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hear many, encouraging testimonies of the among you this day. You know that one of great blessing which has already resulted the main objects of the Association has been from its labours. I read this morning- to send out missionaries to co-operate with and I suppose the most of you did also those of the Presbyterian Church of Engthe most recent letter that has been re- land. One of its most able representatives is ceived from one of our missionaries at bere-Dr. Hamilton. (Applause ) I am sure Amoy, Mr. Swanson. This communica- you will be cheered by his presence, and tion points out four things, all of great encouraged by his counsel. Then we have importance for the otjects of this Associa- Dr. Carnegie, who has been for six years tion; first, the growing success and in- labouring in connection with the Association creasing fruits of the efforts of the mission; at Amoy, and he will, no doubt, be ready second, the steadfastness of the people to give you his experience of the work. under severe persecution—their great mo- (Applause.) While congratulating you on deration and great wisdom; third, the the presence of these dear friends, we must ever-widening field of labour; and fourth, lament the absence of many who are gone, the urgent necessity for new labourers. 1 especially our late lamented president, have heard some men say that it was very Major-General Anderson, who, I believe, discouraging to look at the vastness of this on tbis very day last year addressed you immense field compared with the feeble from this chair, but who has now passed ness of the means which all the Christian away to his eternal rest, leaving a fragrant churches put together had been able to memory and a bright example, to follow call into operation. In one sense that is which it should be our earnest prayer. It no doubt true. The idea of about 100 should teach us to redeem the time, and men, however devoted, labouring among redouble our efforts in this and every other 400,000,000 of people, seems, according department of Christian effort. to human ideas, excessively ridiculous. But, After the report had been given in by as Principal Cunningham once told this As- the Rev. Mr. Jobnston, Mr. BARBOUR sociation--and I have often thought of his read the financial statement, which showed words—that the very vastness of the field the following results :-The ordinary reshould drive us to place dependence upon ceipts for the year, £1,157 189. 80.; exGod, for in this, as well as in ell other en- penditure, £1,190 Os. 4d.; legacies, terprises, he is our real strength. Those £146 11s. 8d. ; balance in the bank at this who are discouraged with our mission date last year, £109 10s. ld. ; total sunds, work should remember that at the founrla- £1,414 Os. 5d. ; balance at the credit of tion of our holy religion there was as the mission, £224 0e. 1d. much cause for despondency. When the The Rev. Mr. Macgregor, of Dundee, Divine Master sent twelve missionaries to moved the first resolution, in seconding evangelize the whole Roman empires which the Rev. Mr. Cusin, late of WoolChristians might well have been dis- wich, adverted to the character of the couraged by the prospect. It is not by Chinese-to their perseverance, industry, ministers, by power, or by might, that suc- and activity. He regarded them as the cess is obtained, but by the Spirit of God; Saxons of the Eastern world, and thought and though we are called upon to use every that if converted, they in their turn might effort in our power to increase the number prove the means of greatly advancing the of labourers, still we ought never to be cause of Christianity. discouraged, but, on the contrary, stimu- Dr. CARNEGIE, who returned lately from lated by the greatness of the field of labour. China, gave an interesting account of misI think, too, my dear friends, that if you sionary labours at Amoy, since he had consider the matter, you will think that been sent out six years ago by the Associathis work has been in a great measure con- tion, a district wbich he thought was now fided to the Christian churches of this ripe for the reception of the Gospel. country. We of all nations have been

Dr. HAMILTON then proposed a resolumost connected with that wonderful empire tion recommending the mission to the in modern times. It is by our policy, increased support of the community: He however doubtful in principle, that that made a lengthened statement relative to empire has been opened up with other the position and prospects of the mission. countries. Our own trade with it is im. Mr. JOHN MILLER seconded the motion, mense, and therefore we ought to have all which was carried with acclamation. other churches to labour for its evangeliza- A vote of thanks was then awarded to tion. Ladies and gentlemen, without Sheriff Jameson for his conduct in the saying more, I have only to congratulate chair; and the benediction having been you most cordially that you have secured pronounced by the Rev. Mr. Mackintosh, the presence of so many valued friends the meeting separated.

Home Intelligence.

PRESBYTERY OF BIRMINGHAM.—This schemes of the church. An application Presbytery held its usual quarterly meet- from the trustees of Worcester congregation ing at Broad Street, Birmingham, on Tues- for consent of Presbytery to the sale of a day, Dec. 5th. Sederunt : Revs. Dr. Mac- portion of land not required by them was kenzie (Moderator, pro tem.), Crole, Lewis, granted. The Moderator (Mr. Crowe) Macpherson, and Crowe, ministers; with here took the chair. A motion, by Dr. Messrs. Palmer and Houghton, elders. Mackenzie, relative to the Widow and The minutes of former meetings were read Orphans' Fund, was deferred till next and sustained. The Clerk, on behalf of meeting. A schedule from Stafford to the the Committee appointed to confer with Home Mission Committee was read and New John Street office-bearers, reported | attested. Dr. Mackenzie made a statethat having conferred with them, the Com- ment to the Presbytery of certain commumittee had agreed to forward an application nications which had passed between himon behalf of the congregation for aid from self and his office-bearers and brethren of the Home Mission Committee. He fur- the United Presbyterian Church relative ther read the reply received from the Home to the starting of a proposed United PresMission Commitiee to the effect that the byterian congregation in Birmingham, and Committee agree to make a grant of £20 he explained his views on the subject. for the next three months, requesting the He further intimated his desire to have an Presbytery in the meantime to inquire into assistant minister associated with him at the circumstances of the congregation, Broad Street, the better to promote the and especially whether it be practicable interests of the congregation, and he reto raise the sum of £250, requisite in order quested the Presbytery to appoint some to obtain the grant from the Synod's members to confer with himself and his Debt Extinction Fund, towards lessening office-bearers on the subject. Several memtheir Building Debt, and to report to next bers of Presbytery having addressed the meeting Mr. Brown, the Trea:urer of Court, the Presbytery, without entering New John Street congregation, being pre- further into the matter at present, apeent, laid a statement before the Presby- pointed Messrs. Crole and Lewis to confer tery, and gave verbal explanations. After with Dr. Mackenzie and his office-bearers which it was unanimously agreed, " That as requested. The Presbytery adjourned the Presbytery strongly recommend the to meet on the first Tuesday in March at Debt Extinction Committee to make the Broad Street, Birmingham, at half-past application from New John Street a spe eleven o'clock. cial case, and to grant them £250, on their PRESBYTERY OF NewcasTLE. - This raising the same amount; inasın uch as Presbytery held an adjourned meeting in the without this strong inducement the attempt John Knox Church, Newcastle, on the 28th to reduce the debt will almost certainly fail, November ; Rev. T. W. Brown, Moderator. and the existence of this congregation be Present: the Moderator, the Revs. John T. endangered ; they further recommend the Paterson, D.D., Patrick L. Miller, John Home Mission Committee to make a per. Black, S. M. McLelland, J. Brown, J. mament grant for at least twelve months, Jeffrey, and J. Reid, ministers; with Messrs. as without some reliable lengthened aid it, Brewis, Hedley, Taylor, and Pritchard, is impracticable for the congregation in elders. The minutes of last meeting. was present circumstances to meet the required read and sustained. Reason of Mr. Murray's expenditure; and they instruct the Clerk to absence was stated and sustained. The edict lay the Treasurer's abstract of accounts summoning the session, &c., of the John Knox before the Committee.” The Committee of Church to appear for their interests at this Presbytery were then re-appointed to ad- meeting was returned, duly served and atvise with the New John Street office- tested. From the session there appeared as bearers on any matters that might arise commissioners, Messrs. W. Morrison, W. before next meeting of Presbytery. The Walker, J. A. Davison, J. C. Hinton, and Presbytery recommended the brethren, as G. Angus; from the Deacons' Court, far as practicable, to attend the annual Messrs. J. Macaulay, J. Fletcher, and T. meetings in each other's congregations Byers ; and from the congregation, Messrs. and to take the opportunity of bringing H. Dryden, A. McHarg, N. Smith, J. before the people the missionary and other Mackeand, and J. Stienson ; Mr. Miller ap

peared for himself. The following resolu- at 10 a.m. Dec. 19th the Presbytery met tion of the Deacons' Court was laid on the and was duly constituted. Present: the table, read, and ordered to be inserted in the Revs. T. W. Brown, Moderator ; Dr. PaterRecord, viz., " That this court, looking at son, P. L. Miller, J. Jeffrey, J. G. Murray, the future interests of the congregation and S. M. McLelland, J. Black, J. Brown, W. of their retiring pastor, which they believe to A. P. Johnman, and J. Reid, ministers; be mutual, desire to record in their minutes with Messrs. Brewis, Hedley, Taylor, and that the Rev. P. L. Miller shall be paid McLaren, elders. The minutes of last annually £110 in quarterly payments by meeting was read and sustained. Reason of the treasurer of the congregation in all time absence from Mr. Anderson was read and coming; and they further agree that in the sustained. Mr. Murray laid on the table a event of any deficiency of revenue his suc- report by Mr. Ross, of his visits to the cessor shall have no prior claim at the end several congregations within the bounds. of any quarter, but that each minister shall It was read and ordered to be kept in be paid in equal proportion to his claim.” retentis. The Presbytery then resumed Extracted, &c., by James A. Davison, Clerk. consideration of Mr. Miller's retirement; Parties having been heard, were removed ; and called for the report of the Committee and Dr. Paterson engaged in prayer for appointed at last meeting. Dr. Paterson Divine guidance. After deliberation, it and Mr. Jeffrey reported that the Committee was moved by Mr. Reid, seconded by Mr. had met with Mr. Miller, the office-bearers, J. Brown, and agreed unanimously, that the and congregation severally, and that the Presbytery having heard parties, and con- result of the conferences was that the former sidering all the circumstances of the case as arrangements in reference to Mr. Miller's row before them, decline to accept Mr. retirement and retiring allowance should be Miller's resignation in hoc stalu, recommend adhered to. Mr. Miller then formally rethe office-bearers to reconsider the matter, quested that the Presbytery should accept and appoint the following a Committee of his resignation. Mr. Black having engaged Presbytery to meet with Mr. Miller, the in prayer, and the brethren having expressed office-bearers, and congregation, with a view their feelings of high respect for Mr. Miller, to a satisfactory arrangement and report, and their regret at the circumstances which viz., Dr. Paterson, Messrs. Jeffrey, Black, have rendered his resignation necessary, it and Murray, ministers; with Messrs. was moved by Mr. Jeffrey, seconded by Mr. Brewis and Hedley, elders; Dr. Paterson, J. Brown, and agreed unanimously, that Mr. Convener. Mr. Reid, on the part of Mr. Miller's resignation be, as it hereby is, acMurray, Convener of the Committee, ap- cepted, the pastoral tie loosed, and the John pointed to confer with the office-bearers and Knox Church declared vacant in the usual way; congregation of St. George's, Sunderland, and the Moderator was requested to draw up a anent the retirement of Dr. Paterson, re- statement expressive of the sentiments of the ported that everything had been satisfactorily Presbytery in regard to Mr. Miller for inand harmoniously arranged. Dr. Paterson sertion in the Records. The Moderator then formally laid his resignation of the then formally declared the pastoral tie bepastoral charge of St. George's on the table, tween Mr. Miller and the John Knox and the Presbytery agreed to take the usual church and congregation dissolved. Mr. steps—the resignation to lie on the table; Jeffrey was appointed to declare the church Dr. Paterson, the other members of session, vacant on Sabbath next, and, on the request and the congregation, to be cited to appear of the office-bearers, was appointed to for their interests at a meeting to be held moderate in the session during the vacancy. here on the 19th December; the edict to The Presbytery then agreed upanimously to this effect to be served on Sabbath next. apply to the trustees of the “ Aged and InThe Moderator stated that he had prescribed firm Ministers’ Fund” for an annual grant subjects of trial for licence to Mr. J. Blake. to Mr. Miller from the fund, and the ModeMr. Miller craved an extract of the deliver- rator was appointed to transmit the applicaance in the matter of his resignation : tion. The Presbytery then took up the granted. The report of the Evangelistic question of Dr. Paterson's retirement from Committee was read. The Presbytery re- the pastoral charge of St. George's. The joice to hear the report; order it to be edict summoning pastors was returned duly transmitted to the Convener of the Synod's served and attested. Pastors having been Committee on the State of Religion; thank duly called, there appeared for the session, the Convener and Committee for their ser- Messrs. George Drysdale, Ralph Wake, vices in this matter ; re-appoint them, with Robert Brewis, Edward Scott, and John instructions to communicate with the Synod's Thompson ; for the Deacons' Court, Messrs. Committee on the State of Religion in terms John Crozier, James Brewis, and Robert of the report, and bring the matter before the Hudson ; and for the congregation, Messrs. Presbytery when they shall cause. Thomas R. Wilson, Robert McIntyre, John Adjourned to meet here on the 19th Dec., Gillies, Thomas Hunter, and Henry Dunk;


pro tem,

Dr. Paterson appeared for himself. Parties | Church. The Moderator then formally dehaving been heard were removed. Mr. clared the pastoral tie loosed, to the extent Murray, on the call of the Moderator, en stated in the motion, between Dr. Paterson gaged in prayer for Divine guidance; and and the church and congregation of St. the members having severally given expres. George's, and the church now vacant. Mr. sion to their sentiments, it was moved by T. W. Brown was appointed to declare the Mr. Murray, seconded by Mr. McLelland, same in the church at Sunderland on Saband agreed unanimously, that the Presbytery bath first, and also, at the request of the do accept Dr. Paterson's resignation to the office-bearers, was appointed to moderate in extent of relieving him from all the duties the session during the vacancy. Next ordiand responsibility of his ministerial office, nary meeting was appointed to be held in grounded, as it is, on his age and infirmities; this place on the second Tuesday in January, and accordingly they do hereby expressly 1866, at 10 a.m. The meeting was closed absolve and release the rev. doctor from all with prayer. the duties and responsibilities of his office,

PRESBYTERY OF LONDON.—The ordinary and yet do nevertheless retain his narne on the roll as minister emeritus of St. George's held on Tuesday, the 19th ult., in Queen

monthly meeting of this Presbytery was Church, allowing him thus to retire with square House, Rev. Dr. Duncan, Moderator “reverence and maintenance.” And, further,

The Rev. Mr. Alexander, of the Presbytery hereby makes and declares the Chelsea, drew attention to the circumstance charge of St. George's Church at Sunder- that, in consequence of the resignation of land vacant, so as to make room for another the Rev. Mr. Jeffrey, late of Guernsey, to be ordained and permanently settled there was no permanent Moderator, and therein, with all the rights, powers, and moved that the Rev. Mr. Dinwiddie, the privileges proper to the minister in full next in rotation, be elected for the rest of charge of that church and congregation. At the term to run, which was unanimously the same time the Presbytery accepts the agreed to. The Rev. Mr. Matheson, of sum offered by the people of St. George's Hampstead, said that they had amongst in name of retiring allowance, and do hold them the Rev. Mr. Yule, the Free Church the session, the managers, the members and minister of Cargill, who was at present people of that church responsible to them labouring at Croydon; and he moved that for the annual payment of £100 to Dr. he be associated with them. Agreed to. Paterson so long as he shall live ; this sum to The Rev. Mr. Ballantyne reported that he be paid annually in four equal quarterly pay- had, as instructed by the Presbytery at ments, according to the stipulation and agree their last meeting, written to the treasurer ment now made and entered into expressly and of the local committee at Tiverton, who inwillingly by all parties concerned. And fur- formed him that the committee had met, ther, that the Presbytery insert in the Record an and had settled matters as far as they expression of their high esteem for Dr. Pater. could, and that there was virtually an end son, their deep sense of the many and great to the congregation. The Rev. Mr. Matheservices which, in trying times, he has been son reported on behalf of the Presbytery's honoured and enabled, by the Great Head of Church Extension Committee that a scheme the Church, to render, not only in the defence had been originated for the raising of and maintenance of the distinctive principles of providing funds for the operations of

£1,000 a year for five years, with the view of Presbyterianism in this locality, but also in defence of Gospel truth, and the the Committee. The Moderator said he

had a rat dissemination of the Holy Scriptures in their would be in the remembrance of the Pres

gratifying fact to state. It pure integrity; the zeal and assiduity with which during the period of a forty-four years alternoon, while they were met in the

bytery that last year he had received, one pastorate in Sunderland he has discharged Presbytery, a very pleasing letter enclosing the functions of his sacred office, gathering £200 for their schemes. He was happy and consolidating a large and influential to say that he had received a similar letter congregation, taking an active interest in all the Christian and philanthropic movements same purpose (applause); and what was

a day or two ago enclosing £225 for the of the time, not only proclaiming and com- more, and what ought to be valued by them mending," the Gospel of the grace of God” as a ground of extreme gratitude and satisin his pulpit ministrations, but adorning, it faction, he had discovered that the gentleby a life and conversation in conformity with man who gave it—Mr. Robert Hannay, of its hallowed doctrines and holy requirements, Springfield, Ulverston—was

United and thus winning the esteem of those within, Presbyterian. (Renewed applause.) The and commanding the respect of those with donation was given without any request

The Presbytery hope and earnestly on the part of any one. A communication pray that his life may be long spared, to the was read from the Rev. I. Stewart, of comfort and happiness of his family, and Portsmouth, intimating that he had rehis mature wisdom to the benefit of the ceived an appointment at Victoria, and




that he begged to inform the Presbytery were delivered by the Rev3. Messrs. Dougin order that they might adopt the usual lass, of Alnwick; Benvie, of Warenford ; course in cases of this nature. It was Scott, of Berwick ; Glover, of North Sunagreed, on the motion of the Rev. Mr. derland ; Clark, of the Coast Mission; and Alexander, to cite the congregation to Messrs. Murray, of Kelso, and Hall, of appear at a future meeting of Presbytery. North Shields. The Presbytery agreed to instruct the

CALL.—The congregation of the Free Rev. Mr. Matheson to apply to the Home Martyrs' Church, Paisley, have given a Mission Committee for a grant to carry on unanimous call to the Rev. Mr. Macindoe, the preaching of the Gospel at Devizes. of Carlisle. The Rev. Mr. Keedy resigned the Moderatorship of the Millwall Session, and the BERWICK-ON-TWEED. — BANK HILL Rev. Dr. Duncan was appointed to act in CHURCII SOIREE.— The annual congrega. his place. The Presbytery adjourned till tional soirée in connection with this church the second Tuesday of January.

was held on the 23rd of November. There The Young Men's SOCIETY IN Con- were upwards of 300 persons present : and NECTION WITH MARYLEBONE PRESBYTE- after all had partaken of an excellent tea, RIAN CHURCH.—The annual meeting of served out in an orderly style by the young this society was held in the school-room ladies of the congregation, the Rev. Robert adjoining the church, on Wednesday even- Scott, minister of the church, was called on ing, December 6. The Rev. W. Cha rs, to preside. In his introductory address M.A., President, in the chair. The report Mr. Scott congratulated the congregation read by the Secretary, Mr. Alexander J. on the noble efforts they had made during Grant, showed the Society to be in a pros- the year on behalf of the different schemes perous condition, and called upon the of the church. He was particularly gramembers to make renewed efforts to en- tified with the zeal displayed by the young stable and extend it. It also mentioned ladies of the congregation in their efforts to various new schemes which would be in- liquidate the debt on the manee, and troduced in the coming year. Interesting trusted that so soon as they had completed addresses were delivered by the Rev. the this object they would set themselves to the President, E. Jenkins, Esq., Robert Bell, building of a new school. Mr. Richardson, Esq., and R. M. Moir, Esq. A few remarks treasurer, was then called on to read the were made by the representatives present financial statement of the past year, which from other Young Men's Societies. There showed that the church was in a healthy was a large attendance of the members of

state, for, after paying all liabilities, a the society and their friends. ANNIVERSARY MEETING AT North Sun- treasurer. Mr. George Mossman was then

favourable balance was in the hands of the DERLAND. -The anniversary tea-meeting called on to read his Report on the Foreign of the English Presbyterian Church, North Mission Association, which showed that the Sunderland, was held on the evening of the zeal of the church in this good cause was 5th ult. About 400 sat down to tea, after which the chair was occupied by Mr. D. equal to former years. Mr. Mossman made Sharpe, of North Shields, who congratu- general, more especially on behalf of our

an earnest appeal on behalf of missions in lated the minister and people upon the

China Mission. Mr. Patrick was then prosperity of their cause during the past called on to report on the Manse Fund. year.

The Rev. W. Dunn, minister of the This Report showed that from every source church, next addressed the meeting. He said this was the first anniversary of his the sum of £220 had been raised, including settlement amongst them at North Sun- the handsome donation of £20' from Mr. derland, and he was happy to say it had Burber (Manchester). Mr. Patrick conbeen a year of great success. When he

cluded his Report by trusting that the was ordained there was £200 debt upon congregation would not lose sight of the the church, and no manse attached to balance of £60 which yet remained, and it. Now the debt was entirely removed, that at their nest annual meeting they and a manse just about erected. Not only would meet free from debt. Mr. "Short so, but £100 ‘of it paid for. They would followed with an earnest address to parents want £200 or £300 more, which he trusted to train up their children for God, and to would be forthcoming in a short time; so avail themselves of the privileges the Sabthat, if spared to meet a similar occasion bath School in connection with the church next year, if not able to open the manse afforded them in assisting them in this free, he might be able to say, at least, they work. The congregational choir sung had very little debt upon it. Mr. Dunn several anthems during the evening in their said he felt especially grateful to the many accustomed style of excellence. After the kind friends not connected with his con- usual votes of thanks had been passed, this gregation who had so liberally aided him interesting meeting was closed by the Rev. and his people in their efforts. Addresses / Mr. Scott pronouncing the benediction.

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