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house was built from the pencil sketch on a riot, Edwin Reynolds scattered a mob, the back of the envelope.

led by an anarchist, that had raided some Edwin Reynolds has always been a of the leading shops and attacked the Old man of quick decision and quick action. Reliance works of E. P. Allis & Co. Mr. When he was a boy, sixteen years of age, Reynolds met the gang personally at the working on a farm in Mansfield, Connec- gate of the works and with a fire hose, ticut, he left the plow at a moment's no- having one hundred and ten pounds of tice and accepted a proposition from a water pressure, drove them in confusion, machinist, Anson P. Kenney, to learn the without stopping to argue. trade in his shop. Years later he sudden- Mr. Reynolds is recognized as perhaps ly left a lucrative position with the fa- the foremost engine designer and builder mous old engine builder, George H. Cor- of America. He has also built pumps liss, to go with the younger and more that hold the world's record, notably the advanced builder, Edward P. Allis. Milwaukee waterworks pump, handling Again, side of a week's time, he con- 500,000,000 gallons of water every twenceived the idea of forming the gigantic ty-four hours. To recount his engineerAllis-Chalmers engine combination. ing feats would require a volume. He is

Mr. Reynolds has shown that he can act hale and hearty at seventy-eight and is a with expediency and grit. In the days of director of many companies and associathe Milwaukee riots, when “Uncle Jerry” tions and a member of many electrical Rush, Ex-Governor of Wisconsin and and engineering organizations. He is a Ex-Secretary of Agriculture, made his man of very affable personality and may reputation for nerve by appearing in the well serve as a model for the emulation streets with a Gatling gun and quelling of the ambitious young engineer.

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? HILE not exactly the rebuilding the New York Central's ter"Father of Skyscrap

minal facilities. These two most signifiers,” John F. O'Rourke, cant engineering works, at present being the young Irish lad who

Irish lad who pushed to completion, will go far to alter gained his education in the aspect of transportation facilities in Cooper Union, New the Metropolis and with the practical York, has made possi- part of the work Mr. O'Rourke will have

ble the construction of much to do. the forty story skyscraper, irrespective Mr. O'Rourke knows his New York: of nature's foundation. O'Rourke has he was born and bred within sight of St. done many things the casual observer Patrick's Cathedral, of which he is now a wots not of. He had laid the foundations trustee. He was designed by his parents of towering steel structures, dug tunnels for a legal training ; but he had a purpose and devised processes for“shoring up”ad- of his own to become an engineer. When jacent buildings whose walls were threat- he went to work to earn a living he deened by the giant caissons sunk far below termined at the same time to realize his their underpinnings. O'Rourke appliedi ambition. He attended night school at the diving bell principle to the work of Cooper Union and graduated from the constructing a foundation and invented engineering class. The first work that

exhibited his quality was the Poughthe wooden caisson. Thousands of tons of steel are erected with safety upon these keepsie bridge, of the building of which caissons and it is due to O'Rourke mission to the American Society of Me

he had charge. This secured for him adthat New York holds the record of rapid chanical Engineers in 1884. Then he beconstruction of skyscrapers. This genius gan to undertake those burrowing works of subaqueous construction is digging in Manhattan with which his name has the Pennsylvania railway tunnel under since been identified. the Hudson river and depressing and He is not so absorbed in his work but

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that he is able to answer the social calls of board; and when he rises to speak he the metropolis. He is a frequent partici- brims over with quaint conceit and pator in gatherings about the banquet humor, and says things that stick.

The Message Bearer


NAME which is just vanus Thompson, he is at the same time coming to be well wonderfully expert with his hands and, known in the country is as he goes about the shops, the workmen that of Poulsen, the are constantly appealing to him for 'adgreat Danish electri- vice and assistance. Personally, those cian and scientist, who know him say that the inventor is whom his countrymen modest and retiring, living almost withproudly called "the

out society and being entirely devoted to Edison of Denmark." His inventions and absorbed in his work. have already won him wealth and His most spectacular invention up to his present experiments are at present the present time is that of the telecarried on in a large group of connect- graphone, which was described several ed buildings which stand on the out- months ago in this magazine. The teleskirts of Copenhagen. Herr Poulsen is graphone, it will be recalled, records by a stalwart man of thirty-eight, sturdy in magnetic action, the human voice on figure and able to endure long and severe spools of fine wire or thin sheets of steel. strains, both physical and mental. Often, A business man, for instance, can dicwhen on the track of a discovery, he tate a letter to one of these thin sheets works straight ahead for twenty hours of steel, drop it into an envelope and mail at a stretch, hardly stopping for meals or it, quite in the usual way. The person sleep and rushing from shop to shop in receiving the sheet has only to insert it his great plant, at a sort of a gliding run, in his machine to have the message deso strong his interest in the work and so livered vocally, with every inflection of great his energy. Though admitted to be the voice preserved. Poulsen is said to one of the most advanced students of the look forward to the day when most busimystery of electricity and a scientist who ness and personal correspondence will be ranks with Lord Kelvin and Prof. Syl- carried on in this way.

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Crocodiles, water-moccasins, Seminole Indians, plume hunters, and occasional fugitives from justice have been for more than a hundred years the principal inhabitants of the Everglades of Florida –that vast tangled morass which occupies almost the whole of the southern end of the peninsula. Now the Everglades are to be drained. Both State and national governments are at work. When the great work is done more than seven million acres of the richest sugar land in the world will be added to the productive domain of the State. - EDITOR.

O most minds the name around its outer margin where it ap-
Everglades has an indefi- proaches the Atlantic Ocean on one side
nite meaning, carrying and the Gulf of Mexico on the other.
with it an idea of Indians Soon after the admission of Florida
and alligators, pathless into the Union, in the same year in fact,

forests and immense sur- Congress was petitioned through Florida faces of water. Very few understand representatives to take steps toward the that it occupies almost the entire southern investigation, survey, and reclamation of half of the peninsula of Florida, and that this section. Two years later Congress its millions of acres of water and mud are was requested “to grant to this State all exciting the attention of engineers and the swamp and overflowed lands south scientists throughout the country. In of the Caloosahatchee River and of the round numbers its area is six or seven northern shore of Lake Okechobee and million acres and it occupies most of the between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atcounties of Lee, DeSoto, Dade and St. lantic Ocean." In 1850 as a result of the Lucie. Its surface varies in character Arkansas Bill, Florida became possessed from the shallow waters of Lake Oke- of the land herself under the proviso, as chobee and the slight highland north of stated in the bill, that she should devote this lake to the tide level region of the the moneys derived from the sale of these extreme southern point of the state. It lands, first, to their reclamation, and is generally covered with saw-grass, a afterwards, to the public education of the vegetation which is absolutely worthless, State. and is entirely without trees except The State accepted this trust and in

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