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Fathers, and

infant mor-
tality, 604.
Feeble-minded, custodial care

of the, 150.
internal secretory system

in the, 707.
Fees—Peak, 103.
Fehling solution, new sub-

stitute for the Walker

and Klein, 580.
Female chastity: Its psychol.

ogy and eugenics—Tal-

mey, 497.
Fibrositis, infectious, and

trench shin, 833.
Fire, liquid, use of, 721.
First-aid courses, 436.
Fitzgerald, J. G., 310.
Flag of America-Free-798.
Fly killers, 270.
ubiquitous, gregarious and,

Food administrator, national,

economy, 142.
economy, importance of,

increased cost of, a handi.

cap to health, 542.
prices, 786.
problem, 274.
situation of the country,

with some remarks on the
urgent necessity for a Na.
tional Food Commission

-Lewis, 370.
Foods and drugs, safeguard.

ing, 735.
Foodstuffs, dehydration of,

Foot, care of the, 649.

soldier's—Corbusier, 328.
trench, its causation and

treatment, 422.
troubles, importance of

correcting, 206.
Forces, fighting, health and

strength of, 545.
Fountains, sanitary drinking,

Fourth of July, new signifi.

cance to the, 483.
Fracture, Colle's, treatment

of, 137.
France, situation in, 552.
Freudenthal, Wolff, 511.
Friedenwald, Harry, 615.
Friendship-James Whitcomb

Riley, 671.

Gall-bladder, surgery, hexa


mellitus, dietetic treatment

of, 271.
mellitus in Japan, 262.
Diagnostic technic, plea for

greater simplicity in-

Johnston, 113.
Diathermia, 70.
Diet in anemia, importance

of, 718.
in old age, 719.
Dietary in hyperacidity, 779.
Dietetics, economic, 141.
Digitalis and heart failure,

Diphtheria, acute appendici-

tis as a complication of-

McCoy, 685.
control, 8.

kerosene oil in, 596.
Disease, hookworm, treat-

ment of, 197.
Diseases, children's, hormone

therapy in-Block, 470.
chronic, treating as an of-

fice specialty, 836.
communicable, registration

of, 428 and 793.
contagious, spread of-

Brav, 638.
occupational, treatment of,

stomach, when to operate,

tropical, 772.
venereal, attacking, 728.
venereal, shall acute, be re-

ported-Crutcher, 30.
Dishes and cooking utensils,

clean kitchens, 14.
washing, 14.
Dishwashing, 663.
Doctor, as a citizen, 273.
music and musical training

in the life of a-Zueblin,

Doctors, nation is calling for

thousands of, 210.
Documents, human, 808.
Dogs as carriers of tuber-

culosis, 657.
“Dope" poisoning in the

aeroplane industry, 546.
Drastic control of public

menaces, 215.
Dreams and their interpreta-

tion, 222.
Drueck, Charles J., 455 and

Drugs, foods and, safeguard-

ing, 735.
obsolescent, 152.
Drunkard, habitual, problem

of the, 87.
Dysentery, 539.

amebic, 777.
Dyspepsia, sodium bromide

in, 207.

ar, nose and throat, dis-

eases of, use of vac-

cines in, 703.
Eaton, Ray M., 319.
Eczema, causation of, 68.

dermatitis and, 87.
ocular, in childhood-Brav,

papular, 130.
Editor, medical, passing of a

great American, 13.
Education, health, for ne-

groes, 666.
medical, relation of munici-

pal hospitals to—Wright,

of the laity with reference
to the importance

necropsies, 78.
thru autopsies, 77.

value of, 788.
Emergency ration, 495.
Emetin, 193.
bismuth iodide, treatment

of amebic dysentery with,

Endameoba histolytica, car-

riers of, 538.
Enuresis, etiology of, and

treatment-Redway, 54.
Epilepsy, case of, with re-

marks on glandular thera-

py-Walker, 695.
in young adults and adoles-

cents with reference to a
new treatment-Williams,

parathyroid extract in, 415.
Epileptic syndrome, relation

of the, to intestinal

toxemia-Barclay, 242.
Erysipelas as a complication

of mastoiditis, 717.
treatment of, with iodine,

wound healing after, ac-

celeration of, 481.
Eskimo medicine man, 139.
Ether solution, disinfection

of wounds by, 478.
Ethics, medical, should there

be a chair of? 272.
Eugenics, psychology of and,

female chastity-Talmey,

Expansion, medical educa-

tional, 791.
Explosives and disease, 145.
manufacture of, dangers at-

tending the, 147.
Eyeball, penetrating wounds

of, conservative treatment

of, 656.
Eye, diagnosis of foreign

bodies in the, 712.
diseases, mesothorium,

treatment of, 477.
Eyes and motion pictures, 10,


postoperative treatment,

Galyl in syphilis, 262.
Gangrene, dry, massage in,

peripheral, treatment of in-

operable, hot air, 198.


Gas attack in modern war-

fare, 721.
Gastric affections, treatment

of, liquid petrolatum in

the-Stern, 561.
Gastritis, treatment of, in

children, 481.
Gastrointestinal disorders,

palliative treatment in,

Gauze, oiled, 781.
Geare, R. I., 119.
Generations, six living, two

families of—Gould, 644.
German-born colleagues, our,

Geyser, Albert C., 106-248-567.
Gibson, J. D., 135.
Gland, placenta regarded as

a, of internal secretion,

pineal, 773.
thymus, hypertrophy of,

thymus, its relation to the

female genital tract, 647.
Glands, ductless, cardiovas.

cular diseases and de-

mentia praecox, 705.
ductless, diseases of the,

clinical aspects of the,

ductless, use of the X-ray

in connection with, 647.
Glandular therapy, and re-

marks on, case of epilep-

sy-Walker, 695.
Glycerine, carbolic acid,

iodine and, injections of,

for goiter, 704.
Goiter patients, diet for, 271.
treated with injections of

carbolic acid, iodine and

glycerine, 704.
treatment of, operative, 138.
Gould, George M., 644.
Gout, 272.

infectious arthritis,
Gonorrhea, acute, bismuth

subnitrate in, 60.
intravenous treatment of,

Government and the narcotic

drug problem, 804.
Graduate in medicine, will

future health officer be a,

Green, Virginia Fisk, 74.
Greeting, New Year, 1.
Guarantee, the prenuptial,



Headland, Paul, 574.
Health and strength of fight-

ing forces, preservation

of the, 545.
Health education for negroes,

expenditures for, 282.
handicap to, by increased

cost of food, 542.
laundries and, 86.
penalizing, 79.
public, and disposal of the

dead, 720.
public, courts and, 211.

public, expansion, 722.
Heart failure and digitalis,

Heat stroke, prophylaxis of,

Hemorrhage, organotherapeu-

tic, measures in, 265.
postoperative, brain

Indian race, saving the, 1.
Indigestion, chronic intesti.

nal, in children, treat-

ment of, 596.
Industry, modern, 213.
Inebriates, should, be pun.

ished by death for crime?

-Crothers, 750.
Infancy, cardiospasm in, 778.

pyloric obstruction in, 537.
Infant mortality, fathers and,

stool, diagnostic signii.

cance of the, 69.
Infection, focal, effects of,

Infections, milk borne, 90.
Influenza: a study of its his-

tory, diagnosis and treat-

ment-Onderdonk, 35.
with report of a case-Bate,

Inheritance, measured ac-

quirements and-Red

field, 110.
Insects, poisonous, brief study

of the-Geare, 119.
Inspection, medical, of em-

ployees, 151.
Insufficiency, glandular,

recruits, 826.
pluriglandular, 827.
Insurance cauldron, social-

Martin, 697.
health, compulsory-Davin,

health, compulsory, legis-

lation, 154.
health, theory of, 143.

societies, 659.
Interne, my first week as an-

Headland, 574.
Intestinal stasis, 205.
stasis, chronic,

tological aspects of-Cun-

ningham, 225.
toxemia, relation of the

epileptic syndrome to

Barclay, 242.
Iodine, technic of the use of

-Stewart, 358.
tincture of, by the month,

Irregulars in war service,

Ivy poisoning, treatment for,



Harelip and cleft palate,

tract (Kephalin) in, 414.
Hemorrhoids, injection meth-

od of treating, 532.
Hernia, surgical treatment of,

in children, 717.

("urotropin"), 544.
in postoperative treatment

of gall-bladder surgery,

Hoeve, H. J. H., 249.
Hookworm and the army, 607.
disease, treatment of, oil of

chenopodium in the, 197.
Hormone therapy in chil-

dren's diseases-Block,

Hospital staff, shall it be

paid? 16.
Hospitals, municipal, in rela-

tion to medical educa-

tion-Wright, 765.
Howard, William Lee, 184.
Howland, Goldwin W., 313.
Hygiene and good cheer, 718.

industrial, 665.
instruction in, 554.

teaching successfully, 555.
Hyperacidity, dietary in, 779.
Hypertension under treat-

ment with radioactive
mineral water-Zueblin,

Hyperthyroidism, 594.

organotherapy in, 414.
palliative treatment of, 267.

thymus medication in, 266.
Hypertrichosis, radium in,

Hypoadrenia, neurasthenia

due to-Williams, 582.
Hypophosphites, attack on, 74.
Hysteria, use of term, 781.

operative treatment of,

Hay fever and asthma, treat-

ment of, by pituitrin and

epinephrin, 594.
Head, wounds of the, in war

surgery-Morowitz, 347.

apanese superstition about

sickness-Yaetsu, 116.
Jaundice, toxic, 547.
Jews and Judaism, relation

of, to the medical art-

Friedenwald, 615.
Johnston, Hardee, 113.
Joint, shoulder, hysterical

self injury resulting in-

Lilienthal, 235.
Jordan, Alfred C., 301.
Tournals, consolidation of, 720.

I leus, postoperative, 202.
Incomes, insufficient, 85.
Independence day sanity, 483.



aiser, ante-bellum study

of the-Shively, 360.
Kerosene oil in diphtheria,

Kerr, LeGrand, 818.
Kidner, T. B., 405.
Kidney organotherapy, 829.
Kitchens, dishes and cooking

utensils, clean, 14.
Klein, Frederick, 580.
Knee, lesions, treatment of,

plaster splinting for the,

Kraurosis vulvae, ovarian ex.

tract in, 133.

Mind, the educated, 789.
Misinformation, lay, 11.
Mistakes, Allies', will we

learn from our? 493.
Mobilization, medical, 75.
Moilliet, A. K., 187.
Mold, book, 658.
Money, need for, 488.
Morowitz, B. F., 347.
Mortality, maternal, 7.
Mosquito chasers, 544.
Mother, gainful employment

of the, 605.
Munitions workers, efficiency

and output of, hours of
work in relation to-MC-

Cullough, 402.
Music and musical training in

the life and making of a
doctor-Zueblin, 682.

Larynx, translumination of

Narcotic drug addiction, a

the sinus maxillaris-

Freudenthal, 511.
Laundries and health, 86.
Law, eight hour, safeguard-

ing the, 212.
that stultifies the medical

profession, 733.
Laws, "bone dry," introduc-

tion of, 490.
general, of a coercive na-

ture, 5.
Legal minimum wage, 281.
Legislation, narcotic, 72.
Leprosy, sodium gynocardate,

Lessons, some of the, of the

war-Barr, 443.
Lewis, H. Edwin, 370.
Liberty bonds, purchase of, by

physicians, 284.
Lie, nailing a, 613.
Life saving, secrets of, 428.
Life tables, 216.
Lilienthal, Howard, 235.
Lime deficiency in diabetes,

Liquid fire, use of, 721.
Lockhart-Mummery, P., 308.
Lunches, school, 279.

Mastoiditis, erysipelas as

Macy, May Sutton, 322


Magnesium sulphate as

complication of, 717.
Maternal mortality, 7 and

Maternity, safeguarding, 491.
Mayor who has had the wel.

fare of the people at

heart, 674.
McCoy, S. C., 685.
McCullough, John W. S., 402

and 513.
Medical addict, personal his-

tory of a, 809.
art, relation of Jews and

Judaism to the-Fried-

enwald, 615.
assistance, cry for, 599.
examinations necessary for

women workers, 548.
important, position vacant,

losses, false reports of, 670.
matters, important, of to-

day, 544.

for administrative
work, 220.
men needed, 25,000, 425.
mobilization, 75 and 209.
officers and soldiers, casual-

ties among, at the front,

practice act, 80.
profession, indictment of

the whole, 220.
profession is ready, 416.
section of the Council of

National Defense, 210.
students conserved, 599.
Medicine, industrial, 664.
military, necessity for

training in-Tullidge,

handicapping the practice

of, 494.
problems in, recognition of

social, 602.
teaching industrial, 218.
Medico-military organization,

Men, disabled, retraining of,

Meningitis, treatment

Pane's serum in, 60.
Menopause, study of, 544.
Menorrhagia, treatment of,

with mammary extract,

Menstrual disorders, organo-

therapy of, 592.
Mercuric chloride, poisoning

by, and its treatment,

Mesothorium treatment of eye

diseases, 477.
Metabolic activity, lagging,

thyroid extract for, 535.
Metabolism, relation of sex

blands to, 774.
Migraine, 536.
Milk prices, 726.

grave social problem-

Watson, 803.
legislation, 72.
problem, government and

the, 804.
Narcotographs, 272.
Nasal bleedings, epinephrine

in, 534.
Necropsies, importance of,

education of the laity

with reference to the, 78.
Negroes, death rates of, high,

health education for, 606.
Nephritis, acute, tonsillitis

complicated by — Cobb,

adrenalin by month in, 536.
and Bright's disease, cli.

mate in, 207.
from the standpoint of urea

excretion, 777.
Nervousness, high blood pres-

sure and-Williams, 27.
Neuralgia of the womb, 591.
Neurasthenia due to hypo-

adrenia, form of-Wil

liams, 582.
Neuroses of returned sol-

diers-Howland, 313.
New-born, drug addiction in

the-Terry, 807.
New Jersey, crime of, 12.
Ney, K. Winfield, 384.
Nitrous oxide and oxygen, the

most dangerous anes-

thetic, 130.
Nose, ear and throat, vaccines

in diseases of, 703.
Nose, deformities of the,

surgical correction of,

Nurses, shortage of, 435.
Nutrition, normal; mastica-

tion; deglutition, primary
factors governing-Pope,

anesthetic, 61.
sulphate, 832.
Malaria, education concern-

ing, essential, 4.
mortality, records of, 3.

tertian, diarsenol in, 534.
Malnutrition, 280.
Mammary extract, treatment

of menorrhagia with, 64.
Man, the right, 735.
Man's age-changes, 482.
Martin, John F., 697.
Mastication, deglutition; pri.

mary factors governing
normal nutrition-Pope,


besity, diet in, 71.

treatment of, 205.
Obstetrics, pituitrin in, 536.

pituitary extracts in, 60.
Obstruction, pyloric, in in-

fancy, 537.
Occupational diseases, treat-

ment of, 218.
Oculist, optician and the

Brav, 516.
Onderdonk, W. A., 35.
Onions, use of, 542.
Opinion, individual, desirabil.

ity of obtaining, 81.
Opium in peritonitis, 478.
Opportunity for all, 672.

national, a 724.
Optician and the oculist-

Brav, 516.
Optochin in treatment of

pneumonia, 130.
Oral sepsis, 222.
Oranges, value of, 779.
Organization, a medical, de-

voted to problems of drug

addiction, 796.
Organotherapeutic measures

in hemorrhage, 265.
mistakes we have met, 263.
principles in gynecological

practice, 63.
Organotherapy, corpus lu-

teum, experience with,

in hyperthyroidism, 414.
kidney, 829.
of menstrual disorders, 592.
ovarian, 706.

when to discontinue, 131.
Otitis media, treatment, 831.
Our country has a long, grim

struggle ahead of it, 673.
Ovarian organotherapy, 706.

cases of tuberculosis

Shively, 737.
Poisoning, carbolic acid, 720.
Poliomyelitis, 429.

in 1917, 608.
misconceptions of-Geyser,

paralysis following, and its

physiologic treatment-

Geyser, 106.
Pope, Curran, 675.
Population, efforts to increase

the, 661.
Postal section, in the war

revenue bill, 410.
Postoperative ileus, 202.
Potter, George D., 312.
Poverty and physicians, 556.
Power, physical and mental,

origin of—Redfield, 692.
Practice, medical, some ob-

servations on-Stone,

Practitioner, civilian, war

time duties of the, 613.
Pregnancy, nausea of, corpus

luteum in the, 132.
notification of, 5.
toxemia of, 155.
value of medical attention

during, 5.
vomiting of, 541.
vomiting of, use of desic-

cated placenta, with spe-

cial reference to the, 647.
Prenuptial guarantee, 660.
Prices, food, 786.
Prison physicians, 80.
Prisons, problem of our, 12.
Pritchard, Eric, 630.
Profession, medical, credulity

in the, 428.
medical, need offer no

apology, 797.
Prohibition war legisla-


Pain, 88.

Pellagra, 549.

-Perdue, 180.

treatment of, 597.
Periodic reexaminations, 152.
Petrolatum, liquid, in the

treatment of gastric af-

fections-Stern, 561.
Perdue, E. M., 180.
Pericolitis, membranous and

fusion of the mesocolon

and peritoneum, 716.
opium in, 478.
Phenolcamphoras an anti-

septic in the treatment

of wounds, 261.
Philip, Sir Robert, 562.
Phillips, Harry J., 33.
Physical training, 278.
Physically exempted, reclama-

tion of, 723.
Physicians and the ungraded

children, 6.
and war service, 558.
are many lacking in na-

tional spirit? 433.
decrease in number avail.

able for civil population,

have enlisted slowly, 559.
in the medical services, en-

listment of-Cupp, 596.
poverty and, 556.

social, 601.
Picric acid in war surgery,

Pictures, motion, eyes and, 10.
are moving, injurious to

the eyes? 720.
Pineal gland, 773.
Pittenger, Paul S., 389.
Pituitary disease, 775.

disorders, diagnosis of, 774.
disorders, treatment of,

extract, use of, 65.
extracts in obstetrics, 61.
medication in obscure

cachexia, 266.
therapy in the epileptic

syndrome, 65.
Pituitrin, in abdominal dis-

tension, 133.
in placenta previa, 65.

use and abuse of, 138.
Placenta previa, pituitrin in,

regarded as a gland of in-

ternal secretion, 648.
Pneumonia, adrenal glands in,

broncho, treatment of, in

children, 715.
pituitary solution in, 199.
remedies useful in, 830.
treatment of, optochin in,

vaccine treatment of, 70.
Pneumothorax, artificial, in

the treatment of advanced

tion, 489.
is it possible? 417.
Prophylactic clinic, 408.
Prophylaxis against pediculi,

industrial, 431.
Prostatic hypertrophy: report

of 400 prostatectomies-

Sherwood-Dunn, 43.
Prostatitis, 704.
Prostitution, psycho-pathology

of, 611.
Proteins, foreign, as therapeu-

tic agents, 441.
Pruritus, treatment of, 478.
Psychology and eugenics, fe-

male chastityTalmey,

Psychopathology of prostitu-

tion, 611.
Public health expansion, 722.
Publishing industry, a new

way to destroy the, 285.
Pyloric obstruction in in

fancy, 537.

Pains and aches, characteris-

tic of full maturity and
early decline--Taylor,

Pancreas, endocrine function

of, and sex life of women,

Paraffin, skin erosions treated

with, 533.
treatment of burns, 481.
Paralysis, infantile, after

care of --Soule, 157.
infantile, antitoxin for, 541.
Parathyroid extract in epilep-

sy, 415.
Paternalism, cry of, 787.
Peace, dolls and pugnacity-

Howard, 184.
Peak, J. Hunter, 103.
Pediculi, prophylaxis against,


Rachitis, development of

Radiologist, work of the, in

connection with war sur-
gery, with especial refer-
ence to fluorescent screen

localization Jordan, 301.
Radium in hypertrichosis,

in military surgery, 424.
Radley, Jay H., 23.
Rate, accident, severity, 429.

birth, rising, 2.

death, maternal, 8.
Recruits, examination of, 668.
glandular insufficiency in,

Rectum, adenoma of the

Drueck, 635.
anus and, abscesses about

the Drueck, 455.
diseases of the, 203.
injuries, resulting from the

Redfield, C. L., 110 and 692.
Redway, L. D., 54.
Reeducation, vocational of

the disabled soldier

Kidner, 405.
Registration of communicable

diseases, 428.
Remedial system, general,

Reports, false, of medical

losses, 670.
Research Council, National,

Retraining of disabled men-

Todd, 380.
Rheumatism metastatic,

inflammation, 224.
Rickets, etiology of, 69.
new theory of-Pritchard,

prevention of, 727.
Robinson, Beverley, 241.
Rodent, menace of the, 67.


Salvarsan, question of, 408.


therapy, adrenalin

Sanitary code, biblical, to pre-

vent the spread of con-
tagious diseases-Brav,

drinking fountains, 439.
Sanitation of Canadian

treatment of, 480.
Schools, medical, protecting

the, 275.
Sciatica, treatment of, nature

and, 533.
Scientific preparedness

-Crothers, 586.
Sclerema neonatorum-Scott,

Scott, George Dow, 451.
Secretion, internal, placenta

as a gland of, 648.
Secretions, internal and the

defective child, 593.
internal, related to tuber-

culous, 648.
Secundines, retained, 711.
Serum, mercurialized, and

bichloride of mercury,

Pane's, in treatment of

meningitis, 60.
Service, our medical, 797.
Serving the nation, 284.
Sex hormones as cell stimu-

lants, 64.
Sexton, L., 344.
Shame of it, the, 770.
Shell shock, etiology of, 480.
Sherwood-Dunn, B., 43-522.
Shively, Henry L., 360-737.
Shock, 656.

shell, 606.
Shoulder, joint, amputation

at the, hysterical self in-
jury with resulting-

Lilienthal, 235.
Shufeldt, R. W., 743.
Sickness, superstition about,

Japanese-Yaetsu, 116.
Skin as affected by chronic

systemic diseases, 713.
erosions treated with paraf-

fin, 533.
grafting, 832.
reactions, 217.
reactions, drugs on, influ-

ence of, 478.
Slander, a vicious, 729.
Snake story, another reliable

-Crutcher, 178.
Soap in treatment of wounds,

Social lines, research work

along, 429.
Sodium bromide in dyspepsia,

cacodylate and its antilu-

etic value, 591.
Soldier, dental needs of the

Turner, 297.
Soldiers and army officers,

casualties among, at the

front, 669.
Soliloquy, modern-Green, 74.
Soule, Robert E., 157.
Specialism, height of, 208.
Spine, fracture of the, treat-

ment of, 204,
Spirit, a fine--Fraternitas, 135.

Spleen extract as a hematic

reconstructant, 133.
Sputum, albumen, reaction of

Roger in-Moilliet, 187.
Stains, drug, remove, from

skin and linen, 207.
Stammering, knowledge of -

Tompkins, 179.
Stasis, chronic intestinal,

dermatological aspects-

Cunningham, 225.
Statistics, vitalizing, 659.
Sterility, amenorrhea and-

Brothers, 531.
Stern, Heinrich, 561.
Stewart, Douglas H., 358.
Stomach diseases, when to

operate in, 156.
syphilis of the, 202.
Stone, Spencer R., 824.
Stool, infant, diagnostic sig.

nificance of the, 69.
Strychnine, as a tonic, 208.
Sulphur, colloidal, in treat-

ment of trench rheu-

matism, 772.
Superstition, Japanese, about

sickness-Yaetsu, 116.
Surgeon, great American,

honored in France, 611.
Surgeons, selection of, by the

hospital, 155.
U. S. Army, whole world

debtor to, 426.
Surgery in field hospital

service-Eaton, 319.
manipulative, 731.
military, at the Rockefeller

Institute, 426.
orthopedic, in war time,

Surgical immunity, 88.

therapeutics, 614.
Sutherland, Halliday G., 91

and 305.
Syphilis and society, 83.
educating the public regard-

ing, 84.
galyl in, 262.
hereditary, treatment of,

of the stomach, 202.
test for, 201.
treatment of, 540.
treatment of, new prepara-

tion for the, 534.

military camp-McCul-

lough, 513.
soda water, 559.
Sarcoma, treatment of, Coley's

mixed toxins in the, 59.
Scabies, 658, 717, 781.
creolin in, in the infant,

Scarlet fever, management of

-Zandt, 468.

Talmey, B. S., 497.
Taylor, J. Madison, 677.
Teachers, medical, 276.
Technic, diagnostic, plea for

greater simplicity in-

Johnston, 113.
Teeth, children's, school, 206.

diagnostic, 657.
Temperaments from an ana.

tomical and educational

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