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“The Factory behind the Pierce Great Arrow

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This illustration shows a very comfortable

car-the Pierce Great Arrow 40-45 horsepower seven passenger touring car. The two extra seats in the tonneau are just as comfortable as the other seats. They revolve like an office chair or a parlor car seat so as to add to the sociability of the party in the tonneau. Price $5,000. Cape top extra.

NHE real test of the Pierce car is not a perfect record in an

exhibition contest like the Glidden Tour, but a perfect record over twice the amount of mileage in the hands of the owner.

Not for two or three weeks at a time, under ideal conditions, but all the time, under all conditions, and over all roads, the Pierce Arrow has proved itself the American car for American men.

Having produced a car as satisfactory as the Pierce, it is up to us to produce a factory good enough and big enough to make the Pierce car as good as it has been in quantities to supply the demand. Hence the Pierce car is now backed up by a factory which we believe is the most complete and most satisfactory of its kind in the world.

The George N. Pierce Co. Members of Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers,

Buffalo, N. Y. .

Pierce Dealers
J. W. McGuire Co.....................746 Boylston St., Boston, Mass.
Harrolds Motor Car Co. ......... Broadway, 58th-59th Sts., N. Y.
H. Paulman & Co................. 1430 Michigan Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Banker Brothers Co....., Baum and Beatty Sts., Pittsburg, Pa.
Foss-Hughes Motor Car Co., 201 N. Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Ellis Motor Car Co...... .......222 Halsey St., Newark, N. J.
Wm. E. Bush..................963 South Main St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Mobile Carriage Co.....

...Golden Gate Ave. & Gough St., San Francisco, Cal. Howard M. Covey

.....,Portland, Ore. Broadway Auto Co., Inc..........

........ Broadway & Madison Sts., Seattle, Wash. Tom Botterill.. ............1643 California St., Denver, Colo. The George N. Pierce Co., Wholesale ...........

..... 762 Golden Gate Ave., San Francisco, Cal, C. P. Joy Auto Co... ............368 Minnesota St., St. Paul, Minn. F. A. Nickerson Co...... ...642 Congress St., Portland, Me. Pence Automobile Co., 717 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. J. P. Schneider .. ...........187 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich. Metropolitan Motor Car Co., 1841 Euclid Av., N.E.,Cleveland,0. D. T. Williams Valve Co............904 Broadway. Cincinnati, O. Zorn-Strauss Co......... .......518 Third Ave., Louisville, ky. Western Automobile Co., 4701 Washing 'n Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. The Palace Auto Co.............. 1408 Walnut St., Kansas City, Mo. Cook & Stoddard Co.............22d and P Sts., Washington, D. C. Southern Auto Co., Mt. Royal & Maryland Avs., Baltimore, Md. Central Auto Station Co........92 Renne Ave., Pittsfield, Mass. E. R. Clark Auto Co..............117 Lyman St., Springfield, Mass. The Miner Garage Co.. High and Allyn Sts., Hartford, Conn, Wilson & Co..... ........117 Craig St. West, Montreal, Canada Automobile & Supply Co., Ltd.

22 Temperance St., Toronto, Ont. Hibbard Automobile Co., 187 Wisconsin St., Milwaukee, Wis. Foss-Hughes Motor Car Co.......

512 Industrial Trust Bid., Providence, R. L. U.S. Automobile Co.........21 Plymouth Ave., Rochester, N. Y. Amos-Pierce Auto Co............... 109 S. State St., Syracuse, N Utica Motor Car Co.

.... Utica, N. Y. Troy Automobile Exchange............ 22 Fourth St., Troy, N. Y. Standard Motor Car Co..

.....................................Beranton, Pa. A. E. Lambert.......

.......Titusville, Pa. H. B. Doherty....

24 Wall St., Binghamton, N. Y. Texas Automobile Co................614 Milam St., Houston, Texas

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Mention Technical World Magazine

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