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twenty-five dollars nor more than one hundred dollars, and adjudged to pay the cost of prosecution.


SEC. 30. It shall be the duty of the secretary Publication of of state to cause to be published in pamphlet form and distributed through the county clerks of the respective counties, a sufficient number of copies of this law, together with the registration law of the state and such other laws as bear upon the subject of election, as will place a copy thereof in the hands of all officers of elections.


SEC. 31. The proper authorities of every city Police shall detail a police officer to each polling place of such city upon the day fixed for holding any election therein, and the special duties of such police officer, in addition to the preservation of the peace, shall be as follows: He shall, as far as possible, remain at or near the entrance of the inclosure in which the compartments are placed: (a) He shall not permit any person to enter said inclosure unless duly provided with an official ballot, signed with the names of two members of the election board. (b) He shall not permit any person to enter the inclosure while the several compartments therein are occupied. (c) He shall not permit any person to leave the inclosure without first voting or surrendering his ballot to a member of the election board. (d) He shall not permit any person to leave the polling room after receiving a ballot, without first voting or surrendering his ballot.

SEC. 32. All acts or parts of acts in conflict Repealing herewith are hereby repealed.

SEC. 33. Whereas an emergency exists, this act Emergency. shall take effect and be in force from and after its



General Form of Ballot to be used at State, City and Town Elections.

[blocks in formation]


Edward Evans, of Tecumseh..

David Hines, of Ponca.........

William Smith, of Fremont.......





[blocks in formation]


1. Persons desiring to vote must procure their ballots from a member of the election board.

2. They must then, without leaving the polling place, proceed to a compartment and prepare their ballots.

3. The ballots are prepared as follows:

Make a cross mark (X) with ink in the right margin of the ballot opposite the name of each person for whom you wish to vote.

Be careful that you do not mark the names of persons for whom you do not wish to vote.

Do not make any mark on the ballot, save as above directed, or the ballot will not be counted.

If you spoil a ballot return it to a member of the election board, and obtain from him a new ballot, you cannot get more than four in all; take this to a compartment and mark it properly.

4. Having marked the ballot, fold it so as to conceal the names and marks on the face, and to expose the names on the back.

5. Take it to the judge of the election before leaving the inclosure, and see it deposited in the box.

6. Immediately leave the railed inclosure.

7. If you wish to vote for any person whose name does not appear upon the ballot, write or insert his full name in the blank space on the ballot under the proper office you wish him to hold, and make a cross mark in the proper margin opposite the same.

8. Do not take any ballot from the polling place; you thereby forfeit the right to vote.

Said cards shall also contain sections twentysix, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, and twenty-nine of this act.

Approved March 4, 1891.

[House Roll No. 197.]


AN ACT to construct and furnish additional buildings at the No-
braska institution for feeble minded youth, and making appro-
priation therefor.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of


feeble minded.

SECTION 1. That the sum of twenty-five thou-nopriation sand ($25,000) dollars be and is hereby appropriated out of any moneys in the general fund of the state, for the purpose of erecting and furnishing buildings for the Nebraska institution for feeble minded youth, located near Beatrice, Gage county, Nebraska.

The funds shall be expended by and under the direction of the board of public lands and buildings as follows: Five thousand ($5,000) dollars for the erection of a kitchen and dining room and furnishing the same; twenty thousand ($20,000) dollars for the erection of one (1) cottage for inmates and furnishing the same.

SEC. 2. The board shall employ a competent plans. architect to make such general and special plans as may be necessary; the plans to be based upon the future needs of the institution, and to be approved by the board of public lands and buildings, and the superintendent of the institution before the contract is let; the expense for making said plans to be paid out of the money appropriated for buildings.

SEC. 3. That the said buildings shall be erected Work, how

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