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et seq.


American seamen refuted, 394 et seq.-particular scenes of, 261 et

seq.-extracts from, 268, 271, 272

-general character of, 275-par-
Schoolcraft's Journal reviewed, 224, ticular excellencies and defects of,
247-extracts from, 229, 236, 238 276 et seq.--characters of, 279

the first American romance, 281.
Simond, his Travels in Switzerland Theophylact, use of him by Erasmus
reviewed,352-qualifications of,352 in editing the Greek Testament,
-his anecdote of Napoleon, 354 464.
his account of Pestalozzi's school, Trade to the N. W. coast, history of,
355—do. of the destruction of Gol- 371-value of, 373—Russian inter-
dau,359—do.of Fellenberg's school, diction of, 375.
361–do.of the glaciers, 364—do. of Turgot, character and anecdotes of,
Geneva, 366 et seq.

321, 332.
Sismondi, cited, 434—his Julia Seve.
ra reviewed, 163.

et seq.

United Stales of America, travels in,
Social contract, Rousseau's theory of 224, 340—religious institutions of,
a, 21.

442 et seq.-increase of population
Smith, Adam, his disposition, 9-his in, 292 et seq.-emigration to, 293

Wealth of Nations translated, 333.
Smith, Capt. John, voyages of, 37, 42

-preserves the Virginian colony, Venice claims the discovery of N.
45—his government, 256.

America, 46.
Spain, attempts of, to colonize N. Voltaire, his dispositions, 9—remains
America, 49-political prospects of, of, disturbed, 19-his remarks on
188—her American colonies, 190 the holy inquisition, 324.
-her title to the N. W. coast of

America, 389_ecclesiastical estab- Walton Brian, his labors in sacred
lishments of, 436.

criticism, 472.
Stael, Madame de, her opinion of War, improvements in, 199 et seq.

Rousseau's death, 16-her opinion Washington, his system of espionage,
of Mirabeau, 84—her controversy 259_-anecdote of, 260—difficulty
with Chateaubriand, 110_anec- of representing, in a work of fic-
dote of, 363.

tion, 261.
Stansbury, P. his Pedestrian Tour, re- Webster Daniel, his Plymouth Dis-
viewed, 340 et seq.

course, reviewed, 21 et seq.
Steam-navigation, 232, 234.

West, Sir Benjamin, 60.
St. Pierre, his essay on Rousseau re- Wetstein's Prolegomena, cited, 462,
viewed, 1 et seq.

his labors on the New Testament
Switserland, Simond's Travels in re- 472-opinion of his edition-by
viewed, 352.

bishop Marsh and Michaelis 478,

479, his chief fault, 479.
Tasso, Rousseau's admiration of, 611 Wieland works of, 164.

-citation from, 12—the rival of Winthrop, the first governor of Mas.
Ariosto, 99.

sachusetts, 256, 257, 418.
Taste, principles of, in music, 402 Whitby's opinion of the effect of Mill's

collection of various readings 475.

, voyages of, 376, 381. White mountains, height of the, 343.
Tell, Wm. story of, in part fabulous, Whitefield, relics of, 354.

Terence, oldest manuscript of, 476. Yverdun, exempted from military con-
The Spy, reviewed, 250,—story of, tribution, 357.

259-prominent faults of, 262 et

et seq.

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