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[House Roll No. 81.]


State bonds.

Board of relief; sale of bonds.

AN ACT for the issuing of state bonds for the purpose of providing supplies and seed grain for the citizens of counties suffering from the loss of their crops during the year 1890.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of

SECTION 1. That the governor and secretary of state be and they are hereby authorized and required to issue the bonds of the state to the amount of one hundred thousand ($100,000) dollars, payable five years, with interest at four per cent (4%) per annum, payable annually on the first day of January of each year, principal and interest payable at the office of the state treasurer of the state of Nebraska, at Lincoln, Nebraska.

Said bonds shall be of the denomination of one thousand dollars each.

SEC. 2. The governor shall nominate and by and with the advice and consent of the senate shall appoint nine persons, who shall be citizens of this state, and who are hereby constituted a board of relief, to whom the secretary of state shall deliver said bonds as soon as the same are issued; said board of relief shall dispose of said bonds and place the proceeds thereof in the state treasury, to be drawn out upon proper vouchers, as fast as expended only, and be used in the purchasing of supplies and seed grain for distribution among the citizens of this state made destitute by the loss of their crops during the year 1890.

SEC. 3. The auditor of public accounts is here- Warrants. by authorized and required, upon the presentation of proper vouchers, approved by the president and secretary of the state relief committee, to draw his warrant against the fund created by the sale of said bonds.

funds; of


SEC. 4. It is hereby made the duty of said Requisition for commission, in the requisition for the funds set forth purchased. therein, to state the purpose for which said money to be paid by the treasurer is to be used, with an itemized statement of the several articles and kind of supplies to be purchased, and on the purchase of the same to file with the secretary of state an itemized list of all articles by them purchased for the relief of the western sufferers.


SEC. 5. It shall be and is hereby made the Distribution of duty of said relief commission, through the agency of the county commissioners, or board of supervisors, together with the county clerk and sheriff of the respective counties whose inhabitants require aid, to distribute the supplies by them purchased, as herein before contemplated, to the county commissioners, clerk, and sheriff of the several counties requiring aid, and take the receipt of the commissioners and county clerk for said supplies thus furnished to the several counties through the commissioners, clerk, and sheriff of said counties, and from time to time file said receipts, together with all vouchers for supplies furnished, with the secretary of state.


Provided further, That no person shall be given Applicants for relief unless such person shall show by the affidavit of himself or the affidavit of two freeholders, residents of the county, who have personally known

Duties of county boards.

the applicant for relief for nine (9) months immediately preceding the passage of this act.

First. That the applicant is and has been a bona fide resident of the county wherein the application is made for relief for more than nine months prior to the passage of this act:

Second. That the applicant is without money or other means wherewith to provide such applicant the articles applied for.

Third. That if seed is furnished applicant, he will stay in the county, sow the same, and use every endeavor to raise a crop.

Provided further, That said applicant shall comply with such additional rules and regulations as said board of relief may prescribe.

SEC. 6. Be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the several commissioners of the respective counties in the drouth-stricken districts, or the board of supervisors of the counties in case any of said counties are under township organization, to receive said supplies and distribute the same to the needy or suffering of their respective counties. That said county commissioners, or the several boards of supervisors, shall be and are hereby made responsible on their official bonds for the faithful and proper distribution of all funds and supplies coming into their hands through the agency of the state relief commission herein created, or by donation through private sources.

And it is further made the duty of said several boards of county commissioners and clerk of the respective counties, or of the township organization in counties under township organization, to keep a full, complete, and itemized record of all

supplies, funds, and merchandise and articles of every kind, name, or nature distributed by them to the suffering poor, and to whom distributed and in what quantity, and the date of such distribution.

And be it further enacted, That it is hereby made the duty of said county commissioners, and boards of supervisors herein referred to, to report at least once a week by an itemized and detailed statement of all the funds by them received, and of the merchandise and articles of every kind for the relief of the suffering, to the state relief commission hereby created.

Said report shall set forth in detail an itemized statement of all supplies distributed, to whom distributed and date when delivered, and when they are distributed to families, to give the number in the family receiving relief, which statement shall be filed with the secretary of state by the state relief commission hereby created, and by said relief commission reported in their monthly reports, which they are hereafter required to make to the secretary of state.


SEC. 7. Said state relief commission hereby Expenses of created is authorized to use in paying the actual expenses for the carrying into effect the provisions of this act not to exceed two and one-half per cent (2%) of the amount of money drawn by them from the treasury and hereby appropriated for the relief of the sufferers hereinbefore referred to.

reports of

SEC. 8. It is hereby made the duty of said re- Accounts and lief commission thus created to keep an accurate commission. and itemized account of all funds and moneys by them received from the state, or from any other source, or by private donation for the relief of the

Bond of treasurer.

sufferers herein before mentioned, which record shall at all reasonable hours be open for the inspection of the public.

And be it further enacted, That the said state relief commission hereby created shall keep an itemized account, and a full, correct, and accurate record of all supplies by them disbursed, to whom disbursed, and file the proper vouchers therefor in their report hereafter required to be made. They shall also report the disposition made of all moneys by them received, whether from the state or from private individuals. They shall also keep and report all supplies, provisions, food, clothing of every kind, name, and nature by them received from private sources, and also what distribution was made of the same.

And they shall from month to month, or as near as may be practicable, file a full itemized report of their actions and doings under the provisions of this bill, with the secretary of state.

SEC. 9. All officers mentioned in this bill shall be and are hereby held responsible upon their official bonds for all items of property, money, or anything of value coming to their hands for the relief of the sufferers provided for in this bill.

SEC. 10. Be it further enacted, That the treasurer of the state relief commission hereby created shall give bond in the sum of forty thousand ($40,000) dollars to the state of Nebraska, for the faithful performance of his duty under the provisions of this act, and for the distribution of all funds, property, and moneys coming into his hands for the sufferers, in accordance with the provisions of this act; said bond to be approved by the secretary and president of the commission.

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