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agreeably surprised to find on the F. A. E.'s desk a neat package, accompanied by a note describing the contents and explaining the motive for its presence. It contained a handsome altar cloth; and the expression of good wishes and the touching allusion to the death of a son, one of our Brothers, in whose memory they made the presentation, touched the hearts of everyone present. The donors are old and respected citizens of our city, and the parents of two of our Brother members and their daughter the wife of another, and their interest never lags either in the B. of L. E. or the G. I. A.

At the request of the C. E., Brother Burns spread the cloth upon the altar, when touching remarks were made by seyeral members, and a motion prevailed to officially accept the present and appoint a committee to make suitable acknowledgment; and the following committee was appointed, who formulated a letter, which included the following resolution, and presented it to the donors:

Resolved, That we, iu behalf of the officers and members of Flour City Division, No. 494. B. of L. E., do hereby accept the altar cloth tendered by you in memory of your deceased son Fred, who was one of us; that it is a beautiful tribute to the memory of our beloved Brother, and that we in return extend our sincere and heartfelt thanks, not only for this, but for the many other acts of kindness and friendly interest shown by each of you to us, as well as to the G. I. A. Trusting we shall so conduct ourselves as to continue to merit your friendship and kindly interest toward our orders, and wishing your remaining days to be one continuous journey of happiness and prosperity, we wish to remain, Yours truly,



The traveling card and certificate of Bro. J. Quinlan, a member of Div. 296, have been lost. presented, please take them up and forward them to the F. A. E. of Div. 296.

The traveling card of Bro. F. Spearman, of Div. 559, has been lost. If presented, please take it up and forward to the F. A. E. of Div. 559.

Wanted-To know the address of F. Tipton, who at one time ran an engine on the Southern Pacific out of Los Angeles, Cal., also on the Santa Fe out of Winslow, Ariz., and at one time out of Vera Cruz, Mexico. Any information concerning him will be thankfully received by Chas. M. Patten, C. E. of Div. 5, 1814 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Fred Wa. terman, who some years ago ran an engine on the Boston & Maine Railroad, and was at that time a member of some Eastern Division of the B. of L. E., and about the year 1895 or '96 worked in the shops of the Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Railway at Mattoon, Ill., and was last heard from at Van Buren, Ark., will confer a favor upon his aged mother and sister by communicating with Wm. Bosley, F. A. E. of Div. 377, 2701 Cedar Ave., Mattoon, Ill.

Members of the following Divisions will correspond with the F. A. E. of their Divisions immediately : Division

519-Frank Cassady.
415-L. H. Dearhart.
386-Louis Kling. John Parrish.
290-Lee Richardson.
299-H. H. Fellows.


MR. JAMES C. CLARKE, President of the Mobile & Ohio Railroad, who commenced has railroad career at an early age, and who saw service as fireman, engineer, conductor, station agent, trainmaster, superintendent, general manager and president, died in Chicago on December 9th, at the age of 79 years. He was held in high esteem by the employees under him, which is evidenced by the following resolution adopted by one of our Divisions bearing his name:

WHEREAS, The Chief Engineer of the Universe has in His wisdom removed from earth Mr. J. C. Clarke, former president of the Mobile & Ohio Railroad Company, and

WHEREAS, The said J. C. Clarke, did during his life on numerous occasions manifest his friendship for the order of Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, and especially for our Division, which has the honor of bearing his name; therefore, be it

Resolved, By J. C. Clarke Div., 537. B. of L. E. that while we bow in humble snbmission to the will of an All Wise Providence, we feel keenly the loss of our former president and at all times the railroad man's friend.

Resolved, further, that we extend to the bereaved family our heartfelt sympathy in their great and irreparable loss.

(In accordance with the action of the Ottawa Convention, no resolutions of condolence, obituary letters or poems will be published in the JOURNAL. All deaths will be listed under obituary heading only, with cause and date of death.]

Salt Lake City, Utah, Dec. 9, of typhoid fever, Bro. H. D. Cole, membef of Div. 222,

Cleveland, O., Dec. 16, killed by derailment of his engine, Bro. Warren H. Goss, member of Div. 167.

Bridgeport, Conn., Dec. 16, of pneumonia, Bro. Geo. H. Bowers, member of Div. 77.

New Haven, Conn., Dec. 16, of pneumonia, Bro. Chas. McConville, member of Div. 77.

San Antonio, Tex., Nov. 1, Bro. James A. Hartley, member of Div. 427.

Jackson, Miss, Dec. 16, killed, Bro. Richard Nape, member of Div. 276.

Pittsburg, Pa., Nov. 27, Mrs. Anna V. Helms, member of Div. 70, G. I. A., and daughter of Bro. J. A. Bowers, F. A. E. Div. 352.

Renovo, Pa., Dec. 18, killed in wreck, Bro. James Murphy, member of Div. 465.

Livingston, Mont., Dec. 17, of heart failure, Bro. Miles Ray, member of Div. 232.

Waseca, Minn., Dec. 16. killed in wreck, Bro. Geo. Woskie, member of Div. 9.

Birmingham, Ala., Dec, 22, from injuries reBridgeport, Conn., Dec. 29, of blood poisoning and diabetes, Bro.' Eugene' Allen, member of Div. 77.

Schenectady, N. Y., Jan. 14, Bro. Thos. Dormady, member of Div. 172.

Brockville, Ont., Dec. 9, of typhoid fever, Bro. R. M. Bell, member of Div. 189.

Cleburue, Tex., Dec. 18, of Bright's disease, Bro. B. F. Collom, member of Div. 500.

Pekin, Ill., Dec. 31, of locomotor ataxia, James C. Brown, brother of Bro. Patrick Brown, member of Div. 460.

Cumberland, Md., Jan. 16, killed in wreck, Lro. B. E. Butler, member of Div, 284.

Renovo, Pa., Jan. 16, Bro. Chas. Ostlum, membc. of Div. 465.

Reynoldsville, Pa., Jan. 14, of heart disease, Bro. Patrick, Foley, member of Div. 472.

Rock Island, ill., Dec. 28, of heart failure, Bro. John E. Mousley, member of Div. 60.

Boston, Mass., Dec, 6, killed, Bro. E. E. Free man, member of Div. 61.

Carrollton, O., Jan. 16, killed, Bro. Emanuel Wolf, member of Div. 175.

East Syracuse, N. Y., Dec. 8, Bro. Louis R. Green, member of Div, 288.

Buffalo, N. Y., Jan. 12, of heart disease, Bro. Geo. Brown, member of Div. 18.


ceived in wreck, Bro. L. T. Whitehead, member of Div. 156.

Battle Creek, Mich.. January -, of dropsy, Bro. Geo. A. Jones, member of Div. 33.

Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 2, killed in collision, Bro. E. L. Bailey, member of Div. 51.

Cordovia, Vera Cruz, Mex., Dec. 15, Bro. Chas. Strattou, member of Div. 302.

Wilkes Barre, Pa., Dec. 23, Bro. Jonathan Westley, member of Div. 263.

Moose Jaw., N. W. Ter., Dec. 18, Bro. Derrick Moore, C. E. of Div. 510.

Chattanooga, Tenn., Dec. 20, Bro. B. E. Anderson, member of Div, 198.

Rocklin, Cal., Dec. 18. of pneumonia, Bro. Frank S. Boggs, member of Div. 1 26.

Moncton, N. B., Dec. 16, Bro. Geo. H. Manning, member of Div. 162.

Cumberland, Md., Dec. 2, killed by derailment of his engine, Bro. John W. Jankey, member of Div. 437.

Altoona, Pa., Dec. 30, Mrs. Mary Casey, mother of Bro. Chas. Casey, member of Div. 287.

Pittsburg, Pa., Dec. 17, killed in collision, Bro. John H. McCoy, member of Div. 464.

Freeville, N. Y., Dec. 29, of heart failure, Bro. Henry Sevey, member of Div. 380.

Toledo 0., Nov. 27, Bro. W. J. Campbell, member of Div. 4.

Syracuse, N. Y., Nov. 29. of a poplexy, Bro. A. Veeder, member of Div. 169.

Harrisburg, Pa., Dec. 30, Bro. Wm. Diffender. fer, member of Div. 45.

Erie, Pa., Dec. 19, killed in collision, Bro, Chas. Diefen baugh, member of Div. 298.

Columbus, O.. Dec. 15, Joseph Wrote, brother of Bro. John Wrote, member of Div. 453.

Siam, Cal.. Dec. 29, killed in collision, Bro. Chas. W. Hayward, member of Div. 384.

Hamilton, Ont., Dec. 24, May Isabel Bronson, wife of Bro. T. L. Bronson, member of Div. 133.

Dorchester, Mass., Jan. 8, of smallpox, Bro. E. H. Wood, Past C. E. of Div. 439.

Schenectady, N. Y., Jan. 10, Bro. Orpheus Trumbley, member of Div. 172.

Sewickley, Pa., Dec. 25, Miss Ellen Brown, sister of Bro. M. T. Brown, member of Div. 255.

San Francisco, Cal., Dec. 31, Bro. W. R. Purinton, member of Div. 161.

Elmira, N. Y., Dec. 31, killed, Bro. John Shaffer, member of Div. 434.

City of Mexico, Mex., Sept. 1o, killed in wreck, Bro. Thos. Johnson, member of Div. 198.

Salida, Col., Dec. 23, killed by boiler explosion, Bro. G. W. Miller, member of Div. 199.

Rothville, Mo., Dec. 8, killed in wreck, Bro. Samuel Wise, member of Div. 396.

Trinidad, Col., Dec. 31, killed, Bro. Daniel Williams, member of Div. 11.

Mattoon, ill., Jan. 1, of heart failure, Bro. Nicholas Robson, member of Div. 37.

Brooklyn, N. Y., Jan. 8. by the bursting of a blood clot at the base of the brain, Mrs. c. R. Gurney, wife of Bro. C. R. Gurney, Past C. E. of Div. 419.

Massillon, O., Nov. 4, killed by running into open switch, Bro. John C. Reinhold, member of Div. 360.

Atlanta, Ga., Jan. 7, killed, Bro. W. D. Straton, member of Div. 368.

Buffalo, N. Y., Dec. 12, of erysipelas, Bro. Frank Becker, member of Div. 328.

Ashville, N. C., Dec. 4. of smallpox, Bro. H. C. Parks, member of Div. 267.

Rensselaer, N. Y., Jan. 13, killed in collision, Bro. Edwin Payne, member of Div. 59.

Into Division

120-Joseph B. Whitman, from Div. 132.
225-E. W. Weeks, from Div. 134.
107–T. B. McKee, from def. Div. 112.

H. T. True, from Div. 130.
208—Thos. Hill, J. K. Samms, from Div. 120.
276D. Madigan, from Div. 468.

W. A. O'Neal, froni Div. 58. 77-0. B. Hadsel, from Div. 272. 351-J. S. Morris, from Div. 339.

C. H. Shull, from Div. 370. 194-David Morehouse, from Div. 573.

W. W. Barry, from Div. 366. 244-E. C. Johnson, from Div. 58. 421--Geo. R. Fish, Thos. Morrisy. John C.

White, C. E. Peckham, Chas. Payne,

from Div. 18. 325-Geo. Ault, from Div. 306. 85-J. E. Dodson, from Div. 210.

F. N. Holly, from Div. 309. 76—Wm. Bunage, from Div. 535. 343-Chas. Patello, from Div. 78.

Frank Thallmiller, from Div., 539.

E. H. Pope, from Div. 512. 179—W. S. McCaskill, from Div. 538. 156-R. F. Douglas, from Div. 473.

T. W. Loftus, from Div. 36. 134-W. A. Myers, from Div. 98. 317-Frank C. Theyer, from Div. 478. 551-H. E. Page, from Div. 296.

6-T. F. Casey, from Div. 125. 552-Geo. E. Brown, from Div. 254. 161-M. E. Moutgomery, from Div. 236. 415-Benj. Nelson, from Div. 561. 103-D. D. Sweeney, from Div. 228.

24--Frank A. Beamish, from Div. 82. 360-Frank I.. Davis, from Div. 12. 278--R. B. Plantz, R. L. Green, from Div. 554. 370-John J. Clutter, from Div. 437. 498—W. E. Williams, from Div. 463. 224 -Robt. J. Clark, from Div. 385. 433--Chas. Johns, from Div. 255. 28 - W. E. Butler, Wm. Waddington, D. Avery.

J. Jefferson, J. W. Lee, W. A. Linder,
Edwin Horan, H. C. Bradley, T. S.
Brooks. F, A. Gordon, Chas. Hoag, W. P.

Murphy, J. N. Reddock, J. M. Ritz, from 325-Geo. Plender, from Div. 454. 570-Chas. A. Fisher, from Div. 497.

Div. 355.

[ocr errors]

292—M. S. Cooper, from Div. 419.

86-W. A. Fogg, from Div, 218. 206–F. M. Scott, from Div. 365. 383-B. J. Treanor, from Div. 33.

Thos. Martin, from Div. 155. 402-W. H. Meredith, from Div. 147. 595--M. A. Rose, from Div. 123.

John S. Zehring, from Div. 396. 226-Geo. B. Alden, J. E. Taylor, from Div. 229. 148-J. B. Obey, from Div. 370.

Rudolph Searfoss, from Div. 380. 501-J. E. Odey, W. W. Forrester, from Div. 196. 519-Thos. J. Davis, from Div. 478. 421-M. J. Ťraynor, from Div. 153. 363–S. M. Catchings, from Div. 196. 375–J. F. Clark, from Div. 513.

[blocks in formation]

255-Wm. G. Hammond, Asher Hinton, Harry E.

Birkhimer, Elwood Moore, from Div. 471. 179-Harold Porter, from Div. 156. 94-Albert Morrisey, from Div. 564. 481-Frank Phillips, Chas. L. Rouuds, J. K.

Gregory, from Div. 471. 161-J. G. Weier, J. A. Leavitt, J. A. Burke, from

Div. 88. 573-T. J. Dryer, from Div. 177. 499-John Gregory, from Div. 262. 288—F. W. Hoose, Wm. Watley, from Div. 421, 91-J. H. Cunningham, from Div. 128.

P. O'Brien, from Div. 89. 216-B. B. Wood, from Div. 19. 206--James Stanton, from Div. 500. 431-Fred. McKercher, H. R. Smith, from Div.

346. 76 - James Caudle, from Div. 518. 430- Jerome Reeves, from Div. 505.

1. M. Bedford, from Div. 515.

H. L. Squires, from Div. 186.
4-Andrew Metzinger, from Div. 1.
261-E. M. Jenkins, from Div. 492.

W. E. Ensign, from Div. 289.
James Heoy, J. S. Monaghan, from Div. 523.

Chas. Hay, from Div. 1.
156—R. A. Dobyus, from Div. 339.
262-F. N. Truesdale, from Div. 134.

M. L. Case, from Div. 6. 237–Frank Sidener, from Div. 127. 81-H. B. Haveland, from Div. 346.

Chas. Hodges, from Div. 431. 123-J. P. Whiting, from Div. 567.

B. A. Downan, from Div. 44. 396—Geo. H. Wood, Wm. H. Wood, from Div.

234. 264-John Gallagher, from Div. 130.

Wm. Watkins, from Div. 262. 238_G. C. Linrothe, from Div. 404.

Frank McCormick, John Basfeldt, from

Div. 333. 551–H. E. Page, from Div. 296. 473–J. E. Hambrick, from Div 156. 83-6. L. Pruitt, from Div. 239.

R. H. Sherry, from Div. 578.

E. A. Hodgdon, from Div. 346. 556- John Moran, from Div. 8. 415-Benj. E. Talbot, from Div. 110. 568.-C. A. Bumgardner, from Div. 100. 360—R. S. Carew, from Div. 282.

James Gilday, from Div. 255. 366-C. A. Mays, from Div. 201.

W. P. McInnerney, from Div. 336. 428--S. A. Bryan, from Div. 285.

Wm. Maze, from Div. 48.

J. C. Lindenberg, from Div. 83. 276—John Vanbuskirk, from Div. 71. 328-Wm. Frame, from Div. 15. 164-A. L. Comstock, from Div. 228. 61-John H. Hanlon, from Div. 63. 245–A. E. Shandorf, from Div. 239.

M. Huddleston, from Div. 366.

Isaac Noe, from def. Div. 35. 567-E. A. Loughrans, from Div. 218. 336-Henry Kelley, from Div. 214. 256-J. H. Rahner, from Div. 323. 556-John Moran, from Div. 8. 198-S. W. Hoffman, from Div. 137. 423-Pleasant Cargile, from Div. 453.

J. A. Keys, from Div. 386.
7-C. P. Smith, from Div. 237.
566-R. A. Hankamer, from Div. 366.
585-W. E. Swett, S. A. Jones, from Div. 281.
437-David Linn, from Div. 284.
47-M. L. Rice, from Div, 292.
419-Geo. L. Blood, from Div. 205.

Wm. Fiero, from Div. 145.
Henry Bullwinkel, John Earing, from Div.

269. 239-W. A. Old, from Div. 11. 368—T. S. Skipper, from Div. 323. 498-W. A. Rolen, from Div. 239. 554-Geo. Geister, c. S. Batchelder, from Div. 507. 415-James Lycke, from Div. 6.

35-P. H. Ledden, from Div. 254. 511-Chas. Moregan, from Div. 448. 53-Albert Rodgers, Wm. Woolsey, from Div.


Into Division

Into Division331-L. M. Lattimer, 431-James A. Jackson. C. B. Moore.

107-A. K. Pickle. 95-A. B. Challinor. 194-T. H. Motler. 214-Perry Mote,

85-J. T. McPherson. Henry H. Kelley. 116-Wm. Russell. 89—P. O'Brien.

425-M. H. Tuttle. 31-Wm. Hawkins. 105-Geo. Hayward. 40-B. Whitehouse.

234-Wm. H. Wood. 109-Wm. H. Woodsey, 314-J. G. Andrews.

David I. Moran. 26-W. R. Saunders, 362–Carlos Gillespie. W. J. Burke. 44-B. A. Downan. 117-John McGraw. 147-J. C. Hallen,

II-Chas. Edmonston. J. D. Irby.

254-Thos. W. Keenan. I52-Geo. McCathron. 198-John Goebel, 153–Grant Potter.

Wm. McDonald, 61-Wm. A. Batchelder. W. F. Dennan. 174-A. McArthur.

251-A, S. Erskine. 212-D. C. Everly. 284-James E. O'Neil. 500-R. Robinson.

255-Clyde White. 404-Thos. J. Griffin, 210-W. R. Cole. Geo. Ferris.

499-Daniel O'Neil. 61-N. H. B. Wardwell, J. O'Brien.

W. W. Gove. 340-B. E. Roberson, 278-J. R. McKenzie.

A. J. Coburn. 245-Leroy Killmer.

513 - J. F. Clarke. 254-D. H. Harris.

193-W. J. Nash. 363–Geo. Kelley. 555-H. N, Wicks.


From Division152-D. Reagen, eight months, for violation of

obligation. 118-W. Marron, Samuel Rothwell, for non.

payment of dues, 201-J. W. Nichols, three months, for unbecom

ing conduct.


FOR NON-PAYMENT OF DUES. From Division503-Wm. McLaws. 377–J. C. Atwood, 45–Thos. J. Riley.

0. P. Stanley. 494 - A. G. Hammond, 98-E. C. Brown, E. C. Whitlock.

L H. Cooper.

From Division

From Division

411—Thos. Lynch. 98-F. S. Pickering,

38--J. H. Houseman, 171-W. V. Cole,

J. H. Johnson, G. E. Fredenburg.

498_G. W. Meredith. H. Trago,

314-E. J. Flannagan, G. W. Johnson, 57-Geo. E. Heath. F. W. Kinzie.

T. J. Torpey.

R. S. Lynn, 217–D, H. Cavanaugh. 354-L. B. Hawk,

345-James Gallagher. Samuel Nicely, 27-John Anderson.

Hugh M. Hazlett.
26-W. T. Day,

G. S. Peaco, 143--C. W. Paterson. 305-John T. A. Deck,

T. T. Layton.

G. W. Peaco, 106-John L. Keach.

Wm. Everhart,
273-A. R. Tyler,

J. H. White,
333-E. F. Fales.
Joseph Helzle.

Thos. O'Laughlin. O. M. Flaherty. 15-John A. Miller, 202-F. M. Stockman.

436-F. E. Wood.

82-Chas. Spring.
J. Prine,
42-N, M. George,

213-M. D. Kilgore. 234-Lewis Talley, John Leppert,

J. B. Craney:
R. W. Martin,

Andrew Smith.
439-L. L. Young.
481-W. C. Hopkins.

210—C. G. Talbird.
R. M. Paton.
104-Samuel Thompson.

233—John B. King.

353-Wm. Ebersole, 211-J. W. Lindley, 157-Thos. Bird. 88-L. D. Pierce.

Thos. Helms,

A. A, Miller. 550—W. S. Gentry, 450-Nicholas Kirby.

Thos. White. 507--James Murphy. M. Whalen. 36-James H. Gray,

343–Robt. Chapman, 380-A. J. Grant, O. A. Simcox,

399-J. F. Barrett, James Crites,

Joseph H. Peak. Jonathan Faust, 453-J. H. Roberts.

David Maloney,

519-H. N. Conklin. Johu Brogan. 330-E. M. Luce.

Ed. Pearce,

340-T. J. Dowling. 276-Henry Earlley. 267-A. B. Blaire,

Thos. Davis, 157-C. H. McCall. 372-S. M. Bay,

T. C. Folsom.
Jas. L. McCadden. 129-Wiley Anderson.

Joseph Coleman, 31-Jacob Siegrist.
Battise Fray.

343-W. Dale. 375--J. H. Barnes, 383-A. B. Mahan,

Claude Sittason.
A. A. Burkett,

H. Shettler.
G. L. Furguson, 130--J W.McCullouch,

J. I. Fountain,
Alford Koberts.

119-0. B. Ridgeway, for keeping saloon.
Geo, D. Sasser.

286-Chas. Rapp, for forfeiting insurance. 330-E. R. Purdy. 272-Edward Dunlop. 235--Arthur J. Green, Michael O'Hare, for for236-J. A. Johnson. 186-J. T. Flavin,

feiting insurance. 485-John Chamberlin. Ť. Colligan,

494-L. W. Ginther, for forfeiting insurance. R. E. Bethel, Bert Steven.

201—W. z. Thompson, for unbecoming couduct 218–J. B. Gossage, 290-Ed. Barry,

and violation of obligation. P. K. Coggswell. Joseph M. Carroll, 249-Parney Hewett, for unbecoming conduct. 262-E.B. Le Van,

John Flaherty,

481-R. L. Evans, for forfeiting, insurance, R. E. Wilkerson, John E. Kline,

61-James W. Dodge, for forfeiting insurance. W. Scott, Peter McGowan,

36–1 G. Gossman, for forfeiting insurance. F. Clark,

Wm. H. Penney. 471-E. E. Dye, for non-payment of dues and John Curran, 117-Wm. Anderson.

keeping saloon. John Noonan. 278–J. O. Haynes,

253-E. F. Miller, for non-payment of dues and 291-G. L. Smoot. Ć. W. Armstrong,

forfeiting insurance. 363-J. C. Pritchett.

J. E. Reeves.

482—Wm. Allen, for forleiting insurance and 306-John Crossman, 134-W. H. Jones,

unbecoming conduct.
Fred. Lee,
M. W. Dadey,

Mack Apsey, for forfeiting insurance.
P. J. Dailey.
H. G. Davis.

273–Ppilip Large, for forfeiting insurance. 94-John Kelley, 401-C. B. Taylor,

255-Wm. Bardsley, for non-payment of dues M. M. Meehan, R. W. Lewis,

and intoxication.
John O'Neill.
G. W. St. Clair,

195-Wm. Menke, for non-payment of dues and
Thos. O'Neill.
H. P. Tayman.

forfeiting insurance. 446-Seth Stone. 197-Wm. Glover,

336-Geo. Green, for forfeiting insurance. 496-A. J. Wemple.

P. J. Lackey.

433-H. A. Benson, for forfeiting insurance. 198–J. E. Hamilton, W. W. Therebold.

C. C. Hanlin, for violation of obligation. W. M. Akers, 198—Wm. Day.

147—Hugh Curran, for non-payment of dues and J. T. Coen. 85-W. H. Dorsett.

defrauding members. 374-Chas. W. Bowen. 511-Floyd Turner.


Frye, S. McAuley, for forfeiting in24-Henry Junkman, 105-Saml. A. Benwell,

J. M. Bruner.
E. R. Hopkins,

94-Frank R. Whittaker, for unbecoming con70- J. Kennedy. C. B. Lord.

duct. 263-Geo. F. Dampman, 18-John Kimber.

428-J. E. Powell, for unbecoming conduct.
Wm. H. Hosier, 71-Samuel De Haven. 294-1. G. Wallace, for defrauding a Brother and
W. H. Vangorder, 113-Hugh Frye,

forfeiting insurance.
Wm. C. Dougherty, W. B. Sleightholm. 210—Thos, L. Gardner, for forfeiting insurance.
Nathan Titus,
H. Jacobi,

500-R. Anderson, for non-payment of dues and John R. Thomas. Jas. P. Corcoran,

forfeiting insurance. 554-John McGrann.

John Holden,

532—B. Harris, for forfeiting insurance. 6-H. Goldsmith,

John S. Derr,

157–A. Schanck, John Harrington, for non-pay. J. W. Thompson. J. F. Binkley.

ment of dues and forfeiting insurance. 512-John Downey. 38-W. H. Bowling,

235-Chas. Wright, for intoxication while on 423-E. R. Sims. G. G. Davis,

duty. 239-Wm. Brown.

E. H. Hyde,


Ofioial Notioe of Assessments 648-652.


CLEVELAND, Ohio, Feb. 1, 1903.
To the Division Secretaries L. E. M. L. and A. I. A.:

DEAR SIRS AND BROS. :-You are hereby notified of the death or disability of the following members of the Association :

Five Assessments for payment of these claims are hereby levied and Secretaries ordered to collect $1.25 from all who are insured for $750. $2.50 from all who are insured for $1,500, $5.00 from all who are insured for $3,000, and $7.50 from all members insured for $4,500, and forward same to the General Secretary and Treasurer.

Members of the Insurance Association are required to remit to Division Secretaries within thirty days from date of this notice, and the Division Secretaries to the General Secretary and Treasurer


|No.of Ass't.


within ten days thereafter, on penalty of forfeiting their membership. (See Article XI. of By-Laws.)

Secretaries in sending remittances will send same to and make all drafts, express money orders or postoffice money orders payable to Wm. B. PRENTER, General Secretary and Treasurer. Secretaries located in Canada will please remit by draft or express money order. We will not accept packages of money sent by express, unless charges have been prepaid. The JOURNAL closes on the 18th of each month. Claims received after that day will lie over until the succeeding month.

Date of



Cause of Death
Death or

of To Whom Payable. Admission. Disability.

or Disa bility.

Ins. 605 J. H. Worrell 48 156 Dec. 31, 1890. Jan. 26, 1902. Blind left eye. $1500 J. H. Worrell......... 600 Frank Jupe.... 40 574 July 15, 1898. (Oct. 20, 1902. Killed..

3000 Children, equally. 607 James Murphy... 38 89 Mch. 13, 1902. Dec.

2, 1902. Killed..

750 Mrs. B. Murphy, w. 608 H. H. Lemon. 43 67 Oct. 26, 1902. Dec.

3, 1902. Killed..

1500 Mrs. M. Lemon, m. 609 A. J. Cummings.. 49 186 Nov. 7, 1890. Dec. 3, 1902. Left leg amputat'd 1500 A. J. Cummings. 610 N. Smith 50 292 Feb. 1, 1890. Dec. 7, 1902. Killed...

3000 Mrs. Jennie Smith,w. 611 Robt. M. Bell...

47 189 Oct. 28, 1880. Dec. 8, 1902. Typhoid fever.. 1500 Mrs. R. M. Bell, w. 612 J. H. Shannon..... 43 571 Mch. 13, 1901. Dec. 10, 1902. Killed...

1500 Mrs.M.B.Shannon, w 613 F. M. Kirby 50 101 May 24, 1897. Dec. 13, 1902. Killed..

1500 Mrs. Mary Kirby, w. 614 W. E. Whiteside.. 55 419 Sept. 5, 1893. Dec. 13, 1902. Bright's disease..... 1500 Mrs.MEWhiteside, w 615 Jas. M. Ray.. 46 232 July 11, 1896. Dec, 15, 1902. A poplexy.

3000 Mrs. Katie L. Ray,w. 616 E. H. Jones.... 53 87 Oct. 17, 1892. Dec. 15, 1902. Lt. foot amputated 3000 E. H. Jones. 617 C. McConville..... 69 77 Sept. 20, 1875. Dec. 16, 1902. Bronchitis... 3000 Mrs. C. Conville, w. 618 Geo. E. Waskie... 9 Jan. 21, 1900. Dec. 16, 1902. Killed...

750 Mrs. F. Waskie, w. 619 John H. McCoy... 48 464 Mch. 19, 1892. Dec. 17, 1902. Killed..

1500 Mrs. A. McCoy, w. 620 Jas. S. Murphy... 465 July 1, 1891. Dec. 18, 1902. Killed..

1500 Mrs. M. Murphy, w. 621 E. S. Johnson. 57 195 Mch. 24, 1887. Dec. 18, 1902. Killed..

1500 Mrs.R. A. Johnson, w. 622 Frank S. Boggs.. 38 126 Oct. 1, 1901. Dec. 18, 1902. Pneumonia

1500 Mrs. Kate Boggs, w. 623 B. F. Collum.. 55 500 Feb. 9, 1891. Dec. 18, 1902. Bright's disease. 3000 Mrs. S. F. Colluni, w. 624 Derrick Moore... 53 510 Jan. 27, 1894. Dec. 18, 1902. Anæmia..

1500 Mrs. D. Moore, w. 625 E. B. Anderson...

32 198 Feb. 16, 1902. Dec. 19, 1902. Typhoid fever.. 750 Mrs. M. Anderson,w. 626 J. W. Parris ....... 38 401 Nov. 17, 1901. Dec. 21, 1902. Killed..

1500 Mrs. E. Parris, w. 627 L. T. Whitehead. 39 156 Dec.

s Claud and Edward 7, 1902. Dec. 23, 1902. Killed..

750 {

Whitehead, chldn. 628 Geo. w. Miller... 40 199 Feb. 20, 1894. Dec. 23, 1902. Killed..

1500 Mrs. C. B. Miller, w. 629 Thos. H. Hurley. 47 252 June 6, 1899. Dec. 24, 1902. Left eye removed.. 1500 Thos. H. Hurley. 636 Thos. W. Nally... 59 318 Apr. 21, 1894. Dec. 26, 1902. Killed...

3000 Mrs. B. Nally, w. 631 John Mousley..... 67 | 60 Feb. 1, 1868. Dec. 28, 1902. Heart failure. 3000 Jane E. Mousley, w. 632 Wesley Bailey..... 55 351 Apr. 4, 1888. Dec. 28, 1902. Killed...

1500 Jennie S. Bailey, w. 633 Chas. WHayward 25 383 Jan. 27, 1902. Dec. 29, 1902. Killed..

3000 Mrs. M. Hayward, m. 634 Harry C. Smith... 41 51 Jan. 17, 1892. Dec. 29, 1902. Heart failure. 1500 Mrs. H. C. Smith, w. 635 Henry. Sevęy. 380 May 12, 1884. Dec. 29, 1902. Heart failure. 3000 Mrs. A. M. Sevey, w. 636 wu Diffenderfer 56 45 Feb. 4, 1872. Dec. 30, 1902. Kidney trouble. 3000 Mrs.CDiffenderfer, w 637 C. W. Jones......... 38 206 Feb. 27, 1891. Dec. 30, 1902. Consumption 1500 Mrs. E. H. Jones, m. 638 Dan Williams.... 44 II Apr. 19, 1898. Dec. 31, 1902. Killed..

affianced wife. 639 N. Robinson....

57 37 Feb. 19, 1882. Jan. 1, 1903 | Heart failure.... 3000 Mrs. N. Robinson, w. 640 Jas. O'Hagan.. 59 243 Dec. 20, 1879. Jan. 2, 1903. Apoplexy.

3000 Mrs. J. O'Hagan, w. 641 D. Mahoney.. 43 1347 Mch, 26, 1890. Jan.

2, 1903. Killed..

1500 Mrs. B. Mahoney, w. 642 Geo. B. Askew.... 40 51 May 24, 1895. Jan. 3, 1903. Killed..

3000 Mrs. G. B. Askew,w. 643 Jas. W. Myers..... 42 401 Sept. 30, 1889. Jan.

3, 1903. Killed...

3000 Mrs. C. S. Myers, w. 644 W. W. White... 42 432 Apr. 26, 1896. Jan. 3, 1903. Killed.....

3000 Mrs. M. C. White, w.

Mrs. Geo. Jones, w. 645 George Jones...... 62 33 May 19, 1872. Jan. 3, 1903. Heart failure.......

Charles S., Nellie, 4500

May and Geo. W.

Jones, children. 646 H. C. Parks, 35 267 Apr. 16, 1890. Jan. 4, 1903. Smallpox

3000 E. S. Parks, sister, 647 A, L. Catlin 43 Jan. 25, 1892. Jan. 1903. Suicide

4500 Mrs. H. Catlin, w. 648 J. Eggleston....... 62 18 Apr. I, 1887. Jan. 10, 1903. Apoplexy.

Mrs.C.Egglest'n, w 1500

Lela MEggleston, d 649 0. Trumbley 74 177 Feb. 1, 1868. Jan. 10, 1903. Thrombosis. 3000 Mrs.AETrumbley,w. 650 A. C. Young........40 239 Nov. 7, 1892. Jan. 11, 1903. Killed..

3000 Mrs. A. C. Young, w. 651 Geo. Brown.... 62 18 Dec. 9, 1872. Jan. 12, 1903. Heart failure. 3000 Mrs. A. T. Brown, w. 652 Thos. Dormady... 76 172 Dec. 22, 1882. Jan. 14, 1903. Apoplexy.

4500 Mary Dormady, w. Total number of claims, 48. Total amount of claims, $108,000.


Acknowledgments have been received from the following Beneficiaries for amounts stated in settlement of claims paid: Date. Received by Asst. No. From Secretary.

Div. No. Amount. Jan. 1, 1903. Mrs. J. R. Watson.

H. J. Heilig.

339 $3000 Dec. 13, 1902. Mrs. B. F. Dolan.,

463 J. B. Cunningham


3000 15, Mrs. R. R, Foster.

465 L.A. Thomas.

750 24, Mrs. Wm. T. Smith

G. H. Phillips.....


1500 18, Mrs. Fred Frey..

C. A. Ulery

1500 28, Mrs. H. D. Owens.

R. E. Rogers.


1500 19. Mrs. Mary E. Hill.

W. B. Curley


1500 Jan. 7, 1903. Henry Fox..

493 J. L. Fickling


3000 10, Mrs. E. Woods...

494 J. O. Dauphin. 6,


750 Mrs. Kate Carey

B. Coppess.

Mrs. W. C. Spier..

498 H. B. Horne.


3000 15, Mrs. H. Griffin..

499 H. B. Horne..

181 IO, Mrs. Catherine Byrne..

T. H. Dickson


1500 Mrs. W. R. Lanan.....

503 L. Metcalf

177 Mrs. G. W. Coen.

1500 A. M. Garner..

7, Mrs. E. Armstrong.

E. Bowie.


1500 4, Mrs. M. A. Bartlett.

J. H. Mack


1500 ΙΟ, Mrs. M. A. Love......

509 W. M. Cole...



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