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The best in the world that the stock offered for sale by the now celebrated NATIONAL GOLD & SILVER MINING CO.

is based on a first-class, high-grade mining proposition. During the month of December we sold MR. J.P. McCREEDY, a department manager of THE STAND. ARD OIL COMPANY, of Chicago, 5,000 shares in our Company, he having heard that the Company had well known, responsible business men connected with it who had entire charge of its affairs. After purchasing this stock, he made a business trip to California, and on his way back, unbeknown to us, he stopped off and personally inspected our properties at Stein's Pass. After thoroughly investigating them, immediately upon his return to Chicago he wrote us as

follows: This ought to be { PLEASE ADDRESS REPLY TO

WICK DEPARTMENT, conclusive evi


34 CLARK STREET, dence that our J. P. MCCREEOV.

CHICAGO, ILL.... December...24,1902 proposition is

National Gold and silver Mining Co., right, as this keen

70 La Salle St., Chicago. business

Gentlemen :man

I subsoribed for 5,000 shares of would not invest

your stock. Since then I have been upon your his money in it if}

properties at Stein's Pass, New Mexico, and as a he had not found result of my personal investigation you may that it'was fully as

double my subscription, as I found the mines in

every respect as represented in your prospectus.. good or even bet.

Yours very truly, ter than represented in our pros. pectus. March 1st, 1903,

we shall close the sale of this allotment of stock which is selling at 20 securo stock at that price, as it will be advanced 25 per cent at that time.

in securing some of this stock if you want to get an investment that is bound to pay you a

Large Income for Life, The value of this mine is not prospective, but certain. All of the prospecting has been done, The ore has been found and thoroughly tested, and is rich in gold and silver. Wo actually have $200,000.00 of this rich gold and silver ore all mined and on the dump ready for the concentrating mill, which will soon be completed, and over $2,000,000.00 opened up in the mine and ready for hoisters.

This Company is Managed by Men of Recognized Ability and known integrity, who havo made a splendid commercial success-men whose previous commercial accomplishments

guarantee tho stability and success of this undertaking. UNTIL MARCH 1st, 1903, President, Mark R. Sherman, formerly Vice President and Director of

the Western State Bank of Chicago. Secretary, Samuel W. Winn, for. $2,000 will buy 10,000 Shares, par $10,000

merly Bank Cashier and Manager of the Securities Department. Treas. 1,000 will buy 5,000 Shares, par 5,000

urer, Edwin Heartt, practical miner of years of experience who is now 200 will buy 1,000 Shares, par 1,000 100 will buy 500 Shares, par

on the ground overseeing the construction of our plant.

500 40 will buy 200 Shares, par

WRITE US TO RESERVE YOU A BLOCK OF 20 will buy 100 Shares, par 100

TIESE SHARES. If it is not convenient to pay for the stock in cash, we will reserve any reasonable

Many are having shares reserved while getting money ready. Why not amount upon a payment of 25 per cent with yout Our Prospectus tells the story. It is FREE and is the most straight.

Write for order, 25 per cent in 30 days and 50 per oent

forward story of a money making opportunity ever offered. in 60 days.

it to-day. Please mention this paper.

Suite L, 70 La Salle Street, Chicago.


gom. Greedy


When writing to advertisers, mention this Journal,

CONSUMPTION. OPPORTUNITY. Cauca Valley Consolidated

Mines Company

The Directors of the

New Treatment for Consumption

Indorsed by Member of British Tuberculosis Congress — Hope for All, No Matter How Bad Off.

have made a special allotment of 50,000 shares

($1 each fully paid and non-assessable)

Benefits Congressman Dingley's Son and Cures

Hundreds of Others in Their Homo-Any One Can Receive FREE Books Which Explain Ex. haustively the Cure and Prevention of consumption.

@ 20 Cents a Share @


for the express purpose of installing a set of Hydraulic Pumps on the Placer Mine which extends over 10 square miles and has already produced $30,000 in gold by the common bar method without the aid of machinery, the yield now averaging $1,19 a cubic yard, whereas California's best was only 9 cents. The introduction of these pumps will provide a dividend of not less than

150 per cent.

apon the selling price of the shares. This allotment gives the careful, conservative investor an opportunity to secure the stock far below its actual value, for undoubtedly in a comparatively short time the stock will certainly advance not only to par, but in all probability to several dollars à share, as the Company intends to install several of these pumps, which will increase the dividend accordingly.

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers,

Detroit Division No. 1,

DETROIT, MICH., Doc. 30, 1902. We have personally examined the proposition of this Company, and can say without hesitation

0. K. BUCKHOUT, that we believe there are few such valuable properties whose stock is being offered for public

Chairman Kalamazoo Tuberculosis Remedy Co. (Ltd.), subscription. Wo find all the properties have

Memberof British Tuberculosis Congress: Member Inter

national Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis. been bought and paid for, having inspected the Consul of Columbia's certificate and affidavit.

Consumptives need not worry about their future We examined the assays and samples of quartz,

any more, as the long-looked for curo for con. and found them to be as stated in the prospectus.

sumption has at last been found. Write to Mr. The officers are all prominent and well known

0. K. Buckhout, Chairman, 473 Main St., Kalabusiness men of Detroit, the president being a

mazoo, Mich., a noted member of the British

Tuberculosis Congress and also of the Internapractical Mining Engineer of considerable experience. WO can therefore, after the most

tional Association for the Prevention of Tuber. thorough investigation, recommend the shares of

culosis, composed of world-famous men who have the Company as an investment to our members.

made consumption-its cure and prevention-e Vice-President Wm. Rymer is a staunch member

life study. This cure is something entirely now of Div. No. 1.

and is called "Antidotum Tuberculose," or the C. A. HARKINS,

Copper Cure. It is the only discovery that absoChief Engr. Div. No. 1.

lutely kills all tuberculosis germs which cause A. B. WALLINGER,

consumption. As the name of the remedy tells, F. A. E. Div. No. 1,

its chief ingredient is copper, which metal has at last been found to be the deadly enemy of the

consumption germ. Send a postal card for our booklet to-day, as we

You can tell if you have consumption by the know we have the greatest proposition in mining coughing and hawking, by continually spitting, ever offered. Our dificulty is not to convince you, especially in the morning, when you raise yellow but the chance of present ing the facts to you. As

and black matter, by bleeding from the lungs, this allotment will undoubtedly be largely over- night sweats, flat chest, fever, weak voice, pecul. subscribed, we strongly suggest you to act prompt.

iar flushed complexion, pain in chest, wasting ly, as the applications will be dealt with in the away of the flesh, etc. Find out how the Copper order they are received.

Cure kills the germs, then builds up the lungs, W. H. ASHWELL, President,

strengthens the heart, puts flesh on the body and Mining and Civil Engineer.

muscles on the bones, until the consumption is all WM. RYMER, Vice-President,

gone and you are again a strong, healthy, robust Locomotive Engineer.

man or woman.

Don't doubt this, for the very samo discovery L. M. SHERWOOD, General Agent, Ex-State Bank Examiner for Michigan.

benefited A. H. Dingley, a son of Congressman Dingley, of Dingley Tariff Bill fame.

If you have consumption or fear you are predisOFFICES:

posed to it, write to-night to Mr. O. K. Buckhout,

Chairman, 473 Main Street, Kalamazoo, Mich., Suite 74, Whitney Opera House Bldg.,

and he will send you illustrated and scholarly
books free of charge, telling you fully how tho
Copper Cure will cure you in your own home in a

very short time.
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of the


by the founder of the
Railroad Temperance


L. S. Coffin.


Hon. L. S. Coffin No man in America is better known among railroad men, or more highly regarded than L. 8. Coffin, whose portrait appears above. His unqualified endorsement of Dr. Bartlett after a thorough investigation of his methods will carry absolute conviction. In a letter published in the "Railway Conductor,” Mr.

BEFORE. Coffin says: "For two years I have been investigating and testing a

I LOST 87 POUNDS. simple and cheap cure for the drink crave. I wanted to know for a dead certainty if it was effective

before I said a Bust, 8 inches; Waist, 10 inches; Hips, 20 inches. word in favor of it.

MRS. E. WILLIAMS, "All doubt is now removed. I have seen it proved in scores of cases. Not in a single case has it failed.

The Arcade, Cleveland, Ohio. A man need not leave his business. When I know that this cure can do the work at about one-eighth of the ex. FAT FOLKS Reduced 15 to 25 lbs, por pense (time being considered), can I lay claim to real, gen

month by a harmless aino good will to railroad men unless I make every rea

treatment by practicing physician of 26 years' exsonable effort to make this fact known to them?

perience. No bad effects, starving, wrinkles or I will pledge my word of honor that if the treatment Habbiness. Patients treated by mail confidendoes not eradicate the drink crave, when taken according tially. A forty-page pamphlet, “The Successful to directions. I will myself, stand the cost.".

Write or call on us in confidence. Our book on Alcohol Treatment of Obesity," sent free. ism sent Free in plain wrapper.

O. W. F. SNYDER, M. D., The Bartlett Care Co., D.C.Bartlett, M.D.

1163 Masonic Temple, CHICAGO, ILL., or Suite 115, 155 Washington St., Chicago, Ill.

156 Fifth Ave., NEW YORK CITY.

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Come Unto Me.

I Have Discovered the Marvelous Secret of

Life and I Give it Free to You.

My Mission on Earth is to Heal the Sick and Cure the Maimed—Come Unto Me and I Will Give

You Health, and Life, and Youth.

My Vital Life Fluid, the Most Marvelous Compound Ever Dis.

covered, I Send to You Free For the Asking.

I have discovered the marvelous secret of life and I can make you live, for I can make you well, no matter what your sickness; I can make you strong and well, no matter how weak or crippled you are. With my Vital Life Fluid, the secret of which is known only to me, I cure every known ailment of the human flesh. Cripples throw down their crutches and walk

facts. I am curing thousands who had given up all hope of life. I am bringing joy and happiness into hundreds of homes. If you suffer from kidney and liver disease, lung and stomach or heart trouble, consumption, constipation, rheumatism, neuralgia, blood and skin diseases, catarrh, bronchitis, paralysis, diabetes, nervous debility, insomnia, blood poison, enemia, ailments peculiar to women, eczema or salt rheum, headaches, backache, nervousness, fevers, coughs, colds, asthma or any disease or weakness of the vital organs, come unto me and I will cure you and make you well. The wicked may scoff and cry ** fake," but the people whom I have snatched from the very jaws of death and have lifted up and given strength and health are living witnesses to the everlasting power of my matchless Vital Life Fluid. To me and my marvelous remedy all systems and all diseases are alike. It matters not how long you have been aflicted; it matters not how hopeless and helpless you may be; it matters not what doctors have said or what remedies have failed to cure you; it matters pot whether you have faith, my Vital Life Fluid is life itself and banishes all disease. From the very edge of the grave, by the aid of this mysterious compound, I have brought them back to life and none need perish, for I will send to every sufferer some of my priceless Vital Life Fluid absolutely free. That is my duty, and it will perform its miraculous cures right before your own eyes. Write and tell me what you wish to be cured of, and I will cure you. I will send you the marvelous Vital Life Fluid that will make you as strong and healthy as if dis. ease had never touched you. Write me to-day. Never mind the scoffings of your friends. Your life may be at stake and you not know it. They cannot save you, but I can save you and I will if you will only let me. My privato address is Dr. C. Sargent Ferris, 2455 Elektron Bldg., Ft. Wayne, Ind., and I personally assure every person who writes me, be they rich or poor, a prompt and courteous answer and enough of my precious Vital Life Fluid free to convince them that I have truly discovered the secret of long life and perfect health.

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If You Continually K'hawk and Spit
and There Is a Constant Dripping
From the Nose Into the Throat, If
You Have Foul, Sickening
Breath, That Is Catarrh.

Large Trial Package Free - Quickly Cures.

Any person having catarrh always has a bad breath. The sense of smell and taste are nearly always totally destroyed in time, so that the person who has catarrh does not realize how loathsome their disease is. They continue their


A trial package of a new and wonderful remedy mailed free to convince people

it actually grows hair,
stops hair falling out, removes dandruff and quickly
restores luxuriant growth to shining scalps, eyebrows
and eyelashes and restores the hair to its natural
color. Send your name and address to the Altenheim
Medical Dispensary, 8109 Foso Building, Cincinnati,
Ohio, for a Free trial package, enclosing a 2-cent stamp
to cover postage. Write to-day.


Owners of California gold mines divide
$16,000,000 annually, but you can not buy
an interest in those mines.

The stock is not for sale.

The men - and women — who own it bought it cheap when the mines were new. It is now making them rich.

You have the same opportunity. FRANK M. JONES, Sweet Home, Ark.,

The WIZARD MINE is now being Cured of Catarrh after years of suffering.

opened just as these mines were. K'hawking-K'hawking and spitting and spitting You can buy the stock cheap now; it about promiscuously until they are shunned by

will soon be worth too much to sell. everyone, and the sight of them

is enough to make

The WIZARD is in El Dorado county, a well person sick. This is not an exaggerated picture. James Atkinson, of Helena, Mont., says: California, right in the midst of these Twelve years ago I contracted what seemed to

paying mines. be a cold in the head. It soon proved to be a hor

It is on the GREAT MOTHER LODE, rible form of catarrh. I tried cough cures, catarrh snuffs, inhalers and all sorts of remedies, which means rich quartz and lots of it. and one celebrated specialist treated me over a Its owners have spent $35,000.00 in peryear without any relief. I gave up in despair.

fecting title, and now offer you the opporThe dropping of mucus into my throat and the coughing, and hawking in the morning, with tunity to help them develop the property awful pain in my ears, grew constantly worse and and convert it at once into a dividend my breath was something awful. I dare say I used 50 catarrh remedies before I tried Gauss'

paying mine. Combined Catarrh Treatment. In a week I could It is a plain, simple business proposition. breathe easily and naturally and I felt better than For a few dollars you can become owner for years. Today I am entirely cured of the loathsome disease and I owe my good health to Mr.

in a dividend paying gold mine for life, Gauss and his wonderful combined treatment." and help divide the $16,000,000.00 pro

It gives wonderful relief, especially in those duced annually by California gold mines. chronic cases where the mucus drops down the

Our booklet, A Tale of Gold," tells throat and lungs, sickening the stomach, and leads to many diseases, including consumption.

the whole story. Write for it now. Catarrh is a deep-seated disease, and local ap

WIZARD GOLD MINING CO: plications, inhalations, sprays, ointments or salves 661 Holland Bldg.

ST. LOUIS. will do no good. A trial package that will con. vince you, free. Send name and address at once * Why not secure a new subscriber for this to C. E. Gauss, 1081 Main St., Marshall, Mich.

Journal ?
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