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within the bounds of an Association or other general body of the Church in connection with this Convention. And whenever, in the opinion of the Chairman of the Committee on Ecclesiastical Affairs of this Convention, or the Presiding Minister, Superintendent, or President, of an Association or other general body of the Church, the circumstances of the case require that the Licentiate or Minister should suspend his functions before there is time or opportunity to lay the case before such Executive Committee, or the authority of the Association or other general body of the Church, such Chairman, Presiding Minister, Superintendent, or President, shall notify such Licentiate or Minister not to further exercise the authority of Licentiate or Minister, as the case may be, until the matter can be brought before the tribunal herein authorized to suspend. The Convention may, for like cause, suspend any Licentiate or Minister.


SECT. 1.- The meetings of the Convention shall be opened by the reading of the Word, and prayer, every morning.

SECT. 2. The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper shall be administered on the Sabbath included in the session of the Convention.

SECT. 3.-A Committee on Credentials, to consist of three persons, shall be appointed at the opening of each annual meeting of the Convention, to examine the credentials of the delegates, and make up the roll of the Convention; said Committee to sit during the whole of that meeting, and to add to and correct the roll, as may be proper.

SECT. 4.-All receivers of the doctrines of the New Church, who are or may be in attendance at any session of the Convention, are invited to take seats in the meeting and participate in its deliberations; and to report their names and residences to the Committee on Credentials, that they may be appended to the Roll of the Convention.

SECT. 5. The rules and regulations which obtain in deliberative assemblies generally are adopted by the Convention until otherwise ordered.

SECT. 6.- No member shall speak more than five minutes at one time, nor more than twice upon any subject, without the consent or leave of the Convention.

SECT. 7.- When a report is presented, it shall be regarded as received, unless objected to. If objected to, the question of its reception shall be taken. But its reception expresses no approval of its contents.

SECT. 8.- The yeas and nays shall be taken, whenever they are called for by one-fifth of the persons voting.

SECT. 9.-When the Convention has voted to admit an association, or a Society of the New Church, to membership in the Convention, the President shall announce the names of its delegates, and invite them to come forward. He shall then inform them of the vote of the Convention by which the Association or Society to which they belong was admitted to membership; after which, all the members of the Convention rising, he shall, in behalf of the Convention, give the delegates the right hand of fellowship, and welcome

them to all the privileges which are enjoyed by delegates from similar Associations and Societies.

SECT. 10.- The President shall present an Annual Report or Message setting forth the condition and wants of the Convention; and shall deliver an Address before it, on some day of each session, upon some of its more important interests.

SECT. 11.- The President shall annually address the English Conference or appoint some person to do so in his stead.

SECT. 12. - All addresses ordered by the Convention to go forth in its name, shall first be submitted to the Convention for adoption.

SECT. 13.-The Executive Committee shall make its General Report to the Convention as early as the second day of its annual session, embracing all subjects intended to be brought before the body for its action.

SECT. 14.- It shall be the duty of the Secretaries to attend at the opening of each session of the Convention, and to bring with them the Book of Records, the Journals of the Convention, and such papers as may be in their possession relating to unfinished or other business likely to come before the Convention; and the Treasurer is authorized to audit their accounts for travelling expenses, and to pay the same.

SECT. 15. The two Secretaries of the Convention shall constitute a Committee on the Journal, whose duty it shall be to procure the publication of the Journal entire as recorded, unless otherwise ordered by the Convention; and such reports or other documents received by the Convention, not ordered to be printed by the Convention, as they may deem useful; with such number of copies for distribution as the Committee shall judge necessary. For the expense of printing the Journal, the Committee may draw on the Treasurer for any unappropriated funds in his hands.

SECT. 16.- The Secretaries shall, under the direction of the President, distribute to the Ministers, Societies, and Associations belonging to this Convention, the Minutes of the English Conference, and other documents sent to this Convention for distribution, as soon as received.

SECT. 17. The Treasurer shall furnish annually for the Journal a statement of the Legacies made to this Convention.

SECT. 18. All Committees shall be nominated by the President of the Convention, unless otherwise ordered by the Convention, or provided in the Constitution.

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SECT. 19. The Vice-President is to appoint the Standing Committees in the President's absence.

SECT. 20. - The President and Vice-President are authorized to fill vacancies on any Committee, or to appoint any Committees that may have been overlooked, and to send their names to the Secretaries for publication in the Journal.

SECT. 21.- The Committee on Ecclesiastical Affairs shall consist of twelve ministers, to be chosen by the Convention, with the addition of the President of the Convention, who shall be a member, ex officio, of the Committee, and the Chairman thereof.

SECT. 22. There shall be a Standing Committee of Foreign Correspondence, whose duty shall be to establish and maintain a correspondence with

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public bodies and individuals of the New Church in other countries; to receive and answer communications from receivers of the doctrines, who may address them from abroad, on matters relating to the Church; to attend to such matters as may from time to time be referred to them by the Convention; to extend the hand of charity, in the way of counsel, aid, and protection, to any properly recommended receivers who may present themselves from abroad; and to give suitable introductions to receivers going abroad. They shall also take measures for causing their existence as a permanent Board, and their personal addresses to be made known to the members of the New Church in foreign countries.

SECT. 23. A Committee of three persons shall be appointed, annually, to prepare, on behalf of the Convention, for the next meeting thereof, and it shall be the duty of such Committee, under the direction of the President, to cause to be prepared and printed a programme for the Convention.

SECT. 24. - A Standing Committee of three persons shall be appointed, annually, whose duty it shall be to revise annually the list of societies and receivers appended to the Journal, in season for publication with the Journal.

SECT. 25. A Board of six Managers shall be appointed by the Convention, to which Board shall be intrusted the care and conduct of the Theological School. When the Board is elected, the members shall divide themselves into three classes by lot, numbered one, two, three; the first of which shall serve one year, the second two years, and the third three years; and thereafter two members shall be elected annually, to serve three years. These six Managers shall elect the President of the Theological School, who shall thereupon become er officio a member of the Board.

SECT. 26. — There shall be a Superintendent of Missions, whose duty shall be to provide for the missionary wants of the Church in such places as are not provided for by the several Associations.

SECT. 27.-There shall be appropriated from the funds of the Convention the necessary amounts to enable the Board of Publications, in addition to such specific contributions as may be made, to carry out the plans of said Board; said amounts to be paid by the Treasurer, upon the order of said Board.

SECT. 28. When a Minister is ordained by authority of the Convention, he shall be considered a Minister and Member of the Convention, and subject to its jurisdiction, until his connection therewith shall be severed by voluntary act on his part, or by the authority of the Convention.

SECT. 29. Whenever any person who has been elected a member of the Convention shall become united with an Association, or other collective body of the Church, which is connected with this Convention, his name shall be omitted from the list of those who are members by election.

SECT. 30. All communications addressed to the Convention during the interim between its sessions, shall be sent to the President or Secretaries.

SECT. 31.

The Constitution shall be reprinted with each Journal.

SECT. 32. No change shall be made in the Constitution of this Convention, without being first referred to the Executive or some other appropriate Committee.

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To Associations, etc.

1. Each Association or other collective body of the Church is requested to report annually a list of its Ministers.


To Isolated Societies.

2. To establish a Sabbath-school, and to give it watchful care, in which the truths of the Church shall be distinctly taught.

3. To adopt, as rules of discipline, or laws of charity, what is taught by the Lord in Matt. v. 23, 24, and xviii. 15-17.

4. To establish free libraries of the theological works of Swedenborg, for loan to all who are interested.

To Ministers.

5. If not connected with any Association, to report to the Convention at each session, stating where they are employed, and for what portion of the time.

6. To keep a record of the names, ages, residence, etc., of all persons baptized by them.


The General Convention of the New Jerusalem in the United States of America is composed of the following Associations, Isolated Societies, and Members by Election:

No report yet rendered.



This Association consists of the Columbus, Ga., Society, and about one hundred scattered receivers in Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida.


Societies.-Chicago, Batavia, Peoria, Canton, Henry, Pike County, Quincy, Chicago German, Wilmington, Mount Carroll, Iowa German, Homer, Ia., and Janesville, Wis., and one hundred and seventy-six isolated members.


Societies. Portland, Bath, Gardiner, Bangor, and isolated receivers.


Societies. Wilmington Society, Del.; Baltimore First Society; Baltimore First German Society; Washington Society, D. C.; Warminster Society, Va.; Abingdon Society, Va.

Societies. Boston, Bridgewater, Abington, North Brldgewater, East Bridgewater, Yarmouth, Lowell, Pawtucket, Foxborough and Mansfield, West Bridgewater, Fall River, Springfield, Brookline, Taunton, Salem, Providence, Newtonville, Waltham, Boston Highlands, and Contoocook, N. H.




- Detroit, Berlin, Grand Rapids, and Grand Lodge, and about one hundred isolated members.


This Association consists of the Minneapolis Society, and about seventyfive isolated receivers in other parts of the State.


Societies. St. Louis, St. Louis German, Boonville, Pana, and Jefferson City, and one hundred and fifty isolated church members.

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This Association embraces societies and receivers in the States of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Societies. New York, Brooklyn, Hoboken, Paterson, Riverhead, Baiting Hollow, Orange, Mt. Vernon, Newark, Poughkeepsie, and New York German.


Societies. Cincinnati, Cincinnati German, Urbana, East Rockport, Glendale, Wood County, Pomeroy and Kygerville, Newark, Bellefontaine, Paint Valley, Cleveland, and Richmond, Ind.

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Societies. Delaware County, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Lancaster.


admitted 1824



New Orleans, La.
Edenfield, Pa.
Milwaukee, Wis.



San Francisco, Cal.


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John L. Jewett, New York
Julien Shoemaker, Philadelphia



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admitted 1860 1870


consecrated Aug. 17, 1828


June 12, 1842

June 13, 1847

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