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of corpus callosum in rat, 381.

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of mind in the guinea pig, 293.

of the paraphysis in fowl, 369.
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Fowl, development of paraphysis in, 369.
*Frog, inhibition and reinforcement of reaction in, :24.

motor endings on muscle of, 1.

nervous structures in palate of, 93. *Function, relation of concept of to that of structure, 63. Gal

alvanotropism, of Paramecium, 484.

Ganglion cells, of Ascaris, 368.
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of Amia calva, 282.
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of beach flea, 378.
of guinea pig, 293.
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*Im mitation in animals, 360.

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Behavior of Paramecium, 441.


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nature of, 206.

rate of, in sensory nerves, 206. *Nerve, olfactory, in swine, 390. *Nerves, in slug, 85.

ventral of selachians, 285. Nervous system, anatomy and physiology of, 364.

of guinea pig, 293.

of snake, 205. *Nerve network, in palate of frog, 93. Neurone, concept of, 208. *Neurology, comparative method in, 271. *Nucleus, of spinal ganglion cells of foetal rat, 27.

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Rhythmical song of the wood pewee, 380. *Olfactory nerve, of swine, 390.



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