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taire de Saint Henry, Précepteur de Son Altesse Royale

Royale Monseigneur le Prince Royale d' Hayti &c.

2. Reflexions sur les Noirs et les Blancs &c. par le Baron

de Vastey.

3. Acte de l'Independance d' Hayti.


4. Code Henry.

5. Gazette Royale d' Hayti.

6. Des Almanachs Royals d' Hayti.

7. Des Ordonnances, Declarations, Proclamations, &c. du

Roi do Hayti.

8. Relation de la Fête de S. M. la Reine d' Hayti avec un

Coup-d'oeil Politique sur la Situation actuelle du Roy-

aume d' Hayti.

9. L'Entrée du Roi en sa Capitale, Opera Vaudeville, par

M. le Comte de Rosiers,


ART. VII.-Hayden's Geological Essays.

Geological Essays; or an Inquiry into some of the Geolo-

gical Phenomena to be found in various parts of America,

and elsewhere. By Horace H. Hayden.


ART. VIII.-Bailly's History of Astronomy.

Histoire de L'Astronomie ancienne et moderne De J. S.

Bailly, dans laquelle on a conservé littéralement le texte

historique, de l'Auteur, en suprimant les details scientif-

iques, les calculs abstraits, les notes hypothétiques, peu

utiles à beaucoup de Lecteurs, et aux Elèves auxquels ce

Livre est spécialement destiné.


ART. IX.-Contagion.

A letter on the Yellow Fever of the West Indies. By

Daniel Osgood, M. D. Practitioner of Medicine in the

city of Havana.


ART.-The History of the Grecian Art.

Ueber die Epochen der bildenden Kunst unter den Grie-

chen. Von Friederich Thiersch, Zweyte Abhandlung,

die Epoch der Kunstentwicklung enthaltend. München,

1819-On the Epochs of the plastic Art anong the


Greeks, by Frederic Thiersch. The second

taining the periods of the development of the art. A

memoir read in a public meeting of the Royal Acailemy

of Sciences at Munich, Oct. 12, 1819, on occasion of the

birth day of his Majesty the King.


ART, IX.-Italy,

The Political State of Italy. By Theodore Lyman, jun. 198

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No Xxx, -New Series No V.

JANUARY, 1821.

ART. I.--Prælectiones Academicæ Oxonii habitæ, ab Edvardo

Copleston 8. T. B. Collegii Orielensis Socio, et Poeticae publico præelectore,nunc Ecclesiæ Cathedralis Londinensis Præbendario. Oxonii, 1813. 8vo, pp. 466.

This work, as our readers perceive from the title page, has been before the public too long to be called a novelty. We do not remember, however, to have seen a notice of it in the contemporary literary journals; and our condition this side of the water is not unlike that of the Danish subjects in Greenland, to whom the annual ship from Copenhagen brought a year's supply of newspapers, which, being judiciously dealt out by the governor one by one, furnished the coffee-house politicians of the polar circle, with as regular a succession of news as is enjoyed at Lloyd's, with the trifling abatement, that it was all a year old. We have no reason to doubt that Dr. Copleston's prælections are new to most of our readers, nor that they will thank us for making them cease to be so.He is already known to most of them, as having been the champion of his University, on occasion of the animated controversy, which arose from some severe animadversions in the Edinburgh Review, on the course of study and system of education pursued at Oxford. Dr. Copleston replied to these animadversions in a pamphlet, entitled • The Calumnies of New Series, No. 5.



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