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of the church, but they generally became the dry nurses of the church, and by establishing the Christian religion by law, they became her worst enemies and oppressors, by making the pure and holy religion of the Bible an engine of state: and by bringing religion into contempt and disrepute in the eyes of the 'world of mankind, by practising all their wicked tyranny and oppressions under that cloak. And like the invention of the Cross; the whole system of kings-craft was the contrivance of of wicked men, and is one of the enimies which the church has the infallible promise of God, she shall be delivered from.

The beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit, shall 'make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them. An host of aristocrats the disciples of Voltaire had gained the highest places in the French Revolution,Robespeire, Danton, Marat and their associates. They soon arrested the march of liberty and strangled the infant republic in the cradle. The republicans having to wade through seas of blood, having to contend against the aristocracy, kings-craft, and priest-craft not only of their own country, but all Europe. The republican arms were victorious every where. But the aristocracy of England lavished millions of the hard earnings of the people, to procure traitors, in the army and councils. of the republic, till Napoleon became conspicuous amongst her generals and the republic fatigued, betrayed and distracted, by the intrigues and gold of England, the liberties of France were sacrificed and surrendered to the misrule of Buonaparte. After many ups and downs, victories and defeats; at length, the long protracted and tremendous struggle was wound up at the frightful field of Waterloo. Buonaparté surrendered himself a voluntary prisoner to the British aris tocracy, mistaken in their magnanimity. They basely betrayed his misplaced confidence, and murdered him by piecemeals on the Island of St. Helena. But the march of mind, they could not murder. But by their waste of the immense resources of their working people, for their diabolical purposes,

they not only impoverished, but beggared all their usefel population. They utterly failed in the object and signed and sealed their own death warrant. And now there remains nothing for them but a fearful looking for a lingering, disgraceful and violent death.

We have had a general view of the Rise and Progress of Aristocracy. But as every current naturally produces counter currents; and as action produces re-action; so the downfall of the Mystic Babylon will be a re-action, in which the whole human race will be, not indirectly but directly, interested; not mediately, but immediately concerned. There will not be a spot of neuteral ground, or a disinterested spectator in the earthquake that is about to convulse the whole globe, by war, famine and pestilence, till the race of man will actually be thinned off the earth, threatening extermination to the human family. The most inattentive will be constrained to acknowledge it is the Divine hand, when the Lord ariseth to shake terribly the earth.


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