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SUBJECT AND CONTRIBUTOR. 17 Acute Anterior Poliomyelitis Bar

bour, P. F. 30 American Practioner and News, the

1905 (Editorial). 79 Academy of Medicine Proceedings. 113 Acute Anterior Poliomyelitis (Edi.

torial). 118 Arthritis in Children, Tuberculosis. 120 Analgesia, Local. 171 Academy of Medicine Proceedings. 191 American Anti-Tuberculosis League. 193 Acute Abdominal Disturbances-Mar

shall, Ewing 207 Albumenuria- Jenkins, Wm. A. 242 Academy of Medicine Proceedings. 311 Academy of Medicine Proceedings. 314 Acute Meningitis. 316 Art of Eating Properly. 361 Alcohol as a Food (Editorial). 363 Annual Meeting of American Medical

Association (Editorial). 386 Academy of Medicine Proceedings. 476 Appendicitis-Fleenor, C. W. 515 Anatomy, Cunningham's (Book Re

view), Wm. Wood & Co. 516 Anatomy, Handbook of (Book Review),

F. T. Davis Co. 525 Aconitine in Fevers of Childhood (Lan

ders, I. R. 553 Anatomic Eponymes, Data of (Edi

torial. 561 Actinomycosis. 560 Appendicitis in Children. 609 Academy of Medicine, Proceedings of. 615 Arterio-Sclerosis- Pearson, M. M. 644 Academy of Medicine. 712 Anesthesia, Proper (Editorial). 719 Anatomy, Descriptive and Surgical

(Book Review)-Lea Bros. & Co. 192 Blakistons Suiz Company (Book Re

view)-P. Blakiston's Sons & Co. 230 Bronchi, Diseases of --Allen, M. S.

SUBJECT AND CONTRIBUTOR. 349 Burns, A Study of-Van Zandt, T. K. 365 Bathing During Menstrual Period. 501 Bright's Disease, The Treatment of

(Editorial). 518 Books Received. 666 Beauty Through Hygiene -- Common

sense Ways to Health for Girls

(Book Review)-A. S. Barnes & Co. 49 Clinical Society Proceedings. 72 Cases Reported— Hendon, G. A. 103 Clinical Society Proceedings. 117 Cancer and Tuberculosis, Associat’n of. 167 Clinical Society Proceedings. 232 Clinical Society Proceedings. 277 Cystitis-- Prather, S. Scott. 282 Cæsarian Section for Myomi Uteri. 301 Clinical Society Proceedings. 308 Clinical Society Proceedings. 314 Cerebro-Spinal Fever. 315 Chronic Round Ulcer of Stomach. 326 Clinical Urinology (Book Review)

Wm. Wood & Co. 364 Complete Uterine and Vaginal Pro

lapse, Treatment of. 371 Clinical Society Proceedings. 382 Clinical Society Proceedings. 423 Calcium Oxalate Calculus-Robinson,

Byron. 440 Clinical Society Proceedings. 447 Clinical Society Proceedings. 470 Clinical Lecture-Bainbridge, Wm. S. 502 Carcinoma, A Serum sor (Editorial). 509 Clinical Society Proceedings. 519 Cancer, Some Remarks on Treatment

of-Horsley, J. Shelton. 565 Case, Report of a. 565 Correspondence. 624 Cancer of the Rectum-Samuel, F. W. 639 Clinical Society Proceedings, Louis.

ville. 658 Cerebral Arterio-Sclerosis. 659 Cord.


660 Chloretone.

358 Fissure in Ano—Witherspoon, E. O.
661 Camphoric Acid.

687 Functional Disease - Zimmerman, B.F.
664 Chemistry, a Text-book of (Book Re. 37 General Catalogue (Book Review) —P.
view)-P. Blakiston Sons & Co.

Blakiston's Sons.
699 Clinical Society Proceedings, Louisville 121 Gastric Hemorrhage, Definition and
710 Case Report Dr. Bizot.

Classification of.
717 Cervix, Stenosis of.

298 Gall Bladder, Surgery of--Spears, L.B.
326 Dwight's Epitome of Toxicology (Book •316 Gastric Ulcer, Etiology of.
Review)—Lea Bros.

317 Gastric Ulcer, Treatment of.
451 Diseases, Infectious (Book Review) – 328 Graves' Disease, with or without Ex.
D. Appleton & Co.

ophthalmic Goitre (Book Review)
507 Diazo-Reaction, Diagnostic and Prog.

Wm. Wood & Co.
nostic Significance of,

339 Gynecological Examination — Kelsall,
516 Deformities, The Influence of Growth

0. H.
on Congenital and Acquired (Book 366 Gonorrhea, Effect of on Female Gen-
Review)-Wm. Wood & Co.

erative Organs.
517 Diet and Nutrition, Practical Problems 403 Gland, The Prostate— Wilson, D. S.

of (Book Review) – Wm. Wood & Co. 464 Gastric Ulcer-Morrison, J. Rowan.
601 Discussion on Dr. Taylor's Paper be- 556 Genito-Urinary and Skin.

fore the L. M. and S. Society. 578 Goitre, Exophthalmic-Jenkins, Geo.B.
614 Diseases of the Kidney, Diseases of the 654 Gastric Digestion (Editorial).

Skin, and Hemorrhagic Diseases 662 Guaiacol.
( Book Review) — W. B. Saunders 714 Gastric Ulcer alter Gastroenterotomy,
& Co.

Case of.
654 Digestion, Gastric (Editorial).

716 Gynecology Superstitions, Some.
687 Disease, Functional-Zimmerman,B.F. 9 Hypertrophies, Tonsillar — Morris,
718 Diseases of Infants and Children, Man.

John K.
ual of (Book Review)-W. B. San- 30 History, A Bit of (Editorial).
ders & Co.

161 Heart Disease, Digitalis in-Pearson,
255 Eneurosis.

M. M.
316 Electricity.

215 Hygiene of Tuberculosis - Coomes.
325 Eagle Valley Medical Society.

M. F.
329 Emergency Surgery-Wathen John R. 353 Hernia, Its Complications and Treat,
369 Excessive Fetal Development.

ment- Bowers, L. G.
389 Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Nursing 362 How to Obtain a Certificate to Prac-
(Book Review)-F. A. Davis Co.

tice in Kentucky (Editorial).
393 Extra Uterine Pregnancy, Treatment 365 Hematoma of Vulva and Vagina.
of-Wathen, W, H.

369 Hepatic Insufficiency in Pregnancy.
502 Editorial Notes.

455 Hysteria-Reesor, O. R.
578 Exophthalmic Goitre-Jenkins, Geo.B. 503 Hydrochloric Acid in Stomoch, Method
592 Editorial Notes.

of Determining Action (Editorial).
595 Eclampsia.

567 Hyperchlorhydria-Lucas, Chas. G.
655 Editorial Notes.

597 Hyperemesis Gravidarum, Treatment of
656 Epilepsies, The.

612 Hare's Practical Therapeutics (Book
661 Euquinine.

Review)-Lea Bros. & Co.
677 Enlarged Prostate, Treatment of 613 Harrington's Practical Hygiene (Book
Wathen, John R.

Review)-Lea Bros. & Co.
722 Era Key to the U.S. P. (Book Review) 663 Hexamethylenamine.
- The Pharmaceutical Era.

664 How to Study Literature (Book Re-
147 Femur Fracture, Home Treatment of-

view)-Hinds, Noble & Eldridge.
Jacob, D. R.

452 International Medical Annual- E. B.
318 Fear in Heart Disease.

Treat & Co.




508 Intestinal Obstruction in Dogs.
595 Is Craniotomy on the Living Child

Ever Justifiable?
629 Intestinal Obstruction-Abell, Irvin.
655 International Medical Congress (Edi.

713 International Medical Congress-Gui.

teras, Ramon.
581 Jiquerity and Trachoma - Taylor, P.

i Life Insurance, Medical-Grant, W.Ed.
39 Louisville Medical and Surgical So.

ciety Proceedings.
89 Louisville Society of Physicians and

93 Louisville Medical and Surgical So.

517 Manual of Psychiatry (Book Review) -

John Wiley & Sons.
539 Mastoid Cases.
551 Mosquito, Elimination of the (Edit.).
560 Modern Medicine for July.
611 Manual of Diseases of the Eye for

Students and General Practitioners

(Book Review)-Wm. Wood & Co.
612 Manual Serum Diagnosis (Book Re.

view)- John Willy & Sons.
613 My Own Story (Book Review)— Bobbs.

Merrill Co.
655 Medical Congress, International (Edi.

667 Meningitis–Barbour, P. F.
718 Manual of Surgery for Students and

Practitioners (Book Review) – Wm.

Wood & Co.
112 Neurological Society, Louisville.
313 Neuro-Syphilitis.
326 New Methods of Treatment (Book Re.

view)-W. T. Keener & Co.
410 Neurasthenia, Traumatic Weidner,

420 Narcolepsy-Meyers, Sidney J.
554 Notes, Editorial.
556 Neisser, Experiments of.
613 Nurses' Guide for the Operating Room

(Book Review)-W.T. Keener & Co.
684 Nephritis-Manning, H. L.
805 New York Academy of Medicine Pro-

ceedings-Twinch, S. A., Secretary.
188 Opitz Pregnancy Glands.
192 One Hundred Years of Publishing

(Book Review) -- Wm. Wood & Co.
290 Obstetrics, Observations and Conclus.

ions of
321 Osteopathy-Keller, Wm. A.
486 Osteopathy-Graham, Douglas.
489 Ovarian Conditions, Some Reflex

Willmoth, A. David.
517 Ophthalmic Year Book 1904 (Book Re-
715 Occult Blood in the Feces and Their

ciety Proceedings.
183 Louisville Society of Medicine and

251 Late Prof. Birmingham, M. D.
304 Louisville Society of Medicine and

319 Lung Simulating Phthisis, Syphilis of.
324 Luther Holden (Editorial).
327 Lea's Series of Medical Epitomes (Book

Review)-Lea Bros.
367 Lacerated Perineum.
377 Louisville Society of Medicine and

564 Louisville Medical and Surgical So-

ciety Proceedings.
659 Localization.
664 Lea's Series of Medical Epitomes (Book

Review)-Lea Bros. & Co.
689 Louisville Medical and Surgical So.

ciety, Proceedings of.
709 Louisville Society of Physicians and

31 Medical Examination for Life Insur-

ance (Editorial).
110 Muldraugh Hill Medical Society.
253 Modern Pediatrics-Jenkins, Geo. B.
313 Myelomalacia.
317 Mucous Colic.
368 Manual Dilation of the Os and Cervix

Uteri to Effect Immediate Delivery.
390 Manual of Operative Surgery (Book

Review)-P. Blakiston's Sons.
480 Medical Examiners, Duty of-Leavell,

Hugh N.
505 Methyl Alcohol.

view)-Herrick Book and Station.

ery Co.

574 Optical Aphasia-Moren, John J.
593 Obstetric Practice, Hepatic Insuffi-

ciency in.
597 Oxytocic Medication.
597 Obstetrical Examinations, The Five.
629 Obstruction, Intestinal-Abell, Irvin.
696 Obscure Cases, Clinical Report 01-

Marshall, Ewing.

Clinical Significance, The Tests for.
17 Poliomyelitis, Acute Anterior Bar.

bour, P. F.
36 Pathological Anatomy and Histology,

Handbook of (Book Review)-Wm.

Wood & Co.
Practical Medicine Series, vols. 8, 9,

and 10 (Book Review)-Year Book

68 Pulmonary Phthisis, Care of Throat in

– Robertson, Geo. A.
117 Peritoneum, Operative Infection of.
122 Presbyterian Hospital, Medical and

Surgical Reports of (Book Review)-

Troy Directory and Bookbinding Co.
222 Phymosis in Infancy and Childhood-

Russman, C. G.
254 Pneumonia in Infants.
250 Professional Secrecy (Editorial).
317 Pseudo - Malarial Types of Infective

320 Pneumonia.
365 Primary and Secondary Repair of Pel.

vic Floor.
370 Postpartum Temperatore, An Unusual

Case of.
390 Progressive Medicine (Book Review)

Lea Bros.
451 Practice of Medicine, A Text-book on

(Book Review)-Lea Bros.
452 Politics in New Zealand (Book Review)

-C. F. Taylor.
453 Progressive Medicine, vol. 2, June,

1904 (Book Review), Lea Bros.
453 Physical Chemistry, A Text-book of

(Book Review), Chapman & Hall.
514 Pharmacopæia of the United States of

America (Book Review)—P. Blakis.

612 Practical Pediatrics (Book Review) -

F. A. Davis Co.
661 Pleric Acid.
677 Prostate, Enlarged, Treatment of

Wathen, John R.
716 Practical Gynecology.
719 Physician's Visiting List (Book Review)

P. Blakiston's Sons & Co.
719 Physician's Account Book (Book Re-

view)—The Medical Council.
192 Quality Analysis, Brief (Book Review)

-P. Blakiston's Sons & Co.
125 Rheumatism, Some English Views on

-Barbour, P. F.
254 Relation of Epilepsy to Convulsions in

323 Railroad Hygiene (Editorial).
390 Radiotherapy, Pototherapy, and High

Frequency Cuirenis (Book Review)

ton's Sons & Co.
514 Pathology and Therapy of Disorders of

Metabolism and Nutrition, Clinical
Treatise on (Book Review)— E. B.

Treat & Co.
529 Puerperal Infection-Speidel, Edward.
596 Puerperal Fever, Prevention of.
598 Pediatrics, Progress in
601 Proceedings of Louisville Medical and

Surgical Society.
611 Practical Medical Series of Year Books,

vol. 1 (Book Review) — Year Book

- Lea Bros.
515 Religion and Lust (Book Review)-

Chicago Medical Book Co.
526 Regular Physician, Consultation with

-St. John, Wm.
624 Rectum, Cancer of-Samuel, F. W.
34 Surgery, Society of International.
34 Southwest Virginia Medical Society.
35 Stomach and Intestines, Diseases of

(Book Review)-E. B. Treat & Co.
122 Surgical Treatment of Bright's Dis-

ease (Book Review)-Frank F. Lis.

188 Serum Diagnosis of Tuberculosis.
190 Subject of Diphtheria (Editorial).
254 Scarlet Fever.
268 Syphilis--Morris, J. M.
325 Societe Internationale de la Tubercu-

lose (Editorial).
326 Serums, Vaccines, and Toxins in Treat-

ment and Diagnosis (Book Review)

-W. T. Keener & Co.
327 Simon's Physical Chemistry (Book Re:

view)-Lea Bros. & Co.
453 Students' Handbook of Surgical Oper.

ations (Book Review) - W'. T. Keener

& Co.
503 Spirochetes in Syphilis.
505 Summer Camps.
517 Surgery of the Heart and Lungs (Book

Review) — The Grafton Press.
551 Scepolomine- Morphine Anthesia.
560 Strangulated Hernia, Reduction of.

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