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Dust and cinders, jar and jolt, will ruin the works of a watch unless protected by the right case. Insure resistance against travel wear and tear by having your watch put in a CORNISH CO., New Jersey: Wadsworth

Watch Case A splendid specimen of fine workmanship. Strong, durable, beautiful in design and finish. Will not bend, dent, nor wear thin in a lifetime. No other watch case so absolutely protects the watch works.

No More Smoke or Dirty Spittoons in the Be sure that this trade-mark

Home. (25 years Guarantee) is on the inside. The case will outwear its guarantee.

A new discovery, odorless and tasteless, that Address Dept. D for Free Booklet.

Ladies can give in coffee or any kind of food, quickThe Wadsworth Watch Case Co., Dayton,ky.

ly curing the patient without his knowledge. Any.

one can have a free trial package by addressing 11 John St., NEW YORK. Columbus Bldg., Cuicago.

Rogers Drug & Chemical Co., 3746 Fifth and Race
Sts., Cincinnati, Ohio, and easily drive foul to-

bacco smoke and dirty spittoons from the home. When writing to advertisers, mention this Journal.



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10,000 new subscribers to the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers' Journal in addition to our present list of 39,000.

The Journal is fully illustrated and contains matter of interest to all classes of readers. A journal for the home.

Clean in every department.

When writing to advertisers, mention this Journal.


Ask your dealer for The “W. K. B." Brand. If he will not supply you, please write us direct. We will send a sample suit, charges prepaid, at a nominal price. Bush's Railroad "Time Book " FREE, and full particulars on request. Our name on EVERY BUTTON.

THE WILLARD K. BUSH CO., Dept D., Detroit, Michigan.

When writing to advertisers, mention this Journal.



complete with Genuine Full

Write Leather Top and Shafts. Oushions

for with springa and covered with

Free genuino leather-tan and green.

Barven patent wheels-all
hickory. Dust proof long
distance self oiling axles.

Built To Last
and It Does Last,
Silver trimming-dash raile, hub banda, back rall, top
prop nuts and beat handles. The priee is special
Write for our New Catalogue of Vehicles and
Harness. IT IS FREE. “Union" Harness is the
Best. The quality of our goods is always in the lead.
OASH BUYERS' UNION, Dept. E 92 Chloago, Ill.

Thunder Mountain

IDAHO. THE TRANSVAAL OF AMERICA. The Golden Rod Mining Co. owns outright and absolutely free of debt what we consider to be FOUR OF THE Richest Gold Claims

Ever Staked

EVEN IN THIS ELDORADO. Recent developments thoroughly substan. tiate this statement and the ore grows richer and richer as work progresses.

Assays run from 78 to $668 per ton. Money is wanted to develop these valuable properties into what we believe will prove

Bonanza Mines. They are only a short distance from the famous Dewey group-(estimated as having $10,000,000 of gold ore in sight) and quoted in the Experts Official Reports as being the richest gold territory in the U. 8.-if not the whole world.

Unlike the great majority of companies which sell stock to buy and pay for their properties, The Golden Rod sells Treasury Stock only and for active development work and machinery.

You can buy this stock for a very limited
time at

PAR VALUE $1.00.
Monthly payments if desired.

Capital stock 1,500,000 shares, par value $1.00, full paid, non-assessable. 80 per cent. or 1,200,000 shares treasury stock. There are no debts, no bonds and no salaried othcers.

This is no "wild-cat" scheme, but an honest bona-fide mining proposition which you will do well to investigate. Write for prospectus No. 349, Map and Engineer's Reports. Booklet, "How to Judge Mining Stocks," free. UNION SECURITY CO.,

INVESTMENT BANKERS, 349 Caff Bldg., Chicago, III.



approval MADE SMOOTH

anywhere in U.S. No money
in advance. All kinds, all
styles; direct from factories,

Avoiding salesmen's expenses BALL BEARING
Just put this seat on the box and lay your cushion on it. and dealerg or agents exorbi.
Any size or shape. Send cash, state size,

give your weigh,

tant profits saves you from $10

to $45. Estab. 1885. 250,000 sold. HAGGARD & MARCUSSON CO. Testimonials from every state.

Reference: First Nat'l Bank, 421 South Canal St, Chicago, Ill.

Chicago. Bend for big illustrated catalogue showing all

and samples of work.

When writing to advertisers, mention this Journal,

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