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This great labor, time and
money saving short-cut is

but one of the many equally valuable economies the Burroughs makes possible.

JIT It is one of the reasons why the Burroughs
^1 is built in the largest adding machine
factory in the world. Ninety per cent, of all
adding machines sold are Burroughs.

J7[ Over 50,000 Burroughs are in use by more
than 25,000 business houses. It is the
only adding and listing machine—why, the Bur-
roughs sells one machine every fifteen minutes
of a ten-hour day and keeps over 1800 men busy
meeting the demand, A N D, the Burroughs is
guaranteed to do more, do it better, and to last
longer than any other make. 51,336 users
(May 21, 1U07).


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Flag of Deliverance. Poem.
Frank H. Sweet. Illumination
Design. Fred. Stearns . . 474

City Built on Rubies.

W. G. Fitz-gerald 476

Railroad Creeps Out to Sea.

Frederick Blair 484

Beautiful Caverns of Luray.

Photos. C. H. Claudv . . .

Curbing a Human Flood.

John Elfreth Watkins . .

Prisoner of the Air. Story.
Phil Paul Paine ......

Fireworks in the Making.

Rknis Bache

The Revolver.


Emmett Campbell


Marvels of High-Speed Steel.

O. M. Becker ....... 522

Government Ownership in Canada.

Herbert Vanderhoof .... 531

Largest Hydraulic Gold Mine in the
World. Harry H. Livingston . 537

Wonderful Pebble Beach.

J. Mayne Baltimore .... 542


Farm on the Ocean Bottom.

Robert Franklin 551

New Things About Cocaine.

Ernest Haller 559

New Buoy for Saving Lives.

Louis J. Simpson 560

Monster Floating Crane.

J. B. Van Brussel 562

Six-Wheeled Motor Cars.

David Beecroft 561

Saves Telegraphers' Nerves.

L. A. Hoskins 566

Balloon Hunting by Auto.

Dr. Alfred Gradenwitz . . 568

New Explosive Projectile.

Frank N. Bauskett .... 569

Engineering Progress 670

Blowing off Steam 576

Consulting Department 578

Science and Invention 581

THE TECHNICAL WORLD MAGAZINE, published the fifteenth of each month preceding the date of issue, is a popular, illustrated record of progress in science, invention and industry.

PRICE: The subscription price is $1.60 per year, payable in advance; single copies. 15 cents. This includes postage to all parts of the United States and Mexico. Fifty cents a year additional is required for mailing to all points in Canada, except Newfoundland, which requires regular foreign postage. Foreign postage is $1.00 a year additional.

HOW TO REMIT: Subscriptions should be Bent by draft on Chicago, express or postoffice money order.

THE EDITORS invite the submission of photographs and articles on subjects of modern engineering, scientific, and popular interest. All contributions will be carefully considered, and prompt decision rendered. Payment will be made on acceptance. Unaccepted material will be returned if accompanied with stamps for return postage. While the utmost care will be exercised, the editors l all responsibility for manuscripts submitted.

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"A Battery of Business Brains"

said a certain successful manufacturer to a friend as he pointed to a book-case filled with back numbers of The Business Man's Magazine. And in that trite phrase he has expressed the thoughts of thousands of men who have learned to make a success of business by reading The Business Man's Magazine.

Name over in your mind ten of the most successful men in the business world and estimate, if you can, what it would be worth to you if you could secure their counsel and advice in your business affairs. Then you will begin to appreciate the value of The Business Man's Magazine, for you get all this and more in every issue.

The Business Man's Magazine

maintains a staff of business experts—trained writers—who have no other duties than to visit the world's great factories, investigate the methods of mercantile concerns that are recognized as leaders, consult with managers, merchants, bankers, and accountants, and to give to you the results of their investigations.

These men are examining every new and old plan which promises to reduce expenses or result in more or better work. They select those methods—plans—systems which have been proved best by test; these they explain and illustrate in detail for your use. They tell you just how the plans which have been found successful by others can be adapted to your business.

You could not—if you cared to spend the time and money—gain access to these shops, factories, stores and offices whose business methods our trained writers describe in plain understandable language without technical phrases. But you can get all this—' twelve issues of a 200-page magazine filled with business producing, money saving ideas, any one of which may be worth hundreds of dollars to you—and the cost is but One Dollar.

Send One Dollar today for a year's subscription, say where you saw this offer, tell us what position you hold and the name of the concern with which you are connected and we will send you free, a handsome and useful souvenir which you will always be glad to carry in your pocket. To get the souvenir you must give the information asked for.

THE BUSINESS MAN'S MAGAZINE, 37 W. Fort St., Detroit, Mich.

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