandoned the ancient and well as to afford sufficient protection, and then, barbaric customs of the Romans of exposing or instead of yielding no revenue, as at present, they destroying in some way the weak and helpless. will yield a high revenue on a larger investment. Altruism, although still tempered with selfishness, In the past year one reserve has yielded almost 10 has changed conditions, and the State spends mil. per cent. on all the money expended for its purlions annually for the care, assistance or cure of chase and for its improvement during the year. its many sick and unhealthy citizens, and in pro. In addition to this, very little of the land now

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