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7. The appointing person or body shall cause a competitive examination for fitness of the persons named upon such list, to be held, and shall give notice to such persons to appear at a specified time and place for the purpose of being examined by him or it in relation to their fitness for the position named and to be filled. The minimum rating for fitness shall be 35 per cent. and no person whose rating is lower than such minimum shall be eligible for appointment.

8. The rating for fitness shall be added to the rating for merit of each applicant. The result so obtained constitutes the eligible list for appointment, and appointments must be made therefrom in the order of the combined rating of each applicant.

9. Whenever there are urgent reasons for making an appointment, and there is no merit list from which an eligible list for appointments may be made, the appointing person or body may make such appointment temporarily until a selection and appointment can be made from an eligible list for appointment.

10. There shall be no permanent list for appointment. Examinations for fitness sall be made immediately prior to appoint. ments.

RULE IV.-FALSE STATEMENTS. 1. Every false statement knowingly made by any person in his application for examination, and every connivance by him at any false statements made in any certificate which may accompany his application, or any wilful complicity by him in any fraud to improve upon his examinations shall be regarded as good cause for removal or discharge of such person from his office.

RULE V.-PROMOTIONS. 1. Promotion shall in all cases be based upon the positive merits and fitness of the person promoted, and upon his superior qualifications as shown by his previous service. Whenever the appointing person or body deems it practicable, it shall be made only after a competitive examination for fitness.

RULE VI.-RE-EXAMINATION. 1. No person who has failed in any examination for merit shal} be admitted within one year from the date thereof to a new examination for the same position.

RULE VII.–FAILURE TO ACCEPT APPOINTMENT. 1. If an applicant fails to accept an appointment, he shall be deemed to have waived his right to appointment, and his name shall be stricken from the list of eligibles for appointment.

RULE VIII.-TERM OF PROBATION. 1. Every original appointment or employment shall be for a probationary term of three months, and the appointing person or body in notifying a person selected for appointment shall specify the same as for a probationary term only; and at the end of such term, if the conduct, capacity and fitness of the probationer are satisfactory to the appointing officer or body, his reten. tion in the service shall be equivalent to his absolute appointment; but if his conduct, capacity or fitness be not satisfactory, he may be discharged at any time.


1. No one dismissed from the service for misconduct shall be admitted to examination for merit in any capacity within two years from the date of such dismissal.

RULE X.–VETERANS. 1. Veterans are entitled to the preference given by the Constitution and statutes of the State.

RULE XI.-APPLICATION OF RULES. 1. These rules and regulations apply only to the classified service. The power to remove as it exists by law on the part of any officer or board, is not impaired by anything contained in these regulations. All persons holding positions in the civil service at this date, in the classified service, shall be entitled to all the rights and benefits possessed by persons appointed in such service upon examination under the provisions of these rules.

ALBANY, N. Y., November 11, 1897. The foregoing regulations for the city of Elmira having been duly examined, are hereby approved by the New York Civil Service Commission.

Attest: [L. S.]



Regulations for the Civil Service of the City of Poughkeepsie.



REGULATION I. (1) These regulations shall apply to all positions in the public service of the city of Poughkeepsie, with the following exceptions, required by the statutes, namely: All elective officers and the subordinates of any such officer, for whose errors or violations of duty said officer is financially responsible, and the heads of every department of the city government, and persons employed in, or who seek to enter, the public service under the educational department of the city, and all subordinate officers who, by virtue of their office, have personal custody of public moneys or public securities, for the safe keeping of which the head of the office is under official bonds.

(2) The civil service of the city of Poughkeepsie shall be divided into the unclassified service and the classified service.

(3) The unclassified service shall comprise all elective positions, all officers appointed by the mayor and the chief of police.

(4) The classified service shall comprise all clerks, copyists, bookkeepers and others rendering clerical services and not included in the unclassified service, all police officers, superintendent of the poor, superintendent of water works and the clerks, engineers, firemen and other persons appointed by the board of public works, except the superintendent of streets, and all other persons employed in the public service of said city, or appointed by any board or officer, and not included in Regulation I, and in the unclassified service.


REGULATION II. (1) The violation of any of the provisions of the civil service acts, or of these rules, by any person in the civil service of the

city of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., shall be considered a good cause for the dismissal of such person from the service.

(2) No person in the civil service of the city of Poughkeepsie, X. Y., shall use his official authority or influence to coerce the political action of any person or body, or shall dismiss or cause to be dismissed, or make any attempt to procure the dismissal of, or in any manner change the official rank or compensation of, any person in such service because of his political or religious opinion or affiliations.

(3) No question in any examination, or form of application or other proceedings by or under the Commission, or its examiners, shall be so framed as to elicit information concerning, nor any other attempt be made to ascertain, the political or religious opinions or affiliations of any applicant, competitor or eligible, and all disclosures thereof shall be discountenanced by the Commission and its examiners. And no discrimination shall be exercised, threatened or promised against or in favor of any applicant, competitor or eligible because of his political or religious opinions or affiliations.

(4) No recommendation of an applicant, competitor or eligible involving any disclosure of his political opinions or affiliations shall be received, filed and considered by the Commission, by an examining board, or by any nominating or appointing officer.

(5) No person in the civil service of the city of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., shall be obliged to contribute to any political fund or to render any political service; nor shall any such person, directly or indirectly, use his authority or official influence to compel or induce any other person in such service to pay or promise to pay any political assessment.

(6) In making removals or reductions, or in imposing penalties for delinquency or misconduct, penalties like in character shall be imposed for like offenses, and action thereon shall be taken irrespective of the political or religious opinions or affiliations of the offenders.

(7) A person holding a position on the date said position is classified under the rules, whose appointment was made in con

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