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No. 63.

WASHINGTON, April 24, 1905. I--So much of General Orders, No. 176, November 17, 1904, War Department, as directs the 23d Infantry upon arrival in the United States to take station at Madison Barracks and Fort Ontario, New York, is modified so as to direct the entire regiment to take station at Madison Barracks, the companies for Fort Ontario to go into camp until that post is ready to receive them. (1003386, M. S. 0.]

II--In connection with the training school for bakers established at Fort Riley, Kansas, by General Orders, No. 2, January 4, 1905, War Department, a training school for army cooks is hereby established under the direction of the commandant of the School of Application for Cavalry and Field Artillery at which successive classes will be instructed for periods of four months.

The classes under instruction shall be composed of selected recruits of common school education, who manifest a desire to learn the trade of cook and show an aptitude for the work.

There shall be continuously two classes under instruction, a new class entering on the 15th of each even numbered month. Details of men for instruction will be made by the War Department in time for each class to report at Fort Riley not later tban the time fixed for its instruction to commence, and in number not to exceed the accommodations of the training school.

Upon the completion of the prescribed course successfully the men comprising a class will be assigned to organizations and directed to join their respective organizations by orders from the War Department.

An officer of the Subsistence Department will have immediate charge of this school, and subject to the approval of the Commissary General is authorized to employ such civilian labor as may be found necessary, to be paid out of the appropriations for the Subsistence Department. (997471, M. S. 0.] BY ORDER OF THE SECRETARY OF WAR:


Major General, Acting Chief of Staff. OFFICIAL: F. C. AINSWORTH, The Military Secretary.

JUN 25 Reco



, April 26, 1905. I--The following orders of the Secretary of War are pubJished to the Army for the information and guidance of all concerned:


WASHINGTON, April 20, 1905. ORDERS:

I. In conformity with the provisions of Section 1331, Revised Statutes, the Chief of Staff is charged with the supervision of matters in the War Department pertaining to the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York.

II. By direction of the President, pa ragraph 2 of the General Regulations for the United States Military Academy is amended to read as follows:

2. The superintendent, and, in his absence. the next in rank. shall hare the immediate government and military command of the academy, and shall be commandant of the military post al West Point. The superintendent will render to The Military Secretary of the Army, in accordance with paragraph 787, Army Regulations, all required reports, returns, and estimates concerning the academy.


Secretary of War. J

(1005028, M. S. O.) II.-In accordance with the provisions of section 12 of General Orders, No. 7, dated Headquarters of the Army, Adjutant General's Office, Washington, January 24, 1903, the adjutant general of each State will require, in addition to such reports as may be required by instructions and orders now in force, the commanding officers of field batteries and companies or detachments of coast artillery of the militia to forward, through military channels, to the Chief of Ordnance, United States Army, reports, on prescribed forms which will be furnished on application, of all firings with cannon including subcaliber tubes done under their supervision immediately after such firing takes place. (1003473, M. S. O.) BY ORDER OF THE SECRETARY OF WAR:


Major General, Acting Chief of Staff.

The Military Secretary.

JUN 25 Reco

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