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Our new catalogue, just off the press, should be in the hands of every intending piano - buyer. It is a “Mirror Fashion Plate" of latest styles in piano casings. Our new creations in case designs of grands and uprights are most attractive and fascinating. Exact pictures from artistic halftone plates of our new models, “Classique, Colonial, Athenian, Colonial Renaissance and Louis XV.,” will be found in our new catalogue. This for the asking. In artistic requirements, such as quality of tone, perfection of action, only the use of the finest materials and labor in construction, the Ivers & Pond Pianos cannot be equaled. They are superlatively fine.

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DURAND, Mich., June 10, 1902.
In regard to the IVERS & POND piano purchased of you about six
months ago, my wife is perfectly delighted with it, and thinks there is

quite as fine in tone aud general make-up as the IVERS & POND,
and I will be pleased to recommend it to any one contemplating the
purchase of a piano. Yours truly, J. S. McGUIRE,

Chief Train Despatcher, Ann Arbor R. R.

OGDENSBURG, N. Y., June 21, 1902. After looking over a number of different makes of pianos, I purchased an IVERS & POND. It is decidedly the best piano I could find for the money. It is a beautiful, sweet-toned instrument, and is giving splendid satisfaction to all who hear it. It is a pleasure to recommend the IVERS & POND piano. Yours truly, C. L. SAMMONS,

Kincaid Division, No. 180, Order Railway Conductors, Utica, N. Y.


Our unique method of selling may interest you. Where no dealer sells our pianos we sell direct; practically bring our large Boston establishment, Factory and Warerooms to your door. We will quote you our lowest prices, explain our Easy Pay System, as available in the most remote village in the United States as if you lived in Boston or New York. More than this, if our careful selection of a piano fails to please you, in other words, if you don't want it after seeing and trying it, it returns to us and we pay railroad freights both ways. We solicit correspondence. IVERS & POND PIANO COMPANY,

119 Boylston Street, Boston, Mass.

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The Grinnell Glove

Made for Locomotive Engineers—not for farmers. Has all the good things that an Engineer wants in his glove; nothing that he doesn't want.

Tough, yet soft and pliable leather; no welts or rivets; steam and heat proof; fits the hand like a dress glove; a long stiff cuff that fits the coat sleeve closely.

For nearly fifty years we have been making gloves. We have devoted many years to studying what particular locomotive engineers need and want in their gloves. We think we have put into the “Grinnell Engineer's Glove" everything that ought to be in it and have left out of it everything that should not be in it. If this glove can be improved, however, we want to do it and will

Pay $25 to any Locomotive Engineer who has worn a pair of these gloves and can make a feasible suggestion by which we can improve the “Grinnell Engineer's Glove."

We want every engineer in America and Canada to see the glove that is made for engineers" and therefore we send out free our illustrated booklet, describing this and other gloves and also make the following offer. You will need gloves this month, why not take advantage of it? Here it is : FREE-Ask your dealer to show you a pair today. If he

Not genuine without this doesn't sell the “Grinnell Engineer's Glove," write to us, stating your size and giving name of dealer and we will induce him to take a stock and will send a pair for you FREE with first order to him, provided you are the first engineer to send in his name.

If hand is deformed, gloves will be sent to order through dealer without extra charge. MORRISON, MCINTOSH & COMPANY, Grinnell, lowa.

Trade Mark.


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The "1900” Ball Bearing Family Washer.


A Wonderfully Simple Invention That Cuts in Half

Time, Labor and Expense of Washing Clothes.

No More Rubbing or Stooping—Monday's Drudgery No Longer to Be


Every Householder in the Land Can Have One FREE.

In order to prove to the most skeptical that the Washer. They are all unsolicited and most "1900” Ball-Bearing Family Washer is unques- naturally be sincere. We shall be pleased to send tionably the greatest Homo Labor-Saving Ma- to any one writing for it our book of testimonials, chine ever invented, we will send you one abso- which are guaranteed to be genuine and exact lutely free without deposit or advance payment copies of originals on file at ou, office. Among of any kind, freight paid, on 30 DAYS' TRIAL. the many thousands on file, we reproduce the If you like it, you can pay for it either in cash or following: on the installment plan at the end of the 30 days'

Peoria, Ill., Sept. 2, 1902.

I have given the “Washer a good trial. Both trial. If you don't like it, all you have to do is to

with my washing and bedding. It is the best ship it back to us at our expenso. You run no machine I have ever used for blankets; in fact, I risk, no ezponse, no obligations whatever.

think it is the best all-around washer I ever heard of. I would not do without mine.


Washington, D. C., Sept. 8, 1902. You will find enclosed payment for the 1900" Washer. It fully comes up to our expectations and is all that you have claimed for it. We will take great pleasure in recommending it to all who wish to avail themselves of one of the greatest labor-saving devices of modern times for domestic purposes.

WM. F. SALTER. East Plymouth, Ohio, Feb. 2, 1902.

P. O. Ashtabula, o. We have been using the “1900” Washer since May 15, 1900. Have done over 1,200 wa shings, and I think it is good for as many more. We do family

work from Ashtabula. We have used 8 different The "1900” Ball-Bearing Washer is beyond doubt

machines, and the 1900” beats them all for good

and fast work and durability. the greatest labor-saving machine ever invented

GEO. N. BURNETT. for family use. Entirely new principle. It is

Hart, Mich., August 25, 1902. simplicity itself. There are no wheels, paddles, Please find enclosed money order to pay for my rockers, cranks or complicated machinery. It re

washer in full. We are well pleased with the volves on bicycle ball-bearings, making it by far

washer. A great many people have looked at it.

My mother, 83 years old, and I, who am a cripple the easiest running washer on the market. No in a wheeled chair, have done our washing in it for strength required; a child can operate it.

the last three weeks. MRS. ALICE ROUSE. No more stooping, rubbing, boiling of clothes.

Kansas City, Mo., May 14, 1902. Hot water and soap all that are needed. It will

I have given your washer a fair trial. It is the

best washer I ever saw. It has washed our boavy wash large quantities of clothes (no matter how blankets with ease. I washed them last Spring soiled) perfectly clean in six minutes. Impossible and rubbed more than an hour, and yot they had to injure the most delicate fabrics. Saving in

to go through again, but the "1900" Washer

cleaned them thoroughly. We do our washing wear and tear of clothes, to say nothing of the very quick, and have no tired and wornout fooling saving of soap and materials, pays for machine as of old. I wish every lady had a washer. in a short time. Don't be prejudiced. This is

MRS. J. L. BANNER, 4203 Troost Ave. entirely different from and far superior to any It costs nothing to try the “1900” Washer. It is other washing machine ever made.

sent to any one absolutely FREE on 30 days' The “1900” Washer is not a cheaply made trial. We pay freight both ways. No money remachino. It is constructed of the very best quired in advance. Write at once; do it now, so materials; it is handsome, compact and strong, you won't forget it, and a “1900" Washing and will last a lifetime.

Machine will be sent you free of all charges. We receive constantly thousands of flattering Address “1900” Washer Co., 153 L, Stato St., lotters from people who have used the “1900” Binghamton, N. Y.

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