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the state government for the year ending March 31, 1892, and March 31,
1893, and to pay miscellaneous items of indebtedness owing by the state
of Nebraska........

House Roll No. 454. An act to provide for the payment of the salaries of the

officers of the state government, hospital for the insane at Lincoln, hos-
pital for the insane at Norfolk, asylum for the insane at Hastings, insti-
tute for the blind, deaf and dumb, reform school, normal school at Peru,
home for the friendless, institute for the feeble-minded, state university,
railroad com mission, fish commission, industrial home, and soldiers' and
sailors' home.......

House Roll No. 16. An act to appropriate the matriculation and diploma fees,

constituting a "library fund” for the university of Nebraska, for the use

and support of the library of the university........
House Roll No. 453. An act authorizing the state treasurer to transter eleven

hundred and fifty and thirty-nine hundredths ($11,050.39) from the saline
land stock yard to the state general fund........

House Roll No. 463. An act to authorize the state treaswer to transfer thirty-

seven thousand seven hundred eighty-ove and pinety-seven hundredths
($37,781.97) dollars from the capital building tax to the general fund...... 449

House Roll No. 432. An act making appropriation for the payment of ex-

penses and counsel fees in the contests of the election of the executive
state officers for the term commencing the first Thursday after the Tuesday
in January, 1891.............

Senate File No. 106. An act to authorize the governor to convey to John Dee

the south half (1) of the southwest quarter () of section No. twenty-four
(24), in township No. eleven (11) north, in range No. seven (7) east, of the

sixth (6th) principal meridian, in Lancaster county, on payment therefor, 455
House Roll No. 125. An act for the relief of George W. Davis.........

Ilouse Roll No. 68. An act for the relief of Anna E. Norin and Marietta

llouse Roll No. 298. An act for the relief of Lavena Turner..

House Roll No. 74. act to correct the original plat of the city of Lin-



Concurrent iussution itlating to Union Pacitiv railroad .......






ble to be .


SEC. 5. The judges of the supreme court shall, How classified. immediately after the election under this constitution, be classified by lot, so that one shall hold his office for the term of two years, one for the term of four years, and one for the term of six

years. SEC. 6. The judge of the supreme court having Chief Justico. the shortest term to serve, not holding his office by appointment or election to fill a vacancy, shall be the chief justice, and as such shall preside at all terms of the supreme court; and in case of his absence, the judge having in like manner the next shortest term to serve shall preside in his stead.

SEC. 7. No person shall be eligible to the office Who not oligiof judge of the supreme court unless he shall be at least thirty years of age, and a citizen of the United States; nor unless he shall have resided in this state at least three years next preceding his election.

Sec. 8. There shall be appointed by the supreme Reporter of court a reporter, who shall also act as clerk of the copyright of resupreme court, and librarian of the law and miscellaneous library of the state, whose term of office shall be four years, unless sooner removed by the court, whose salary shall be fixed by law, not to exceed fifteen hundred dollars per annum. The copyright of the state reports shall forever belong to the state.

SEC. 9. The district courts shall have both Jurisdiction of chancery and common law jurisdiction, and such other jurisdiction as the legislature may provide, and the judges thereof may admit persons charged with felony to a plea of guilty, and pass such sentence as may be prescribed by law.

SEC. 10. The state shall be divided into six ju- Judicial dia dicial districts, in each of which shall be elected by

supreme court;


district courts.


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