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Abbreviations of Magazine Titles used in this Index.

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A.A.P.S. Annals of the Am. Academy

Political and Social Science,
A. C. Australasian Critic.
A. C. Q. Am, Catholic Quart. Review.
A. M. Atlantic Monthly.

A. Q. Asiatic Quarterly.

Andover Review.
A. Rec. Architectural Record.
Arg. Argosy.

Ata. Atalanta.
Bank. Bankers' Magazine,
Bank. L. Bankers' Magazine (London).
Bel. M. Belford's Monthly.
Black. Blackwood's Magazine.
Bkman. Bookman.
B.M. Beacon Magazine.
B.P. Beacon of Photograph
B. 0.1 Boy's Own Paper.
B. T. J. Board of Trade Journal.

Cal. R. Calcutta Review,
Cape I. M. Cape Illustrated Mag.
C. F. M. Cassell's Family Magazine.
Chaut. Chautauquan.
Ch. H.A. Church at Home and Abroad.
Ch. Mis. I. Church Missionary Intelligen-

cer and Record.
Ch. M. Church Monthly
Ch. Q. Church Quarterly Review
C. J. Chambers's Journal,
C. M. Century Magazine.
Cas. M. Cassier's Magazine.
C. Rev. Charities Review.

C. R. Contemporary Review.
Crit. R. Critical Review.
C. S. J. Cassell's Saturday Journal.
C. W Catholic World..

Dem. Demorest's Family Magazine.
D. R. Dublin Review,
Econ. J. Economic Journal.
Econ. R. Economic Review,
Ed. R. A. Educational Review (New

Ed. R. L. Educational Review (Lon-

Ed. B. Education (Boston).
Eng. M. Engineering Magazine.
E. H. English Historical Review,

English Illustrated Magazine.
Edinburgh Review,

Esq. Esquiline.

Fortnightly Review.
Goldthwaite's Geographical

Greater Britain.
Gentleman's Magazine.
Girl's Own Paper.
Great Thoughts.

Good Words.
Help. Help.
Harp. Harper's Magazine.
Hom. R. Homiletic Review,
H. M. Home Maker.
H. R. Health Record,

I. J. E. Internat'l Journal of Ethics.
In. M. Indian Magazine and Review,
Ir. E. R. Irish Ecclesiastical Record.
Ir. M. Irish Monthly.
J. Ed. Journal of Education,
Jew. Q. Jewish Quarterly.
J. M. Š. I. Journal of the Military Ser.

vice Institution.
J.A. E.S. Journal of the Ass'n of En-

gineering Societies.
J. R. C. I. Journal of the Royal Colonial

Jur. R. Juridical Review.

K, O. King's Own.
L. A. H. Lend a Hand.
L. H. Leisure Hour.

Lippincott's Monthly.
Longman's Magazine.
London Quarterly Review.

Ladies' Treasury.
Luc. Lucifer.
Lud. M. Ludgate Monthly.


Mac. Macmillan's Magazine.
M. A. H. Magazine of Am. History.
M. C. Monthly Chronicle of North

Country Lore and Legend.

Menorah Monthly.
Mis. R. Missionary Review of World.
Mis. H. Missionary Herald.
M. N. C. Methodist New Connexion.
Mon. Monist.
M. P. Monthly Packet.
M. R. Methodist Review.
N, A. R. North American Review.
Nat. R. National Review.

Nat. M. National Magazine.
N, C. Nineteenth Century.
N. E. New Englander and Yale Re.

N. E. M. New England Magazine,
New R. New Review..
N. H. Newbery House Magazine.

Nature Notes
Our Day.

Overland Monthly.
P.A. H. Papers of American Histori.

cal Ass'n,
P. E. F. Palestine Exploration Fund.
Photo. Q. Photographic Quarterly.
Photo. R. Photographic Reporter.
Phren. M. Pbrenological Magazine.
P. L. Poet Lore.

Presbyterian Quarterly.
P. K. R. Presbyterian and Reformed

P. R. Philosophical Review.
P. S. Popular Science Monthly.

Political Science Quarterly.
Psy. R. Proceedings of the Society for

Psychical Research,

Econ. Quarterly Journal of Eco-

Quarterly Journal of the Geo-

logical Society.
Q. R. Quarterly Review.

Review of Reviews.
R. C. Review of the Churches.
S. C. School and College.
Scut. G. M. Scottish Geographical Maga-

Scot. R. Scottish Review.
Scots, Scots Magazine.
Scrib. Scribner's Magazine.

Sun. M. Sunday Magazine.
Sun. H. Sunday at Home.
T. B. Temple Bar.
Tin. Tinsley's Magazine.
Treas. Treasury.
U. S.

United Service.
U. S. M. United Service Magazine.
W. P. M. Wilson's Photographic Maga-

Wel. Rev. Welsh Review,
W. R. Westminster Review.
Y. E. Young England.
Y. M. Young Man,

8. J. Econ. Quomics. Journal o

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[It has been found necessary to restrict this Index to periodicals published in the English language. All the
articles in the leading reviews are indexed, but only the more important articles in the other magazines. ]

Unless otherwise specified, all references are to the January numbers of periodicals.

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Abolitionists and Prohibitionists, NE.
Adams, John, Patrick Henry and, on Government Making,

Advertisements, Jessie P. Findley on, Scots.

In Somali Land, David Kerr, GGM, Dec.
Surgeon Parke's Experiences, D.F. Hannigan, WR.
The Failure of the Nile Campaign, A. Forbes, CR.

Agriculture in the Universities, A.P. Laurie, EIRL.
Alligator Hunters of Louisiana, A. Wilkinson, CM.
Allston, Washington, Unpublished Correspondence of, Scrib.
Aluminium--The Metal of the Future, J. W. Richards, Cos.
America Discovered by the Chinese, Was, A.K. Glover, NAH.
Andes of the Equator, LH.
Annapolis, Colonial, T. H. Randall, ARec.
Andrea Del Sarto (Italian Old Masters), W.J. Stillman
Arbitration, International, Eleanor L. Lord, AAPS.
Archeology in Reading Museum, P.H. Ditchfield, Ant.
Architectural Aberrations-II., ARec.
The Battle of the Styles, A. D. F. Hamlin, ARec,

Architecture as a Fine Art, W. N. Black, ARec.

Byzantine Architecture-III., Prof. Aitchison, ARec.
Arctic Regions, First Winter Spent by Europeans in the, GGM.
Aristides, Apology of, Rev. Dr. Stokes, SupH.
Arithmetical Operations, Greek Method of Performing, SC.
Armies, United States and Foreign:

The Terrain in Military Matters, Lieut. H.A. Reed,
A United States Army, Lieut. H. A. Reed, JMSI.
Discipline and Tactics, Capt. Moses Harris, JMSI.
Letters on Infantry-XIII., Prince K. zu Hohenlohe, JMSI.
Remarks upon Infantry Attack, JMSI.
Route Marching, Lieut.-Col. P. C. Whalley, TB.
Sir Chas. Dilke and the French Army, F. N. Maude, USM.
Principles of Army Promotion, Gen. J. Adye, USM.
Conveyance of Troops by Railway, J.S. Rothwell, USM.
Sandhurst and its Legends, Lieut. -Col. C. Cooper King, USM.
Our Military Weakness in India, C. B. Norman, USM.
Our Non-Commissioned Ofcers, USM.
The Fortifications of Constantinople, R. von Bieberstein,

Art and Engineering at Tuxedo Park, J. S. Haring, EngM.

Andrea Del Sarto national, Eleanor u Ditchfield, Ant:

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Development of Rapid-Fire Guns, G. W. VanDeusen, JMSI.
Service Range-Finding, Lieut. Buckle, JMSI.
Artillery Questions of 1892, JMSI.

A Word on the Artillery Question, E.M. Weaver, US.

Communication with the Planets, M. Amédée Guillemin, PS. Inter-Astral Communication, C. Flammarion, NewR. Astronomical Explanation of a Glacial Period. R. Ball, K. The Fuel of the Sun, J. E. Gore, GM.

The New Astronomy, Sir R. Ball, FR.
Astruc, Jean, Howard Osgood, PRR.
Austen, Jane, and her Heroines, W. W. Fowler, MP.
Australasia: A Vindication, Sir Edward Braddon, JRCI.
Austro-Hungarian Capitals, Popular Life in the, W. Singer,

Avatar, Scots.
Bayreuth Revisited, H. E. Krehbiel, Scrib.
Beaconsfield Terraces, The, John Waterman, NEM.
Beginnings, The Problem of, Alfred H. Moment, BM.
Belgium: Religious Life and Thought, SunH.
Bells, Mission, Charles Howard Shinn, OM.
Bidder, The Rights of the Lowest, EngM.

Birds and“ Birds." Edith M. Thomas, AM.
The Northern Homes of our Winter Birds, F.A. Fulcher, YE.
Sparrows and Blackbirds, A.J. Bamford, CFM.
Blackie, Prof. J.S., CSJ: Autobiographical, YM.
Bokhara Revisited, Henry Lansdell, Scrib.
Bonneville, Lake, Ancient Shore Lines of, W.M. Davis, GGM.
Boston, Ralph Waldo Emerson, AM.
Book of the Year, The Best, Sir Edwin Arnold and others,

Bowlders, Remarkable, David A. Wells, PS.
Boxing: With the Gloves, Daniel E. Dawson, Lipp.
Brazil: The Late Crisis and its Causes, C. De Kalb, F.
Brooks, Phillips, Rev., Julius H. Ward, NEM.
Browning, Robert, Reminiscences of, Bkman.
Buchanan, Dr. Gwin and Judge Black on, E.J. Coleman, OM.
Buddhism? What Ails, J.T. Gracey, HomR.
Buddhists of Japan, The Protestant, Rev. M. L. Gordon, MisH.
Burma and the Burmese, Laura H. Carson, Dem,
Burns Document, Bkman.
Burr's, Aaron, Conspiracy and Trial, W. S. Drysdale, Harp.
Calvinistic Church, Welsh, W. H. Roberts, ChHA.

Canada's El Dorado, Julian Ralph, Harp.
The Active Militia of Canada, J.H.Woodside, 0.

The Larger Unexplored Regions of Canada, GGM, Dec.
Canary Islands, Discovery of the, J.C. Beard, Dem.
Capital, Positive Theory of, Comments on the, QJEcon,
Capital and Interest, S. M. Macvane, QJEcon.
Carlyle, Thomas:

The Carlyles and a Segment of their Circle, Bkman.
Conversations and Correspondence with Carlyle, CR.

Novel by "Wotton Reinfred," NewR.
Cathedral, A Modern, R. W. Gibson, ARec.
Catholic Church:

The Holy Coat, Rev. R. F. Clarke, Ant.

Catholic England in Modern Times, Rev.J. Morris, M.
Champagne, Land of, C. Edwardes, Mac.
Chaucer, Six Weeks with, Agnes M. Lathe, PL, Dec.
Child Problem in Cities, The, John H. Finley, RR.
Children, Hungry, H.C. Bourne, Mac.
Children, School, Free Dinners for, J.L. Davies, ERA.
Children: Two Champions of the :

Elbridge Gerry and his Society, RR.

Benjamin Waugh and the British Children, RR.
Chili: Fall of Balmaceda, Black,
Christ the Christian's Supreme Motive, C.H. Parkhurst, Treas.
Christianity and Social Problems, Prof. C. A. Aiken, PRR.
Christmas and After: A Sermon, Rt. Rev. H.C. Potter, F.
"Christmas Society," The, and its Critics, CRev.
Church of England: Liberal Theology, T.C. Snow, CR
Church in Wales, C.H. Glascodine, Wel Rey,
Church in the United States, Mr. Cahensly and the, CV
Church, The Labor, in Manchester, IJE.
Church, The Expansion of the Local, A.E. Dunning. AR.
Civilization, The New, Depends on Mechanical Invention, Mon.

The Place of the Parson in Politics, Canon Barker, RC.
The Priest in Politics, Sir Grattan Esmonde, WelRev.

Clergy Pensions, Rev.S.J. Eales, NH.
Coal Question, F. Brown, EconJ.
Cold, C.
Coleridge, Lord, Portraits of, Str. Dec.
Coleridge, Poet, Unpublished Fragments, W.T. Brooke, NH.
Colonial Government of Great Britain, WR.
Colonists, Domestic and Social Life of the, E. E. Hale, Chaut.
Colorado Cañons, H. N. Hutchinson, K.
Columbus, Christopher:

The Birthplace of Columbus, L. A. Dutto, CW.
The Royal Patroness of Columbus, R. M. Johnston, CW.
The Enterprise of Christopher Columbus, A. Harvey, MAH.
The Columbus Portraits, Wm. Eleroy Curtis, Cos.

Columbus and his Times, W. H. Parker, GGM.
Conduct and Intellect, Authority in the Sphere of, IJE,

Congress: Mr. Speaker, Roger Q. Mills and Thomas B. Reed,

NAR. Conservative Influence, 1842-1892, Black. Constantinople, Fortifications of, R. von Bieberstein, USM. Constitution, History of the Frigate, Capt. H.D. Smith, US. Correspondents at Washington, The Special, T. C. Crawford,

Cos. Costume, Evolution of Modern, Lida S. Foster, Dem. Cowboy Life-II., The Corral, O. Cricket and Cricketers, Black, Crime Increased in Massachusetts? Has, W.F.Spalding, F. Crime and Law, Frederick Smyth, Scrib. 1 Criminology, Arthur MacDonald, NE. Criticism, Methodology of the Higher, Unscientific, HomR. Criticism: Authors and Critics, A. Birrell, NewR. Cycling for Girls, R. Cochrane, Ata. Custer's Last Battle, Capt. E. S. Godfrey, CM. Czar, The, and Russia of To-day, W.T. Stead, RR. Decorations, Domestic, Lady Colin Campbell, NatR. Dilke, Sir Charles : Outside the Forest of Dean, WelRev. Donna in 1891, Long. Doyle, A. Conan, Portraits of, Str, Dec. Dutch on Manhattan Island in 1598. Daniel Van Pelt, NatM. Dysart, an Old Fife Town, D. S. Meldrum, EI. Eastern Travel, Black. Economy, Every-Day, Georgia B.Jenks, CRev. Editor-in-Chief, The, Col. Alex. K. McClure, Lipp. Education: See also contents of Education and Educational

Review. An Experiment in Education-I., Mary A. Aber, PS. Some of the Next Steps Forward in Education, SC. Secondary Education in Census Years, J.H. Blodgett, SC. The Amenities of the School Adjustment, T.J.Jenkins, CW. State Education-Its Purposes and Needs, EdB. The Kindergartens of San Francisco, M. V. Lewis, HM. Instruction in French Universities, L. S. Rowe, AAPS. The Higher Education and Christianity, C.F. Thwing, EdB. Support of the Secondary and Higher Education, E The Education of the Future, Grant Allen, GT. Day Training Colleges at Oxford and Cambridge, EdRL. Universities and Elementary Education, F.L.H. Millard, NH. Professional Training for Teachers, J.G. Fitch, EARL.

About Schoolmasters, J.T.W. Penrowne, EdRL.
A Day with the Donkey-Boys, E. H. and E. W. Blashfield,

From Cataract to Cataract, BM.

England in Egypt, Mme. Adam and Edward Dicey, NewR.
Electrical Transmission of Power, Earl of Albemarle, NC.
Elk in the Prairie Province, E.W. Sandys, O.
Encyclical, the Papal, Ethical Aspects of, Bro. Azarias, KJE,
Encyclical, Henry George and the, C.A. Ramm, CW.
Engineering, Art and, at Tuxedo Park, J.S. Haring, Eng M.
Engineering, Worthless Government, George Y. Wisner, EngM.
England, Duke of Marlborough on, New R.
English as a Study, Claims for, T. W. White, EdB.
Essex, A Corner of, Julia Cartwright, NatR.
Evolution, Rev. J. Gerard on, M.
Evolution, Mental, Prof. C. L. Morgan, Mon.
Explorers, French, in the Northwest, S. M. Davis, NatM.
Farmer, The Discontent of the, J. R. Dodge, CM.
Fencing and Fencers in Paris, Charles DeKay, Cos.
Fiction :
Dangers of the Analytic Spirit, Paul Bourget, NewR.

Early English Romances, Ly, Dec. Finance and Banking: Why the Silver Law Should be Repealed, G.S. Coe, F. Small Currency, CJ. Mr. Goschen's Currency Plan, BankL. Progress of Banking in Great Britain and Ireland in 1891,

BankL. The Financial Outlook, W.R. Lawson, BankL. Attempt to Estimate Circulation of the Rupee, EconJ, Dec.

The New Theory of Interest, W. Smart, Econy, Dec. Fishes: The Sea's Finny Nurselings, E. E. Prince, Long. Fitzgerald, Percy, Leaves from a Diary by, GM. Florida, West: A Short-Lived American State, H.E. Chambers

MAH. Flower Girls of London, Emma Brewer, GOP. Flying Machine, The Aviator, M. G. Trouvé, PS. Fowlers and Wild Fowling, Black, Fox-Hunting in England, O. France: Neo-Christian Movement, The, in France, E. M. de Vogüé,

Village Life, Rev. W. Tuckwell. CR.
Francis, St., of Assisi, NN, Dec.
Franklin, Benjamin, The Earlier Years of, T. J. Chapman,

Nat M.
French Novels and French Life, Andrew Lang, NAR.
Fruit-Ranching, H. Marshall, EI.
Fuel, The Newer Forms of, Hosea Paul, EngM.
Wrinkles on the Face of Mother Earth, Prof. Green, GW.

Astronomical Explanation of a Glacial Period, R. Ball, K.
Georgian Colony, Miss C. M. Yonge, MP.
Germany: Evolution of Socialist Programme, G. Adler, Econj,




Irving Montague on Ghosts, Str, Dec.
The Logic of a Ghost's Advocate, D.G. Ritchie, WR.
Ghost Names, Canon I. Taylor, 1
Gibraltar for Twenty Centuries, C
Gladstone, W.E., Home Life of, YM.
Goodwin, Bishop, Bishop Boyd Carpenter on, RC, Dec.
Goschen, Mr., and his Mission, A. E. Hake, NatR.
Gounod in Italy and Germany, Chas. F. Gounod, CM.
Government, Party, Charles Richardson, AAPS.
Grammar School Curriculum, Reform of the, AR.
Gravitation, Mystery of, J. E. Gore, NatR.
Harrison, Frederic, at Hasslemere, CSJ.
Hawthorne, Nathaniel, Personal Recollections of, Harp.
Health of the Survivors of the War, Dr.J.S. Billings, F.
Hebrews and the Exodus, Monuments and Papyri on the,

Hegel, The Ethics of, Rev.J.M. Sterrett, IJE.
Henry, Patrick, and John Adams on Government Making,

Henry, Prince, the Navigator, Martha J. Lamb, MAH.
Heresy Trials and the Briggs Case, Rev. Philip Schaff, F.
Holland: A Skating Trip, C. Whymper, LH.
Holy Coat of Trèves, Rev. R. F. Clark, Ant.
Homes, American, Mrs. Schuyler Van Rensselaer,
Hook-Swinging in India, The Revival of, J. S. Chandler,

Horse, The Railway, and the Carrier's Horse, W.J. Gordon,

Hospital Nursing, H.M. and R. Wilson, MP.
Hudson's, Henry, Voyage and its Results, J.G. Wilson, NatM.
Hughes, Rev. Hugh Price, on Conquering an Audience, YM.
Hugo, Victor, and his “Dieu," A.C. Swinburne, FR.
Humpty Dumpty, Adam Bede, Cos.
Hunger, Horrors of, N. Shishkoff, NC.
Huntington, Agnes, Lipp.
Hypnotism and Humbug. Dr. E. Hart, NC.
Idealism, The Critical Philosophy and, Prof. John Watson, PR.
Illustration, American, of To-day-I., W.A. Coffin, Scrib.
Income Tax, The Prussian, Joseph A. Hill, QJEcon.

Attempt to Estimate Circulation of the Rupee, EconJ, Dec.
Our Military Weakness, C.B. Norman, USM.
Our Frontier Expeditions, J. Dacosta, WR.
Men-Servants in India, C.T. Buckland, NatR.

Religions of India as Illustrated by Temples, Sun H.
Indian, Law for the, F.J.Stimson, LAH.
Industries, Public Regulation of, W. B. Dabney, AAPS.
Insects, Agnes Giberne on, NH.
Inspiration of Truth, W. Lloyd, WR.
Intemperance Successfully Combated. NewR. 1
Islay Parliaments, D. Anderson, Scots.
Italy, The Blind Guides of, Quida, FR.

The Jews in New York, Richard Wheatley, CM.
The Task of the American Jew, Rabbi H. Berkowitz, Men.
Nationality and the Jews, Nina Morias Cohen, Men.
The Jewish Question, CM.
Anglo-Catholic Movement among Jews, Rev. F. Arnold, NH.

Jewish Colony in London, Mrs. Brewer, SunM.
Journalist, Advice to a Young, Bkman,
Jurisprudence in American Universities, E.W. Huffcut, AAPS.
Kneipp, Farrer, and his Cold Water Cure, M.
Labor Questions:

Wages in Mexico, M. Romero, NAR.
The Erolution of Wage Statistics, C.D. Wright, QJEcon.
Alleged Difference in Wages of Women and Men, Econj, Dec.
Labor Troubles in New Zealand, W. T. Charlewood, Econj,

Politics and Industry, T. Whittaker, Mac.
Lamb, Charles, Unpublished Fragments of, W.T. Brooke, NH.
Lang, Andrew, Portraits of, Str, Dec.
Law Administration of Justice in America, W. Roberts, FR.
Law: Crime and, Frederick Smyth, Scrib.
Legislation, Social and Economic, in 1891, W. B. Shaw, QJEcon.
Lincoln as I Knew Him, John H. Littlefield, BM.
Life Worth Living? Is, M. Ellinger, Men.
Lincoln, Abraham, Phillips Brooks, NEM.
Literary Blunders, Some, W.S. Walsh, BelM.
Literary Men and the State, W.E. Hodgson, NatR.
Lodge, Thomas: An Elizabethan Lyrist, J. Buckham, PL, Dec.
Logan Homestead, The, Washington, Harriet T. Upton, HM.
Loomis, Elias, Sketch of, with portrait, PS.
London of Charles the Second, Walter Besant, Harp.
London School Board Election, Hon. L. Stanley, RC.
Lottery, The Louisiana, Judge McGloin and J.C. Wickliffe, F.
Lotus Land, C.W. Wood on, Arg.
Lowell, James Russell, Henry James, AM.
Lyric and Dramatic Matters, Thoughts on, Fred Lyster, BelM.
Lyrist, An Elizabethan: Thomas Lodge, J. Buckham, PL, Dec.
McCulloch, Rev. Oscar Carlton, A. Johnson, CRev: LAH.
Machinery, Economic, The Story of, Stuart Wood, AAPS.
Magazines, Old-Time, Frank H. T. Bellew, Cos.
Man, East and West, Rev.S. A. Barnett, NC.
Manhattan Island, The Dutch on, in 1598, D. Van Pelt, NatM.
Manual Training and Health, Sir Philip Magnus on, EDRA,
Maps and Map Drawing - What is a Map! J.W. Redway, GGM,


Maps and Map Drawing-II., Jacques W. Redway, GGM.
Marble Faun, The: A Key to its Interpretation, NE.
Marriages, Should, be Indissoluble! T.S. Potwin, NE.
Marston, Philip Bourke, C. Kernahan on, FR; Last Poems of

Mechanics, America's Supremacy on-II., C. Sellers, EngM.
Men of Letters and the State, W.E. Hodgson, NatR.
Mexico, Wages in, M. Romero, NAR.
Militia of Canada, The Active, J.H. Woodside, O.
Mill, John Stuart, and the London and Westminster Review,

Minister, Mediating Function of the Christian, P. S. Moxon..

Mirabeau, TB.

The Beginning of Modern Wonders, A.T. Pierson, MisR.
Christian Missions and the Highest Use of Wealth, MisR.
Some Hindrances to the Work of Foreign Missions, MisR
Apostolic Missions and their Results, J. Rutherforn, MisR.
Missions and Language, P.F. Leavens, ChHA.
How the Money is Spent, F. E. Haskins, ChHA.
Work among the Eskimos, Rev. E.J. Peck, ChMisl.
Missionary Problems in the Turkish Empire, C. C. Starbuck,
Mississippi River, Names Given to the, J. V. Brower, GGM.
Moon, Photographs of the, Edward S. Holden, OM,
Moulton, Louise Chandler, GT.
Mount Adams, A Christmas Ascent of, John Corbin, O.
Mozart, F.J. Crowest on, Black.
Municipal Government, The Science of, F.P. Pritchard, AAP&
Municipality, Political Organization of a Modern, AAPS.
Music as an Apocalypse of Heaven, David Gregg, BM.
Musical System, Psychological Aspects of Chinese, PR.
Musk-Ox, The, H. T. Martin, PS.
Mutual Aid among the Barbarians, Prince Krapotkin, NC.
Napier, Sir James, TB.
Navies, United States and Foreign:

History of the Frigate Constitution, Capt. H. D. Smith, US.
Should our Harbor Defences be Controlled by the Navy? US
The Apprentice System of the Navy, A. V. Wadhams, AR.
Imperial Federation for Naval Defence, Lord Brassey, NC.

The French Mancuvres of 1891, USM.
Nationalism, Some Propositions of. Edward Arden, Chaut.
Nature and Revelation, Aspects of, Sir J. W. Dawson, HomR.
Newcastle, Walls of, J. R. Boyle, MC, Dec.
New York, Old, James G. Wilson, Cos.
New Zealand, Labor Troubles in, W.T. Charlewood, EconJ, Dec.
North American Coast? Who first Explored the, BM.
Norwegian Literary Triumvirate, Ly, Dec.
Nursing in Hospitals, H. M. and R. Wilson, MP.
Novels, French, and French Life, Andrew Lang, NAR.
Old Men, C.
Old Oaken Bucket, The, Author of the, G.M. Young, NEM.
Oratory a Lost Art! Is, E.J. Edwards, Chaut.
Oracles: A Chapter in the History of, B. Williams, GM.
Paper-Making Industry, The, James F. Hobart, EngM.
Pardoning Power, The, David B. Hill, NAR.
Paris Theatres and Concerts-I., W.F. Apthorpe, Scrib.
Parke, Surgeon, African Experiences of, D. Hannigan, WR.
Parker, Dr. Joseph, Portraits of, Str, Dec.

Conservative Influence, 1842-1892, Black.

The Outlook of the New Year, Black.
Parnell and Butt: A Dialogue, H.D. Traill, FR.
Parson in Politics, The, Canon Barker and others, RC, Dec.
Pauperism and the Poor Law:

The Effect of Taxation upon Pauperism, Bolton Hall, CRev.
The Workhouse Christ, Help.
Religious Instruction in Workhouses, Help.
The Brabazon Scheme, Countess of Meath, Help.
A Programme of Poor-Law Reform, Help.
Model Workhouse Infirmary at Birmingham, Help.
The Children in Workhouses, Help.
Entertainments for the Workhouse, Help.

The “Sorting" of Paupers, Edith Sellers, EI.
Peace, A Palm of, from German Soil, Fanny Hertz, IJE.
Pensions Again: Time to Call a Halt, Gen. H.W. Slocum, F.
Pensions for the Clergy, Rev.S.J. Eales, NH.
Pestalozzi Town, A Day in, Kate Douglas Wiggin, OM.
Philadelphia: A Study in Morals, Barr Ferree, NE.
Philosophy, When should the Study of, Begin? B.C. Burt, SC
Philosophy and Idealism, The Critical, Prof. John Watson, PR
Winter Photography, W. I. Lincoln Adams, O.

Photographs of the Moon, Edward S. Holden, OM
Physical Culture-III., Walking for Rest, BelM.
Physical Life-IV., Milton J. Greenman, Chaut.
Pigmy City in the Andes, Ruins of a, HM.
Pitt, William, Lord Rosebery's Biography af:
Hon. R. Brett on, NC.
T. E. Kebbell on, NatR

J.Skelton on, Black.
Plant Food, Storage of, F.L. Sargent, BM
Pleasure, Sir H. Maxwell on, Black.
Pliny, Some Letters of the Younger, S. B. Platner, NE
Poetry. Some Recent American, P

Poets, Minor, H.D. Traill, NC.
Poets, Wedded, Mrs. A. Crosse on, TB.

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A Pro Workh in Worthe work

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Politeness, The Decline of, Amelia E. Barr, Lipp.
Political Economy: F. Y. Edgeworth's Lecture, Econy, Dec.
Politics and Industry, T. Whittaker, Mac.

The Political Situation, AM.
History of Political Parties in America, F.W. Hewes, Chaut.

The Secret Ballot in Thirty-three States, J. B. Bishop, F..
Pool-Gambling Allowed? Why is, Anthony Comstock, BelM.
Pope, The, and the Future of the Papacy, F.H. Geffcken, F.
Population, Our, and its Distribution, C.D. Wright, PS.
Population of the Earth, The, PS.
Pottery Industry, Recent Advances in the, E. A. Barber, PS.
Presbyterian Church in Victoria, Australia, D. E. Jenkins,

CHHA. Priest in Politics, The, Sir Grattan Esmonde, WelRev. Princeton University, Secret Societies of, T. Hotchkiss, MAH. Probability and Faith, Bishop Goodwin, CR. Progress in the Nineteenth Century, E. A. Freeman, Chaut.. Prohibitionists, Abolitionists and, NE. Protection, Free Trade, and Colonial Trade, NC. Prussian Income Tax, The, Joseph A. Hill, QJEcon. Psychology as So-called "Natural Science," G.T. Ladd, PR. Punishment, The Theory of, IJE. Quorum, The Question of the, Manuel A. Martinez, NAR. Railways: "Ninety Miles in Eighty-nine Minutes," NAR.

The Kansas Railroad Commission, Albert R. Greene, Cos. Reciprocity, Brazilian, and the Cold Facts, BelM. Reformatory, The Elmira, LAH. Residential Clubs for Young Men and Women, RR. Religion and Progress, Prof. Ernest Mach, Mon. Religions, The Three, J.S. Mackenzie, IJE. Religious Instruction in State Schools, G.M. Grant, EDRA. Religious Thought in the Russian Empire, N. Bjerring, PRR. Revelation, Nature and, Aspects of, Sir J. W. Dawson, HomR. River Valleys-II., Ralph S. Tarr, GGM. Ritschl's Theology, Rev.C.M. Mead, PRR. Rome: The Latest Discoveries, L. Borsari, Esg, Dec. Ruling Races of the Future, Col. H. Elsdale, USM. Russia:

The Czar Persecutor, E. B. Lanin, CR. Barbarous Russia, Mary Harrison, SunM. A Railway Journey in Russia, C. Wolf Hunting in Russia, Dr. E.J. Dillon, EI. The Czar and Russia of To-day, W. T. Stead, RR. Religious Thought in the Russian Empire, N. Bjerring, PRR. St. Louis, The City of, C.M. Woodward, NEM. Salon, The, M. Riccardo Nobili, Cos. Sandhurst and its Legends, Lieut. -Col. C. Cooper King, SM. Saratoga, The Battles of, J.G. Nicolay, Chaut. Satan in the Old Testament, Rev. T. W. Chambers, PRR. Savings Banks, School, in England, EdRA. Scientific Research, National Agencies for, Maj. Powell, Chaut. Sewage Disposal in the United States, G.W. Rafter, EngM. Shakespeare: The Whitman-Shakespeare Question, PL, Dec. Sheol, Prof. Thomas H. Rich, Treas. Sheshadri, Rev. Narayan, George Smith, MisR. Ships, The First Cost of, Charles H. Cramp, NAR. Slave-Trade:

The Treaty of Brussels and our Duty, Lambert Tree, F. Smith, Sydney, Mrs. L. B. Walford, NH. Smugglers in the Highlands, GW. Social and Economic Legislation in 1891, W. B. Shaw, QJEcon. Social Problems, Christianity and, Prof. C.A. Aiken, PRR. Socialism, Rev. James MacGregor, PRR. Socialism, Why, Appeals to Artists, Walter Crane, AM. Socialistic Programme in Germany, Evolution of the, Econj,


Soudan: Failure of the Nile Campaign, A. Forbes, CR.
Soul in Nature, Prof. Clifford on the, F.C. Conybeare, Mon.
South, The Creed of the Old, B. L. Gildersleeve, AM.
Stanley, In Camp with, A.J. Mounteney Jephson, Cos.
States Made from Territories-I., J. A. Woodburn, Chaut.
State Interference, WR.
Switzerland: Taxes on Transport, W. M. Ackworth, NC.
Tail-like Formations in Men, PS.
Temperance Organizations, Chief, Archdeacon Farrar, RC,

Tenement-House Problems, New York, E.T. Potter, CRev.
Tewksbury Abbey, Dean Spence, GW.
Theatres and the Drama:

The Literary Drama, H. A. Jones, NewR.
"King Henry VIII." on the Stage, Long;

Paris Theatres and Concerts, W.F. Apthorpe, Scrib.
Theological Education and its Needs, Rev.C.A.Briggs, F.
Theology, Ritschl's, Rev.C.M. Mead, PRR.
Theology and Political Economy, Andrew D. White, PS.
What is Theosophy? M.
Ought Theosophists to be Propagandists? Luc, Dec.
A Bewitched Life, Luc, Dec.
Some Postulates of Theosophy, Luc, Dec.
An Outline of the Secret Doctrine, Luc, Dec.

The Seven Principles of Man, Mrs. Besant, Luc, Dec.
Things in Themselves? Are there, Dr. Paul Carus, Mon.
Tin, The World's Store of, E.W. Claypole, EngM.
Tobacco Factory, J. Hatton, EI.
Topquin, Reminiscences of, Lieut. F. de T. Cloth, JMSI.
Trade Winds, The, Lieut. A.M. Knight, GGM, Dec.
Trading Companies—I., John H. Finley, Chaut.
Training: Indoor Apparatus for Outdoor Sports, W. Camp, C
Tribunal, International, with Jurisdiction, W.S. Logan, LAH.
Turkey: The Fortifications of Constantinople, USM.
Type-Setting by Machinery, Walter E. Crane, EngM.

The English School and its Opponents at Oxford, EARL.
Instruction in French Universities, L. S. Rowe, AAPS.
Jurisprudence in American Universities, E. W. Huftcut,

Valleys, River, Ralph S. Tarr, GGM, Dec.
Village Churches, W. H. Davenport Adams, NH.
Village Life in France, Rev. W. Tuckwell, CR.
Village Life in the Olden Time, F. Gale, EI.

Programme by A. Thomas. WelRev. .
The Church in Wales, C.H. Glascodine, Wel Rev.

Theology and the Welsh University, Prof. W. Evans, WelRev.
Washington Manuscripts, Wm. E. Benjamin, BM.
Water Companies of London, A. E. Dobbs, CR.
Welsh Calvinistic Church, W.H. Roberts, ChHA.
West Indies: A Floating Republic, R. Robertson, LH.
Windmills, J. Clepham, MC, Dec.
Witchcraft, J. M. Buckley on, CM.
Witchcraft, Stories of Salem, W.S. Nevins, NEM.
Wolf-Hunting in Russia, Dr. E.J.Dillon, EI.

Woman's Dress Hygienically considered -III.. Dem.
How Women Figure in the Eleventh Census, Chaut.
Women in the Pension Office--II., Ella L. Dorsey, Chaut.
The Greatest Need of College Girls, Aunie P. Call, AM.
Are Women Protected ? Matilda M. Blake, WR.
Hospital Nursing, H. M. and R. Wilson, MP.

Women in the Reign of Terror, J.G. Alger, NatR.
Workhouses: See under Pauperism,
World's Fair, Our Exposition at Chicago, Julian Ralph, Harp.
Youth, A Plea for Our, Anthony Comstock, BM.


WING to the extraordinarily rapid growth of the circulation of THE REVIEW OF REVIEWS U at the end of 1891 and in the first weeks of 1892, and further owing to some changes of management in the extensive mailing agency through which the REVIEW is sent to its subscribers, there was unavoidable delay in the transmission to regular mail subscribers of the December and January numbers, and it is feared that the same difficulties may slightly retard the distribution of the present February number. Hereafter, it is expected that all such embarrassments will have been removed and that the REVIEW will reach its readers with reasonable promptness.

The first edition of “Real Ghost Stories,” which consisted of one hundred thousand copies, is exhausted and out of print. If a second edition is to be issued, announcement will be duly made.

The title-page and index for the fourth volume (Aug. '91-Jan. '92) of THE REVIEW OF REVIEWS is now ready, and will be sent free of cost to any reader on application.


The Review of Revieu's is published. simultaneously in London and New York. The English

Edition is edited by W. T. Stead, Mowbray House, Norfolk Street, Strand, London.






Charles Haddon Spurgeon................ Frontispiece

The Tammany Democracy........

The Late Khedive..
The Progress of the World-

With portrait of Tewfik Pasha.
Honest Politics the Main Issue....... ......... 135

Brazil and Fonseca....

Mr. Blaine and Mr. Harrison........
130 Dom Pedro and His People..........

One Term Rather than Two.....
136 The New Constitution of Brazil.....

The Cabinet, Especially Mr. Wanamaker

Emile de Laveleye.........................

Greatness of the Supreme Court...
138 The Minister Who Must Go....

Silver-Mr. Bland and Mr. Knox....


With portrait of M. Durnovo.
On Good Terms Again with Chili....

Some Railway Facts and Figures...

The Lottery's Funeral Notice...........
141 Peter the Great as Peter the Little........

Mortality in England. .......
142 Heinrich von Sybel......

Disease Versus War.........


With portrait of Von Sybel.
The Death of the Prince.....


Jean Paul's Country.......
British Monarchy and Democracy..
142 Facts About China .........

The Mighty Cardinal...
144 The Work of the Recent Peace Congress..

The Church of the Old...

The French School-girl .....

... 211
Spurgeon the Nonconformist...

144 The Japanese Woman.....
The Chamberlain of London...


The “ Girls' Poly" of London ....
England in Egypt.........
147 Scientific Experiments in Philanthropy...

French Politics...
147 Mr. Chamberlain on Old-Age Pensions....

The French Bulgarian Question.........

149 What Constitutes a Liberal Education... ... 214
Kaiser as Legislator..............................

The Universities of the World...

Russian Affairs...............

The Evolution of the French Literature of To-day V 215
English Diplomatic Changes...................... 1

A Discourse on Boys..........

.... 216
The Late Lady Sandhurst..
150 Why “ Hodge" Comes to Town. ..........

The Big Shops of To-day............

... 217
With portraits of Hon. Grover Cleveland, President Ben-
jamin Harrison, Hon James G. Blaine, Postmaster-

The New South......
General Wanamaker, the late Justice Joseph P Brad.

An International Personality....

ley, Chief Justice Melville W. Fuller, Hon. Richard P.

Are Jews Becoming Christians?.
Bland, the late Hon. John Jay Knox, Judge Henry

Reasons Against Opening the World's Fair on
Foster of Chili, the late Duke of Clarence, Prince


George of Wales, Mr. Benjamin Scott, Abbas II.

Cardinal Manning.....

M. de Freycinet, Father Anderledy. M. Clémenceau,
M. Chadourne, Lord Vivian, and Lady Sandhurst.

The Catholic Revival...
Record of Current Events...

The Next Pope....
................... 151
With portraits of President Diaz and Catrino Garza.

The Papacy and the Labor Question......

Suggestions for a Labor Platform.....
Current History in Caricature.................. 154 The City of the Kaiser...
With portraits of Mr. William Parkinson, and reproduc.

Apropos of Mr. Parnell.....
tions from leading cartoon papers of the world.

The Duke of Clarence.....
Shall We Adopt a Sixteenth Amendment ?..... 160

The Periodicals Reviewed-
Wisconsin's School of Economics and Politics. 163

The North American Review.......

With portrait of Prof. Richard T. Ely.

The Forum......
Laveleye on Democratic Government............ 165 The Quarterly Review................

A Further Note on the “Poly" Excursions.... 167

The Arena.....

With portraits of Mi. Douglas Hogg, Mr. Robert Mitchell,

The Contemporary Review.......

and the Rev. Dwight L. Moody.

Westminster Review........

Three Eminent Englishmen-

Fortnightly Review.......

The National Review...
Character Sketches by W. T. Stead.

The Edinburgh Review...........
I. Rev. Charles Haddon Spurgeon...

Welsh Review....

With portraits of Spurgeon, and views of his residence

The Nineteenth Century...........

and the Metropolitan Tabernacle.

Harper's Magazine..........

II. Cardinal Manning............................ 182

With portrait of Cardinal Manning.
III. Sir Morell Mackenzie...

The Atlantic Monthly......

The New England Magazine...

With portrait of Dr. Mackenzie.
Scribner's Magazine....

Leading Articles of the Month-

The Cosmo an.....

The Literary Output of 1891........

The Chautauquan........

With portrait of Mr. Hamilton W. Mabie.

The Charities Review.....

Hypnotism and Psychical Research........

Magazine of American History..

With portrait of Mr. B.O. Flower,

Music .....

Darwinism so far a Failure. .....................

School and College...

With portrait of Professor Virchow,
Gerrymander and the Choice of Presidential Elec-

The “ People's Friend" and its Editor....

The Archäological and County Magazines.. 239
.......... 194

The Idler.....
How to Attack the Tariff...

An Englishman's View of the New Orleans Affair 196

The New Review.....

The Louisiana Lottery.......


The French Magazines.........
Anthony Comstock on Lotteries....
197 Poetry and Art...............,

Tax the Lotteries out of Existence............

The New Books-
The Nicaragua Canal.............................

Mr. Hardy's “ Tess of the D'Urbevilles”...........
The Commerce of the Great Lakes...
Our Militia System and Its Needs.................2


Contents of Magazines and Reviews. ........ 248
Begistry of Land Titles

200 Index to Periodicals



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.... 169

The Ce



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