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ing, Jan. 29, a soirée in connection with the is to be held, it was announced, this above church was held in the school-room summer. adjoining the edifice, which was crowded GROSVENOR SQUARE PRESBYTERIAN by the members of the congregation and CHURCH, MANCHESTER.—The annual contheir friends. From the reports read it gregational soirée was held in the Lecture Hall, appeared tbat all the ager.cies in connec- on the evening of the 17th ult. There was a tion with the church were in a highly sat- large attendance of the congregation and their isfactory state. The whole of the debt on friends. The Rev. Dr. Munro occupied the the church and schools had been paid off, chair, supported by the office-bearers ; and both buildings were now entirely free William Thorburn, Esq., treasurer to the from liability. During the last year the congregation, filled the vice-chair. Tea amount raised by the church was £2,124 having been served, the chairman, in a brief 38. 3d. Mr. W. Ferguson (after the address, directed attention to those elements reports had been adopted) said he had a which constituted real life and progress in very painful duty to perform--a duty any church ; spoke in encouraging terms of which at the same time gave him the the present condition of the congregation ; greatest pleasure. Having expressed the that the year just closed had been one of sincere regret of the congregation at losing much harmony, great comfort to himself, their esteemed and much-beloved pastor, and, he believed, of considerable spiritual the Rev. R. H. Lundie, to take the charge advancement by the people. The financial of the new Presbyterian place of worship settlement, read by Mr. Thorburn, was highly at Fairfield, Liverpool, he said that up- satisfactory; for, notwithstanding that a wards of 100 members of the congregation sum of about £300 was expended in beautiand a few friends bad subscribed to pre- fying, and for alterations in the church, it sent him with a memorial of their deep and was found, after all claims were met, a conunited attachment to him. The memorial siderable balance remained in hand. One consisted of a silver salver and a purse con- encouraging feature, adverted to by Mr. taining £164. (Applause.) On the salver Thorburn, as indicating a healthy state of was engraved the following inscription feeling, was the increase in the church door " Presented to the Rev. R. H. Lundie, collections, which he trusted would go on M.A., together with a purse of sovereigns, from year to year. The following reports of by members of the congregation and the institutions of the church were next read: other friends, on the occasion of his - The Sabbath-school, by Mr. M'Ewen ; leaving Birkenhead, after fifteen years' boys' school, by Mr. Gow; girls' school, by ministry in St. Andrew's English Pres- Mr. Bannerman ; Sabbath Morning Fellowbyterian Church, Birkenhead, as a tri- ship Meeting, by Mr. Wilson; Young bute of esteem and affection, and a Men's Society, by Mr. Hislop; Juvenile token of their earnest desire for his Missionary Association, by Mr. Porteous ; continued usefulness in his new sphere. the Ladies' Clothing Society, by Mr. Blair; Birkenhead, 25th January, 1866.” The tes- and Tract Society, by Mr. Robert Barbour, timonial

was presented by Mr. John jun. After addresses by Mr. Charles Walker, and accepted by Mr. Lundie in Stewart and Mr. Lowe, Mr. Allen gave some very affecting terms. The Rev. James interesting details of his missionary labours Patterson, of St. Peter's Presbyterian in connection with the churcb, making Church, Liverpool, delivered a short ad- special reference to the increased attendancs dress, after which Mr. Forrest, on behalf at the district prayer-meeting under his toof the members of the Bible-class and the mediate care, and expressed the hope of Sabbath-school teachers, presented to the reaping fruit from his daily visitations. Rev. Mr. Lundie a set of silver salt- PRESBYTERIAN MEETING AT FRAMLING cellars.

TON.--At the congregational meeting held KENSINGTON PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH.— last month at Framlington, the Rev. Mr. The anniversary meeting of this congrega- Huie, of Wooler, in the course of an able tion was held on January 25th. The attend- speech, “ On the Law of Spiritual and Exance was good; and the Rev. Dr. Hamil- ternal Progress of the Church, as Illuston, the Rev. Dr. Duncan, the Rev. Dr. trated by the Lessons Taught us in the King, and the Rev. Adolph Saphir, de- Acts of the Apostles,” took occasion to livered interesting addresses. The Rev. Mr. urge reliance on ourselves as a church. Carlyle occupied the chair. It was reported He treated as a mere dream of the fancy that the income of the year from ordinary any start given to us by connection with sources-seat rents and church door collec- Scotland. “ Are we to expect to see,” he tions—had exceeded that of the previous said, “May Fair and Field Lane comyear by £58. The report recommended the bining to give a hearty welcome to a Scotappointment of deacons and the taking of tish Ecclesiastical invasion ; Dean Stanley further steps to organize the affairs of the lending the Assembly Westminster Abbey church. A bazaar on behalf of the church for their meetings ; Mr. Spurgeon taking

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his holiday at that time, and giving the use / who hardly ever refused an appeal made to of his Tabernacle for Presbyterian Sabbath him for assistance in any good cause, or Services, and the Tabernacle filled; the by any deserving object. Though originTimes largely reporting their proceedings ally a Nonconformist of the Baptist perand giving a leader on the schemes every suasion, he early embraced the principles second day; the Saturday Review finding and joined the communion of the Presbyits favourite subject of quizzing for the terian Church. He was for many years an time in their newest metropolitan noto- elder in St. George's Presbyterian Church, riety ; Punch, instead of the Essence of Sunderland, contributing largely to the Parliament, favouring the public every support of ordinances in it, and throughThursday with the Essence of Assembly; out the Synod with which it is connected; London assuming on every side a Ca- helping to educate pious men for the ledonian aspect—its juvenile population ministry, to relieve not a few of them in simultaneously breaking forth in Tartan, their difficulties, and to increase the means and its conquest by the North showing of religious instruction both at home and itself in regard to what Dr. Johnson called abroad."-Weekly Review. the most important event of an English-' Long FRAMLINGTON, NORTHUMBERLAND. man's day-by roast beef and plum pud- -The annual social meeting in connection ding, giving place to haggis and cock-a- with the Presbyterian Church, Long Framleekie? Are we to expect to see the front lington,was held on Tuesday, Jan. 30. The tea Ministerial benches in the Commons left to was gratuitously provided by the ladies cona solitary Lord of the Treasury-all the nected with the congregation, and partaken chiefs of departments being away listening of by a large number of people, the church to the Presbyterian debates ; grievous com- being crowded in every part. The Rev. W. plaints of the interruption, from the same R. Barrie, pastor of the church, presided on reason, of the public business at the Ad- the occasion, and instructive and interesting miralty and the Horse Guards; West-addresses were successively delivered by the minster Hall bereft of its barristers in Rev. Mr. Douglas, of Alnwick; the Rev. fullest practice, seduced from duty and Mr. Herie, of Wooler; the Rev. Mr. Cathfrom causes by the superior attractions of cart, of Harbottle; and Mr. John RichardAssembly debates ? Turning to the pro- son, of BrinkburnBetween the speeches vinces, are we to expect half a million appropriate selections of music, led by Mr. raised for church-building purposes by D. Kerr, were sung, and at the close the Scottish liberality, the colleges of Cam- usual votes of thanks were accorded. bridge deserted by their most promising Dalston CHURCH, SHRUBLAND ROAD.students for the bran new Andrew Mel. The annual meeting of this congregation was ville Hall, under the presidency of some held in the Albion Hall on Wednesday, Feb. provincial genius ; St. George's, Windsor, 14. Unfortunately the state of the weather deserted by the Queen and Court, at least was such as to prevent many from being half the day, in order to worship in a Pres- present. Nevertheless, during tea the tables byterian fane, got up regardless of ex- were fully furnished with guests, while the pense; all instrumental music, from the company assembling to the meeting held Iordliest organ to the lowliest fiddle, subsequently almost filled the spacious hall. silenced from the Solway to the Land's The report, which was drawn up and read by End; hymns of every metre and every tune the minister, the Rev. M. Davison, was of a abandoned throughout England's length most encouraging kind. Glancing at the and breadth for the simultaneous sym- history of the congregation from its comphony of Caledonian psalms ? "

mencement in November, 1853, the report DEATH OF WILLIAM Hay, Esq., OP indicated the struggles through which it had FORD HALL, NEAR SUNDERLAND.--A cor- passed before it attained its present consolirespondent, in forwarding to us an account dated character, giving due prominence to of the death of this Christian gentleman, the fact that never had any grant been asked suys :—“Mr. Hay was a timber-merchant or received from the Home Mission, even to and shipowner, occupying a high position commence the station. The finances were as such, and was distinguished for his reported to be in a most healthy condition, business abilities, his courtesy, his thorough the expenditure of 1865 having been met by integrity, and his constant readiness to the ordinary income, and a respectable surassist others less skilful, or less successful plus left in the treasurer's hand. The small than himself in the management of their debt remaining upon the church (£125) it affairs. He was universally known as one was resolved at once to extinguish, subscripof the most useful, upright, and benevolent tions for two-thirds of the amount being remen in the borough of Sunderland, as an ported, though no public appeal had as yet ever ready and liberal friend of its best in- been made to the congregation. The Sabbath stitutions, a munificent supporter of the school still retained its character of a select Ragged and Industrial Schools, and one middle-class school. The masses outside, however, had not been forgotten, £5 2s. 6d. brotherly, encouraging words addressed by having been contributed to the City Mission, Mr. Pratt on the occasion to the members and £8 12s. 6d. to the Dove Row Ragged of the congregation will not soon be forSchool. The Sabbath scholars had contri- gotten. Such liberal sentiments and kind buted £7 13s. 6d. during the year to the ministerial intercourse shows that a good China Mission. The Dorcas and Lady and evangelical man can own and recognise Visiting Societies were in vigorous operation. a brother in any branch of Christ's Church, Thirty poor families in the neighbourhood and is willing, for the sake of doing good, had received temporary assistance, and more to lay aside his Churchisms to bid God than 200 garments had been distributed. speed to others who are engaged in preachDuring the evening addresses were delivered ing the glad tidings of salvation, and labourby the Rev. Dr. Stewart, Rev. Clement ing for the conversion of the world to Dukes, and various members of the con- Christ. The Rev. George Lewis, of Dudley, gregation.

next addressed the meeting, and in the MODERATOR OF THE ENGLISH PRESBY- course of an excellent and telling speech TERIAN SYNOD.-We understand that the expressed how delighted he was to see such Rev. Thomas Alexander, M.A., of Chelsea, a hearty and united meeting, and how will be proposed as Moderator of next pleased he was to find that the minister of Synod.

the congregation stood so high in public HANLEY.–The annual congregational estimation that a respected minister of the tea-meeting in connection with the Presby- Established Church comes with such hearty terian Church in Hanley was held on the greetings, and the rector (Dr. Armstrong) 13th of February. About 200 sat down to sends a kind message expressing his sorrow an excellent tea, the following ladies pre- for not being present on the occasion, an siding at the different tables :-Mesdames unforeseen circumstance having detained Ringland, Vyse, Bentley, Parr, Thacker, him. Mr. Lewis also congratulated the Haswell, Taylor, Colclough, Stranaghan, congregation on the prospect of being able Kettle, Simpson, Barclay, Bate, Ring- at this time to get clear of debt, after land, jun., Chetwind, Misses Cottrell, which they would be able, he hoped, to Parr, Kettle, Hawkins. The school-room take a fair stand in the Synod. Mr. Barbeing tastefully decorated with flags bear- clay proposed, and Mr. Salmons seconded, ing different mottous and prints, lent for a vote of thanks to the gentleman who last the occasion, looked like a saloon. After spoke in such encouraging words, and the tables were removed, Mr. Crowe took showed such a kind, brotherly spirit to the the chair. The report, prepared by Mr. minister and congregation. Councillor Haswell, and showing a balance in the trea- Kettle proposed a vote of thanks to the surer's hands of £23 03. 7.,was read by Mr. ladies who had provided such an excellent Bate, sen., elder of the congregation. In tea on the occasion. The motion was speaking to the report, Mr. Bate said he seconded by Mr. F. Mason, coupling with was happy to find that their balance-sheet the ladies who presided at the tea-tables stood in the right direction for the first those who had taken such pains in the time during the last twenty years ; and decoration of the room. The meeting was this was the more significant, seeing that brought to a close after nine by singing the they were just now making an effort to pay Doxology and pronouncing the apostle's off a debt of £500, which had been a great benediction. drag to their prosperity, and a sad source HANLEY.-MARK OF RESPECT TO of anxiety to the few remaining trustees. TEACHER.—The girls of the Senior Class By their late canvass of the congregation (fourteen in all) in connection with the they had got subscriptions to the amount Hanley Sabbath School met at the minisof £240; while the Committee of the Debt ter's house on Thursday evening, the 25th Extinction Fund, at their last meeting in of January, and, after a plentiful supply of London, had given them a grant of £150, coffee and currant buns, Mr. Crowe was for which they felt thankful. So con- requested to present Miss Sarah Booth fident were they of succeeding now, that at with a handsomely-bound and expensive the last meeting of the deacons' court they Bible from the members of her class, as a had decided to give notice to the mort- token of their esteem and an evidence of gagee to pay the £500 on the 12th of Au- the benefit they have received under her gust. Mr. J. Stranaghan then moved the spiritual supervision. Perhaps the spirit adoption of the report, which was seconded of those Sabbath School girls may best be by the Rev. C. O. N. Pratt, Incumbent of expressed by a beautifully-finished Bible St. Paul's, Burslem. In the course of his mark, with the words, “ Feed my sheep,” speech Mr. Pratt said it was not the first wrought upon it, presented at the same time he had stood shoulder to shoulder time, and by the following letter, which with the Presbyterians in the support of accompanied the presentation :-" Dear Protestantism and the Bible. The kind, Teacher, Prompted by a sense of our



obligations to you for the unwearied exer-, management, are likely to yield all reasontions you have long made to promote our able requirements. The Presbyterian highest interests, by your devoted labours cause is taking a position in Stafford, in the Sabbath School connected with the which, properly worked in a spirit of paPresbyterian Church at Hanley, we, who ternal union, sustained by earnest and behave the privilege of being members of lieving prayer, combined with holy, zealous your class, beg your kind acceptance of effort, will bring down showers of blessing, this copy of the Word of God, as a small and ensure wide success. token of our high esteem for you, praying, ENGLISH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, at the same time, that, while you see in TWEEDMOUTH.-On Tuesday evening, a us conclusive evidence that you are not fruit soirée was held in this church, the labouring in vain, the Chief Shepherd may Rev. A. Cant, the minister of the conabundantly reward you for your special gregation, in the chair. After devotional care over the lambs of his fold.” Miss exercises, able and appropriate addresses Booth was a member of the River Terrace were delivered in a felicitous and happy congregation some years ago. Her friends manner by the Rev.P. Valence (Horncliffe), in London will be glad to find she is not an R. Scott, W.8. Dewstoe, J. G. Scott (Beridler in the Master's vineyard,

wick), and others, on "The duty and priviSTAFFORD ANNUAL CONGBEGATIONAL lege of supporting the Gospel ;" “China, MEETING.-On Monday evening, the 12th and our Missions there ;” “Unappropriated ult., this pleasant and important gather- Blessings, especially social, intellectual, and ing took place. There was a large attend- religious Blessings ;" “ Our Duty in the

The Rev. P. R. Crole, pastor of the present Age;" “The Christian Church one church, occupied the chair. The Rev. G. Family ;” and on“Giving more and always Swann, Stafford, opened the service with giving." Between the addresses the whole prayer. The report of the church's pro- company engaged in singing portions of ceedings during the past year (a most ad- the Psalms, and this part of the evening's mirable document) was read by Mr. W. H. exercises was conducted by Mr. Richardson, Willcocks, deacon. The Rev. J. Crowe, the precentor of the congregation, and his Hanley, moved the adoption of the report, class, and in such a manner as showed the in a speech replete with good sense, Chris- great care and industry with which intian feeling, and telling remarks. T. structions had been communicated and Matheson, Esq., Liverpool, addressed the received. After a vote of thanks, moved meeting in a tone and manner that left a by Mr. William Pearson, sen., to the minismost desirable impression on all who lis- ters who had favoured them with their tened to his pious, practical, and stirring excellent addresses, which was heartily observations and appeals. The Rev. J. C. responded to, the proceedings, which were Blake, M.A., Stafford, in a sensible and throughout of a pleasing and edifying naearnest speech, reviewed the past year's ture, were closed by singing a doxology, history of the church, and urged to in- and the benediction. creasing devotedness and exertion. Much GREENWICH.-The annual meeting of valuable information was contributed by St. Mark’s Presbyterian congregation was Messrs. B. P. Wright (elder), Bentley, held on the evening of the 24th January. Livingstone, Whitehead, Buchanan, Jeff- The Rev. Adolph Saphir, the minister, in ries, and Carson, members of the church. the chair. The report of the office-bearers, The enjoyment of the evenirg was greatly read by Mr. F. W. Lockhart Gordon, enhanced by the musical efforts of an able showed the numbers attending the church choir, conducted by Mr. W. Bagnall, pre- to be about the same as last year, but the centor. We cannot refrain from adding a number of communicants had considerably word or two in reference to the increasing increased. The debt incurred by the enprosperity of this Christian congregation. largement of the church in 1863 had been A few years ago the cause was on the verge entirely liquidated. From the fund raised of extinction. Happily, with a new minis- for Jewish Mission, a colporteur was suptry, there followed a revived state of affairs. ported at Pesth, in connection with the The congregations are now steady, and Free Church Mission. The Sunday school frequently the church is filled. The mem- was attended by an increased number. A bers of the church have, during the last six school-room had been taken on lease for years, rapidly increased. The Sabbath the Blisset Street Mission, in which were school has more than trebled its numbers, held evening classes for neglected boys, to which have been added two inestimable conducted by a hired teacher, and a Sunadjuncts in a senior male and female Bible- day school and evening service conducted class, numerously attended, from which by members of the congregation, The much good has already resulted, and which girls' evening classes, i held in the schoolpromise great future advantage. The room connected with the church, are carfinances have improved, and, with judicious ) ried on with continued success. The


Ladies' Working and Visiting Society was and excellent addresses were delivered by in active operation. A Young Men's Asso- Rev. A. Cant, on “How to make a happy ciation was formed in October last, and Home;" Rev. Robert Scott, on “ China: consists of nearly fifty members. The its geography, population, customs, and fidancial statement was presented by Mr. spiritual necessities;" Rev. J. K. M‘Lean, Thomson, the treasurer. The receipts for on “Money,” from the text “Get all you the past year exceeded £2,506-viz., for can, save all you can, give all you can ;" support of ordinances, £901 ; liquidation Rev. John Water, Lowick, on“ Andrew of debt, £1,183 ; congregational objects, Melville and his Times ;" Rev. Wm. Haig, £253 ; Synod's schemes, Jewish Mission, on “How young men ought to spend their &c., £168. The meeting, which was well spare time.” Psalms, led in a very supeattended, was addressed by Gen. Shortrede, rior manner by Mr. Maclachlan and his and other office-bearers and members of the band, were sung between the speeches, and congregation, and by Mr. H. M. Mathe- contributed greatly to the pleasantness of son, on the Home and Foreign Missions of the proceedings. The attendance was our Church, who was listened to with very good. After votes of thanks to Mr. much interest. After the usual thanks, and Paxton, the treasurer, to Mesers. Thompa few words from Mr. Saphir, the meeting son and Turner, for superintending the was closed with prayer.

arrangements, to Mr. Maclachlan and his TWEEDMOUTH SCHOOL.-On Monday, band, &c., &c., the meeting separated, havthe 29th day of January last, this school ing spent a very pleasant and no doubt a was examined by the Presbytery's deputa- very edifying evening. tion, the Revs. A. Cant, P. Valence, R. ENGLISH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH AT Haig, J. K. McLean, and R. Scott. The NoTTINGHAM.-A Presbyterian congregaexamination was very satisfactory and cre- tion has been formed in Nottingham, and ditable to the teacher, Mr. Keir. While now meets in the church in Park Row. On the children acquitted themselves remark- Sunday, Feb. 4th, the openiog services took ably well on all the branches taught, it was place, and two excellent sermons were evident that great care and attention had preached by the Rev. Dr. Blaikie, of Pilrig been given to Bible instruction and the Free Church, Edinburgh. Regular service is Assembly's Shorter Catechism. At the now to be held in the church, and the comclose of the examination, the examiners mittee of management have secured for the expressed their high satisfaction with the next month the services of four of the ablest examination and the order and discipline ministers of the Presbyterian Church in maintained,

England. On Monday evening, Feb.5, a teaHORNCLIFFE.-On Tuesday, the 30th meeting was held in the school-room of January, the school was examined by the their place of worship, Park Row. The Presbytery of Berwick. In all the branches proceedings were of a very pleasant chathe fouildren acquitted themselves exceed-racter. At seven o'clock a public meeting ingly well, and greatly to their own credit (one of a series in connection with the forand to that of their admirable teacher, Mr. mation of the congregation) was held in the Maclachlan. The examiners remarked church. The chair was occupied by Mr. especially their quickness and accuracy in D. D. Hepburn, who made a few introarithmetic, their extensive Scriptural know- ductory observations relative to the present ledge, and the extent and minuteness of position of the congregation, and stated their acquaintance with other branches. that they intended to worship steadily in They had never heard the Shorter Cate the church in which they were then met. chism better repeated. They were forcibly The Rev. Mr. Patterson, of Liverpool, destruck with Mr. Maclachlan's great power livered a very effective speech, in the course of communicating knowledge, and of awak- of which he said that at least £300 a year ening reflection even in the youngest, and would be necessary to meet the expenses of of interesting them in their work. The the church and the ministrations of the remarkably tidy, healtby, and intelligent Gospel in their midst, until they got a appearance of the children, the beautiful settled ministry, and they must set themorder they observed spontaneously, as it selves earnestly to raise that amount. He seemed, and their very marked improve then proceeded to impress on them the nement, were highly gratifying, and alto- cessity of cultivating the Christian grace of gether the examination was of a very high charity towards all other denominations, character. At the annual meeting the and to work vigorously in the enterprise in financial statement was read by Mr. Pax- which they had just entered. The Rev. ton, the treasurer, from which, and from Mr. Simpson, of Derby, the minister of some remarks made by the chairman, it a recently formed congregation in that appeared that things were in a satisfactory town, had no doubt, from what he had and improving condition. Fruit, &c., heard of the opening services, and what were then distributed. Very interesting he saw for himself on that occasion,

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