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Interest on bonds.


specify the rate of interest, the time when the principal and interest shall be paid, the place of such payment, and each bond when so issued shall not be for a less sum than fifty ($50) dollars.

Sec. 26. That the board of education is hereby Hotels authorized and required to provide, before the same shall become due, for the interest on all bonds issued by the district; they shall also, immediately after the expiration of one-half of the time for which said bonds are issued, proceed to set apart each year, for a sinking fund, a requsite Sinking fund, amount or proportion sufficient to pay the principal of said bonds when they shall become due. All moneys set apart for said sinking fund shall be invested:

1. In the purchase of and redemption of bonds of the school districts, which bonds shall be purchased in open market, in such mạnner as the board of education shall prescribe.

2. In bonds of the city constituting the school district.

3. In bonds of the county wherein such district is situated.

4. In bonds of the state of Nebraska. 5. In United States bonds.

Sec. 27. That if it shall be deemed advisable by Purchase of the board of education to purchase bonds issued maturily. under the provisions of this act, before maturity, the treasurer shall sell to the highest bidder, in open market, and in a manner prescribed by the board, such bonds or securities as shall belong to the school funds, and the proceeds thereof shall apply to purchase of bonds herein provided for.

Money, payable under prior acts.



Sec. 28. That all moneys arising from any source whatever which, under any prior act or acts of the legislature of this state, are payable to the school fund of any city of the first class which may become a metropolitan city, or any moneys which are required to be set apart by the treasurer of any such city for the support and maintenance of any school heretofore organized herein under any general law, shall, on and after the passage of this act, be payable to the treasurer of the board of education, and shall be used only for the purposes specified in this act.

Sec. 29. All elections provided for in this act shall be held in the manner following:

1. The president of the board shall issue his proclamation to the qualified voters of the school district, said proclamation to be published for at least ten (10) days prior to the election in at least one (1) daily paper of general circulation in said school district, setting forth the time when and place or places where such election will be held, and a full and complete statement of the officers, bond proposition, or question of expenditure to be voted on at said election.

2. At the last regular meeting of the board of education prior to the election, the president of the board, with the consent of the board, shall appoint three (3) judges and two (2) clerks of election for each election district in said metropolitan city, who, before entering upon their duties as such officers, shall take the usual oath or affirmation of office before some person authorized by law to administer oaths, and such oath or affirmation shall be filed with the secretary of the board.

Judges and clerks.

election board.


3. If any person so appointed shall not attend Vacancy in at the time and place of holding such election, or shall fail, or refuse to qualify as above provided, the electors present at the polls at the hour of eight (8) o'clock A. M. on the day of the election shall choose some one to fill the vacancy, and the person thus chosen shall qualify as before provided.

4. The secretary of the board shall prepare Poll books. duplicate poll books for each election district in the metropolitan city comprised within the school district, and on the morning of the election shall deliver such poll books, together with a ballot box, into the hands of some one of the judges or clerks of election in the several election districts.

The poll books shall be in the manner and form as follows:

Poll books of a school election held in the election district of the - ward, in the city of , county —

Nebraska, on the 189—, at which time- and - and were judges, and and

were clerks of said election. The following named persons voting thereat :

Each clerk shall take one of the poll books and enter therein the names of the persons voting and the order in which they voted. At the close of the election the judges shall compare the lists, and if found correct they shall certify the same to be a true list of the persons voting at said election. At all elections held under the provisions of this act the registration lists of the last city election shall be Registration used without revision, unless said elections provided for in this act shall be held at the same time and place as a city, county, or state election, in

day of

Dutis of judgi s.


which case the registration lists of the city, as re-
vised for said city, county, or state election, shall
be used. And it shall be and is hereby made the
duty of the city clerk of the metropolitan city
comprised within the school district to deliver the
registration lists of the city for each election dis-
trict, respectively, into the hands of some one of
the judges or clerks of election in said election
district before eight (8) A. M. on the day of said
election, for use at said election, said delivery to be
made at the expense of the school district.

5. Immediately before the opening of the polls
the judges shall open the ballot box at the place of
holding the election, and in the presence of the
electors, and shall see that no ballots are contained
therein, after which the box shall be closed. The
judges shall then declare the polls open, and shall
proceed to take the ballot of any person offering to
vote, and if such person's name is by at least two
(2) of said judges found upon at least two (2) of
said registers as a qualified voter, the ballot shall
be put into the ballot box, without the name or the
names thereon being inspected. The ballot box
shall be kept locked and in the presence of the
electors until the close of the polls. No more than
one (1) of the judges shall be absent at the same
time from the room where the election is being held,
from the time of opening the polls, until the
votes shall have been counted and canvassed.'

6. The judges and clerks shall commence to canvass by counting the votes polled, and if the number cast exceed the number of persons voting, the ballots shall be replaced in the box, and, after being mixed, as many ballots shall be drawn out

Canvass of votes.


and rejected as there shall have been cast exceeding the number of names on the poll books. If the judges find two or more ballots rolled or folded together, they shall reject all of such votes as fraudulent, and if a ballot contains more than one (1) name for any one office, it shall be deemed fraudulent as to all the names for that office, but no further.

7. The clerks shall set down in their poll books Dieties of the name of every person voted for, and the office for which such person received votes, every bond proposition and every question of expenditure written in full, with the number of votes received for such persons, and the number of votes cast for and against said bond proposition or question of expenditure, such number to be expressed in words at full length, and the judges and clerks shall certify to the correctness of the same.

8. The judges of election shall then select some Messenger to one of the judges or clerks as messenger, and such bouks, olc. messenger shall convey the registry list, poll books, and ballot box, with the ballots all replaced therein, to the office of the board of education within twenty-four (24) hours after the closing of the polls, and said ballots shall be kept in said office and subject to the inspection of any elector for the space of six (6) months.

9. The judges of election shall possess full Preservation of power and authority to maintain order during any election, and during the canvass of the votes, and may call on any person present to assist in maintaining order, and if any person shall refuse to obey the reasonable order of the judges, or shall in any manner interfere with the judges or clerks of

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