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1c. Weighmaster, appointment of,
2c. Duties of woighmaster and

3c. Fees to be fixed by the board

of transportation.

4c. Bonds and compensation.
50. Rules and regulations.
6c. Penalty for neglect of duty.
7c. Repeal.
8c. Emergency.

Appointment of state weighmaster and assistants,

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Duties of weighinasters.

SECTION 1c. Weighmaster, appointment of.That there shall be appointed by the state board of transportation, in all cities where there is state inspection of grain, a state weighmaster, and such assistance as shall be necessary.

Sec. 2c. Duties. —Said state weighmaster and assistants shall, at the place aforesaid, supervise and have exclusive control of the weighing of grain and other property which may be subject to inspection, and the inspection of scales, and the action and certificate of such weighmaster and assistants in the discharge of their aforesaid duties shall be conclusive upon all parties in interest.

Sec. 3c. Fixed fees.—The said board of transportation shall fix the fees to be paid for the weighing of grain or other property, which fees shall be paid equally by all parties interested in the purchase and sale of the property weighed, or scales inspected and tested.

Sec. 4c. Weighmaster, qualifications-BondsCompensation.—Said state weighmaster and assistants shall not be a member of any board of trade or association of like character. They shall give bonds in the sum of five thousand ($5,000) dollars conditioned for the faithful discharge of their duties, and shall receive such compensation as the board

Fees for weighing

Weighmaster; who may be; bond and compensation.


in performance of .

of railroad and warehouse commissioners shall determine.

Sec. 50. May adopt rules.—The said board of Rules for transportation shall adopt such rules and regulations for the weighing of grain or other property as they shall deem proper.

SEC. 6c. Neglect of duty-Penalty.--In case Weiglaninster any person, warehouseman, or railroad corporation, or or any of their agents or employes, shall refuse or prevent the aforesaid state weighmaster or either of his assistants from having access to their scales, in the regular performance of their duties, in supervising the weighing of any grain or other property in accordance with the tenor and meaning of this act, they shall forfeit the sum of one hundred ($100) dollars for each and every offense, to be recovered in an action of debt before any justice of the

peace in the name of the people of the state of Nebraska, such penalty or forfeiture to be paid to the county in which the suit is brought, and shall also be required to pay all costs of prosecution.

Sec. 7c. Repeal.-All existing acts inconsist-Repealing ent with this act are hereby repealed.

Approved April 9, 1891.



[House Roll No. 402.)

AN ACT to amend section three (3) of chapter ninety-three (93) of

the Compiled Statutes of 1887, and to repeal said original section.

Amending sec. 3, chin. 53, CompStats., 1889.

Registration of warrants,

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of


SECTION 1. That section three (3) of chapter Calyp. Slal, ninety-three (93) of the Compiled Statutes of 1887,

entitled “Warrants," be amended to readas follows:

It shall be the duty of every such treasurer, upon the presentation of any warrant for payment, in presence of such person, to enter such warrant in his warrant register for payment in the order of its presentation, and upon every warrant so presented and registered he shall endorse “Registered for payment,” with the date of such registration, and shall sign such endorsement; Provided, That all warrants outstanding at the time this act takes effect shall be presented for payment or registration by August first (1st), 1891, and shall not draw interest after such date unless so presented. Sec. 2. Said original section three (3) of chap

2 ter ninety-three (93) of the Compiled Statutes of 1887 is hereby repealed.

SEC. 3. Whereas an emergency exists, this act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved April 8, 1891.

Repealing clause.



[House Roll No. 206.)

AN ACT to provido for a prosentation of the products, resources, and

possibilities of the state of Nebraska at the World's Columbian Exposition, to be held at the city of Chicago, Illinois


WHEREAS, By an act of congress the United States purpose and has provided for celebrating the four hundredth (400th) anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, by holding an international exhibition of arts, industries, manufactories, and products of the soil, mines, and seas, in the city of Chicago, in the state of Illinois, in the year eighteen hundred and ninetytwo (1892); and

WHEREAS, Provisions are made and provided in said act, that each state and territory in the union may, and is invited to participate in said celebration and exposition; and

WHEREAS, The location of said exposition is so near Nebraska's door, and all environments so remarkably auspicious to presenting to the best possible advantage and advertise to the world in substantial manner her products, resources, and possibilities, and thereby extend invitation to capital and population to engage with us in expanding the wealth and greatness of the commonwealth: Therefore, Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of


SECTION 1. That for the purpose narrated in Appropriatlon the foregoing preambles, and to defray the neces- exposition.

Columbian Nebraska Columbian commission.

sary expenses thereof, there be and is hereby appropriated from the state treasury, from funds not otherwise appropriated, the sum of fifty thousand ($50,000) dollars or so much thereof as may be found necessary, the same to be expended and accounted for in accordance with conditions and stipulations as hereinafter provided; Provided, That not to exceed five thousand ($5,000) dollars of this appropriation shall be expended before January 1, 1892.

SEC. 2. That within ten (10) days from the passage and taking effect of this act the governor shall appoint a state commission, to be known as the Nebraska Columbian Commission, to consist of six (6) members, two (2) from each of the three (3) congressional districts of the state, and to be selected two (2) from each of three (3) political parties, namely: The independent, democratic, and republican organizations. The governor may,

in his discretion, and in like manner in all respects, appoint alternates for each commissioner, who shall assume and perform the duties of commissioner when from any cause his principal may be unable to perform devolving duties.

Sec. 3. The duties of said commission shall be to have general charge and management in the state at large, in creating for presentation at the said Columbian exhibition at Chicago, a state exhibit of all the industries, products, and resources of the state.

SEC. 4. The compensation for each commissioner, or alternate, when acting for a principal, shall be five ($5) dollars per day for each day actually devoted to such official service as duty may

Duties of commission.

Compensation of commissioners.

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