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Meredithians owe a debt of gratitude to the publishers for issuing this book in a binding uniform with Mr. Meredith's other works.

The Profligate. By A. W. Pinero. pp. 123. London:

William Heinemann. 28. 6d.

The second volume of Mr. Pinero's dramatic works, con. taining, in addition to "The Profligate" itself, an introductory essay by Mr. Malcom C. Salaman, and an excellent reproduction of Mr. T. Mordecai's portrait of the dramatist.

John Pas-Plus. By the Marquis of Lorne. Paper, pp.

237. Is.

A volume of the Railway Automatic Library. The Marquis of Lorne must write something better than this if he wishes to gain any reputation as a novelist.

Herrick's Works. Edited by Alfred W. Pollard. Two

volumes. 12mo, pp. 318, 356. London: Lawrence & Bullen.

Messrs. Lawrence & Bullen have inaugurated their Muses' Library by a new edition of Herrick's poems, “The Hesperides" and "Noble Numbers," under the editorship of Mr. Alfred W. Pollard and with a preface by Mr. Swinburne.

SCIENCE AND MEDICINE. Homilies of Science. By Dr. Paul Carus. 12mo, pp. 327.

Chicago: The Open Court Publishing Co. $1.50.

These brief essays, chiefly upon religious thought and practical ethics, first appeared as editorials in the Open Court, a remarkably strong and original Chicago publication devoted to advanced thought. While these essays are opposed to some of the teachings of dogmatic Christianity, they are full of the spirit of the highest Christian morality, and are not in any true sense antagonistic to religious faith. They are construct ive rather than destructive.

FICTION. Mr. Isaacs: A Tale of Modern India. By F. Marion

Crawford. 12mo, pp. 320. New York: Macmillan & Co. $1

With all Mr. Marion Crawford's new stories appearing so frequently and maintaining so high a standard of merit, his original tale, "Mr. Isaacs," holds the first place in the list. His publishers, the Messrs. Macmillan, have been obliged to issue a new edition of it. Philip; or, The Mollies' Secret: A Tale of the Coal

Regions. By Patrick Justin McMahon. 12mo, pp. 578. Philadelphia: H. L. Kilner & Co. $1.25.

This is a tale of the Pennsylvania coal regions based upon exciting incidents in the Molly Maguire troubles, and written from the moral and religious point of view of the Catholic Church,

Geological Sketches at Home and Abroad. By Archibald

Geikie, LL.D., F.R.S. 12mo, pp. 342. New York:
Macmillan & Co. $1.50.

Dr. Archibald Geikie is director-general of the geological surveys of Great Britain and Ireland, and is a bright and ac. complished writer as well as a distinguished scholar. This volume is a collection of his fugitive essays and writings upon geological topics, and it covers a wide, terrestrial range. It deals with English, Scotch, French, Scandinavian, Swiss, and American geological topics, and is altogether a readable and charming volume.

The Story of the Hills: A Book about Mountains for

General Readers. By Rev. H. N. Hutchinson, B. A.,
F.G.S. 12mo, pp. 370. New York. Macmillan &
Co. $1.50.

Like Dr. Geikie, Rev. H. N. Hutchinson, F.G.S., is also a distinguished British geologist. He dedicates his book to all who love mountains and hills. It deals with “The Mountains as they Are" in Part I. and “How the Mountains were Made" in Part II. It has a number of illustrations, and is a book which could be read by all young people with great profit and interest. Moreover, it is just the book for intelligent travellers who are making a sojourn in the Alps, the Rockies, or any other mountain region.

A North Country Comedy. By M. Betham-Edwards.

12mo, pp. 347. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Co. $1.25.

A new English novel in Lippincott's copyrighted foreign series. A conventional English society story, with a little more of incident and movement than usual A Strange Elopement. By W. Clark Russell. 12mo, pp.

216. New York: Macmillan & Co. $1.

This is another of Clark Russell's swinging, readable sea tales, the centre of interest being an elopement at sea in an open boat. The Heiress of Greenhurst. By Mrs. Ann S. Stevens.

Paper, 12mo, pp. 430. Philadelphia: T. B. Peterson &

Bros. 25 cents. Tales of Two Countries. By Alexander L. Kielland.

London: Osgood & McIlvaine. 38. 6d.

English readers already owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. William Archer for introducing them to the works of Ibsen and Maeterlinck. That debt is now increased by this volume of short stories by one whom Mr. Archer places on an equal eminence in Norwegian literature with Ibsen and Björnson. Kielland, Mr. Archer's preface tells us, came to the front some twenty years later than either of these writers, but he is already the author of a goodly number of books, both long novels and short stories, which we hope we shall soon have an opportunity of reading. Each of the tales in this volume is a gem, but they are all entirely distinct and breathe a different feeling. All make one think. Kielland is no mere story. teller. He has keen artistic and social sympathies, is realistic without being coarse, and above all is entirely readable and interesting. The Tragic Comedians. By George Meredith. 8vo, pp.

258. London: Ward, Lock & Bowden. 6s.

The tragic love-story of Ferdinand Lassalle and Helene von Donniges serves Mr. Meredith as the subject matter of this novel, which first appeared in book form in 1881. Mr. Mere. dith's chief authority was, in fact, the book written by Helene von Racowitza herself, and he has kept very close to her narrative, his characters being easily recognizable under the ficti. tious names with which he endowed them. This new edition has been carefully revised and corrected by Mr. Meredith, and has also the advantage of a brief introduction by the editor of the Illustrated London News, Mr. Clement Shorter, on Ferdi. nand Lassalle, judicious and carefully witten, but giving too little attention, we think, to Lassalle's political career. An excellent portrait of Mr. Meredith forms a frontispiece to the volune, which also contains portraits of Lassalle and Helene.

Helen Keller: Souvenir of the First Summer Meeting

of the American Association to Promote the Teaching of Speech to the Deaf. Washington: The Volta Bureau.

The case of Helen Keller, who became totally deaf and blind at the age of eighteen months. and who now fluently and writes a beautiful hand, is one of the most interesting and remarkable in the history of modern methods for the instruction of blind deaf mutes. We do our readers a kindness in calling attention to this fascinating and extraord nary little publication.

EDUCATION AND TEXT-BOOKS. Reading and Speaking: Familiar Talks to Young Men

who would Speak Well in Public. By Brainard Gardner Smith, A.M. 12mo, pp. 165. Boston: D. C. Heath & Co. 65 cents.

Professor Brainard G. Smith, of Cornell University-the gentleman whose admirable instruction in the correct and fit writing of ordinary practical English has led to much needless controversy about schools of journalism-is the author of a little book which will be hailed with joy and gladness by young men in four hundred American colleges and universities, and big boys in four thousand high schools and academies. It is a practical, useful, every-day little treatise upon public speaking. This is a book that will sell in spite of everything


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very carefully revised and carm

Forensic E}</uence: A Treatise on the Theory and Prac

tice of Uratory. By John Goss, A.M, 12mo, pp.
256. San Francisco: The S. Carson Co.
gomer hat in the line of Professor Smith's book, but less.

adapted to the use of students, is a volume on “Foren: ic Eloquence, by Mr. John Goss, of San Francisco.

annual summaries is too obvious to be expatiated upon. To lawyers, members of legislatures, librarians, and students of legislation they are indispensable.

La Famille de Germandre. Par George Sand. Edited by

Augusta C. Kimball. 12mo, pp. 118. Boston: Ginn & Co. 65 cents.

Students of French will find Augusta Kimball's edition of
George Sand's “La Famille de Germandre" a well-selected tale,
conveniently printed and prepared.
Manual of Plane Geometry, on the Heuristic Plan. By

G. Irving Hopkins. 12mo, pp. 187. Boston: D. C.
Heath & Co. 75 cents.

The principles of geometry do not change, but there is such a thing as improving the methods of presenting and teaching geometry, and Mr Hopkins' little manual would seem to be better adapted than anything that has yet been published for the presentation of plane geometry to young pupils.

Index to Scribner's Magazine, Volumes I-X. New

York: Charles Scribner's Sons.

Scribner's Magazine has completed ten half-yearly vol. umes, and many of the most noteworthy contributions of liter. ature and knowledge in the last half decade have appeared in the pages of this great periodical. The very complete and perfectly prepared index of these first ten volumes is therefore a library convenience of much value.

The Overland Monthly. Volume XVIII. Second Series,

July-December, 1891. San Francisco: The Overland
Monthly Publishing Co.

The bound volume of the Overland Monthly for the last half of 1891 is especially interesting by reason of the development of illustrations. It is only by taking complete volumes of the Overland and running through the table of contents that one fully appreciates the importance of this magazine as an exponent of Pacific Slope life and affairs.

About Ceylon and Borneo. By Walter J. Clutterbuck,

F.R.G.S. 12mo, pp. 275. New York: Longmans,
Green & Co. $2.

Mr. Clutterbuck is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. Incidentally his book contains some bits of valuable information about Ceylon and Borneo, but practically it is made up of the most trivial irrelevancies. Nothing could be more painfully flat than Mr. Clutterbuck's anecdotes about fellow-travellers and his constant attempts at witticism,

BOOKS OF REFERENCE. The Century Dictionary: An Encyclopedic Lexicon of

the English Language. Prepared under the direction of William Dwight Whitney, Ph.D., LL.D. Six volumes. Vol. VI., pp. 1046. New York: The Century Company.

The delivery of the sixth and concluding volume of the Century Dictionary, covering a little more than the last seven letters of the alphabet, is a noteworthy event as marking the completion of one of the greatest of modern literary undertakings. The Century Dictionary will be received as the standard for many years to come by very considerably more than half of the English-speaking world. Far from being a disappointment, it is hailed by the intelligent public with delight and enthusiasm. Rand, McNally & Co.'s Indexed Atlas of the World.

Chicago and New York: Rand, McNally & Co.

What the great Century Dictionary is to other and less complete lexicons of English, Rand, McNally & Co.'s new Indexed Atlas of the World will be among other accessible atlases. The page is much larger than that of any other atlas, the maps are all new and embody the latest data, and the indexing features are by far the most complete and perfect ever attempted before. An exhaustive index accompanies every map. The maps of the States show absolutely every existing post-office, a thing probably never attempted before in a world atlas. The statistical tables, based upon the latest censustaking and illustrated with colored diagrams, are also of the highest value. Splendid maps of all the principal cities of the world are another feature of this entrancing publication. The enterprise of a Chicago house in preparing the completest historical and practical atlas ever devised is highly appropriate in this year which completes the fourth century since the voyages of Columbus gave a beginning to the modern science of geography. State Legislation in 1891. A Comparative Summary and

Index issued as a State Library Bulletin by the University of the State of New York at Albany.

This publication classifies, in the most summary way, the legislation of the various States enacted in 1891, just as its predecessor covered the same ground for 1890. This second bulletin is more complete and valuable than the first, which is the highest compliment that could be paid it. Mr. W. B. Shaw, who is a regular contributor upon these subjects to THE REVIEW of REVIEWS, is the compiler of this volume, under the direction of Melvil Dewey, State Librarian. The great value of these

Delagoa Bay: Its Natives and Natural History. By Rose

Monteiro. 8vo, pp. 274. London: George Philip &
Son. 9s.

Very little scientific or geographical information of value can be expected of a book which the author herself acknowl. edges is mainly composed of letters written to home friends to describe her life and work. It is, however, brightly written and interesting. The twenty illustrations are mainly entomo. logical.

The Real Japan: Studies of Contemporary Japanese

Manners, Morals, Administration, and Politics. 8vo, pp. 364. London: T. Fisher Unwin. 7s. 6d.

These Studies" are for the most part based upon a series of letters contributed by the author to the Pall Mall Gazette and other influential journals. Mr. Norman enjoyed unique opportunities for studying the country, and his book may, therefore, be assumed to be, for a time at least, the dernier mot upon the subject. The illustrations are from photographs taken by the author.

H. R.H. the Duke of Clarence and Avondale in Southern

India. By J.D. Rees. 8vo, pp. 219. London: Kegan
Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co.

An authoritative account of the recent visit of the late prince to Southern India. The book also contains a narrative of elephant-catching in Mysore, by Mr.S.P. Sanderson,


Albemarle. A Song on Stone. J. McNeill Whistler. Foreign Affairs and Home Defence. Sir C. Dilke. Greek at Public Schools. Hon. and Rev. E. Lyttelton. The Primrose League:

1. Its Origin and Work. Miss M. Nevill.

2. Its Absurdity. Oscar Browning. Labor Questions. Ben Tillett.

Bookman. The Carlyles and a Segment of Their Circle.-Continued. Browning Reminisceaces. With Portrait. Advice to a Young Journalist. Fac-siunile of a Burns Document.

The Andover Review. Mediating Function of the Christian Minister. P.S. Moxon. The Expansion of the Local Church, A. E. Dunning. Missionary Problems in the Turkish Empire. C. C. Starbuck. The Apprentice System of the Navy, Lient. A. V. Wadhams. Reform of the Grammar School Curriculum. Prof. D. C. Wells.

Cape Illustrated Magazine. - November. The Native Question. President Reitz. Five Hundred Miles in a Post · Cart.-II. Mafeking to Macloutsie.

Cassell's Family Magazine. The Nickel Mines in Central Canada. (Illus.) Sparrows and Blackbirds. A.J. Bamford, Mount Mellick Embroidery.

Cassell's Saturday Journal. Mr. Frederic Harrison at Haslemere. A Visit to the Treasury. Mr. E. R. Russeli, Editor of the Liverpool Post. With Por

trait. Mr. Percy Bunting, Editor of the Contemporary Review. With

Prof. Blackie at Home.
How our Canal Population Lives.

Annals of the American Academy. Public Regulation of Industries. W. B. Dabney. The Science of Municipal Government. F.P. Pritchard. Political Organization of a Modern Municipality. W.D. Lewis. International Arbitration. Eleanor L. Lord. Jurisprudence in American Universities. E. W. Huffcut. Instruction in French Universities. Leo S. Rowe. Party Government. Charles Richardson. Economic Theory of Machinery. Stuart Wood.

Cassier's Magazine, The Tariff and the Constructive Arts. R. H. Thurston. Steam Boiler Explosions. J. M. Allen. Some Preventable Wastes of Heat. Wm. Kent. The Injector.-I. R. C. Carpenter. Cut-off and Compression in Corliss Engines. J. B. Stanwood. Red Hot Furnace Crown Experiments. F. G. McKean.

The Holy Coat of Treves. Rev.R.F. Clarke.
The Moral of the Folk-Lore Congress. Charlotte S. Burne.
Archæology in Reading Museum. Rev. P.H. Ditchfield.

The Architectural Record.
Architectural Aberration.-II. Record Building. Philadelphia,
The Battle of the Styles. Prof. A. D. F. Hamlin.
Modern Architecture-A Conversation. Harry W. Desmond.
An Appeal to Cæsar. Prof. C. Francis Osborne.
A Modern Cathedral. R. W. Gibson.
Architecture as a Fine Art. William N. Black.
Colonial Annapolis. T. Henry Randall.
Byzantine Architecture.-III. Prof. Aitchison.

Arts Review, Allan Culross. With Portrait, THE REVIEW OF REVIEWS. With Portrait of W.T. Stead.

The Atlantic Monthly. Boston. Ralph Waldo Emerson James Russell Lowell. Henry James. Birds and "Birds." Edith M. Thomas. John Stuart Mill and the London and Westminster Review. The Creed of the Old South. B. L. Gildersleeve. The Greatest Need of College Girls. Annie P. Call. Why Socialism Appeals to Artists. Walter Crane. The Political Situation.

The Catholic World. The Birthplace of Columbus. L. A. Dutto. The Royal Patroness of Columbus. Richard M. Johnston. Henry George and the Late Encyclical. Charles A. Ramm. Mr. Cahensly and the Church in the U.S. H. A. Brann. The Amenities of the School Adjustment. T.J.Jenkins.

The Century Magazine.
The Jews in New York. Richard Wheatley.
Andrea Del Sarto. (Italian Old Masters.) W.J. Stillman.
Custer's Last Battle. Capt. E.S. Godfrey.
Gounod in Italy and Germany. Chas. F. Gounod.
The Jewish Question, Josephus.
The Alligator Hunters of Louisiana Andrews Wilkinson.
Witchcraft. J. M. Buckley.
The Discontent of the Farmer, J.R. Dodge.

Chambers's Journal.
The Utility of Small Currency.
Gibraltar for Twenty Centuries.

The Charities Review.
Rev. Oscar Carlton McCulloch. Alexander Johnson.
The "Christmas Society" and its Critics. R. W. DeForest.
The Effect of Taxation upon Pauperisın. Bolton Hall.
Every Day Economy. Mrs. Georgia B. Jenks.
New York Tenement-House Problems. E.T. Potter.

Bankers' Magazine. (London.)
Mr. Goschen's £1 Note Scheme. With Portrait.
Financial Outlook for 1892. W.R. Lawson.
Land, Finance, and Banking Troubles in Australia.

The Beacon Magazine.
Washington Manuscripts. Wm. Evarts Benjamin.
The Problem of Beginnings. Alfred H. Moment.
Lincoln as I Knew Him. John H. Littlefield.
Who First Explored the North American Coast? F. Saunders.
A Plea for Our Youth. Anthony Comstock.
Music as an Apocalypse of Heaven. David Gregg.
How Plants Store Food, Frederick L. Sargent.
From Cataract to Cataract.

The Chautauquan. The Battles of Saratoga. John G. Nicolay. Domestic and Social Life of the Colonists.-IV. E. E. Hale. Trading Companies.-I. John H. Finley. History of Political Parties in America.-IV. F.W. Hewes. States Made from Territories.-I. J. A. Woodburn. Physical Life --IV. Milton J. Greenman. Science and the Feeding of Animals. V. Hallenback. National Agencies for Scientific Research.-IV. Maj. Powell. Progress in the Nineteenth Century. Edward A. Freeman. Some Propositions of Nationalism. Edward Arden. Is Oratory a Lost Art? E. J. Edwards. How Women Figure in the Eleventh Census. Margaret Wishard. Women in the Pension Office.-II. Ella L. Dorsey.

Belford's Monthly. Brazilian Reciprocity and the Cold Facts. F.P. Powers. Why is Pool-Gambling Allowed? Anthony Comstock. Some Literary Blunders. W.S. Walsh. Physical Culture.- III. Walking for Rest. Thoughts on Matters Lyric and Dramatic. Fred Lyster.

Blackwood's Magazine, Fifty Years of Conservative Influence-1812-1892. Pleasure. Sir Herbert Maxwell. Sketches from Eastern Travel. On Fowlers and Wild Fowling A Son of the Marshes. Cricket and Cricketers. The Fall of Balmaceda. Lord Rosebery's “Pitt." John Skelton. The Outlook of the New Year.

The Church at Home and Abroad.
Missions and Language. P. F. Leavens.
How the Money is Spent. F.E. Haskins.
Presbyterian Church in Victoria, Australia. D. E. Jenkins.
Welsh Calvinistic Church, W. H. Roberts.

Church Missionary Intelligencer.
The Bible in Chinese. Rev. G. Ensor.
Work Among the Eskimos. Rev. E.J. Peck.
A Modern Apostle-the Late Rev. A. J. Somerville. Canon Bell,

English Illustrated Magazine. "Henry VIII." on the Stage. Fred. Hawkins. A Tobacco Factory. Joseph Hatton. Wolf-Hunting in Russia. Dr. E.J. Dillon. Village Life in the Olden Time. F. Gale. The Sorting of Paupers. Edith Sellers. An Old Fife Burgh Town.--Dysart. D.S. Meldrum. Fruit Ranching. Hugh Marshall,

Church Monthly. Graves of the Young in Westminster Abbey. Archdeacon Far. rar.

Contemporary Review, The Tsar Persecutor. E. B. Lanin. The London Water Companies. Arch. E. Dobbs. The Failure of the Nile Campaign. Archibald Forbes. Probability and Faith. Bishop Harvey Goodwin. Village Life in France. Rev. W. Tuckwell. The Revival of Henry VIII. F.H. Hill. Liberal Theology in the Church of England. T.C. Snow. Conversations and Correspondence with Thomas Carlyle. Sir C. Gavan Duffy.

The Cosmopolitan. The Columbus Portraits. William Eleroy Curtis. The Salon. M. Riccardo Nobili. Aluminium-The Metal of the Future. J. W. Richards. In Camp with Stanley. A. I. Mounteney Jephson. Old New York. James Grant Wilson, Humpty Dumpty. Adam Bede. The Kansas Railroad Commission. Albert R. Greene. Old Time Magazines, Frank H. T. Bellew. The Special Correspondents at Washington. T.C. Crawford. Fencing and Fencers in Paris. Charles DeKay.

Esquiline.-Rome. December.
Latest Discoveries in Rome. L. Borsari,
A Picture Convicted of Heresy'. An Altar-Piece by Botticelli.
Leader Scott.

Gideon. Prof. W.G. Elmslie.
Abraham Kuenen. Canon Chyne.

Expository Times.
Arnold Toynbee. Eleanor F. Jourdain.

Fortnightly Review. The Conservative Foreign Policy. Sir C. W. Dilke. The New Astronomy. Sir Robert Ball. A Handful of Lead, Sir Henry Pottinger. Under the Yoke of the Butterflies.-II. Hon. Auberon Herbert. The Blind Guides of Italy. Ouida. Philip Bourke Marston. Coulson Kernahan. The Administration of Justice in America. Wm. Roberts Victor Hugo: "Dieu." A.C. Swinbourne. Parnell and Butt: A Dialogue. H. D. Traill.

Cornhill Magazine. Cold. Old Men, by One of Them. A Railway Journey in Russia.

Demorest's Family Magazine. Burma and the Burmese. Laura H. Carson. Evolution of Modern Costume. Lida S. Foster. Discovery of the Canary Islands. J. Carter Beard. Woman's Dress Hygienically considered.-III. Susanna W. Dodds.

Economic Journal.-December. Introductory Lecture on Political Economy. Prof. F. Y. Edge.

worth. The Alleged Difference in the Wages of Men and Women, Sid.

ney Webb. The Coal Question. Forster Brown. The New Theory of Interest. W. Smart. The Evolution of the Socialist Programme in Germany. Prof.

G. Adler.
Labor Troubles in New Zealand. W. T. Charlewood.
An Attempt to Estimate the Circulation of the Rupee, F.C.

The Silver Question in America. T. Lloyd.
Industrial Congress. John Rae.
The Causes of Poverty. H. Dendy.

The Forum. The Louisiana Lottery. Judge McGloin and J.C. Wickliffe. The Pope and the Future of the Papacy. Dr. F. H. Geffcken. The Secret Ballot in Thirty-three States. J. B. Bishop. Brazil: The Late Crisis and its Causes. C. DeKalb. Why the Silver Law should be Repealed. George S. Coe. The Treaty of Brussels and our Duty. Judge Lambert Tree. Heresy Trials and the Briggs Case. Rev. Philip Schaff. Theological Education and its Needs. Rev. C. A. Briggs. Pensions Again: Time to Call a Halt. Gen. H. W. Slocum Health of the Survivors of the War. Dr J.S. Billings. Has Crime Increased in Massachusetts! Warren F. Spalding. American Homes. Mrs. Schuyler Van Rensselaer. Christmas and After: A Sermon. Rt. Rev. H.C. Potter.

Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly. The Dardanelles Question. John L. Wilson. The Sea Horses and their Chase. E. Ingersoll. Down the Rhone. J. McMullen. Woman's Life in Turkey. Olive Hater. Material Spooks. C.G.D. Roberts.

Education. (Boston.) The Higher Education and Christianity. Charles F. Thwing. Support of the Secondary and Higher Education,-1. A. D. Mayo. Claims for English as a Study. True W. White, State Education--Its Purposes and Needs. W.M. Beardshear,

Gentleman's Magazine. A Chapter in the History of Oracles. Basil Williams. Leaves from a Diary. Percy Fitzgerald. Our First Great Sea-fight-Sluys. Philip Kent. The Stolen Key. Robert Shindler, The Fuel of the Sun. J. E. Gore. The Last Poems of Philip Bourke Marston.

Educational Review. (New York.) A Critique of Educational Values. Jeremiah W. Jenks. On Teaching the Effective Use of English. Albert P. Marble. The Old and New Methods in Geometry. Eugene L. Richards. Religious Instruction in State Schools. George M. Grant. Undergraduate Students in Professional Schools. N. M. Butler. The Policy of the Small College, Daniel E. Owen. Free Dinners for School Children. J. Llewelyn Davies. City School Supervision.-IV. Horace S. Tarbell. Practice Teaching in Normal Schools.-IV. Wm. J. Milne. School Savings Banks in England. Sir Philip Magnus on Manual Train y and Health.

Educational Review. (London.) Professional Training for Teachers. J.G. Fitch. Cambridge and Technical Education in the Counties. Stanley

Leathes. About Schoolmasters. J.T. W. Perowne. Day Training Colleges at Oxford and Cambridge. Rev. W. W.

Agriculture in the Universities. A.P. Laurie.
The English School and its Opponents at Oxford. F. York

The Educational Institutions of the Crystal Palace.

The Engineering Magazine.
Worthless Government Engineering. George Y. Wisner.
The World's Store of Tin, E.W. Claypole.
American Supremacy in Mechanics.-II. Coleman Sellers.
Art and Engineering at Tuxedo Park. J.S. Haring.
The Rights of the Lowest Bidder. L. Allen and C. E. Hellier.
The Paper-Making Industry. James F. Hobart.
Sewage Disposal in the United States. G. W. Rafter.
Type Setting by Machinery. Walter E. Crane.
The Newer Forms of Fuel. Hosea Paul.

Girl's Own Paper,
Outdoor Games from Over the Sea. --III. H. Townsend.
The Flower Girls of London.-I. Emma Brewer.
Chamois Leather Embroidery and Painting. Blanche C.

Good Words.
Tewksbury Abbey. Dean Spence.
Highland Smugglers.
The Wrinkles on the Face of Mother Earth. Prof. Green,

Goldthwaite's Geographical Magazine. -- December.
The Trade Winds. Lieut. Austin M. Knight, U.S. N.
River Valleys, Ralph S. Tarr.
The Larger Unexplored Regions of Canada.
In Somali Land, David Kerr.
Maps and Map Drawing-What is a Map? J. W. Redway.

Ancient Shore Lines of Lake Bonneville. W. M. Davis.
First Winter Spent by Europeans in the Arctic Regions.
Maps and Map Drawing.-II. Jacques W. Redway.
Names Given to the Mississippi River. J. V. Brower.
River Valleys, –II. Ralph S. Tarr.
Columbus and his Times. W. H. Parker.

Great Thoughts. The Education of the Future. Grant Allen. St. Giles's Mission to Discharged Prisoners. F. M. Holmes. Louise Chandler Moulton. ( Kernahan. How Frank R. Stockton Writes. R. Blathwayt.

Harper's Magazine. Canada's El Dorado. Julian Ralph. Aaron Burr's Conspiracy and Trial. W. S. Drysdale. Our Exposition at Chicago. Julian Ralph. Popular Life in the Austro-Hungarian Capitals. Wilhelm

Singer. The Neo-Christian Movement in France. Eugène M. de Vogüé Personal Recollections of Nathaniel Hawthorne. H. Bridge. London of Charles the Second. Walter Besant.

Little Folks.
The Manchester Ship Canal (Illus.) H.W. Smith.
The Central Telegraph Office. Edith A. Findlay.

Longman's Magazine. "King William VIII." on the Stage. R. W. Lowe and Wm.

The "Donna" in 1891.
The Sea's Finny Nurslings. Edw. E. Prince.

Lucifer.- December 15.
The Seven Principles of Man.-Concluded. Annie Besant.
Theosophy as it Presents Itself to an Outsider. P.N. Patankar.
Ought Theosophists to be Propagandists!
A Bewitched Life. H.P. Blavatsky.
An Outline of the Secret Doctrine. --Continued.

Help. * The Workhouse Christ." What Has Been Done at Sheffield. Religious Instruction in Work houses. The Brabazon Scheme. Lady Meath, A Programme of Poor-Law Reform. A Model Workhouse Infirmary-Birmingham. Children in Workhouses. Entertainments for the Workhouse.

The Home-Maker.
The Logan Homestead, Washington. Harriet T. Upton.
Ruins of a Pigmy City in the Andes.
The Kindergartens of San Francisco. Minna V. Lewis.

The Homiletic Review.
Present Aspects of Nature and Revelation. Sir J. W. Dawson.
The Methodology of the Higher Criticism Unscientific.
What Ails Buddhism? J.T. Gracey.
Monuments and Papyri on the Hebrews and the Exodus.

International Journal of Ethics. Ethical Aspects of the Papal Encyclical. Brother Azarias. The Three Religions. J.S. Mackenzie. The Ethics of Hegel. Rev.J.M. Sterrett, A Palm of Peace from German Soil. Fanny Hertz. Authority in the Sphere of Conduct and Intellect. H. Nettle

ship. The Theory of Punishment. The Labor Church in Manchester,

Journal of the Military Service Institution. The Terrain in Military Operations. Lieut. H. A. Reed. A United States Army. Lieut. J. B. Bachelor. Development of Rapid Fire Guns, Lieut. G. W. VanDeusen, Discipline and Tactics. Capt. Moses Harris. Reminiscences of Tonquin. Lieut. F. de T. Cloth. Letters on Infantry.-XIII. Prince K. zu Hohenlohe. Service Range-Finding. Lieut. Buckle, R. A. Remarks upon Infantry Attack. Artillery Questions of 1892.

Journal of the Royal Colonial Institute. Australasia: A Vindication. Sir Edward Braddon.

Lyceum.-December 15.
Early English Romances.-III. Havelok. Prof. T. Arnold.
The Norwegian Literary Triunvirate.--II.

Macmillan's Magazine.
Hungry Children, H. Clarence Bourne.
Andrew Marvell.
In the Land of Champagne. Charles Edwardes.
Politics and Industry. Thomas Whittaker.

Magazine of American History.
The Enterprise of Christopher Columbus. -I. Arthur Harvey.
Secret Societies of Princeton University. T. Hotchkiss, Jr.
A Short Lived American State (West Florida). H.E. Cham.

Was America Discovered by the Chinese? Rev. A. K. Glover.
Prince Henry the Navigator. Martha J. Lamb.
The Scot in America. R.S. Robertson.
Patrick Henry and John Adams on Government Making.

The Menorah Monthly.
Is Life Worth Living? M. Ellinger.
The Task of the American Jew. Rabbi H. Berkowitz.
Nationality and the Jews. Nina Morias Cohen.

The Missionary Herald. The Revival of Hook-Swinging in India. Rev.J.S. Chandler, The Protestant Buddhists of Japan. Rev. M. L. Gordon.

Missionary Review of the World, The Beginning of Modern Wonders. A. T. Pierson. Christian Missions and the Highest Use of Wealth, M. E. Gates. Some Hindrances to the Work of Foreign Missions. Apostolic Missions and their Results, John Rutherford, Narayan Sheshadri. Rev. George Smith

The Monist.
Mental Evolution. Prof. C. Lloyd Morgan.
The New Civilization Depends on Mechanical Invention. W.T.

Religion and Progress. Prof. Ernst Mach.
Prof. Clifford on the Soul in Nature. F.C. Conybeare.
Are there Things in Themselves? Dr. Paul Carus.

Knowledge. The Astronomical Explanation of a Glacial Period. Sir Robert

Ball. A Gossip on Ghost Names.-Continued. Canon Isaac Taylor. British Mosses, - Continued. Lord Justice Fry. The Cañons of Colorado. Rev. H. J. Hutchinson.

Ladies' Home Journal. Mrs. Burton Harrison. Mr. Beecher, as I Knew Him.-IV. Mrs. Henry Ward Beecher. Women as Illustrators. Maude Haywood.

Month. What is Theosophy? The Editor. Evolution. Rev.John Gerard. The Apostle of Cold Water-Kneipp. Catholic England in Modern Times. --III. Rev.John Morris.

Monthly Packet. Jane Austen and Her Heroines. W. W. Fowler, An Old Woman's Outlook, C. M. Yonge. Hospital Nursing. H.M, and R. Wilson. Cameos from English History-the Georgian Colony. C.M.


Lend a Hand. Law for the Indian, F.J. Stimson. International Tribunal with Jurisdiction. Walter S. Logan. Elmira Reformatory. Mr. Wines' Appeal, Rev. Oscar C. McCulloch.

Leisure Hour. The Great Andes of the Equator.-I. With Map and Illustra

tions. A Floating Republic-The Buccaneers of the West Indies.-I.

R. Robertson.
The Railway Horse and the Carrier's Horse. W.J. Gordon.
A Skating Trip in Holland. Charles Whymper.

Lippincott's Magazine.
The Editor-in-Chief. With Portrait. Col. Alex. K. McClure.
The Decline of Politeness. Amelia E. Barr.
With the Gloves-Boxing. Daniel E. Dawson.
Agnes Huntington. With Portrait.

Literary Opinion. Wordsworth on Old Age. Sir Edw. Strachey. Algernon Charles Swinburne. With Portrait. Richard Le


Monthly Chronicle of North Country Lore and Legend.

Windmills. Jas. Clephan.
The Walls of Newcastle. "J. R. Boyle.

The National Magazine.
Henry Hudson's Voyage and its Results. J.G. Wilson,
The Earlier Years of Benjamin Franklin. T.J. Chapman.
French Explorers in the Northwest. Samuel M. Davis.
The Dutch on Manhattan Island in 1598. Daniel Van Pelt.

National Review.
The Rural Voter. Sir Herbert Maxwell,
Domestic Decorations. Lady Colin Campbell,
The Greatness of Pitt. T. E. Kebbel.
Men of Letters and the State. W. Earl Hodgson.
A Corner of Essex. Julia Cartwright.
Women in the Reign of Terror. J.A. Alger.
The Mystery of Gravitation, J. E. Gore.

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