Forest Leaves, Volumes 9-10

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Pennsylvania Forestry Association., 1903

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Page 87 - Government lands within such proposed forest reserves will, as in the recent past, be withdrawn from sale or entry pending the completion of such negotiations with the owners of the land grants as will prevent the creation of so-called scrip. It was formerly the custom to make forest reserves without first getting definite and detailed information as to the character of land and timber within their boundaries. This method of action often resulted in badly chosen boundaries and consequent injustice...
Page 87 - It can not safely, and should not in any case, be imposed upon them against their will. But neither can we accept the views of those whose only interest in the forest is temporary; who are anxious to reap what they have not sown and then move away, leaving desolation behind them.
Page 98 - Given under my hand and the Great Seal of the State at the City of Harrisburg, this seventeenth day of March, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and five, and of the Commonwealth the one hundred and twenty-ninth. By the Governor : . SAMUEL W. PENNYPACKER: FRANK M. FULLER, Secretary of the Commonwealth.
Page 30 - West, because the West must use the water, wood, and summer range which only such reserves can supply. Progressive lumbermen are striving, through forestry, to give their business permanence. Other great business interests are awakening to the need of forest preservation as a business matter. The Government's forest work should receive from the Congress hearty support, and especially support adequate for the protection of the forest reserves against fire. The...
Page 40 - Survey, to report at the earliest practicable moment upon the condition, operation, and effect of the present land laws and on the use, condition, disposal, and settlement of the public lands.
Page 3 - AN ACT Directing the Commissioner of Forestry to erect buildings on the Mont Alto Reservation or to purchase land and buildings adjacent to the said reservation, wherein to provide instruction in forestry, to prepare forest wardens for the proper care of the State Forestry Reservation lands, and making an appropriation therefor.
Page 4 - ... immediately upon any such arrest, to take and convey the offender or offenders before a justice of the peace or other magistrate having jurisdiction, for hearing and trial or other due process of law : Provided further, That this act shall extend only to the case of offenses committed upon...
Page 87 - Government is not concentrated under one department, in consonance with the plainest dictates of good administration and common sense. The present arrangement is bad from every point of view. Merely to mention it is to prove that it should be terminated at once. As I have repeatedly recommended, all the forest work of the Government should be concentrated in the Department of Agriculture, where the larger part of that work is already done, where practically all of the trained foresters of the Government...
Page 87 - ... such as the National Live Stock Association, the National Wool Growers' Association, the American Mining Congress, the National Irrigation Congress, and the National Board of Trade, have uniformly, emphatically, and most of them repeatedly, expressed themselves in favor of placing all Government forest work in the Department of Agriculture because of the peculiar adaptation of that Department for it. It is true, also, that the forest services of nearly all the great nations of the world are under...
Page 88 - ... in the Department of Agriculture will have for its important results: First. A better handling of all forest work; because it will be under a single head, and because the vast and indispensable experience of the Department in all matters pertaining to the forest reserves, to forestry in general, and to other forms of production from the soil, will be easily and rapidly accessible. Second. The reserves themselves, being handled from the point of view of the man in the field, instead of the man...

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