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Mar. 5 | To Messrs. Briesen | Provision by which Mr. Paul
& Schrenk

Hagspihl may draw upon per-
sonal funds deposited with

Equitable Trust Co. of N. Y. 1605 Mar. 12 | To the Minister in Property in the United States Switzerland (tel.) | of U.S. citizens resident in

Germany is liable to seques

2051 Mar. 16 From the Chargé in German press report of official

Denmark (tel.): | order, Mar. 4, for liquidation
Owen to W.T.B. of U.S. enterprises in Ger-

Mar. 17 From the French Possible effect of U.S. nonad-
[Rec'd | Ambassador

herence to Anglo-Franco-
Mar. 20]

Belgian agreement and of
U.S. liquidation of enemy

8476 | Mar. 8 From the Ambassa- Encloses German press sum-

(Rec'd | dor in Great Brit-| mary on requiring notification
Mar. 25) ain

of U.S. and other enemy prop-
erty in Germany and of Ger-
man claims against enemy

Mar. 28 Statement by the Authorization for sale of en-

Alien Property Cus- emy holdings in the United

States to effect Americaniza

tion of properties.
2832 Apr. 2 Executive order Authorizing certain sales to be

conducted by Alien Property
Custodian pursuant to the
Trading with Enemy Act and

amendments thereof.
Apr. 11 To the Swedish Min-Liquidation of Austro-Hunga-

rian insurance companies in

the United States.
786 Apr. 18 To the Ambassador | Instructions to ascertain meas-
in Spain

ures taken by Germany re-
garding property in Germany

of U.S. citizens.
IV-14-B Apr. 15 From the Swiss Min- Encloses German note, Mar.
(Rec'd | ister

10, protesting against U.S.
Apr. 22]

sequestration of German pri-
vate property and intimating

retaliatory measures.
3163 Apr. 25 From the Minister Spanish Embassy, Berlin,

(Rec'd in Switzerland (tel.) quotes extract from German
Apr. 27]

note, Mar. 23, on reprisal
measures to be taken against

the United States.
IV-14 May 10 From the Swiss Min- Germany inquires whether
[Rec'd lister

measures for liquidation of
May 11)

German property in the
United States have gone into

3348 May 13 From the Minister German reprisal measures ap-
in Switzerland (tel.) / ply to property of Americans

residing in and outside of

2152 May 25 To the French Am- Taking over of property in the

bassador; mutatis | United States of Ú.S. citizens
mutandis, to the or of citizens of cobelligerents
Belgian Minister resident in territory occupied

by the enemy.
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1454 May 31 Proclamation

Including certain individuals
as "enemies" for purposes of
Trading with Enemy Act,
and requiring reports as to

their property.
June 27 | To the French Am- Statement regarding restora-

bassador; similar tion of property in the United
note to the Belgian States belonging to French-

men residing in enemy-occu

pied territory.
1464 June 28 Proclamation Taking over the property of

the North German Lloyd
Dock Co. and Hamburg-
American Line Terminal and

Navigation Co.
June 25 | From the French | Brazil has been requested to
[Rec'd | Ambassador

consult Allies before rescind-
June 28]

ing measures relative to pri-
vate enemy property. U.S.

attitude sought.
July 13 From the French Approval of sequestration of
[Rec'd | Ambassador

property in the United States
July 18]

belonging to Frenchmen re-
siding in enemy-occupied ter-

July 24 To the Counselor of Only limited information given
the British Embassy out regarding enemy property

taken over by Alien Property

July 31 From the Belgian Approval of sequestration of

property in the United States
belonging to Belgians resid-
ing in enemy-occupied terri-

Aug. 1 To the Russian Am- No further demands will be

made for U.S. custodianship
of property of Russians resid-

ing in enemy territory.
IV-B-14 Aug. 22 From the Swiss Encloses German note, June
ec'd Chargé

11, protesting against the sale
Aug. 23]

by the United States of prop-
erty of the German steam-

ship lines.
Sept. 10 To the Alien Prop Treaties with the enemy re-
erty Custodian garding property rights in the

United States not operative.
IX Sept. 10 | From the Swiss Encloses German note, July 14,
Prinz F [Rec'd Chargé

denying liquidation of U.S. Sept. 11]

property. 1277 Aug. 11 | From the Ambassa Encloses German note, July 18, (Rec'd dor in Spain

regarding treatment of U.S.
Sept. 10]

private property in Germany.
Sept. 19" From the Alien | Refutation of German claim
(Rec'd | Property Custodian that German decrees on U.S.
Sept. 20)

private property were repris

al measures. 279 Sept. 26 To the Swiss Chargé Equipment of North German

Lloyd Dock Co. and Hamburg-American Line Terminal and Navigation Co. taken over by the United States.

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Sept. 30 To the Swiss Chargé Regulations relative to for

warding of personal belong-
ings to alien enemies after

Oct. 3 To the Swiss Chargé Liquidation of German private

property, particularly com-
mercial enterprises, is being

Oct. 9 To the Swiss Chargé Exemption of $500 granted to

internees can not be increased

except by act of Congress.
Oct. 12 To the Swiss Chargé Alien Property Custodian has

ordered the sale of the proper-
ty of 21 enemy-owned com-

XXV-9 Nov. 27 From the Swiss Min Encloses German note, Sept.
(Rec'd | ister

30, protesting against U.S. Nov. 29)

liquidation of German private

property in the Philippines.
Jan. 2, From the Alien Prop Treatment accorded property
1919 erty Custodian of German subjects in the

Jan. 4]









2193 Apr. 21, To the Ambassador Possible arrangement with 1917 in France (tel.); | Germany respecting patents, mutatis mutandis, copyrights, and trade-marks.

Inquiry as to French arrangein Great Britain ments. 2081 ) May 8, | From the Ambassa- | French have no agreement with 1917 dor in France (tel.) | the enemy concerning patents

and trade-marks. Domestic

laws prescribe regulations.
May 18, | To the Swiss Lega Papers relating to patent
1917 tion

applications of German sub-
jects are returned because of

existence of war.
1372 | May 24, Proclamation Authorizing owners of letters

patent granted by Germany
to make payments required
for preservation of their

5009 June 16, To the Ambassador Request that patent remit-
1917 in Great Britain | tances sent to Germany will

(tel.); mutatis mu- not be detained en route by
tandis, to the Am-! Great Britain.

bassador in France
9-17-7-11 July 2, From the Attorney Arrangement necessary for
1917 General

transmission of patent remit(Rec'd

tances to Germany. July 5] 6705 July 11, From the Ambassa- Patent remittances sent to 1917 | dor in Great Brit enemy countries allowed to go ain (tel.)

2326 July 25, From the Ambassa- | Patent remittances permitted

1917 | dor in France (tel.) to pass without detention.
July 27]

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Sept. 21, To Messrs. Dowell No arrangement yet devised
1917 | & Dowell

for transmission to Germany

of patent remittances.
Oct. 22, To the Federal Trade Department activities in assist-

ing U.S. citizens in protection
of patent rights in enemy

7128 Sept. 21, From the Ambassa- Encloses British note, Sept. 17,

dor in Great Britain | reporting no arrangements (Rec'd

with the enemy regarding Oct. 23]

patents and describing domes

tic regulations.
737 | Nov. 1, | To the Chargé in Quotes section of Enemy Trad-
1917 | Spain (tel.)

ing Act regarding enemy pat-
ent privileges in United
States. Inquires whether
Germany extends similar priv-

799 Dec. 22, To the Ambassador Renewed inquiry as to extent
1917 in Spain (tel.) of patent privileges accorded

to U.S. citizens by Germany. 6330 Jan. 23, To the Ambassador Will patent documents and re1918 in Great Britain mittances passed by U.S. cen

(tel.); mutatis mu sors proceed through Great
tandis, to the Am Britain en route to Central
bassador in France Powers without further re-

129 | Feb. 13 | To the Swiss Min-Encloses statement by Chair-

man of Federal Trade Com.,
Nov. 2, 1917, relative to use
by U.S. citizens of enemy-
owned patents and copy-

3217 Feb. 19 From the Ambassa- Patent documents and remit-
dor in France (tel.) / tances for enemy countries

permitted by France to pro

ceed, with certain restrictions. 8730 | Feb. 19 From the Ambassa- | Patent documents and remit

dor in Great Brit- tances for enemy countries
ain (tel.)

permitted by Great Britain
to proceed, with certain re-

2837 Apr. 11 Executive order Revoking authority of desig-

nated officers regarding pat-
ents, etc., under Trading with

Enemy Act.
1159 Apr. 18 From the Ambassa- Encloses German note, Feb. 25,
(Rec'd dor in Spain

on patent privileges extended May 18]

to U.S. citizens.
837 | July 22 | To the Ambassador Legalization by Spanish repre-
in Spain

sentatives of documents re-
garding German patent ap-
plications in the United States
not sufficient.

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Jan. 19, To the Alien Prop- Recommendation that immun-
1918 | erty Custodian ity be accorded property of

persons whose names ap-
peared in Diplomatic List at
time of severance of relations

with the enemy.
Mar. 26 To the Alien Prop- Recommendation that bank
erty Custodian account held by the Depart-

ment of Austro-Hungarian
Interests, Swedish Legation,

be not disturbed.
2207 | Mar. 26 From the Minister Proposed seizure by German

in the Netherlands authorities of certain personal

property of former Ambassa

dor Gerard.
1074 Apr. 1 To the Minister in Instructions to request Spanish

the Netherlands Embassy, Berlin, to protest

against seizure of Gerard's
property, calling attention to
U.S. treatment of property of

German officials.
Apr. 3 To the Alien Prop- No objection to seizure, as
erty Custodian property of German Govern-

ment, of funds owed to former

German commercial attaché. 2239 Apr. 18 From the Minister Germany disposed to respect

(Rec'd | in the Netherlands property of U.S. officials on
Apr.19] (tel.)

basis of reciprocity.
May 28 From the Alien Prop- Request for opinion regarding
(Rec'd l erty Custodian seizure of property in Wash-
June 1]

ington owned by the German
Government, but distinct

from the German Embassy.
June 24 | From the Alien Prop- Proposed demand upon Swed-
[Rec'd | erty Custodian ish and Swiss consuls for
June 28]

money held as trust funds for

Austrians and Germans.
July 8 | To the Alien Prop- | Unwise to seize property in
erty Custodian Washington owned by Ger-

man Government, but dis

tinct from German Embassy. July 27 To the Alien Prop- No objection to seizure of trust | erty Custodian funds held by Swedish and

Swiss consuls for Austrians

and Germans.
Oct. 16 | To the Alien Prop Advises immunity for resi-
erty Custodian dences, and furnishings, of

former consuls and their fami-
lies, but not for other real
estate or securities.

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July 21, From the Ambassa- | Classification of Brazilian busi- / 340

1917 | dor in Brazil (tel.) ness houses having German
(Rec'd |

connections. Inadvisability of
July 22)

establishing statutory list.

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