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SPECIAL AND EXPERT EXAMINERS. W. P. Cutter, librarian, Department of Agriculture, Washing. ton, D. C.

Prof. H. J. Ryan, electrical engineer, Ithaca, N. Y.
Prof. Brainerd Kellogg, Polytechnic Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Prof. William G. Raymond, civil engineer, Troy, N. Y.
Thomas R. Ward, printer, Albany, N. Y.

S. C. Rice, manager, Western Union Telegraph Company,
Albany, N. Y.
Miss Anna M. Reiner, teacher, Hoboken, N. J.
Prof. Robert H. Thurston, mechanical engineer, Ithaca, N. Y.
Prof. R. W. Wallace, Albany Business College, Albany, N. Y.
Antonio Cuyas, correspondent, New York city.
Otto P. Eberhard, notary, New York city.
Rev. Isidor Loewy, New York city.
Albert Wank, immigrant inspector, New York city.
N. J. Arbeely, editor and immigrant inspector, New York city.
W. L. Weeden, regents' examiner, Frankfort, N. Y.
Mrs. Charles W. Burrowes, teacher.
Mrs. H. A. Davidson, Albany, N. Y.
Henry L. Taylor, regents’ examiner, Albany, N. Y.
Miss S. A. Walker, art teacher, New York city.
Oliver S. Strong, M. D., Wood's Holl, Mass.
B. R. Heyward, lawyer, Albany, N. Y.
A. B. Huested, pharmacist, Albany, N. Y.

Fred. E. Wilcox, examiner, Building Department, New York city.

E. P. Saxton, teacher, Westville, N. Y.
Walter Roche, bookbinder, Albany, N. Y.
Carlos Macdonald, M. D., Pleasantville, N. Y.
Prof. G. C. Caldwell, chemist, Ithaca, N. Y.,
Mrs. Mary E. Cox, teacher, Albany, N. Y.
Mrs. Clara A. Weeden, teacher, Frankfort, N. Y.
Miss Mary A. Rogers, teacher, Frankfort, N. Y.
Miss H. E. Duddleston, teacher, Frankfort, N. Y.
Mrs. Marion E. G. Taylor, teacher, Albany, N. Y.
Ernst Lundgren, lawyer, New York city.

Prof. J. L. Morris, mechanical engineer, Ithaca, N. Y.

A. Romano Avezzana, secretary, Italian Emigrant Aid Society, New York city. Francis Collingwood, civil engineer, New York city.

Prof. William K. Gillette, New York University, New York city.

Julius Schwartz, insurance agent, New York city.
J. Newton Fiero, lawyer, Albany, N. Y.
Prof. James E. Russell, Teachers' College, New York city.


Albany.-John A. Best, John W. Cox.

Amsterdam.-John G. Serviss, Robert N. Clark, Louis H. Reynolds, Lawrence A. Serviss.

Binghamton.—John J. Irving, R. A. Gunnison.

Brooklyn.- Franklin A. Coles, William O'Connell, John Laughlin, Richard H. Clarke, Jr.

Buffalo.-Henry A. Richmond, Charles B. Wheeler, William
B. Dickinson, George H. Minor, William B. Rogers, Frederick S.
Hoffer, Alfred W. Gray.

Corning.-A. N. Norris.
Elmira.-A. W. Banfield.
Geneva.-Edwin R. Bishop, M. D., F. A. Malette.

Hornellsville.—Murray E. Page, W. R. Prentice, Hiram A. Baker.

Ithaca.—Charles A. Stiles, Gregg Puff. Jamestown.-George C. Van Dusen, Vernelle A. Hatch, Frank S. Thorpe. Kingston.-Philip Eltinge, John J. Moran. Malone.-H. M. Chamberlain. Middletoron.— William J. Burke, George W. Powers.

New York City.-Elmer G. Story, Walter S. Schutz, Oscar D. Weed, John A. Thompson, Thomas M. Debevoise, Byron P. Stratton.

Olean.-Fox Holden.
Oneonta.-Alva Seybolt, C. A. Butler.
Plattsburgh.-D. A. Lockwood, C. E. Fitzpatrick.

Rochester.-John E. Williams, G. W. Miner, Samuel C. Williams, Charles F. W. Amsler, Edward Amsler.

Syracuse.-Louis L. Waters, George L. Baldwin.
Troy.-Henry S. Knight, Seymour Knight.
Utica.- William J. Cahill, George N. Smith, George F. Hendrick.
Watertown. —Gary M. Jones, George W. Reeves.

Class III – EXAMINERS IN STATE INSTITUTIONS. Albion, House of Refuge for Women at.-Clara M. Waterman, chairman, Harriet Watson, M. D., Mary K. Boyd.

Auburn Prison.-F. H. Mills, S. J. Westfall, John N. Ross.

Batavia, Institution for the Blind at.- Frank M. Jameson, Miss G. S. Griswold, Frank S. Wood.

Binghamton, State Hospital at.-Charles C. Eastman, M. D., chairman; Edward Evans, Robert J. Powers.

Buffalo, State Hospital at.Henry P. Frost, M. D., Walter H. Conley, M. D., John H. Culp.

Clinton Prison.-Seth Allen, Abram Schiff, Ira E. Irish.

Craig Colony, Sonyea, N. Y.-L. Pierce Clark, M. D., Elizabeth D. Holt, Mary Louise Benoit, M. D.

Elmira Reformatory. R. Charles Bates, Henry F. Bush, A. D. Call.

Hudson, House of Refuge at.-H. W. Alden, chairman ; Crawford E. Fritts, M. D., Elmer S. Luckenbach, secretary.

Long Island State Hospital, Brooklyn.-Ira 0. Tracey, M. D., D. E. Warren, M. D., Caroline M. Stengel, M. D.

Long Island State Hospital, Kings Park.-B. G. Williams, M. D., John McGuire, M. D., Oscar T. Conklin. Manhattan State Hospital : Male Department, Ward's Island. - Archibald Campbell, M. D.,

John Riordan, M. D., Rudolph Knapp.

Female Department, Ward's Island. - Constantine Bjerring,

M. D., H. A. Bond, M. D., William B. Mosely, M. D.
Central Islip.- M. B. Heyman, M. D., Charles G. Brink, M. D.,

C. E. Norris, M. D.
Hart's Island.— Benjamin R. Logie, M. D., Louis Walther,

M. D., F. H. Magness, M. D.
Matteawan State Hospital.- Robert B. Lamb, M. D., chairman;
Edgar J. Spratling, M. D., James F. Howell, secretary.

Middletown, State Hospital at.- George Allen, M. D., chairman; Daniel H. Arthur, M. D., C. Spencer Kinney, M. D., secretary.

Newark, Custodial Asylum for Women at.— Silas S. Pierson, chairman; Gertrude E. Windspear, M. Alice Brownell, M. D., secretary.

Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence Hospital at.- Richard H. Hutchins, M. D., chairman ; William C. Hall, Warren L. Babcock, M. D.

Poughkeepsie, Hudson River State Hospital at.— Charles H. Langdon, M. D., chairman; E. Lyman Brown, Emma Putnam, M. D.

Rochester, State Hospital at.Ezra B. Potter, M. D., chairman; W. S. Remington, Eviline B. Ballantine, M. D., secretary.

Rochester, State Industrial School at.- Franklin H. Briggs, chairman ; Edwin Foster, Margaret Craig.

Sing Sing Prison.- Rev. John S. C. Weills, Edgar W. Cook, John B. Cockcroft.

Soldiers' and Sailors' Home, Bath.Dr. Orlando W. Sutton, J. Carter Robie, Monroe Wheeler.

Syracuse, Asylum for Feeble-Minded Children at.-John L. Barnett, chairman ; William G. Hall, Alvina E. Wood.

Thomas Orphan Asylum, Versailles.- Irving R. Leonard, Mrs. Frank W. Kammerer, William Lawton,

Utica, State Hospital at.-- Harold L. Palmer, M. D., chairman; John R. Jones, Clara Smith, M. D.

Willard, State Hospital at.- Morris J. Gilbert, Samuel F. Mellen, M. D., secretary; William L. Russell, M. D.

Woman's Relief Corps IIome, Oxford, N. Y.-Prof. R. H. Coe, K. E. Miller, M. D., Burr Buckley.

II. CLASSIFICATION. Table showing the number of positions in the unclassified and classified service in the various departments and institutions.

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Executive Chamber........
Lieutenant Governor.............
Secretary of State......
Comptroller ........ ...
Attorney-General .......
Engineer and Surveyor.........
Railroad Commission
Department of Public Instruction ..
Insurance Department ........
Bankiny Department ....
Department of Public Works...
Department of Excise..........
Department of Agriculture.
Factory Inspector ....................
Department of Public Buildings ......
University of the State of New York..
State Museum .....
State Geologist and Paleontologist ...
Prison Commission......
Superintendent of State Prisons....
Auburn Prison..--.
Prison for Women, Auburn...........
Clinton Prison........... .......
Sing Sing Prison....
Commission of Fisheries, Game

Forests ...........
Forest Preserve Board......
Capitol Commissioner.......
State Land Survey.......
State Board of Health.....
Court of Claims.........
Bureau of Statistics of Labor..
Board of Charities.............
Civil Service Commission......
Board of Mediation and Arbitration..
Statutory Revision Commission......
Board of Tax Commissioners.........
State Historian ..............
Inspector of Gas Meters....
Superintendent of Weights and Meas-

Onondaga Salt Works....
Agricultural Experiment Station,

Geneva .............. .
Weather Bureau, Cornell University..
Commissioners, Niagara Reservation..
Health Officer, Port of New York.....
Quarantine Commission.............
Board of Port Wardens.....
Commissioners of Subways, Brooklyn.

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