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Without the aid of a glass, an Australian is said to have written 10,061 words on a postal card.

Postal development in China has necessitated a revision in the spelling of Chinese city names.


The United States Patent Office is months behind in its work.

The floor area of St. Peter's, Rome, is 227,069 square feet, being the greatest of any cathedral in the world.

The aggregate of wealth buried with Turkey's Sultans would pay Russia's national debt.


At Rheims, France, portable bathtubs filled with hot water are delivered to order.

How mosquitos exist, within the arctic circle, without a blood diet, is a mystery. V

The railway commissioners of New South Wales are adopting a system of electrically synchronized clocks.


On the Tombigbee river, Alabama, is enough limestone to supply a cement plant for 100 years.

From the hawksbill turtle of the Carribean Sea comes the tortoise shell of commerce.

The gold mines of Western Australia have paid dividends amounting to over 70 millions of dollars.

Air that has been inhaled has a higher electrical conductivity than has normal air.

A professor in Copenhagen University is said to chloroform plants. After several days they bud in great profusion. V»

Lava may be blown into beautiful green-colored bottles, lighter and stronger than ordinary glass.

Norway's seaweed, used as fuel, yields a greater revenue than do the fisheries of that country.

The Baltic Sea is not salty enough to sustain the life of the oyster.

Cabbages in Cuba grow to such size .that a single head often weighs 20 pounds.

In Belgium, 70 per cent of telegraph messages are delivered in from one to 15 minutes.

A Hindu catamaran can go to and from ships when ordinary craft can not be launched

The gold mines of ancient Egypt have been reopened by English capital.

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says he can make a thousand dainty and delicious dishes out of SHREDDED WHEAT—so wide and varied are its culinary uses.

But yc u don't need a Chef for Shredded Wheat. For breakfast simply heat the Biscuit in an oven to restore crispness, then pour hot milk over it. This brings out the delicious aroma of the baked wheat, making it more palatable and appetizing. Then add a little cream and a dash of salt.

SHREDDED WHEAT contains all the muscle-building, brain-making material in the whole wheat made digestable by steam-cooking, shredding and baking.


A breakfast of SHREDDED WHEAT BISCUIT with hot or cold milk or cream, will supply the energy for a whole day'* work. TRISCUIT is the same as the Biscuit except that it is compressed into a wafer and is used as a TOAST for

any meal, instead of white flour bread. At all grocers.



Mention Technical World Magazine

A French invention, consisting of bulb thermometers, predicts at sundown whether there will be a frost.

Beira, a little town in Africa, is built almost entirely of galvanized sheet metal.

A half-century ago William H. Parkin discovered the coloring properties of coal-tar.

Whether whales and dolphins ever sleep observation so far has been unable to discover.

The Chinese bury their dead close to the surface, thus affording fertilizer to plants.

The Bavarian government will install a locomotive claimed to make 94 miles an hour.

The cocoanut tree is so elastic as to withstand the fiercest storms, even on the sea-coast.


The State of Pennsylvania exports large quantites of ginseng at 50 cents a pound.

Ox wagon competition makes certain short railroad lines in South Africa unprofitable.

Great Britain gives the best protection in the world to the inventor.


A Frenchman is said to have discovered a means of firing torpedoes by wireless electric power.

Portugal is making an effort to reclaim 10,000,000 acres, nearly one-half the country's area.


It is proposed to grade French troops hot according io height but to length of stride.

Trill Rhodesia, Africa, at Broken Hill, nearly 1,000.000 tons of lead and zinc are in sight.

Cotton growing in Peru dates back beyond the time of the Spanish conquest. V*

The cattle egret of India is a bird that follows grazing cattle to secure disturbed insects.


The North Star is estimated to shine with a light 190 times that of the sun.

Rock temples at Ipsampool on the Nile arc believed to be the world's oldest architectural ruins.

The woods of New South Wales are so varied as to meet the world's requirements.

Crystal, melted and electroplated, has been successfully used in France to counterfeit gold coins.

A cottonwood tree recently cut in Mississippi contained 4,800 feet of lumber.


Giraffes and elephants are said to play havoc with telephone lines in Africa.

Peat artificially dried, is being made into wood under heavy hydraulic pressure.

Fresh eggs, a French scientist says, often are infected with poison before being laid.

A violin played with four bows by electricity is the latest invention of a Chicagoan.

The inhabitants of ancient Gaul of France built houses of terra cotta.

The Frzberg, Austria's iron mountain, will furnish ore for 1,000 more years.

The only substitute for San Domingo mahogany is that of East India.

The huge serpent, the boa constrictor,

has 320 pairs of ribs.

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YOU can get a trial balance from three hours to three days earlier with a Burroughs

Adding and Listing Ma- / chine. It means, also, a / saving in work and worry.

Our department of Busi- j ness Systems has just issued a series of life size forms with jf, complete descriptions showing four of the ways the Burroughs handles trial balances.

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Burroughs Adding Machine Company

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