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If we turn our eyes to Europe, we shall behold the most appalling picture of what aristocratical tyranny and oppression has been and still is doing in that fair and highly favored portion of the globe.

We have beheld a Buonaparte riding in triumph through the nations, over heaps of slain, scattering fire-brands, arrows and death. We now see the universal combination of the civil and ecclesiastical aristocracy of the nations exert their power and cunning to rivet the chains of tyranny more secure than ever around the necks of their subjects, and perpetuate their misrule and the degradation of the people, and if possible to hurl back the moral world into the more than Egyptian darkness which overspread the nations during the reign of Papal delusion and superstition. We behold Poland torn in pieces, by the insatiable fangs of the powerful aristocracies of Russia, Austria, and Prussia, her fields drenched with blood, her patriots slaughtered, and her name blotted out of the list of nations. We have beheld Moscow enveloped in flames, and the road to Smolensko, covered with the shattered remains of the most invincible army that ever Europe beheld, strewed with guns, carriages, muskets, breast-plates, helmets and garments rolled in blood, and thousands of the dying and the dead, heaped one upon another amongst dead and wounded horses and cattle, in horrible confusion, and swiming in blood, in the rigors of a Northern winter, and closely pursued by a powerful and victorious army. We have beheld the horrific scenes of blood and carnage at Borodina, Austerlitz, Tyrol, Wilna, Marengo, Trafalgar, Camperdown, Eylaw, Jena La Vendee, Cadiz, Friedland, Talavera, Sabastian, Lutzen, Leipsic and Waterloo, not to achieve the liberties of the nations, but to entwine their chains closer, and strengthen the unholy cause of king's craft, priests' craft and aristocracy, And we have seen with what guilty indifference and apathy the nations of Europe, calling themselves Christian, coolly and tamely viewed the merciless Turks almost exterminating the heroic, suffer

ing and magnanimous Greeks. And we have also seen what a conspiracy, a set of crowned traitors choose to call a holy aliance; (of a piece with his holiness of Rome, and the holy Inquisiton) exerting all their power and influence to stop the march of liberty and intellect; and compelling the Greeks to put on the yoke of monarchical government, and frustrating the reign of justice and liberty in Spain and Naples.

I have asserted that aristocracy has produced kings-craft and priest-craft and all the corruptions of religion in the world.— The spirit of aristocracy cast the devil out of heaven. Cain was the first murderer and second aristocrat, for the serpent was the first. And the same spirit has actuated every aristocrat to this day. It is abundantly evident from history and observation that all the wars, commotions and animosities that have ever afflicted the human race have arisen from the pride, the ambition and unbounded avarice of aristocracy. All the divisions and subdivisions of the human family originate immediately from the same source. All the oppressions and degradations of mankind are from the same source. And the condition of human society can never be bettered till that bitter curse is removed out of the way, and liberty be established on the broad basis of equal rights and privileges, not only in theory, but in practice, all over the world. But how is this mighty achievement to be accomplished? Simply by the universal diffussion of light. Let our population, at least, be enlightened; let every child be educated throughout our vast republic, and we might have the honor and the unspeakable privilege of regenerating the world. If the family of man, were enlightened, such impositions as kings-craft, priest-craft and aristocracy could have no existence in the world. Therefore every man that stands in opposition to the means that are now happily in successful operation, for enlightening the world, is the enemy of man. And out of such meterials as he is composed of, kings-craft first arose, and has been continued so long to afflict poor degenerate humanity.

King was a name too proud for man to wear,
With modesty and meekness; and the crown,
So dazzling in their eyes, who set it on,
Was sure t'intoxicate the brows it bound.
It is the abject property of most,

That, being parcel of the common mass,
They sink, and settle lower than they need.
They know not what it is to feel within
A comprehensive faculty, that grasps

Great purposes with ease, that turns and wields,
Almost without an effort, plans too vast
For their conception, which they cannot move.
Conscious of impotence they soon grow drunk
With gazing, when they see an able man
Step forth to notice: and, besotted thus,
Build him a pedestal, and say, 'Stand there,
'And be our admiration and our praise.'
They roll themselves before him in the dust,
Then most deserving in their own account,
When most extravagant in his applause,
As if exalting him they rais'd themselves,
Thus by degrees, self-cheated of their sound,
And sober judgment, that he is but man,
They demideify and fume him so,
That in due season he forgets it too.
Inflated and astrut with self-conceit,
Adopting their mistake, profoundly thinks
The World was made in vain, if not for him.
Thenceforth they are his cattle; drudges, born
To bear his burthens, drawing in his gears.
And sweating in his service, his caprice
Becomes the soul, that animates them all.
He deems a thousand or ten thousand lives,
Spent in the purchase of renown for him,
An easy reck'ning; and they think the same.

Thus kings were first invented, and thus kings
Were burnish'd into heroes, and became
The arbiters of this terraqueous swamp;

Storks among frogs, that have but croak'd and died.

Should we go on to give any thing like the history of aristo cracy of Italy, of Germany, of Russia, of Turkey, of Spain and Portugal, of France and the world, we should have to recapitulate the particulars of all the atrocities, cruelties and oppressions in church and state. Since communities were formed, or governments were instituted;(and I wish the reader never to loose sight of this truth) that from the unrighteous misrule of the few over the many; or, aristocracy proceeds all the evils that have afflicted humanity since men were upon the earth. This is the true Pandora's box of ancient fable. This is the spiritu al Babylon of the holy scriptures, the spiritual Sodom and Egypt where also our Lord was crucified; the great city that has been reared by the sweat, the tears, the groans and blood of countless millions, of our suffering and degenerate race, under the priestly modification of aristocracy; the scenes of tor ture and of death, are enough to harrow np the soul! Eighteen thousand assassinations were perpetrated in Rome, during the reign of Pius the IV, from 1775, to 1800, besides what suffer. ed torture by the Inquisition. And it appears from documents that must be deemed authentic, that this infernal tribunal in Spain, during the 18 years that an infamous wretch named Torquamanda, was Inquisitor General, to which office he was appointed by the most pious Sextus the VI, and the most catholic King, Ferdinand the fifth, no less than 10,220 persons were burnt alive; 6,640 burnt in effigy, and 97,371, sent to the gallies or to prison-all under the horrible, blasphemous, and heaven daring plea, of supporting the mild and benign doctrines of Jesus Christ! The grand totals of the priestly murders in Spain, are as follows:-Burned alive 34,658; in effigy, 18,408; sent to the gallies for life, 288,214, besides those that were im

prisoned, or quietly put to death in dungeons, by starvation or disease, for the honor of the cross!!! And these things are among the "ancient and venerable institutions, that the late Governeur Morris, exhorted Spain to rejoice at the restoration of," in a mad oration, which was listened to by a portion of the American people; (a little one only) in the mad days of party spirit not many years ago! It seems that "the holy Inquisition" was first founded or completely organized in 1203 by his holiness, Pope Innocent III; but it was his holiness, Pope Gregory, IV, under whom it was authorised more fully, to murder that Christianity might abound!!!! There is a great deal of this stuff still remaining in the world, and too much of a disposition to employ the fire and faggot, even among ourselves.

It is worthy of remark here that the chains of aristocracy must be rivetted very fast, on any people, that will suffer such horrible and revolting impositions, as in the picture just before us, by the slieght and cunning, fraud and force of aristocracy combined. But the people must be kept in ignorance and poverty; they must be prohibited from reading, especially from reading the Bible; the aristocracy only must be educated to qualify them to perpetuate this horrible system of oppression and wickedness. It is also worthy of remark that these poor suffering victims are all Roman Catholics, for no others are tolerated in Spain. It is no matter what a man believes or disbelieves, if he is wealthy or has a handsome wife or daughter, they become the prey of the Inquisition; so that in Spain, Portugal or Italy, if a man has the misfortune to have a beautiful daughter or wife, they must be seized for the holy Inquisition, to gratify their brutal lust, and the poor man must be burnt alive and his property confiscated to pamper their insatiable avarice. In this diabolical way, they have amassed vast wealth. The wealth of the Spanish clergy is immense in lands and estates. Their revenues besides, from tythes, fees, alms, livings, produce of church-yards, marriages, christenings, funerals etc. amounts to upwards of fifty millions of dollars

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