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ROM Jersey City to Jersey tunnel to Twenty-third streetBroadway in three "plans," said the State Railroad Commisminutes brings New sion in 1902, at the time of their inception, York an hour nearer "that surpass in magnitude any in the Chicago. From Wall world.” Last in the category of Mr. JaStreet to the clear air cobs' achievements, but first in order of and open country of completion, was the gas tunnel from Ra

Long Island in fifteen venswood, Long Island City, to East Sevminutes is a vastly important thing to enty-first street, Manhattan. This bore congested Manhattan. These are but

was nearly a half mile long under the two of the great responsibilities that swift current of Hell Gate. It was Mr. rest on the shoulders of Charles M. Jacobs' first triumph—a work abandoned Jacobs, the English bridge builder and by the original contractors. tunnel digger, who is directing the Penn

A man who has accomplished such stusylvania bore from Long Island, across pendous tasks owes a duty to the public. Manhattan and under the Hudson River. He should at some time or other tell us Incidentally Mr. Jacobs has charge of the of his work, but "Silent Jacobs," as he tunnel from Jersey City to Dey street and has come to be known, has only given perBroadway, as well as the tunnel across sonal expression of his achievements to East River from the Battery to Brook- the public on two occasions. The first to lyn, and the completed New York and the effect, "That he was the first engineer Copyright, 1907. by Technical World Company.


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who tunnelled under East River, and that great tunnelling contracts in New York, while Henry Hudson discovered the W. H. Baldwin, President of the Long North River in 1609, he was the first man Island Railway, and A. J. Cassatt, Presito pass under the North River from New dent of the Pennsylvania system, passed York to Jersey City, and this in 1904 away before the completion of their cherwhen conducting the president and di- ished projects, though both lived to see rectors of the New York and jersey rail

them well under way. road." The other eventful remark of Mr. Mr. Jacobs has just secured the conJacobs' was made in 1905 where he was tract from the French government to cornered by a reporter, “I'm too busy do- design a tunnel under the Seine from ing things to talk about them," was all Rouen to Havre at a cost of $10,000,000. the tunnel digger would say.

The tunnel will be a mile long and will Charles M. Jacobs' crowning feat was be a counterpart of the North River tunthe construction of a hydraulic shield nel, New York. which is a gigantic cylinder twenty feet Mr. Jacobs is about six feet tall,carries in diameter and thirteen feet long and is himself like a soldier, has a round, florid forced forward by hydraulic jacks and face, a heavy, snow-white mustache, finerams. The shield has several chambers ly shaped Roman nose, high, unwrinkled which have hinged doors through which forehead, bald head, fringed with closely the mud and gravel enter. This contriv- cropped hair, firm mouth, strong chin, ance has forced its way through many a and eyes like an eagle's. Health and precarious condition, sometimes with- strength are written all over his face, and standing great floods of water rushing there is about his manner a repose and upon it through breaks in the river bed.

quiet dignity that suggests the possession Mr. Jacobs is fifty-eight years of age of an immense store of reserve force. It and was brought to America by the late is this reserve force that has carried him Austin Corbin who wanted to bridge the through many a moment of peril, many a East River. The young engineer was crisis in which only prompt and energetic even then prominent in England and had action could prevent disaster. It is the done work for the great Pearsons firin knowledge of this immense strength and when they tunnelled under the Thames. the cool brain that directs it, which has He had also executed important commis- inspired in the men who work for him sions for that firm in India and New such confidence in their master that they South Wales.

will face unhesitatingly any peril when It is a sad fact that the two men whose ordered by him, or will follow him into implicit confidence in him gave him the what looks like certain death.

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HEN the late Russell The great engineer who revolutionSage and George Gouldized the construction of the steam engine gave the $2,000,000 and who designed the great Allis-Chalmiorder to Edwin Rey- ers shops near Milwaukee, recognized as nolds of Milwaukee, for models of convenience and economy, was the eight combined travelling from Albany to New York vertical and horizon- when the question demanded his attental cross-compound en

tion. Not until he reached the Harlem gines, giving eight equal impulses to a tunnels did he act, however. Less than piston throughout a revolution, that fur- fifteen minutes were at his disposal, for nish the power for the Manhattan Ele- a committee was to meet him at the vated railway in New York, they turned Grand Central Station. Drawing from to Mr. Reynolds for suggestions as to his pocket a letter, Mr. Reynolds hastily the manner of housing those 12,000 horse drew in accurate, detailed plans for the power monsters—the largest stationary power house. They proved entirely acengines in the world.

ceptable to the committee and the power




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