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Clean--Sanitary--Odorless--Newest Designs-
Best Appliances--Finest Nickel Trimmings

Here is an example of our ability to save you 40 to 60 i>er cent in the purchase of high grade plumbing flx■tures. We guarant-e that every article used in this outfit is absolutely brand new and first class In every particular.

THE BATH TUB is spotless white porcelain enameled, with heavy roll rim. and of very gracefulshape. THE LAVATORY is beautiful, spotless white porcelain enameled, with full set of nickel plated trimmings THE CLOSET is the latest anil most sanitary, vitreous syphon jet: polished solid oak seat and tankTHE ACCESSORIES include bath seat, nickel plated soap cup. two towel bard, and toilet paper holderNO JOINTS TO WIPE, all threaded pipe connections.

This Is our No. 3'4 outfit, and our price of $50.00 absolutely includes all ot the plumbing fixtures shown in the'illustration, properly crated and packed for shipment.

This is but a sample of the manv different styles that we offer for sale. Fifteen different combinations . ranging in price from. $25.00 to $-00.00. Our prices: will save you one-half what your plumber would ordinarily charge you.

We furnish a written binding guarantee with every, outfit that ye sell. If any material Is not fully up to our epresentations or jour expectations, we will exchange at our treight exi>ense or refund your money.

OUR BOOK ON PLUMBING MATERIAL contains charts, drawings and diagrams: shows how any ■ mechanic can instajl^unblng fixtures without wiping joint, also tells how to secure perfect santta

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have se- n this advertisement.

«HHtfcimNG PLANTS FROM $100.09 UP.

We save you from 30 to'50 per cent.

Send us a sketch1cmdiagram of your house for our estimate. Steam and hot water heating plants of modern construction furnished vou npk'te, ready to install. "•Our eflleient Engineering Department furnishe yuu correct healing Ideas. Any handy man can Install our plants, either i.. new or old buildings. Our complete, yet simple Instructions, sent with each ;>lan.

Write for our Book "COLD WEATHER COMFORT"

A useful heating guide. Gives full and necessary Information on the i care of your plant. Contains one thousand beating hints. Mailed free

Ito any one mentioning this publication.
Our 500-page catalogue. No. F. A. 586. on merchandise for the Home,
the Field and the work shop, is mailed free.

We buy our goods at Sheriffs' and Receivers' sales.

CHICAGO HOUSE WRECKING COMPANY 35th and Iron Streets, Chicago,

Mention Technical World Magazine


This Great Busy Man's Library

is made up of the six best known and most practical business books ever published. They are printed in clear type on highest grade antique finish book paper, handsomely and substantially bound in half morocco with titles stamped in gold leaf. These books are uniform i 5j^x8 inches—from 192 to 308 pages.

SALES PROMOTION:—A book which deals with the most vital force in the success of any business—how to make more sales—more profit. Not written exclusively for the man on the road—but for the entire force. The clerk who does not read it misses a chance to learn how to earn more money. The merchant or manufacturer who reads it will surely want to place a copy in the hands of every man who has anything to do with getting business. Not a word of theory in it—each chapter was written by a successful salesman or manager of salesmen.


would learn the art of writing conviction compelling—sales making;—money getting letters, this book was written. And it was written—not oy a theorist—but by successful business men who make their living by writing letters—men who have succeeded because of their ability to put conviction into the written page. They give you the knowledge gained by hard work and long experience.

ESSENTIALS OF BUSINESS LAW:-A work dealing with the practical points of commercial law which come up in every day business life, and written in plain understandable terms for the busy business roan. "What you want to know, when you want it ' is the keynote of this work by Francis M. Burdick, Professor of Law at Columbia Law School, than whom there is no higher authority. So entertaining is the author's style that it is a positive pleasure to read what is usually obscured by a mass of technicalities intelligible only to the trained legal mind.

THE CREDIT MAN AND HIS WORK:-Of all that has been written on the subject of credits, this book is the roost practical for it is not an expression of the ideas of one man but the combined work of twenty credit specialists. It gets right down to the heart of- the subject—it deals in a sane common sense way with the very problems that confront every man who has to do with credit sales—whether manufacturing, wholesale, retail or instalment. Not only does it tell how to determine the credit risk; but how to organize a credit department, either small or large; how to keep the records; how to handle collections.

MANUFACTURING COST:—Not a description of the intricate cost system of some great manufacturing plant, but a work

) create a practical cost t the very foundation, expounds the principles on which your cost system must be* baised. Illustrated with page after page of

h page after page of of your own business.

simple forms, readily adapted to the r

Absolutely the most practical work for proprietor, superintendent, foreman or clerk.

TABLOID SYSTEMS:—A collection of simple business systems, briefly but clearly explained, which will help solve the difficulties of your every day work. No theories, but really effective systems which have been tested and found practical in actual business. These systems, for which the originators » paid big fees, are yours for the v.

One of these books will be sent you fr<

Simply as an inducement to you to form the habit of reading The Business Man's Magazine—the magazine that tells you what is being done by the world's niost successful business men, and how it is done. A magazine now in its 20th. year, which has the confidence and esteem of employers—which has shown the way to better things for the employe.

If you—an employer—are in doubt, read what Jno. V. Farwell & Co. of Chicago, say:

"For the enclosed check of $110.00 please mail s copy of The Business Man's Magazine for one year to the heads of depart-
ments of this company."

If yon are an employe—working for your employer's interest, and in the hope of advancement, read this letter from
B. L. Morris, Dayton, Ohio.

"I wish to say that I am now employed by the National Cash Register Company of this city, a position I do not believe I
could have held if It were not for the help of the valuable articles published in the Business Man's Magazine."

Could there be stronger evidence—voluntary evidence, too—that this magazine is helpful to the employer and employe alike?

HERE IS ^ Simply send us $1.00 the regular subscription price, and we? will send The ^Business Man's


t Simply send us $1.00 the regular subscription price, and we" will send I he Business Man's J Magazine to you for 12 months and send you carriage paid, any one of the above books, j Or if you will send us $5.00, we will send you the entire set of six books and enter your name ( and the names of five friends each for a years subscription—sin subscriptions in all.

If you want more proof send 20c for a three months trial but do not look for this book offer again.

The Business Man's Magazine 115 W. Fort St Detroit Mich.

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$1500 a Year for Life

Five shares in the creat commercial rubber orchard of the Conservative Rubber Production Company should, at maturity, yield you a sure and certain income of 11500 a year. No large cash payment down is required to secure them as they can be paid for as follows ■ 825.00 a month for the first year; $30.00 a month for the second year; $15.00 a month for the four succeeding years; then (20.00 a month the last year—making $1500 in seven years which covers the entire cost.

One or more shares are sold at a proportional rate.

The income derived from trees during the seven-year development period should average 25% on the money invested; then $1500 a year for life. This most conservative estimate is based upon government reports of the United States and Great Britain, the most reliable sources of information in the world. v *" On our splendid estate of 12,000 acres in tropical Mexico, we are changing the

production of crude rubber from the primitive and destructive methods hitherto emi>'oye<^ ky the natives to the most scientific and successful plan known to modern forestry, 'iw^r and under Anglo-Saxon supervision.

tjjftg. There is nothing speculative about crude rubber. It can be sold every day in the year in

„jjg any market in the world at a price that has been steadily increasing for years. For a quarter of

7s a century the world s supply has been spoken for months before it reached the civilized market.

v The price has doubled in a decade, and the question of future supply is of vast moment and can

only be solved by the scientific cultivation of the rubber tree.

We are now engaged in this new and immensely profitable industry on a large scale, and the unusual opportunity is open to you to secure shares in our plantation. Each share represents an undivided interest in all our land—6000 acres of which is being planted to rubber, and what has already been accomplished assures the success of the enterprise.

Every possible safeguard surrounds the investor. These safeguards are embodied in the contracts which provide that you are to pay no taxes, no salaries, no fines or assessments, and payments will be suspended for three months without prejudice and maybe made up at any time during the seven years.

Our literature gives conclusive facts, logical figures, and definite reference as to our Integrity ana responsibility, and proves that our proposition is bona fide, safe and enormously profitable. Such an investment insutes the absolute safety of your future and comfort in old age. Our booklet "Money Making; Opportunities of Mexico '* proves that our statements are absolutely correct. The Company is divided into only 6,000 shares which are being rapidly taken—over 900 people having already become associated with us.

Write to ua and we will furnish you with facta that will put you in close touch with every d stall of our plan.
Oui literature 1b Sent Free, and every request for It will receive Immediate attention. Write for It to-day.

Conservative Rubber Production Company Ili KSS^cSSS


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OU will get the TECHNICAL WORLD MAGAZINE every month , for a full year— 12 big, handsome, and interesting magazines. It will be the best investment you ever made of $1.50—it will bring you the best

magazine you have ever read—a magazine which will interest and instruct every member of your family, every month— 12 magazines, each with 1 12 pages of reading matter making a total of 1920 pages for $1.50 or 13 PAGES FOR ONE CENT.

CThe TECHNICAL WORLD MAGAZINE has correspondents in every important city in the world who are constantly gathering the latest news that you want to know and getting wonderful photographs that bring you close to the scenes they describe and make you actually see them.

d. During the coming year we shall print all that is new, important, and interesting concerning Air Ships, Automobiles, the New Navy, Forestry, Irrigation, Astronomy, Agriculture, Geology, Electricity, Engineering, and hundreds of other subjects too numerous to mention. We shall describe how things are made — ordinary, everyday things and the rare and wonderful things as well. We snaU describe the romances and dramas of the commercial world, so little known to the average reader.

C. We cannot announce beforehand what these articles will be, because the events have not occurred nor the discoveries been made, but if you will look into any recent number of the TECHNICAL WORLD MAGAZINE, you can see what they will be like except that we shall make each number better than the one which preceded it

C Then we shall have a good live story—fiction—every month, some poetry, biography, stories of travel, etc., and finally we shall give some space to strange things which happen the world over —freaks of nature, wrecks and accidents which have a bearing upon our progress in knowledge of natural law.

C No other periodical in the world has attempted or can attempt to cover the field as well as the TECHNICAL WORLD MAGAZINE

Mention Technical World Magazine

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