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what a wide field for the wiles and stratagems of aristocracy, to turn the greatest of blessings into a curse, in the p ostitution of the press, to mislead and deceive. Is the mariners compass discovered? Aristocracy monopolizes the commerce of the world for its own use. Is America discoverd by the immortal. Columbus? Observe the treatment he receives from the proud, the little minded aristocracy of Spain; the injustice and baseness of all the aristocracy of Europe, towards him, in not even granting Lim the name of his mighty achievement; but giving the honor to another. And bel old what a wide field of execrable operations kings-craft, priest-craft, & aristocracy present in thenew world; glutting their avarice their thirst of blood, & wealth, ard power, in the superinhuman slaughter and plunder of the defenceless Carabees, Mexicans and Peruvians, under the Heaven daring impiety, of making their Banner the cross, and boasting how many poor naked savages they could hunt down in a day, with blood-hounds; the bare reading of which, is enough to harrow up one's soul!

Another mighty ergine in the hand of aristocracy, is the invertion of gun-powder; which cught to be, and will be a blessing to the world, in exterminating noxious things from the earth. The rack, the torture, the dungeon, the stake, the gibbet, the galley, the scaffold, the guilliotine, are too slow for their pur poses. They can row exterminate the human race by wholesale, while the other was but a retail business. They can now send out mighty armies,paid by the hard earnings of the people, and cut off whole nations for the honor of their king and country, and cover themselves with glory, by butchering millions of their fellow men with whom they never had any quarrel, and from whom they never received an offerce; but merely to make so mary human sacrifices on the altar of aristocracy. Is labor saving machinery, by the discovery of steam power, introduced to ameliorate the condition of the working classes, as it is well calculated to do? Aristocracy turns this, like all the other mighty inventions of mechanics, into engines of oppression.

If we consider the heart-rending scenes of the French revolution, we can see one of the highest finished pictures of aristocracy that ever was exhibited to the worll. Here we beholl a great and magnanimous nation, struggling to establish their just rights and liberties, against their own aristocratic oppres sors, an 1 having to contend single handed with the aristocra cy of all Europe. And, after the republicans had repelle 1 and defeated all the invading armies, that the neighboring aristocracies coull send against them; an 1 after having pulled dowr all the strong holls of aristocracy at home and abroad.The citadel still remained untouched-the Pandora's box o'the world, was unbroken-the aristocracy of England, with its untiring and never censing vigilance, with their fiteen thousand steam engines, with their labor saving machinery and the conmerce of the worl 1,vere able to subsidise the nations of Europe to stop the march of liberty and perpetuate the unrighteous misrule of kings-craft, priest-craft and aristocracy; and succeeded, by the prostitution of the press, to persuade the people, that they were fighting for liberty, and the rights of ma—ay, even for existence; when every man of plain common sense knows, they were fighting for the unrighteous domination ofthe few over the many, and to prop up the tottering unholy reign of oppression, fraul and wickedness; and every one oˆcommɔn observation, knows that if they had left the French Republic alone, to manage their own national concerns, they would have settled down in rational liberty. and a happy and enlightened republic. All the appalling scenes of horror of the French revolution, may be traced un to the intrigue, bribery, treachery and management of the cabinet of the aristocracy of England; even Buonaparte owed his rank and greatness to the British aristocrats. He never would have been First Consul, or Emperor, (without a dissenting voice, but one; that was the heroic, the virtuous, the uncontaminated Carnot who alone voted against him. in both instances;) but for the exertions of the English aristocrats. When the repub

lic had waded through seas of blood, to establish the rights and liberties of the nation, and had shaken off one host of aris tocrats after another, a new brood soon filled up their ranks from time to time, until at last a combination of traitors in the army and in the cabinet, betrayed the army in the most critical hour of peril, and the people having lost their liberties and only fighting for a change of masters, made compar atively but a feeble effort; and, at last ended the long protracted struggle at the frightful field of Waterloo, and received the yoke again from the hands of their former masters; though now, become less noisy and more cautious; but still possessing the spirit of legitimacy & the divine right of kings; & by whose efforts the fair prospect of a happy revolution in Spain was frustrated; and the liberties of the nation sacrificed to a legitimate fool! and the suffering people, again, plunged into all the horrors of the inquisition and the offering of human sacrifices on the altar ofaristocracy, kings-craft and priest-craft. Behold the legitimate consequence ofaristocracy, kings-craft, and priest-craft, in poor Portugal, and the long and agonizing struggle for liberty and the rights of man, in Mexico, and South America. Were I to give a direct and definite answer to the question-why did our colonies maintain their rights, and settle down upon the foundation of equal rights, & rational liberty against the collossal power of England? I would say that we were a reading people, and consequently a thinking and enquir ing people. All religious denominations were in the full possession of equal rights and privileges; and above all, we had the blessed Bible, and no priests to forbid us to read it. No people but a reading intelligent people, can maintain their rights against the cunning artifices, fraud and force of aristocracy, in Church and State. The safest, the most certain, and best means, for the people of Mexico and South America, is to establish public schools, and educate their whole population, rich and poor, to abolish all religious establishment; and set down. as an enemy, every man, who will oppose universal education and universal suffrage.



BUT what shall we say of the most stupendous fabric of aristocracy that ever existed, at the head of which is the king of Great Britain, France and Ireland, defender of the Faith? Though when I would deliniate the enormities of the aristocracy of England, I wish to be understood clearly, to make the distinction that is due to the good people of that country, many of whom are an ornament to human nature, the salt of the earth. But their government may well be called the defender of the faith of Antichrist, of the False Prophet, and of Beelzebub, the main pillar of the spiritual Babylon, the very citadel of the spiritual Sodom and Egypt. The aristocracy of Britain prevented the downfall of Antichrist by the French republic; and has recently prevented the overthrow of the False Prophet by the victorious armies of Russia: and defends the worship of the Devil at Juggernaught. This is the name of an idol which is worshipped at a place called Pooree, on the coast of Orissa, between Madrass and Bengal, and to whose shrine pilgrimages are made, from almost all parts of India. The lives annually sacrificed to this monstrous, this most hedious of idols, surpas ses all credibilty. But it may be sufficient to say that the ap proach to the temple is indicated for fifty miles or more on all sides around by the mangled and decaying carcasses of those who have perished as its victims; while the vultures, jackal* and dogs are devouring the dead and the dying; and none to drive them away, or bury the dead!

Will it be believed that the East India Company make these horrid and revolting rites a source of pecuniary profit to themselves? Nay, more-they receive all the immense revenues arising from fees and tribute paid to the idol, themselves defraying the cost of its maintenance, providing it with meat,drink and clothing, and keeping up an establishment of courtezans and prostitutes fo: the service of the priests! There is besides, a body of Pilgrima hunters, under the name of Pundas and Purharees, whose espe

cial business it is to go abroad all over the couutry & traverse it in every direction in search of pilgrims for the purpose of bring ing in companies to Juggernaut. The pilgrim hunters are act vally paid at a fixed rate per head (as they used to pay the Indians for Americans' scalps) for every fresh victim they bring!! They accordingly extend their excursions for hundreds of miles from the loathsome, bloody and revolting scene; and wherever they find a man who has a sufficient sum of money in his possession, the hard earnings perhaps of many years of industry and fru gality, they seize on him as their victim, persuade him to leave his wife & family, & go on a pilgrimage to Juggernaut. He quits his home, with a promise perhaps of a speedy return, but alas! the hour for his recrossing the threshold of his cottage never arrives. He is led by these delusive guides to the idol & its car. In the expense of his journey, in fees, in the premium and in head money, (like the Virginia pole-tax) every farthing will be exhausted; he enters the temple, joins in the din of its filthy and brutal uproar, and comes out of it naked and pennyless, and before three days are passed over his head perishes with want, in the very precincts of the temple, where thousands are annually expended in the grossest sensualities! And the immense plain, for fifty miles round in every direction, is literally whitened with the bones of the human victims offered up as sacrifices to this Moloch of the east, this most monstrous of all idolitries!!!

Well, here is a picture of what Brittish aristocracy is capa ble of doing. And here is English aristocracy, more enlight ened and more wicked than the Hindoo aristocrat, and outwitting him in the worship of Devils for gain! But a pleasing and consoling thought, a ray of divine light penetrates this moral gloom, this worse than Egyptian darkness, there is a missionary of the Cross of Christ on this spot, and his labors are so far blessed, that with all the unholy exertions of priest craft & aristocracy, they cannot now collect deluded wretches sufficient to drag this hedious, & pondrous block of wood out of

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