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such in the department, and in competition for the rank of captain (Class 8, first, Grade D), competition shall be limited to police sergeants, to detective sergeants and to telegraph operators who have the rank and pay of police sergeants.

Sergeants who may have been in command of precincts or subprecincts for not less than three months during the year next preceding the date on which the vacancy to be filled was created, and who have demonstrated their ability to command, may, in the discretion of the Commissioner, be promoted without competitive examination,

In determining such merit, upon such competitive examination for promotion, especial weight shall be given by the Commission, or examiners so far as practicable, to the merit of the work done by the applicant in the position from which he seeks promotion, and in weighing such merit, length of service may be considered. Such merit shall be determined from the records and papers of the office or position in which he has been employed, so far as they show his diligence, punctuality, steadiness and other merit; and from his work in such office or position, so far as it remains or can be inspected; and from such other evidence of such merit as the Commission or examiners may deem it proper to consider.


REGULATION XXXIX. Transfers of persons included in the same grade of any class in Schedule B may be made from one office or department to another, by the mutual consent of the heads of such offices or departments; providing that the annual rate of compensation in the place to which the person is transferred shall not exceed the annual rate of compensation applicable to that grade. Every such transfer must be reported to the Commission for record within five days from the date thereof. No transfer will be permitted from a position enumerated in any class within Schedule B to a position enumerated in any other class within Schedule B, or from Schedule A or Schedule D, to any position in Schedule B, except by virtue of the application, examination and other proceedings, which are in these regulations prescribed for admission to the position to which the transfer is to be made.


REGULATION XL. No one dismissed from the service for misconduct, whether prior or subsequent to the promulgation of these regulations, shall be admitted to examination for appointment in any capacity in any department of the municipal service within two years from the date of dismissal.


REGULATION XLI. Where the employment of a person in any grade of Schedule B is terminated because the work upon which he is engaged is suspended, he may be reappointed by the head of such department to the position in which he was so formerly employed, and if such person had been originally appointed from an eligible list then his name shall thereupon be replaced upon the eligible list from which he was appointed to the position thereon to which his original marking or rating entitled him, and be thereafter certified for appointment in all respects as if his name had been plac d upon such eligible list on the date of such former termination of his employment.


REGULATION XLII. The ratings in the examinations for the positions of assistant clerk in police courts, clerk, Grade B; clerk, Grade C; clerk, Grade D; carpenter, and inspector of masonry in viaducts and stone walls, said examinations having been held prior to May 15, 1897, under the regulations then in force, are to be divided by two, and the result of such division will be the ratings for merit for said examinations. The ratings for fitness in said examinations are to be determined as provided in Regulation XVI.


REGULATION XLIII. All new or omitted positions shall be deemed to be in Schedule B, as provided in Regulation IV, unless the assignment of such positions to some other schedule be made by the Commission. To procure such an assignment to Schedule A or to Schedule D, application must be made to the Commission in writing by the appointing officer, before making any appointment, and the assignment shall be signed by the chairman and filed with the records of the Commission. Unless such application to the Commission be made by the appointing officer in advance of the appointment, there shall be no transfer to Schedule A or to Schedule D.


REGULATION XLIV. Every change in the service of the city of Brooklyn shall be reported in writing, within five days, to the Commission, by the appointing officer in whose department the change takes place.

REGULATION XLV. All appointments and all changes in the civil service of the city of Brooklyn, made under these regulations, shall be published in circular form for distribution, and shall be furnished to the newspapers at least once in each week.


REGULATION XLVI. Nothing herein contained shall prevent the commissioner of police from detailing members of the uniformed police force to such duties in his department as, in his opinion, they may advantageously perform; or the commissioner of the fire department from detailing members of the uniformed fire force to such duties in his department as, in his opinion, they may advantageously perform.



REGULATION XLVII.. It shall be the duty of the Commission, at the beginning of every calendar month, with the exception of July, August and September, to prepare and publish the civil list of the city of Brooklyn, corrected to the date of publication. The list shall contain the name of every person in the employ of the city of Brooklyn, or receiving compensation from the city on the date of publication, together with the title of his office, the salary or compensation thereto atached, the date from which his appointment takes effect, whether the office be elective or appointive, and, if appointive, then by whom the appointment is made, and the term, if any, of the office. The civil list shall be filed in the office of the Commission as one of its records.

The persons entered upon the civil list (whether on January 1 or during the year) shall be thereon classified as follows: FirstPersons holding positions not within the operation of these regulations. Second-Persons holding positions in Schedule A. Third-Persons holding positions in Schedule B. Fourth--Persons holding positions in Schedule D. Fifth-Persons receiving compensation from the city, but subject to the Civil Service Regulations of the State.

No payment of salary or compensation shall be made to any person holding a position in either of the Schedules A, B and D, unless his name be upon the civil list, and unless the requisition or warrant for such payment show the schedule of such person appearing upon the civil list. This, however, shall not prevent the payment of laborers or day workmen not yet upon the civil list, whose pending employment has commenced not more than one month before the payment. It shall be the duty of the Civil Service Commission, or of its secretary under its direction, to examine and duly verify every pay-roll, for the purpose of enforcing the provisions of this regulation.

No payment shall be made by the city of any of its officers to a person holding a position subject to the Civil Service Regulations

of the State, and the laws in pursuance of which the same were made, until it appears that his appointment was made before such regulations took effect or has been made agreeably to the same.

Every appointment, as soon as proper notice of the same is received by the secretary of the Commission, shall be immediately entered on the civil list under the proper division. And every death, resignation, removal or promotion of any person, whose name is on the civil list, shall be noted thereon.

It shall be the duty of every officer of the city to render to the Commission every proper assistance in the preparation of the civil list.



REGULATION XLVIII. Appointments coming within Schedule D shall be made as follows: All persons applying for such appointment shall be registered or enrolled on eligible lists, to be made and kept by the Commission for that purpose. No person shall be so registered or enrolled unless he shall be found by the Commission to be physically qualified, and unless he shall make written application, in such form, as the Commission shall determine, for such registration or enrollment, indorsed by two reputable citizens of Brooklyn. No person shall be so registered or enrolled who is not a resident of Brooklyn at the time of his application, unless the Commission shall determine that the good of the public service otherwise requires, and upon such determination at any time, and from time to time, persons who are not residents of Brooklyn may be registered and enrolled upon any list or lists designated by the Commission, and upon such conditions and terms as the Commission may prescribe. From and after the adoption of this regulation, no appointment to positions under Schedule D shall be made except from the said lists. Upon receiving a requisition from any head of department, the Commission shall certify from said lists, double the number of names called for, and the said officer shall select the number required from the number so certified and report to

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