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SEC. 5. That section 30 of said chapter be and Amending sec. the same is hereby amended to read as follows:

Board of

Commissioner of health; compensation;

Section 30. In each city of the metropolitan health. class there shall be a board of health, to consist of the mayor, who shall be chairman; the commissioner of health, who shall be secretary, and who shall be the city physician of said city; the chief of police, sanitary commissioners, and two members of the city council who are chairmen of committees relating to streets and alleys and sewers respectively; a majority of said board shall constitute a quorum.. Said commissioner of health shall be appointed by the mayor, subject to the approval of duties. a majority of the council, shall hold office for a term of two years from date of appointment unless sooner removed or retired; shall have the qualifications of a physician under laws of the state, and receive compensation at the rate of two thousand ($2,000) dollars per annum, payable monthly. He shall execute and enforce all laws of the state and ordinances of the city relating to matters of health and sanitation, and all rules and regulations of the board of health concerning matters within their jurisdiction and control. He shall make reports to the board of health, as by them directed, of his acts, doings, and proceedings as such commissioner, and receive and execute the orders, directions, and instructions of said board.

missioner; powers and

The sanitary commissioner, under the direction Banitary comof the board of health, shall have charge, control, duis and supervision of all sanitary and health affairs of such city, including the removal of dead animals, the sanitary condition of streets, alleys, and vacant grounds; of stock yards, wells, cisterns, privies,

Powers and duties of board of health.

Entry on premises.

Inspectors of meats, etc.

water-closets, cess-pools and stables; of houses, tenements, manufactories, and all public and private buildings of every sort, and of any and all buildings and places not specified where filth, nuisances, or offensive matter is kept or is liable to or does accumulate; the board of health shall have control, and supervision of meats, food, drinks, and the inspection, condemnation, use, sale, and disposition thereof, and shall have power to define, declare, regulate, suppress, and prevent the occurrence of nuisances; said board shall also have control of all contagious or infectious diseases, and the care, treatment, regulation, and prevention thereof; of all hospitals, dispensaries, and places for the treatment of the sick, and of matters relating to births and deaths, and records thereof in said city; also of all cemeteries or places for the burial of the dead. The jurisdiction of said board of health shall extend over such city, and over all grounds and property within three miles of the limits thereof.

Said commissioner of health shall have power to enter upon and inspect any and all premises for the detection, correction, or extermination of nuisances, contagious or infectious diseases, or the improvement of the sanitary condition of said premises.

Inspectors of meats, milk, food, and of any and all other matters and things relating to the sanitary condition of such city shall be under the control Rules of board and direction of said board of health. The board

of health.

of health, when in session, shall make rules and regulations for the conduct of its affairs, and of the action of the said commissioner of health, and for the efficient regulation, control, direction, and improvement of the health and sanitary affairs of

such city embraced or coming within the jurisdiction, direction, or control of said board of health, coupled with penalties for the violation of the same. Said last named rules and regulations shall be presented to the city council, and when approved and enacted by said council, shall have the force and effect of ordinances, and offenders against the same shall be prosecuted in the police court of said city and punished as are offenders against other ordinances of said city.

of health under dir etin of


Office and em

Said board of health shall, as from time to time Duties of board required by the city council, assume control and direction of the garbage, plumbing inspection, pound master, and other similar matters relating to the health and sanitary condition of such city, and in the same manner herein before provided; make rules and regulations for the government, control, and effectiveness of the same, or may continue to control and direct the same under existing ordinances as may be by said city council directed. Said board of health may provide such office and ployes of board. employ such clerks, inspectors, assistants, and deputies as funds provided by the city council may permit, and may make rules and regulations for the government and control of such employes, and define the duties, power, authority, and compensation of the same. In case of the absence, disability, or 4mmissioner inability to act of said commissioner of health, the mayor may, and he is hereby authorized and empowered to designate and appoint some other member of said board or employe thereof to temporarily perform the duties of said commissioner, and such appointee shall have and exercise the same powers and authority as said commissioner, during the period for which appointed.

Absence of

of health.

Chief of police.

Tax levy for expenses.

Amending scc.


Mayor and

council to reg


ings, provide

The chief of police shall co-operate with said board in the enforcement of all ordinances of the city relating to matters within the jurisdiction of said board, and as otherwise directed by the mayor and board of fire and police commissioners.

To provide funds for the conduct of the affairs of said department of health the city council of said city shall, upon the taking effect of this act and thereafter, annually, levy a tax, not exceeding one-eighth mill on the dollar valuation, upon all taxable property in said city subject to taxation, which tax shall be known as the health fund and shall be enforced and collected as are other general taxes. SEC. 6. That section 37 of said chapter be and the same is hereby amended to read as follows:

Section 37. The mayor and council shall have

tion of build power to regulate the construction, use, and maintenance of party walls and to prescribe and regunuisances, etc. late the thickness, strength, and manner .of con

against fire,

abate smoke

structing stone, brick, wood, or other buildings, the size and shape of brick and other material placed therein, and to prescribe and regulate the construction and arrangement of fire escapes and placing of iron or metallic shutters and doors therein and thereon, and to provide for the inspection of elevators, and for the protection of elevator and hoistway openings to avoid accident; to prescribe, regulate, and provide for the inspection of all plumbing, pipe fitting or sewer connectings in all houses or buildings now or hereafter erected; to regulate the size, number, and manner of construction of halls, doors, stairways, seats, aisles, and passageways of theatres, tenement houses, audience rooms, and all buildings of a public character, whether now built or here

after to be built, so that there may be convenient, safe, and speedy exit in case of fire; to prevent the dangerous construction and condition of chimneys, fireplaces, hearths, stoves, stove pipes, ovens, boilers, and heating appliances used in or about any buildings or manufactory, and to cause same to be removed or placed in safe condition when same are considered dangerous; to regulate and prevent the carrying on of manufactures dangerous in causing and promoting fires; to prevent the deposit of ashes in unsafe places, and to cause all buildings and enclosures as may be in a dangerous state to be put in a safe condition; to prevent the disposing of and delivery or use in any building or other structure, of soft, shelly, and imperfectly burned brick or other unsuitable building material within the city limits, and providing for the inspection of the same; to provide for the abatement of dense volumes of smoke; to regulate the construction of areaways, stairways, and vaults; and to regulate partition fences.

SEC. 7. That section 66 of said chapter be and Amending sec. the same is hereby amended to read as follows:

ments and


Section 66. The mayor and council are hereby Bonds for pub. authorized and empowered to issue bonds of the floating incity with interest coupons annexed thereto in such amounts and for such lengths of time as they may deem proper, the rate of interest not to exceed six per cent per annum, for the construction and maintenance of sewers or in the renewal of outstanding bonds of said city bearing a higher rate of interest, or for the purpose of funding, taking up, and making payment of the floating indebtedness and liabilities of the city, and for the construction

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