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Rev. Berry Edmiston, Henry, Ill.; Rev. Cyrus Scammon,

Janesville, Wis.

Delegates. - Mr. Hervey Lightner, Peoria, Ill.; Messrs. J. Young Scammon, Alexander Officer, A. E. Small, George F. Root, Joseph E. Moss, Joseph R. Putman, Chicago, Ill. ; Mr. G. W. Blowney, Waukeegan, Ill.; Messrs. George A. Mariner, Sanford E. Loring, Dyer N. Burnham, A. D. Rich, Chicago, Ill.; Messrs. Charles Davies, William H. Williams, George Burt, Henry, Ill.; Messrs. Abram Hostetter, Philander Seymour, Mt. Carrol, Ill.; Messrs. J. J. Luther, Charles Cottell, Wilmington, Ill.; Messrs. J. R. Bennett, E. G. Fifield, Janesville, Wis.; Messrs. Joseph Burton, H. O. Snow, Batavia, Ill.; Mr. M. C. Bissell, Joliet, Ill.; Messrs. James M. Hill, R. E. Moss, Carl F. W. Junge, Chicago, Ill.; Mr. E. P. Knowles, Janesville, Wis.; Mr. John Lovel, Udina, Ill.; Mr. Charles Coggswell, Mt. Carrol, Ill.; Mr. Leonard Pratt, Wheaton, Ill.; Messrs. Orlando Blackman, Truman H. Safford, Chicago, Ill.


Ministers. Rev. William B. Hayden, Portland, Me. Delegates. -Messrs. David Tucker, Charles H. Lamson, Portland, Me.

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Ministers.-Rev. Willard H. Hinkley, Wilmington, Del. ; Rev. Jabez Fox, Washington, D. C.; Rev. Willard G. Day, Rev. Arthur O. Brickman, Baltimore, Md.

Delegates. Mr. Adolph Ahrens, Baltimore, Md.; Mr. F. L. Gilpin, Wilmington, Del.


Ministers. Rev. Joseph Pettee, Abington; Rev. Theodore F. Wright, Bridgewater; Rev. Leonard G. Jordan, Salem; Rev. S. S. Seward, North Bridgewater.

Delegates. Messrs. Sampson Reed, David L. Webster, Francis Phelps, Francis A. Dewson, Francis Loring, Horace Smith, B. F. Badger, jr., Boston, Mass.; Messrs. Ed

win Burnham, Lewis T. Burnham, Chicago, Ill.; Messrs. Frederick P. Mosely, Charles Harris, Boston, Mass.; Mr. Joseph A. Hyde, Bridgewater, Mass.; Mr. Seth Bryant, East Bridgewater, Mass.; Messrs. Francis M. Shaw, Jeremiah Towle, Henry J. Pratt, Abington, Mass. ; Mr. Robert A. Stoddard, North Bridgewater, Mass.; Mr. Abram L. Cutler, Brookline, Mass.; Mr. George Copeland, Jefferson, Wis.; Mr. Edward Wilder, Hannibal, Mo.; Mr. Charles B. Chace, Wyoming, Ohio.


Ministers. Rev. Edward C. Mitchell, Detroit, Mich. Delegates. Mr. John S. Weller, La Porte, Ind.; Mr. W. N. Cook, Grand Rapids, Mich.; Mr. M. D. Hamilton, Monroe, Mich.; Messrs. John B. Niles, William Niles, La Porte, Ind.

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Delegate. Mr. Lucian Putman, Minneapolis, Minn.


Ministers. Rev. J. P. Stuart, St. Louis, Mo.

Delegates. Mr. R. S. Canby, Olney, Ill.; Mr. John E. Bowers, Minneapolis, Minn.; Mr. Lyman Y. Stuart, St. Louis, Mo.; Mr. J. J. Lehnen, Charington, Ohio; Mr. O. W. Nordwell, St. Louis, Mo.

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Rev. Chauncey Giles, New York City; Rev. John C. Ager, Brooklyn; Rev. Charles H. Mann, Orange, N. J.

Delegates. Mr. Thomas Hitchcock, New York City; Mr. G. W. Richards, Orange, N. J.

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Ministers. Rev. George Field, Richmond, Ind.; Rev. E. A. Beaman, Cincinnati, O.; Rev. Frank Sewall, Urbana, O.; Rev. John Goddard, Cincinnati, O.; Rev. J. H. Einhaus, Glendale, O.

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Delegates. Mr. Thomas F. Moses, Urbana, O.; Messrs. Jacob L. Wayne, William N. Hobart, Cincinnati, O.; Mr. Milo G. Williams, Urbana, O.; Messrs. C. S. Cheever, George Merrell, Cincinnati, O.; Mr. C. H. Allen, Glendale, O.; Mr. Henry T. Niles, Urbana, O.; Mr. Adam M. Wager, E. Rockport, O.; Mr. M. G. Brown, Cleveland, O.; Mr. H. L. Sook, Newark, O.; Mr. J. B. C. Moores, Glendale, O.; Mr. F. L. L. Scharlach, Urbana, O.; Messrs. Joseph Hargrave, Thomas French, Cincinnati, O.

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Ministers. Rev. N. C. Burnham, Lancaster, Penn.; Rev. W. H. Benade, Pittsburg, Penn.; Rev. Louis H. Tafel, Philadelphia, Penn.

Delegates. Messrs. W. A. Fleck, E. B. Warren, Philadelphia, Penn.; Mr. John Pitcairn, Pittsburg, Penn.


Ministers. Rev. F. W. Tuerk, Berlin, Ontario, Canada. Delegates. Mr. Christopher Doering, Berlin, Ontario, Canada.

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Delegates.-Messrs. Charles A. Leuthstrom, Thomas M. Gwynne, E. R. Persons, Milwaukee, Wis.


Rev. B. F. Barrett, Philadelphia, Penn.


Mr. Julien Shoemaker, Philadelphia, Penn.


Mr. H. H. Ingerson, Peoria, Ill.; Dr. L. C. Belding, Rock Creek, Ill.; Mr. Lyman E. DeWolf, Wheaton, Ill.; Mr. Robert D. Boice, Genesee, Ill.; Dr. W. H. Burt, Lincoln, Ill.; Mr. Joseph Malton, Waukeegan, Ill. ; Mr. T. H. Seymour, Norwood Park, Ill.; Mr. Stephen R. Moore, Ill.; Messrs. C. W. Richards, F. H. Lawson, A.

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W. Gilbert, Wm. P. Babbitt, J. W. Banning, Cincinnati, O.; Mr. M. J. Browne, Cleveland, O.; Mr. J. Ames, Toledo, O.; Mr. S. S. Carpenter, Wyoming, O.; Mr. Geo. W. Thayer, Grand Rapids, Mich.; Mr. Grosvenor, Munroe, Mich.; Mr. Charles Sellers, Riverside, Mich.; Mr. W. G. Deering, Kalamazoo, Mich.; Mr. Clark Haywood, Lexington, Mich.; Mr. Wm. Wiley, Detroit, Mich.; Mr. Francis H. Hemperly, Gettysburg, Pa.; Mr. Wm. R. Vallean, Philadelphia, Pa.; Messrs. Abraham Garver, James L. Garver, Logansport, Ind.; Messrs. William Andrew, W. H. Weller, La Porte, Ind.; Mr. O. Kent, Ligonier, Ind.; Mr. Loren Hixon, Leroy, Ind.; Mr. Edward Dewson, Boston, Mass. ; Mr. George H. Woodman, Waltham, Mass.; Mr. A. S. Chase, Boston Highlands, Mass.; Mr. R. P. Kingman, North Bridgewater, Mass.; Mr. E. S. Phinney, Yarmouthport, Mass.; Mr. W. H. Butterfield, Horicon, Wis.; Mr. H. B. Moore, Gardiner, Me.; Mr. W. W. Rathbon, Prov-idence, R.I.

4. It was voted to hear a communication from the Canada Association, applying for admission to the General Con


The Communication was referred to the Executive Committee, and, on motion, the Committee was allowed to sit during the session of the Convention. The Rev. Mr. Pettee was called to the Chair, the Committee retired, and, after consultation, offered the following resolution, which was unanimously adopted:

Resolved, That the Canada Association of the New Jerusalem be admitted into membership of the Convention, and recognized as entitled to all the privileges of similar Associations.

The Vice-President resumed the Chair, and the Canada Association was then formally received, the delegates, the Rev. Mr. Tuerk and Mr. Christopher Doering, coming forward and being welcomed by the Vice-President, all the members of the Convention rising from their seats.

5. The Report of the Treasurer, Mr. Thomas Hitchcock, was presented in print, and read.

6. The Report of the Executive Committee was read.

7. The hour of noon having arrived, the business of the Convention was suspended until half-past two, P. M. The Rev. J. R. Hibbard led in Divine service, and the Rev. Joseph Pettee delivered a Discourse on Luke iii. 9, after which the Vice-President delivered an Address in compliance with the Standing Order of the Convention.

FRIDAY, half-past 2, P.M. 8. The Vice-President took the Chair. The Roll was called.

9. Reports were read from the Georgia, the Illinois, the Maine, the Maryland, and the Massachusetts Associations; from the Rev. E. C. Mitchell, pastor of the Detroit Society, on behalf of the Michigan and Northern Indiana Association; from the New York, the Ohio, and the Minnesota Associations; from the Milwaukee and the San Francisco Societies, and from the Rev. A. J. Bartels.

10. A partial report was read from the Committee on Ecclesiastical Affairs.

11. The statement of the Committee on the Rice Legacy was then read.

12. A statement of the Trustees of the Rotch Fund was then read.

13. Mr. H. T. Niles read the following resolutions, which, on motion, were laid upon the table:

Resolved, That it is inexpedient for the Convention longer to continue an independent Publishing House in New York.

Resolved, That the Executive Committee be instructed to enter into negotiations with J. B. Lippincott & Co., or some other responsible and respectable establishment, for the printing and publishing of the New Jerusalem Messenger, and the other publications of the Church.

14. On motion, the Convention then adjourned, to meet on Monday morning, at ten o'clock.

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