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Claims for proceeds of sales, 205

Actions by and against bankrupts, see


Adverse suits against mineral entries in

Imported goods, see CUSTOMS DUTIES

Extension of time, 13
Right of bankrupt to exemptions, see

Civil or criminal
Right of trustee in bankruptcy to aban-

Enforcement of statutory penalty, 461,

doned property of bankrupt, 838, note

Consolidation of actions

Admiralty proceedings, 1441, note
Actions against public officers

Cross actions, 1441, note
Substitution of successor, 1720, note

In general, 1440, note
Bankruptcy proceedings, see BANKRUPTCY Proceedings for limitation of vessel
Death as affecting liability for fine im.

owners' liability, 1464, note
posed, 1083, note

Suits to recover penalties, 1440, note
Death of joint tortfeasor, 1445, note

Consolidation of causes, see infra, Joinder
Death of one of several joint plaintiffs, of causes
1445, note

Cross actions
Death of sole defendant, 1445, note

Consolidation, 1441, note
Death of sole plaintiff, 1445, note

Forms of action
Nonjoinder of parties

Conformity to state practice in federal
Persons not inhabitants of nor found in

courts, 1434, note
district, 153

Forms of actions abolished in Alaska,
Substitution of personal representatives,

428, note
1445, note

Infringement of patents, 1625, note
Substitution of successors in office, 1720, Joinder of causes (see also COPYRIGHT)

Causes of like nature, 1440, note
Suggestion of death, 1445, note

Legal and equitable causes of action,
Survival of actions, 1445, note

428, note; 1434, note

Recovery of price of patents, 1617, note

Removal from state to federal court, see
Enforcement of liens on property of ab-

sent defendants, 155, 1316, note

Right of receiver in bankruptcy to sue,
Order on absent defendants to appear and

plead, 155

Rights to sue in forma pauperis, 45
Suit against absent defendants for removal
of cloud on title, 155, 1317, note


Importation of foreign actors permitted,

Accounting between United States and In- ADJOURNMENTS:
dian tribes, 94

Nonattendance of judge, 135
Accounting for fees by land officers, 324

Supreme Court adjourned for want of
Accounts of trustees in bankruptcy, see

of quorum, 229

Admiralty jurisdiction, 1219, note
Appeal from decree for accounting

Appeals in admiralty cases, 1433, note
Jurisdiction of Circuit Court of Appeals,

Appellate jurisdiction in admiralty cases,

1340, note
Costs and fees in Commerce Court, 216

Bonds, see infra, Stipulation for release of
Expenditure of naval appropriations, 283

libeled vessel
Failure to keep accounts as ground for de.

Consolidation of causes of action, 1441,

nying discharge in bankruptcy, see BANK-

Contracts, see infra, Jurisdiction
False accounts, 79


Costs on default, 945, note

Discretion of court, 1433, note
Assignment of patents, 1617, note

Expense of stipulation for release of

vessel, 1441, note
Internal revenue stamp, 1165, note

Criminal jurisdiction
Power to take

Assaults committed on water, 456, note
Clerks of Court of Claims, 204

District Court as court of admiralty deemed
Judges of Court of Claims, 204

always open, 134

ADMIRALTY — cont'd.


Acts done on advice of counsel as ground
Reopening proceeding after final decree, for refusing discharge in bankruptcy,
1464, note

565, note

Omitting property from bankrupt sched,
Accounting, 1219, note

ules, see BANKRUPTCY
Affreightment and charter-parties, 1219,

5, 1218, AFFIDAVITS:

Common-law remedy saved, 1217, note...
District Courts, 139; 1217, note

Variance between venue and jurat, 1591,
Effect of treaty with Germany, 1789,


Enforcement of mortgage, 1219, note

Infringement of patent by agent, see Pár-
Exclusive jurisdiction of federal courts, ENTS

Foreign persons or property, 1218, note Adulterated insecticides and fungicides
Maritime contracts, 1220, note

Dealer protected by guarantee of manu-
Maritime fire insurance, 1220, note

facturer or wholesaler, 6
Maritime liens, 1222, note

· Manufacture prohibited, 2
Maritime transactions, 1218, note

Annual financial statement of secretary of
Nature and scope in general, 1217, note

agriculture, 7.
Nonmaritime contracts, 1221, note

Appropriations for department of agricul-
Possessory actions, 1219, note

ture, 7, 8
Property subject to admiralty jurisdic Brands and marks
tion, 1218, note

Misbranding insecticides and fungi-
Salvage, 1220, note

cides, 2
Torts, 1222, note

Census statistics, 30
Waters and places, 1218, note

Change of station of employees
Jury trial of issues of fact, 1224, note

Allowance for expense for removing
Liens, 1222, note

property, 9
Maritime contracts (see also supra, Jurig-

Criminal proceedings

Violation of insecticide act, 2, 4 .
Concurrent jurisdiction of state and fed Definitions
eral courts, 1217, note

“Fungicide," 4
Towage, 1220, note

“ Insecticide,” 4
Maritime liens, 1222, note

“Lead arsenate,” 4
Maritime torts

“ Misbranding,” 5
Concurrent jurisdiction of state and fed-

“Paris green," 4
eral courts, 1217, note

“Person," 7'
In general, 1222, note

“ Territory,7
Reopening proceeding after final decree,

Department of Agriculture
1464, note

Deputy disbursing clerk, 8

Detail of employees to different bureaus, 8
Power of Supreme Court to prescribe, Estimate for salaries, 7
1440, note

Expenses of administration, 8
Salvage, see supra, Jurisdiction

Salaries of clerks and employees, 7
Stipulation for release of libeled vessel Diseased cattle
Expense as taxable costs, 1441, note

Exclusion by fences on international
Liability of sureties, 1441, note

boundary, 7
Sureties as parties, 1441, note

District attorneys
Torts, 1222, note

Duty to prosecute violation of insecti-

cide act, 4
Findings of fact, 1433, note

Encouragement of agriculture among In-
Venue in admiralty proceedings

dians, 103
Eastern district of Michigan, 173

Examination of insecticides and fungicides,
In general, 1265, note

Experiment stations.

Examinations of insecticides and fungi-

cides, 3
Acts of Indians, 851

Fences on international boundary

Exclusion of diseased cattle, 7

Forest service
Description of parties, 851

Statement of expenditures, 8
ADVERSE CLAIMS TO REAL ESTATE: Fungicides, see infra, Insecticides and fun-
Right of action, 432, note


Insecticides and fungicides

Adulteration or misbranding, 3 .
Public lands, 1709, note

Collecting specimens for examination, 3

Dealers protected by guarantee of manu-
Letting public contracts, 307

facturers and wholesalers against adul-
· Proposals for public works

teration or misbranding, 6
Lights and buoys, 263

Definitions, 4

3, 4


ALASKA — cont'd.
Insecticides and fungicides — cont'd.

Adoption of Oregon statutės, 425, note
Destruction of adulterated or misbranded Adultery as a crime
articles, 6

Sufficiency of complaint, 440, note
Examination to detect adulteration or Adverse claims to real estate
misbranding, 4

Possession required to maintain action,
Importation of adulterated articles pro-

432, note
hibited, 6

Adversé possession
Inspection and examination, 3

Rights of parties before issuance of pat-
Libel against adulterated or misbranded

ent, 428, note
articles, 6

Sulficiency of answer, 435, rote
Manufacture of adulterated or mis Ippeal and error (see also infra, Appellate
branded articles prohibited, 2

Misbranding defined, 5

Amount in controversy, 433, note
Prosecution for violating insecticide act, 4 Appeal bonds in criminal cases, 441, note
Samples of imported articles for exam. Appeals from District Court to Circuit
ination, 6

Court of Appeals
What constitutes adulteration, 4

Place of hearing, 197, 1376, note
Interstate and foreign commerce

Appeals from District Court to Supreme
Shipment of adulterated or misbranded

Court of United States, 234
ifisecticides and fungicides, 2

Appellate jurisdiction generally, 197,
Jury trial in proceeding for seizure of adul.

441, note
terated insecticides or fungicides, 6

Filing judgment as prerequisite, 433,
Lead arsenate

Adulteration or misbranding, 3

Interlocutory orders relating to injunc-
Definition, 4

tions, 433, note
Liability of farmers to involuntary bank Jurisdiction of Circuit Court of Ap-
ruptcy, see BANKRUPTCY

peals, 433, note
Officers and employees of agricultural de Mode of review, 433, note

partment, see supra, Department of Agri Review of dismissal of action, 432, note

Supersedeas, 433, note
Opening agricultural lands in Hawaiian

Appellate practice
Islands, 85

Delay in settling bill of exceptions, 431,
Paris green

Adulteration or misbranding, 3

Review of findings of fact by judge, 432,
Definition, 4

“ Person” defined, 7

Signing bill of exceptions, 431, note
Procedure for seizure of adulterated or mis-

branded insecticides or fungicides, 6

Conclusiveness of judgment in action on
Salaries of officers and employees of agri-

attachment bond, 430, note
cultural department, 7

Costs as damages under attachment bond,
Scientific work

430, note
Salaries of investigators, 7

Effect of bond as waiver of irregularities,
Seizure of adulterated or misbranded ar-

430, note

Attestation of deeds, see infra, Deeds
Bond for return to owner, 6

Bills and notes
Jury trial, 6

Damages on protest of bill drawn within
Procedure, 6

United States, 437, note
“ Territory " defined, 7

Inland bill of exchange, 437, note
Violations of National Banking Act, 1518,

Coal lands, see infra, Mines and minerals

Commissioners' precincts

Authority to abolish, 436, note
Clerks of District Courts

Common law adopted, 439, note
Location of clerks' offices, 162

Condemnation proceedings, see infra; Emi.
District judges

nent domain; Municipal corporations
Judge for middle district to be judge for Contempt
northern district also, 132

Penal statute, 434, note
Judicial districts in Alabama, 161

Conveyances, see infra, Deeds
Port of entry established at Birmingham, 54 Corporations, see infra, Foreign corpora-
Rooms for holding District Courts

tions; Municipal corporations
Furnished free of expense to United Criminal law
States, 162

Costs, 441, note

Death by wrongful act
Actions (see also infra, Limitations of ac Damages, 431, note
tions; Real actions)

Persons entitled to sue, 431, note
Forms of actions abolished, 428, note

Joinder of causes generally, 428, note

Competency of attesting witness, 436, note
Joinder of causes for recovery of real Instruments requiring recording, 486,
estate, 429, note

Prosecution by real party in interest, Necessity of attestation, 436; note
428, note

Descent and distribution
Substitution of new plaintiff, 429, note Right of surviving husband, 436, note


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ALASKA — cont'd.

ALASKA — cont'd.
Dismissal of action

Review on appeal, 432, note

Special reservation for government pur.
District judges

poses, 11
Allowance for traveling expenses, 240
Place of residence, 240

Challenges for bias, 440, note

Fees and mileage as taxable costs in
Jurisdiction dependent on residence, 442,

criminal case, 440, note

Number of jurors, 430, note

Proceeding to declare person insane, 443,
Sufficiency of complaint, 429, note


Right to jury trial in equitable action,
Collateral attack, 431, note

432, note
Eminent domain

Right to jury trial in probate court,
Appeal from order of condemnation, 438,

434, note

Waiver of jury trial, 430, note
Power of foreign corporations, 437, note Justices of the peace
Right of way for railroad, 426, note

Procedure injustices' courts, 435, note
Right of way to carry water to mines, Labor liens, see infra, Miners' labor liens
437, note

Lease of public lands
Taking property for roads and streets, Powers of secretary of commerce and
437, note

labor, 917, note

License taxes, see infra, Occupation and
Exceptions to findings of fact, 432, note

business taxes
Jury trial not matter of right, 432, Liens, see infra, Mechanics' liens ; Miners'

labor liens
Trial of issues by jury, 432, note

Limitation of actions
Executors and administrators

Effect of nonresidence, 428, note
Claims triable by jury and probate court, Recovery of real property, 428, note
434, note

Extradition of fugitives from justice, 1074, Right of private citizen to sue, 433, note

Mechanics' 'liens (see also infra, Miners'
False pretenses and cheats

labor liens)
Indictment, 440, note

Attorneys' fees in foreclosure suit, 439,
Fish and fisheries (see also infra, Seal


Complaint in foreclosure proceedings,
Rights of riparian owners, 426, note

439, note
Unlawful fishing a misdemeanor, 440, Labor done on mining claim, 438, note

Parties to foreclosure suit, 439, note
Foreign corporations

Substantial compliance with statute re-
“Doing business," 438, note

quired, 438, note
Power of eminent domain, 437, note

Work done for lessee of mining claim,
Who is agent, 438, note

438, note
Fur-bearing animals

Work done without knowledge of owner,
Killing forbidden, 11

439, note
Game and game laws

Miners' labor liens
Extending open season for game birds, Amendment of lien notice and pleadings,

Games and gaming

Appeals in suits for foreclosure, 17
Jurisdiction of offense, 440, note

Discharge by payment into court, 17

Enforcement, 15
Powers relating to erection of detention Fees for recording and indexing claims,
hospitals for insane, 18

Grand jury

Form of notice, 14
Powers limited to judicial districts, 440, Indexing claims, 15

Jurisdiction of foreclosure actions, 15
Hospitals for insane, 18

Limitation of action to enforce lien, 15
Husband and wife

Notice to be filed, 14
Distribution of deceased wife's person. Parties to foreclosure action, 16
alty, 436, note

Persons entitled, 14

Posting notice, 15
Right to lands actually occupied, 426, Recording and indexing claims, 15

Sale of ore subject to lien punishable as
Indictments and informations, see supra,

larceny, 17
False pretenses and cheats

Sale under decree of foreclosure, 16

Service of process in action for fore-
Damages recoverable on injunction bond,

closure, 15
432, note

Mines and minerals (see also supra,

Miners' labor liens)
Jury trial in inquisition of insanity, Adverse claims to mineral entries, 13
443, note

Adverse suits against mineral entries,
Temporary detention hospitals, 18



ALASKA - cont'd.
Mines and minerals — cont'd.

Probate courts
Application of general land laws, 426 Controversies triable by jury, 434, note

Public lands
Condemnation of artificial waterway to Abandonment of town site claim, 427,
mines, 437, note

Consolidation of locations of coal lands, Acquisition of town site lots, 427, note
443, note

Application of general land laws, 425,
Lien of mine laborers, 438, note

Locations by aliens, 444, note

Improvements made by squatters, 427,
Miners' regulations for recording loca.

tions, 425, note

Jurisdiction of adverse suit, 427, note
Necessity of recording location, 425, note Mineral entries, 13

Possessory rights in tide lands, 426, note
Necessity of recording, 436, note

Reservation as affecting prior settle.
Municipal corporations

ment, 428, note
Duty to maintain sidewalks, 437, note

Reservation of roadway a long seashore,
Filling vacancies in council, 437, note

427, note
Limitation of councilmen, 437, note

Reservation of shore lands, 443, note
Power of eminent domain, 437, note, Right of way granted to railroads, 426,
443, note

Power of town councils, 442, note

Rights of settlers, 426, note
Power to apportion license moneys, 443, Sale of timber, 427, note

Town site entries, 427, note
Municipal courts

Public use, see supra, Eminent domain
Power to establish, 437, note

Quieting title
Navigable watete

Right to jury trial, 432, note
Access secured to public, 427, note

Right to maintain action, 428, note
New trial

Railroad mortgages
Grounds, 431, note

Necessity of recording as chattel mort-
Time for motion, 431, note

gages, 427, note

Setting aside, 429, note

Failure to file map as affecting validity
Occupation and business taxes

of mortgage, 426, note
Constitutionality of statute, 441, note

Right of way through public lands, 426,
Disposition of license money, 442, note

Prosecutions for doing business without Right to condemn land generally, 426,
license, 442, note

Subject to taxation, 441, note

Right to condemn oil lands, 426, note
Uniformity required, 441, note

Real actions
Oil lands

Sufficiency of complaint, 431, note
Right of railroad to condemn, 426, note Recording acts, see supra, Deeds
Opinion of court

Effect as finding of facts, 430, note

Form of taking testimony, 434, note
Otter Island

Retired army officers as road commis.
Special reservation for government pur. sioners, 409.
poses, 11

Retrospective laws, see infra, Usury
Parties to actions, see supra, Actions; Riparian rights, 426, note
Mechanics' liens

Right of fishery, 426, note

St. George Island
Accounting against estate of deceased Special reservation for government pur.
partner, 435, note

poses, 11
Personal property

St. Paul Island
Gold dust received from lessees of mine, Special reservation for government pur.
436, note

poses, 11

Seal fisheries
Demurrer to answer, 429, note

Compensation of officers and employees
Foreclosure of mechanic's lien, seo

of government, 13
supra, Mechanics' liens

Employment of Pribilof natives, 11
Joinder of defenses, 429, note

Killing seals in Alaska forbidden, 11
Sufficiency of reply, 429, note

Powers of secretary of commerce and

Jabor, 917, note
Establishment of commissioners' pre Regulations in general, 10
cincts, 436, note

Right of Pribilof natives, 12
Pribilof Indians

Sale of sealskins regulated, 11
Employment in seal fisheries, 11

Sea Lion Rock
Pribilof Islands

Special reservation for government pur.
Maintenance and education of natives,

poses, 11

Maintenance of depots for provisions, Access secured to public, 427, note

Seat of government
Right of natives to kill seals, 12

Authority to remove, 425, note

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